DJI OM5 vs ZHIYUN SMOOTH 5 | Review and Features Compared | Watch Before You Buy

hello how are you doing? my name is 
Otto and welcome back to the channel
just a few days ago I made a 
review of the new ZHIYUN SMOOTH 5,
and this is a smartphone gimbal that 
packs a lot of interesting features
DJI also released a new gimbal recently
it is the OM5 which is a great gimbal as well
on this video I want to compare both gimbals
so you know the difference 
between one and the other
and I am going to say right from the 
start that these two are amazing gimbals
but they have different features
so my best advice when you’re 
trying to find the perfect gimbal  
is to think about the features 
that will be useful for you
right now these are two of the most 
expensive smartphone gimbals in the market
the DJI OM5 retails at 159 dollars and 
the SMOOTH 5 retails at 169 dollars
if you buy the OM5 it will come with a tripod, a 
pouch, a wrist strap and a USB-C charging cable
the basic version of the SMOOTH 5 comes 
with a tripod and a USB-C charging cable
you can also buy the SMOOTH 5 combo package that 
will have the same items

as the basic version
and also a cool carrying case, 
a hand strap, a fill light
and a ZHIYUN VIP member card for one year
both of these gimbals are lightweight but the 
SMOOTH 5 is heavier with a weight of 560 grams
and the tripod weights 50 grams
the OM5 has a weight of 320 
grams including the clamp
and the tripod weights 70 grams
both gimbals can support pretty heavy phones
the SMOOTH 5 up to 300 grams 
and the OM5 up to 290 grams
I decided to test this with 
my Samsung S21+ using the case
and this wide angle lens with the clip
and this makes a total of 310 grams
the SMOOTH 5 was behaving just fine and 
the OM5 was not so happy about this test
I like the build quality on these two gimbals
DJI chose to make the OM5 with 
a modern and attractive look
with more round shapes, slimmer arms and 
some silver details that I really like
and when you fold this gimbal you can squeeze 
it inside your pockets without a problem
the SMOOTH 5 has a more classic design 
and it just looks elegant and professional
you can fold the arms of the gimbal like 
this but the size remains almost the same
so this will not fit on your pocket 
so it’s not as portable as the OM5
they both fit really good on my hand
the OM5 has just about the right length where my 
hand will not cover the buttons or the joystick
and the handle has some 
soft rubber on this section
the SMOOTH 5 also has plenty of room for my hand  
which will not cover the 
buttons or the joystick either
and there is also a huge rubber grip on the handle
the OM5 has a built-in extension rod 
it extends an extra 21.5 centimeters
and you can adjust the angle 
at the top just like this
so far this is the only 
3-axis gimbal that has this
it is great to use if you need some extra height
and it is especially useful for vloggers,  
for group shots or to show more 
background when filming yourself
the OM5 has a limited range of tilt and 
this will limit some kind of movements
having a more traditional design on 
the SMOOTH 5 allows the gimbal to tilt  
up or down with a much greater range of movement
there is a big difference in battery life as well
the OM5 will run for about 7 hours and 
the SMOOTH 5 can run for over 24 hours
the SMOOTH 5 can also be used as a power bank to 
charge your smartphone with a simple USB-C cable
and the OM5 cannot do this probably 
because of the smaller battery size
if you buy the combo package the 
SMOOTH 5 will come with this fill light
which has a clever design, it is 
magnetic and you can turn it around  
and it works on landscape and portrait mode
this light is dimmable and I wasn’t 
expecting this to be so bright
it comes with these four magnetic color 
filters and if this light is not bright enough
you can buy an extra one and place it down here
DJI also sells a magnetic clamp with fill 
lights but I haven’t been able to try it out
but apparently they only work in selfie mode 
and they have a price of around 60 dollars
setting up and balancing these 
two gimbals is quite easy
but the OM5 has this magnetic 
clamp that you place on your phone
and hands down this is one of my 
favorite features of this gimbal
and I’ve been saying this for over a year, I know,
but I just like this system quite a lot
all you have to do is place the 
clamp in the middle of the phone  
and when you need to use the gimbal just do this
it’s fast and easy to set up 
without having to balance it
the only drawback of this magnetic clamp is 
using it on a bigger smartphone with a case
