Don't Worry Darling movie REVIEW | Sucharita Tyagi | Florence Pugh Harry Styles Olivia Wilde

enough and more has been said about this film in the last few months so here’s me adding to it this point of view is coming to you from India hey all my name is I’m a film critic and I thank you for stopping by on my channel if you enjoy my work do please consider subscribing today we’re talking about Olivia Wilde’s already much talked about don’t worry darling now in movie theaters I’ve been waiting for someone like you someone to challenge me like a good girl oh suck in a newly established town this is America

of the 50s men go to work women stay at home cleaning cooking wearing flouncy exaggerated dresses seems like the standard State of Affairs from an era gone by except it’s all too clean too flashy too well organized everyone is too attractive from the curvature of the cul-de-sac to their facial features it’s all very symmetrical Florence Pugh is Alice one of these wives who seemingly is happy with this humdrum life because she gets to spend it with her husband Jack I would be happy to if I was married to Harry Styles just kidding I watched this

movie sitting next to a row of Harry Style fans and it was weird they ooh and ah and gasp way too much sister we’re

not at a concert be quiet like me Alice begins to get wary of just being expected to enjoy being in the near vicinity of Harry Styles and not surprisingly tries to run away once she comprehends what’s been taken from her director and actor Olivia Wilde with her writers Katie Silverman Kerry Van Dyke and Shane Van Dyke seems to have drawn inspiration from a bunch of very popular Works creating a mishmash switch

while aesthetically pleasing taut and intriguing doesn’t have a solid new idea to share with the world the idea it does have works it’s just not very new an exploration of an MRA type doing the absolute most to make sure control isn’t rested from the male hand is never discouraged what are we doing changing the world what are we doing changing the world also considering the way women’s rights seem to recently have gone back in America post the overturning of Roe v Wade the threat of the reversal of time looms close The Angst amongst the Riders

to be able to use their craft to make a point loudly enough for the world to hear and pay attention to Rally together for Action is palpable and resonated with me most of it is due to Florence Pius performance elevating the material far beyond the writing beyond the sets Beyond even Olivia Wilde’s imagination perhaps sorry frustration that most women in the world don’t have the means platforms or even words to express using her craft Florence Pugh becomes the conduit for foreboding the anxiety the terror most women feel going through life on a daily basis some

even unaware that a better life is an offer don’t worry darling obviously is not without fault the least of them being Harry Styles is weird edited tap dancing using a body double yeah that scene is just as bizarre as you’ve heard and his performances made worse in that scene because it keeps into cutting of Florence Pew having a meltdown in a toilet a far superior display of acting abilities and the rest of it though he’s absolutely not bad I awards for this but considering he’s been made to share screen space with a phenomenal Chris spine

Harry holds his own the movie is extremely watchable non-challenging while making a point despite the fact that the point has been made before a bunch Gemma Chan Nick Kroll have very little to do but hey they are watchable no complaints Olivia Wilde’s use of many shock Cuts Works to offset the humdrum lives of this middle of nowhere town with everything painted in solid colors Jack’s white Alice stays at home cooking Etc but in a fleeting moment I caught a Sylvia Plath book on her kitchen counter it’s a little nod to talented women who feel trapped

in a world which isn’t designed for their comfort or growth and the only way for this Alice to get out from this Jackrabbit hole is to go through the Looking Glass anymore when you watch the film in a theater near you once again if you’ve enjoyed my work do please subscribe before you leave this week I’ve also spoken about Vikram Veda and coming up next PS1 my name is thank you for stopping by

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