Dinner at Grand Floridian Cafe | Vegan & non-vegan food review | Disney's Grand Floridian Resort

hello everybody princess and the 
bear here and we’re back at the  
grand floridian resort on a blustery day 
just a teeny bit for grand floridian cafe  
yes it’s been almost two years since we paid 
a visit so it’s time to go back and see if  
maybe they could culture us a little bit 
be sure to stay fancy you heard the girl
so the entree options are the impossible burger 
and then they have the non on the menu the tofu  
miso tofu we had that like the first time that 
we came here which i’ll put a link to that in  
the description box down below um the waitress did 
take our entire order all at once so we’ll see if  
it all comes out at once or if they pace it it’s 
not super busy today don’t look like it at least  
maybe because it’s socially distanced i got the 
florida sunshine it’s basically orange juice and  
vodka with a little bit of cranberries so it’s 
like kind of a screwdriver with peach schnapps
it does taste like the florida 
sunshine without all that smelly like  
florida scent three out of five oranges
i don’t think i would drink a second 
one of these but

i’m glad i tried this
i feel like the french’s track 
said my entire state smells
i wonder she’s 100 wrong i mean like maybe 
like 30 percent of it it still hurts me
i’m not going to tall glasses no 
fancy it’s a hurricane glass almost
got a little kick maybe too heavy in the 
juice though two and a half out of five plus
i assumed correctly when i said 
that bear was gonna get the key west
tastes like a daiquiri it’s actually pretty 
good tastes like one of those like real fruit  
strawberry popsicles i would give this four 
out of five strawberries i would like if it  
was on the rocks i’m not a big frozen 
drink drinker but i might drink this
contrary to my hate on fruit in my drinks i 
will accept fruit on top of a frozen cocktail  
lime and strawberry isn’t too intrusive to my life 
nice cold beverages look like a doctor i suppose
ramen fruit juice basically makes daiquiri 
so follow what you want key west or not  
it’s a decoration
you can do it the bit stronger of a rum but 
otherwise it’s not too bad we’re going to find out
our favorite neighborhood gluten-free bread
available with earth balance i always love it 
when a restaurant has earth balance i would  
assume that every place at grand floridian 
has earth balance nice well that’s way too  
much i like butter but i’m also not trying 
to die there you go nice and glistening
this one is nice and fluffy 
and moist not overcooked
still tastes like you know the bread we’re 
used to but i like this this one is good  
i’m gonna give this one um three and a half out 
of five breads it’s not as good as the yachtsmen  
and that rose girl that they did though 
they know how to do this bread justice
i honestly can’t remember the last time i had 
something positively said about gluten free rolls  
i imagine that you guys remember better than i 
do but they’re always hitting this it’s a lack of  
consistency that i have a problem with it’s either 
like cardboard tasting or it tastes like a sponge  
rarely anything different the addition 
of earth balance is a nice touch
i will say it’s still a bit chewy for a 
roll but it’s not dry it’s actually moist  
and feels like a roll chewiness kind of throws me  
it is better than most of the ones that 
you’ve had two and a half out of five paws
wrapped here in this teeny 
blanket there are two rolls
i assume that normally it’s a bigger porch inside 
i’m never complaining when they adjust the size of  
food with the way that we order food i’d prefer 
that you not waste food i’m not gonna eat anyway  
uh but you got some nice like oat covered rolls 
wheat rolls human for a treat nice and moist you  
can feel the heat coming off of it now it comes 
with regular butter but i’m like tolerant so i’m  
going to dip into some of the fruits and egg 
balance here give myself a nice little spread
let’s uh open it’s good
this is an excellent like oat wheat roll i’m 
assuming the reason why it’s not plant-based  
is probably honey in it because there’s a tinge 
of sweetness to it but this is a grade a roll  
give this one four and a half out of five loss 
it’s almost perfect this is a very large appetizer  
this is a seasonal salad we have romaine on here 
seasonal veggies i love the pickled onions that’s  
my favorite and then a coriander lemon vinaigrette 
that goes on top this is a a shareable for sure i  
don’t even know i’m gonna destroy it but i don’t 
know how i’m gonna get everything in a bite  
i think i’m just going to chop a little bit for 
myself this is definitely a wedge salad this is  
one you gotta chop yourself is this a tomato 
okay for a second i thought it was a lemon
a little bit of this onion on it all right cheers
it’s a weird combo
but it’s the coriander lemon that really like  
brings this whole salad together it’s a 
very interesting combination of flavors
you really feel the coriander at first and 
the lemon second the lemon tastes fresh like  
fresh squeezed lemon the onions are a little um 
not pickled they’re just really raw oniony so  
probably not eat more of that i’ll chop the wedge 
salad i like the tomatoes the carrot’s a little  
large but overall good shareable salad i’m going 
to give this a 3 out of 5 wedges this one is not  
tossed in a salad maybe two and a half now this 
restaurant is billed as a non-pretentious sort of  
american eatery i guess non-cut vegetables salad 
is where you’re getting unpredictable from uh  
there’s basically whole pieces of vegetables 
and lettuce dumped into a bowl this is a tomato  
it definitely looks like a 
lemon oh it’s a yellow tomato  
this is a lot to this salad there’s a lot 
going on like you basically need to go in  
here and like have at it to make sure you get a 
little bit of everything you got some zucchinis  
and lettuce i’m going to avoid these onions 
