Does Wacom Cintiq Pro 13 had issue on Macbook Pro 2012?【Review】

Whats up guys! so
It’s me Razin
Today we’ll be reviewing on
Wacom Cintiq 13 Pro
From Wacom
I’ve been using it since 2019,
So there’s a year of experience on this device
So lets see what’s my thought and experience using Wacom Cintiq pro 13
Let’s go~
What’s amazing about this device is that
the resolution is 1920 by 1080 Full HD
with IPS High Brightness Panel
Very vibrant color and match the RGB color on my Macbook Pro display
Besides that, the graphic input supports USB type C
for optimum performance
But if your laptop or Pc doesn’t have this port,
You can use the mini display port cable and usb type B micro which connected to Wacom Link
just like what I did.
For the driver, I used 6.3.37-3 since my Macbook Os is only High Sierra.
Because of this Cintiq doesn’t have shortcut keys, I used this bluetooth Logitech keyboard.
Besides that,
I needed this Wacom Stand, which sold separately
due to the fact that this stand included only support up to 20 degree angle.
What a shame, Wacom
On the positive side,
This Cintiq can control the brightness
Let’s see
The lowest brightness are comfy for the eyes
when you are drawing in a dark room like mine.
Since this Cintiq support touch screen,
You can enable it or disable it from setting.
Pretty neat indeed
Furthermore, this Cintiq comes with Wacom Pro Pen 2!
This pen pressure are huge in numbers,
sensitivity up to 8192!
The performance of this Cintiq is based on your PC or laptop performance.
Like my Macbook with 8GB RAM, there’s less lag but some hickup are present during drawing
while open HD videos on Youtube.
One more issue is that,
not usually happen, but my Cintiq didn’t connected
So I need to reconnect the usb micro B to make it works again.
the struggle is real guys!
Sometimes, if you are using it for a while
there is a warm issue on the middle of the screen
So it is quite unfortunate for sweaty hands user,
since there will be a wiping windows sound
due to the friction between the display and tip of your pen.
With that being said, I still loving this Cintiq
All you need is a powerful performance for your pc/laptop
trust me
Those issue I told you won’t happen again.
So, final thought?
If you found a cheaper price for the 2nd hand on Carousell or Mudah,
Don’t miss those chances! Grab it~ Just like me
Who bought it for only RM1900 (Wacom Stand included)
Okay thats all for now,
On my next video I’ll be experiment on
connecting an Android phone to the Cintiq
Will it work? stay tuned.

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