DJI Osmo 5 Review + Unboxing

i film everything on this channel using
my iphone so when it comes to being able
to create the best content possible
having just picked up the iphone 13 pro
max i’m always on the lookout for new
accessories that will improve the
production quality of my videos hello
this is simplist and in today’s video i
will be giving you my review and
unboxing of the dji osmo 5 or the dji
om5 so first on with the unboxing we
have the outer box which showcases the
dji osmo 5 or om5 on the front some
featured product photos on the side
standard features on the back and then
finally the dji logo on the other side
removing the cellophane we have this
release tab on the side which will open
the box
after opening the box we have some
installation instructions on the inside
of the front cover
and then onto the contents we are
welcome with this card sleeve which
reads master every shot and inside of
this sleeve we have various bits of
warranty information and a quick start
putting that to one side we have the dji
osmo 5 itself looking really compact
we then

have the tripod stand with a
threaded screw on the top so you could
actually use this with other devices if
you wish after that we have a phone
extension which will basically pad out
the space between the gimbal grip and
your phone if you’re using a slightly
smaller device
we then have an included usb type a to
usb type-c charging cable
moving on we have a dji branded wrist
strap to keep the gimbal more secure
and then we have a magnetic foam mount
with the dji branding across the back
this also includes a label which
indicates which way the camera should be
facing when placed inside the mount
and then finally we have a dji carry
pouch which is always a nice addition so
starting with the design if you’ve owned
any sort of dji osmo before you’ll
realize the design hasn’t changed too
much from last year the dji osmo 5 still
relies on this fold-up design which has
always worked really well across the
osmo range
however you can see slight variations in
terms of grip and button layout which we
will cover shortly great thing about the
dji osmo 5 this year is that dji have
managed to reduce the weight down to 290
grams which is 30 percent lighter than
last year’s model the dgi osmo 4 so
definitely a significant reduction
dgi have also managed to reduce the size
of the osmo 5 so this year we’re looking
at a 25 reduction when compared to the
dji osmo 4.
looking at the grip it feels extremely
comfortable and i can’t imagine it being
much of a problem if using the osmo 5
over extended periods of time especially
with the additional weight reduction
i definitely think with this sort of
accessory the smaller the better and the
dji osmo 5 even fits comfortably in a
jacket pocket the dji osmo 5 comes in
two different colors the dji gray which
i have to say is lighter than last year
compared to the dji osmo 4 and this is
the color that i chose and it looks
really clean
we also have the introduction of a
sunset white color which again i think
is a great option if you’re not a fan of
the dji grey so according to the
specification dgi have increased the
capacity of the gimbal stating that it
can now handle 230 grams plus 60 grams
as mentioned earlier i recently
purchased an iphone 13 pro max so today
i will be trying that out despite there
being no official support for this model
it’ll be interesting to see how the dji
osmo 5 performs with a larger phone plus
the case
so moving on to button layout on the top
left we have the power button which will
allow you to check the battery status
with a tap or if you hold it down it
will power on or off the dji osmo 5.
if you tap the power button twice it
will then put the dji osmo 5 into sleep
mode and then to go ahead and wake it up
you can tap any other button
and then finally if you tap this button
four times it will put the dji osmo 5
into fpv mode which means the camera
will turn with your movements below the
power button we have the zoom toggle
this will allow you to zoom the camera
in and out next we have the joystick on
the upper left which will allow you to
move the gimbal in the direction you
want the joystick also has a really
tactile feeling so it’s great overall in
the top right we have the recording or
shutter button which will allow you to
start a video recording or of course
take a photo and then below that we have
the function button which will if you
tap it once switch from the front camera
to the rear camera and then if you go
ahead and tap it twice it will move the
gimbal from portrait mode into landscape
mode over on the back we have the
trigger the trigger has a few different
functions the first function is that if
you tap the trigger the dji osmo 5 will
turn on active tracking and using the
software it will try and figure out the
subject you wish to track if you go
ahead and tap the trigger again this
will turn off active tracking
the second function is that if you
double tap the trigger this will
re-center the dji osmo 5 back into its
original position so that’s really handy
next if you go ahead and double tap and
then hold the trigger this will activate
sport mode if you wish to capture those
faster moving shots
and then finally for the trigger if you
go ahead and hold the trigger this will
put the dji osmo 5 into lock mode and
this will allow the camera to stay
motionless and give you complete
stabilization on the camera
this year the dji osmo 5 has a built-in
extension stick which is a great
addition the extension stick measures up
to 8.5 inches and it allows you to
achieve that extra angle which you may
not have been able to achieve with the
older models one of the main shots i’ve
seen phone filmmakers create with the
extension stick is a low shot across the
floor which traditionally would be quite
awkward and difficult to achieve
so a really nice addition overall
although i’m not sure if i will get much
use out of it personally like most apple
handsets these days they come with
stabilization built in so this is the
iphone 13 pro max on its own
and then in comparison here is the
iphone 13 pro max with the dji osmo 5
and as you can see a significant
difference in stabilization
so to answer the question i was looking
for can the dji osmo 5 work with the
iphone 13 pro max and it definitely does
and that’s including the apple silicon
case the only thing i would say is that
you do have to ensure you have the phone
in the correct position
and this means having the holder
slightly higher up on the phone if
you’re using it in portrait mode to
counterbalance against the heavier top
end with the iphone 13 pro max camera
however apart from that as you can see
the shots look amazing
so overall i have to say the dji osmo 5
is a great accessory for any camera
phone filmmaker
i believe dji has adjusted and improved
some of the great features of the dji
osmo 4 and the stabilization is second
to none
thank you for watching until the end if
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