because they look like they would kill me  
but i do want one of those zucchini here i’m just 
gonna go ahead and transfer some of this to my  
plate so i’m gonna actually get at it there’s 
way too much going on here at the same time
a little piece of grilled zucchini and boom we’ll 
just kick this out of the way here because that’s  
way too much for me boom down to something 
a little bit more bite-sized so you have  
the grilled zucchini the real squash grilled 
zucchini carrot and some really really crunchy  
lettuce if you can hear the crunch i’m gonna 
get a smaller piece of carrot here there we go
i am struggling but i have a bear and 
greens not best friends but we try
i like the freshness of veggies the grilled 
zucchini and squash are excellent the carrot  
is actually not hard nice to cook all the way 
through they’re gonna serve chilled i actually  
don’t mind the coriander but the lemon on the 
back side sort of gets me i’m not huge into like  
citrus heavy dressings so if you have an issue 
with citrus you might want to avoid this salad  
or maybe something different dressing oh no the 
salad is indeed a salad and it’s not bad tasting  
for that there are three out of five pots actually 
hitting the bottom of the salad a little piece of  
treasure is one singular extremely skinny piece 
of asparagus poor little guy give him a nice home
i’m really excited that this tofu option was 
available because i just was not feeling an  
impossible burger it’s always nice to know that 
you have an alt meat and a non-health meat option  
i think that’s the best way to go about having 
vegan options this beautiful miso glazed tofu  
green beans and some rice with 
some black and regular sesame seed  
let’s go ahead and grab a little piece here
the green green melts in your mouth your 
tofu is silken and soft the miso glaze is  
incredible this is so much better than what 
i remember the last time i had this dish  
i’m gonna give it um three and a half out of five 
tofus i wouldn’t proactively come back here for  
this but the fact that this is here and available 
makes me so happy i’m going to eat the whole plate  
keeping with the non-pretentious theme we have a 
very simple but i think well put together sort of  
like plating of tofu tofu season you get a little 
like blackening on it a light dusting of sauce  
not covered per se and the sesame seeds on the 
rice are a nice touch i’m not the biggest fan of  
green beans but i think in this case it’s sort of 
fit let me try some of this tofu by itself first  
i’m curious to how well seasoned it actually is
it’s like pepper this light miso glaze  
but the tofu is itself it’s not like marinated 
or anything it’s more like just a dusted  
actually glaze but it’s not bad tofu and sauna 
i’ll give three and a half out of five balls  
let’s get a little rice second piece tofu and a 
singular green bean let’s see if we can do this
tastes like health food tastes like 
the green beans making a slight bit of  
like limiter suckers oh no i think you 
know complete bite it’s not a bad dish  
it’s definitely not something that i would tell 
my friends to come here for but if you are happy  
to find yourself at the grand final cafe it’s 
nice to know there is a non-all non-ugly dish  
there’s room for improvement though so 
overall i’m giving it three out of five claws
come on me some glazed salmon i 
feel like i’ve been here before
i don’t think i liked the salmon that we 
had i’m very very picky about mike salmon  
being an island boy having spent both time 
in florida and places where salmon is readily  
available uh if you ruin salmon you’re gonna 
break my heart like legitimately break my  
heart we have the same sort of like rice and the 
green beans that the princess had with a little  
bit of like lemon or sorry lime for your fish 
i suppose we’re gonna give it a little spritz  
hopefully that’s what they intended that’s the 
flakiness oh that’s perfect perfect flavonous  
is a fish you don’t need no knife let’s try 
this fish by itself you’re almost by itself
definitely a stronger glaze than 
me so the princesses tofu have  
i’m happy with that which 
is perfectly flaky not easy  
strong flavor throughout it’s definitely cooked 
well not overcooked perfectly cooked salmon like  
i’ll give the salmon on its 
own four out of five applause  
let’s try it with a bit of everything 
here get a little bit more of that salmon
some rice
even with this launcher in 
there i would say salmon it  
almost feels like it belongs in a 
japanese restaurant it’s so good
i’m going to give it a solid 
four i’ve got no complaints  
it feels an odd dish to be in this sort of 
restaurant but i’m never gonna complain about  
good sandwich mark this moment in history is the 
day that princess left green beans and bear didn’t
guilty i thought you didn’t 
like green beans i was hungry
it was much better than the last time that 
we went my memory may be really tainted i’ll  
be i have a terrible memory so i remember it 
not being enjoyable last time but i actually  
did not mind this time it’s not going to be top 
tier of my list of places to go but the food was  
above average i would agree it’s i think 
middle of the run for grand floridian i  
would leave it with like gasparilla it’s it’s 
you know it’s one step above that’s a bit harsh  
would say uh definitely i wish the the menu would 
change a little bit more often i feel like that  
menu has been basically the same since we started 
youtubing it’s time for a change you upgraded  
um citricos it’s time for an upgraded 
grandfathering cafe but i don’t know what  
you guys think have you guys been there recently 
what do you think of the menu do you think that  
it’s worthy of a restaurant in the spacious 
grand floridian hotel if so let us know in  
the comments is anywhere else you’d like to see 
us go around disney world property or otherwise  
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