Dor fragrance by Elysee | Fragrance Review and Unboxing

Hi everyone, George here. Happy New Year!
Here we started this new year together. A year that promises to be very interesting for the perfume and cosmetics industry,
as well as for this channel that you love.
Guys last year, more precisely in December, I had the great pleasure to smell the 8 perfumes launched by Elysee through the Essence de Roumanie perfume house.
The perfume collection is called “Minuni de Romania”, which comes to complete the Roman – IA line and which transposes on olfactory notes the most beautiful romanian feelings and meanings.
From the 8 perfumes that belong to the “Minuni de Romania” collection I chosed the “Dor” fragrance because it suits me the most.
Let’s see how the fragrance looks like and let’s start with the spray test.
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Let’s start with the unboxing.
We have here Dor fragrance which is part of the “Minuni de Romania” collection.
As you can see the fragrance box is very interesting
Look at the colors.
Green, among other things, is my favorite color.
Perfect fit.
Let’s open the box.
Here we have “Dor” fragrance, ladies and gentlemen, unisex fragrance, eau de parfum.
And now ladies and

gentlemen, Dor fragrance
which is part of “Minuni de Romania” collection
Launched by Elysee through Essence de Roumanie perfume house.
We also have a card in the box. Like you can see.
Until we get to the perfume, I want to show you the 8 perfumes launched by Elysee
and you can see them here:
Vis, DraCOOLa (not Dracula), Dor, Nor, Roua, Fior, Hora and Amurg.
The second fragrance I would like to present for the first time on this channel is “Amurg” fragrance.
Unisex fragrance, eau de parfum.
But what really interested me was that
Amurg fragrance
ladies and gentlemen
Is that Amurg fragrance contains pheromones
So this will be very interesting when we present it
But let’s get back to Dor fragrance.
Therefore Dor fragrance, eau de parfum
Which is part of “Minuni de Romania” collection.
The “Minuni de Romania” collection is of course a romanian concept, but the fragrances were created in the world’s perfume capital Grasse, from France.
Same emotion as when I first saw him in December.
If you look here we see that the glass is very similar to the glass from Roman and Ia fragrances.
Find here the link for that video, presented last year.
Dor fragrance.
The bottle design is very interesting.
The cap is from plastic.
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Guys, first of all, the Dor fragrance is a spicy aromatic fragrance.
So let’s start with the spray test.
The spraying is very good.
Until we start with the actual test, let’s know the notes of this fragrance.
Top notes contain quince, lemon and acacia flower.
Middle notes: lavender, hazelnut and Carpathian thyme.
Base notes: fir resin, oak moss and leather.
Fir resin is actually unprocessed incense.
Now let’s do the test you guys are used to, the main test for the Dor fragrance.
A spicy scent, eau de parfum.
I will pulverize on the wrist.
We will wait for the alcohol to evaporate.
Wow …
The opening will seduce you instantly.
I am seduced by the top notes, and after 10 minutes the middle notes appear and delight my sense of smell.
After 50 minutes the middle notes fade into the arms of the base notes.
Basic notes that once fixed, seem to give a meaning to this fragrance that smells lovely ladies and gentlemen.
Among other things, the basic notes I presented earlier make this fragrance last a long time and be just right to wear in this cold season and beyond.
The Dor fragrance is a fragrance that is suitable to be worn on almost any occasion.
Especially at the office, at a business meeting and especially with the person you want to impress.
Before wearing this perfume, prepare your soul because you will receive a lot of compliments.
It is a fragrance, which I think will help you get what you want.
A fragrance that I recommend with confidence and I am sure you will fall in love with it.
The Dor fragrance can be found on Elysee store at the price 100 Euros.
So, ladies and gentlemen, here we come to the performance.
Longevity is 14 hours and projection is 6 hours.
The fragrance was tested on my skin.
The base notes make this fragrance last a long time on your skin.
Which leads us to the final conclusion of this video.
So guys, today i will offer for the Dor fragrance, eau de parfum, from “Minuni de Romania” collection, launched by Elysee, through Essence de Roumanie perfume house
10 for Performance.
10 for bottle design.
Honestly, I really liked the bottle.
So is 10.
And as the rate of compliments, with this perfume, will be extremely high.
Because that’s what we all want when we wear fragrances.
To be complimented.
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Until next time, fragrance and love, take care of yourselves, have a great week. I was George and you guys are amazing. See ya next time, bya!

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