Does CyberGhost VPN Work With Netflix | CyberGhost Streaming Review

Today we cover whether or not CyberGhost works
with Netflix, and the short answer is yes.
For thirty days we tested CyberGhost on Netflix
to unblock content from various regions.
We focused our testing on Japan, Australia,
UK, US, and Canada.
Netflix does a reasonably good job at detecting
and blocking connections through a VPN.
Because of this, it’s common that a server
can be blocked, preventing you from watching
Fortunately, CyberGhost has over six thousand
servers across eighty nine countries, meaning
there are plenty of servers to use for Netflix.
Local and International CyberGhost connections
are fast enough that Netflix can play without
buffering, provided your regular internet
speed is up to scratch.
CyberGhost is available on most devices, including
the Amazon Fire TV Stick.
While CyberGhost is amongst the top VPNs for
streaming, we put it to the test against other
popular alternatives.
Our video comparing the best VPNs for Netflix
will be linked below once it has been released.
We have provided an affiliate link to CyberGhost
below, if you purchase using our link we will
earn a commission as a result.

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