DJI Pocket 2 Unboxing, Review and Video Test

I bought this DJI Pocket 2 recently.
Before this DJI released DJI Osmo Pocket (Older Model)
But that model has some flaws as it was the first ever model.
It was not perfect.
According to Youtube reviews, this new model is better than the old model.
As I also like to shoot vlog, I decided to buy this.
It can be purchased in two type, one is just the camera and it cost C$469.
I bought Creator Combo which includes wide angle lens, wireless microphone
I think it is perfect for vlogging for better audio. I don’t have to scream at the camera.
Also comes with Tiny Tripod.
At first, I thought I will just buy the camera.
But if you buy those accessories separtely, it will cost more than the creator combo.
Let’s open the box. As you can see, it is so small. Just my palm size.
This is the camera.
As you can see those accessories are so small. You need to take good care of those.
It can get lost easily.
If you not using the camera, you can put it in the case.
A few slots to put lens and some adaptors.
This is the wind shield for the microphone.
This is user manual.

I don’t like to read manual.
I prefer test myself or watch Youtube Tutorial.
The rest of the accessories. Do-it-all handle, Wireless microphone and Tripod.
This is another adaptor with universal tripod mount.
This microphone connects to Do-it-all handle wirelessly.
Let’s put Do-it-all handle.
This is a wide angle lens.
The original lens is not very wide like Gopro camera.
If you want wider, you need to use this wide angle lens.
The wide angle lens attached to the original lens magnetically.
Now it is easier to hold because I put Do-it-all handle which extend the length. Otherwise, it will be very short and hard to hold.
This slot is for micro sd card.
OK. Let’s turn it on.
The LCD screen is only 1 inch.
I will play with settings later. Let’s go out and shoot some footages.

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