it’s not so convenient even if 
you’re using thin cases like I do
it feels like the clamp is not hugging the case
and I always end up using the 
clamp on the phone without the case  
as this actually feels more secure in my opinion
the SMOOTH 5 has a bigger clamp and it will 
support most smartphones with thin cases
to set up the gimbal you need 
to place the phone on the clamp
unlock this arm and slide it left and 
right until the phone has been balanced
both gimbals have three axes and the 
stabilization on both devices is very solid
I can’t really tell a difference 
when using one or the other
and I have no complaints on how 
they perform when I was using them
the buttons, the joystick and the 
trigger on the OM5 feel really good
and they will help you access basic 
functions such as re-center the gimbal
switch to horizontal or vertical mode 
and start or stop recording a video
on the left we also have a 
slider to control the zoom
on the SMOOTH 5 you will see a 
big difference on the controls
on the left side the gimbal has this big wheel 
that can be used to zoom in or to zoom out
and if you press the button in the middle you 
will be able to manually focus with the wheel
having a focus or zoom wheel is much 
better than just having a slider
as this is going to give 
you a more precise control
Android users are going to like that 
the focus wheel works without any issues
on the front there is a bigger 
and more professional joystick  
than what you normally get on other gimbals
it will move the camera around, you 
can control the speed of the movement
it is omnidirectional and it feels very good
there are also multiple 
buttons to access the menus
change the resolution, frame rates, ISO and so on
one thing that I absolutely like about the 
SMOOTH 5 is that without going into the menus
I can select the different gimbal 
modes by just pressing this button
and this makes this gimbal more user friendly
especially if you’re using the 
native camera app or any other app
to change the gimbal mode on the OM5 you 
need to go inside the menu on the MIMO app
and if you’re using something like the native 
camera app it gets a little bit annoying
the only exception is the LOCK mode which 
can be selected by holding down the trigger
we also have other modes available underslug 
mode works on both gimbals without issues
and this will let you take low angle shots
but the built-in extension on the 
OM5 will make it easier to use
sport mode is also available on both gimbals
and this will make the gimbal 
react faster to your movements  
when you need to capture fast moving subjects
the vortex or spin shot is this mode 
where the smartphone spins around
the OM5 will spin around 230 degrees and at that 
point the camera will see the arm of the gimbal
on the other hand, the SMOOTH 5 is 
the only smartphone gimbal that I know  
that will spin without limits
and because of the way it’s designed 
the arms will never get on the way
both the OM5 and the SMOOTH 5 
offer object and face tracking
it is really sticky and it works without issues 
when either gimbal is sitting in front of you
tracking a subject and moving the gimbal 
at the same time is a different story
the OM5 has some shaky effect on the background
I tried this with an iPhone 13, Samsung S21+, 
outdoors, indoors, all with the same result
the SMOOTH 5 doesn’t seem to have this problem
but when I use the tracking with my 
Samsung sometimes it will lose the subject
it doesn’t happen all the time and 
it seems to be something random
sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn’t
when it comes to the app 
they are both very similar
you can select the camera 
mode that you want to use
like video mode, time lapses, hyperlapses, 
panorama shots, dolly zoom and slow motion
for video mode if you have an iPhone you will be 
able to use 24, 25, 30 or 60 frames per second
and you can also select manual mode where 
you can change the ISO and the shutter speed
with my Samsung S21+ on the SMOOTH 5
I can select 24 or 30 frames per second
but there is no manual mode
there is no slow motion and it 
can’t lock the focus and exposure
on the OM5 I can lock the focus and exposure
but I can only select 30 frames per second
and there is no manual mode 
and no slow motion as well
with all this information the big question is 
which gimbal do you think is the right one for you
tell me all about it in the comments down 
below and don’t forget to give me a like
I hope you’re having an amazing day and 
I hope to see you in the next video, bye

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