Doraemon The Movie Nobita's Three Magical Swordsmen – Movie REVIEW!

okay so hey guys and today i’m back the
ram on movie review
and this time is the ram on the movie no
but there’s three magical swordsmen
also popularly known as drama on the
movie nobody’s three visionary swordsmen
this movie had to be one of the best and
most creative drama movies
out of the old adorama movies so let’s
begin the review of this movie
okay so first let’s talk about the
opening of this movie
most of this movie is based in a dream
world and
most of anything that happens in this
movie happens in dreams and
so does this opening too and because
this opening happens in greens
the filmmakers basically have the
freedom of doing anything
in it and they definitely take advantage
of that freedom to make it as
entertaining as possible
nobita being a superhero and helping out
the frightened gian and sunu
from the wrath of the evil monster was
really fun to see but what was even
better was nobody’s superhero costume
that costume is funny and cool at the
same time which is why i really like it
okay so now let’s talk about the plot

this movie the characters of this movie
keep switching in and out from the dream
world into the real world and vice versa
so it can be hard to keep track of
and it can get pretty confusing at times
however the phenomenal pacing of the
movie makes up for it
like seriously this movie’s pacing is
just so good
i think this german movie has one of the
best pacings of the plot
out of all the ramon movies i like how
the plot is so smooth and so well
that there isn’t really any need for any
exposition dumping scenes
which is why there aren’t many
exposition dumping scenes
in the movie which saves the audience’s
time a lot which is great
okay so now let’s talk about the
soundtrack of this movie
which has to be undoubtedly the most
underrated thing about it i’m very
surprised at how
the rest of the drama on fanbase praises
this movie for his plot
and his villains but then never really
speaks highly
of the soundtrack of this movie nobody
ever really talks about the amazing
soundtrack of it
which really surprises me because the
songs and the background music of this
are so fascinating and so great i
especially loved it when the main song
of this movie started playing in the
during the final scene of the movie that
made the final
scene so much more epic okay so now
let’s talk about the villain of this
his design is like this old man bird and
dinosaur hybrid
and honestly the combination of those
three makes for quite the awesome and
scary design i must say
this is probably one of the best drama
on villain designs out there
but emperor odorome isn’t just a great
villain because of his design
but the fright he brings along with him
in every scene that he is into
every time he appears in the movie the
moment gets filled with dread and horror
both for the characters in the movie and
the audience themselves and
managing to do that is a really good
thing for a villain
he’s just so overpowered too because of
his skull staff
which shoots out purple powerful beams
out of it
we’re just asked to his horror okay so
now let’s talk about the dragon scene of
this movie
it had to be one of the more intense
scenes of this movie
and it’s basically the pre-final battle
mini boss fight that almost every drama
movie has nowadays
and this mini boss fight for the dragon
was great
and even rewarded our heroes with the
dragon sweat
which apparently gives our heroes more
than one life
okay so that does sound pretty gross but
getting more than one life from the
dragon sweat helped them out in the
final battle so at the end
getting this reward was useful and
life-saving at least no matter how gross
it might be
okay so now let’s talk about the final
battle of this movie
there was a lot of hype behind this
and i would say that hype truly did pay
while the final battle ended rather
quickly and did not last as long as i
would want it or expect it to be
and even though it was incredibly short
it was simply stunning and filled with
excitement and action
too i loved how the extra lives given by
the dragon set came in handy at the end
and how our heroes were able to defeat
the way to overpower
emperor oduromi because of those extra
and yeah that is kind of cheating but
who cares our heroes winning and
defeating the bad guys is what truly
and this was one of the most overpowered
notorious and most
evil duram on villains in all of the
drama franchise
so he had to be defeated as quickly as
possible so it’s good to
see that drama nobody shizuka did it
creating 8.5 out of 10
best moment the final battle okay so
yeah guys and that was it for the video
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yeah guys

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