DJI OM 4 Unboxing and Review

One of the most important things you
need to have when shooting a video is to
stabilize footage,
whether you’re using a DSLR or
your phone to record your videos,
a great gear to have, in
my opinion is a gimbal.
Now there are many gimbals out there,
but today I’m going to
be sharing with you.
The DJI OM 4 mobile gimbal, and
talk about some of the features,
how to set it up, and what I think about
this new product. What’s good creators.
My name is Marc, and in this channel,
I share some of the tips and tools to
help newbie creators get started with
their online content. So if
you’re interested in hanging out,
consider subscribing. When
you open up the packaging.
The first thing that you’re going
to see is this box that says,
create magnetic moments.
What’s inside this box are
instructions, carrying bag,
a wrist strap,
the magnet Mount with the alignment guide
that you can place in the back of your
phone. Basically,
all you have to do is use the guide and
align it with your phone and place the
magnet in the center.
I personally wouldn’t use this just
because it looks to me like it’s more of a

permanent way to have on your phone.
Up next is the tripod that attaches
to the bottom of the gimbal.
You can use this as a
tripod or extended handle.
If you want to use this to vlog.
It also comes with a USB-C cable
and the clip Mount for your phone.
And now the gimbal itself.
The first thing that really impresses
me about this new gimbal is how compact
and foldable it is. I’ve had
a DJI mobile gimbal before.
And it’s not as compact as this
one. The older version that I had,
didn’t come with a tripod. I believe
you have to buy this separately.
So having this included
is a plus for me. The
setup seems pretty easy. Just
attach the clip Mount on your phone.
And the magnet will attach
the phone to the gimbal.
Technically to take full advantage
of this gimbal with your phone,
you have to download the DJI mimo app.The
first feature I want to talk about is
the active tracking on this gimbal.
Basically you can track wherever you go,
which is good if you’re
filming by yourself.
This will add camera
movements to your video.
The second feature that’s pretty
interesting is the story mode in the app.
Basically it provides templates that
you can use to create a short clip.
It will add transitions,
music and filters on your video clip
and easily share on other social media
platforms like Instagram stories.
Now there are a lot
more features to cover,
but the last one I want to
share is the spin shot mode.
The first time I saw this was
from the DJI Ronin S gimbal,
which had the barrel roll shot. Now
this mobile gimbal can actually do that,
but unfortunately can’t
turn the whole 360 degrees.
So, is this gimbal for you? Well,
if you’re planning to use your
phone to create cinematic sequences,
then having steady footage is important.
This gimbal will help you capture and
stabilize your footage and level up your
video production. And if
you want to vlog or travel,
this is compact enough that you can
easily store this in your backpack.
It’s lightweight and it includes a tripod.
So you can easily place
this on any flat surface.
There’s a lot of features that creators
can use with this gimbal and the app
from filmmaking to everyday fun. Now,
if you’re new to creating video content,
then consider adding this
gimbal to your gear collection.
Now the price for this gimbal is $149.
I’ll leave the link down
in the description box. If
you want to check it out.
Now, if you have any questions about
this gimbal or already have this,
I would like to know your thoughts.
Let me know what you like and dislike
about this at the comment section below.
Until then keep being creative,
keep getting inspired.
And I’m a see you on
to the next one. Peace!

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