Drinking an Arizona Sweet Apple Fruit Juice – Review

alrighty so today i’m going to be drinking 
and reviewing the arizona sweet apple juice  
cocktail you know i’m saying i’m honestly quite 
excited to drink this because well i like apple  
juice you know i’m saying and i also really 
enjoyed the sid raw moondet apple soda that  
i’ve previously tried you know i’m saying and 
as such i certainly do hope that i have just  
as good of experience with this as i had with 
that you know i’m saying although i will admit  
i do think that this will be a bit easier to open 
you know i’m saying i think without further ado  
i’m gonna go and tell you guys my expectations 
for the arizona sweet apple juice cocktail and  
i’m saying what are my expectations for this 
i’m expecting this to be a very very syrupy  
apple flavored juice i will be playing honestly 
because while this is made with high fructose  
corn syrup and as such well i’m expecting it to 
be syrupy i gotta boop the understand i think  
without further ado i’m gonna go ahead and 
start taking a look at the packaging of the  
arizona sweet apple juice cocktail you know what 
i’m saying after that i’m gonna go ahead and get  
the can all opened up

and go ahead and let you 
guys know what i actually think of this drink i  
think without further ado though let’s go ahead 
and hop into the packaging now right off the bat  
we can see that the main colors for this packaging 
really are just this nice sort of like gala or  
fiji sort of red i gotta put my own stuff and then 
we can just see right here we can see like very  
much a granny smith green i gotta be honest which 
is something i do much quite appreciate i really  
like that they used all the different colors of 
the apples that are common at least in the united  
states you know i’m saying and i really really 
like that you know what i’m saying i really really  
do like that we can see right here we could just 
see the normal arizona logo right here it’s just  
white with an orange drop shadow all under that 
kind of thing and it’s just right in the middle  
of a split sun right here i gotta play on so we 
can see a bunch of triangles and stuff like that  
just basically classic arizona art style you know 
i’m saying something i really really do like you  
know i’m saying some green we can see the sun 
right here a bunch of orange and everything like  
that a really really interesting look and then we 
could just see it down here and i’m saying more  
orange more of the sun more green and everything 
like that kind of thing pretty interesting look  
and something i do really really like you know 
i’m saying i will admit though i’m not really  
as big of a fan of this packaging as i am of some 
other arizona cans but that is not to say i don’t  
like it i certainly do still like and i certainly 
do think that this is a lot better than a lot of  
other apple juice packaging i will be honest we 
can see under there it just has the normal just  
arizona sort of like fonts and everything like 
that just saying sweet apple right here and the  
sweet apple right there just has a nice orange uh 
border all around it you know i’m saying almost  
said drop shadow again i got a plan so but that is 
indeed a border not a drop shadow this is a drop  
shadow not a border this is indeed a border not a 
drop shadow i could pronounce so we can just see  
red font and the normal arizona sort of 
fun you know i’m saying with a nice orange  
shadow drop shot i keep messing that up you know 
i’m saying i keep messing that up with a nice  
orange background or with a nice orange border all 
around it you know i’m saying that certainly took  
me a minute to say right i will blue blanche but 
that certainly is what it is in white with a nice  
green border all around it that was easy i gotta 
believe so in white with a nice green border all  
around it we can just see it says juice cocktail 
right here and then under that we can just see  
a bunch out a bunch of a bunch out a bunch of 
apples all outlined in silver and everything  
like that kind of thing certainly has taken me a 
minute to say that stuff correctly today i will be  
honest but that certainly is what it is you know 
i’m saying but we can just see all these leaves  
and everything like that all the details of all of 
this kind of thing just have that nice silver too  
we can see some white spots on this some gloss 
and everything like that on these apples some  
apple flowers and stuff like that kind of thing 
some apple leaves and everything like that kind of  
thing looking very very good on so we can see this 
banner right here just says fresh fresh pressed  
i got to be honest which i really don’t think 
this is fresh pressed that will be on sale but i  
certainly do hope that it tastes like it’s fresh 
pressed you know i’m saying but either way this  
certainly is a very very detailed little bit of 
packaging and i’m saying something i really really  
do like i go to glance i like all the flowers 
i like all the apples kind of thing and i love  
absolutely love the one thing i really said and 
one of my main complaints about the last arizona  
juice cocktail that i tried was that simply put 
under 89 because the last one i tried was the  
lemonading i’m saying the underrate kind of thing 
under it there was no shadows or anything like  
that with these there’s shadows and everything 
like that kind of thing there’s shadows all under  
it and everything like that kind of thing making 
it look a lot more three-dimensional and making it  
look like it’s just actually sitting on something 
than just being an actual design kind of thing and  
something i really really do like i love all the 
silver borders around all of this kind of thing  
and i just think silver borders look so good 
on cans and i absolutely absolutely love that  
you know i’m saying we can see right here this has 
23 fluid ounces or 680 milliliters this is indeed  
kosher as we can see right there you know i’m 
saying and then we can see on the other side it  
says that this is an american company family owned 
and operated which i do much quite appreciate i  
quite like supporting american businesses you know 
i’m saying as an american myself overly honest  
so certainly no complaints for me that is for sure 
we can see right here it just says a great buy  
99 cents with a nice dark green drop shadow but 
this itself is a lighter sort of granny smith  
green but the great buy is that dark green i’m 
saying and i will admit 99 certainly is a great  
buy even if i don’t enjoy this kind of thing it’s 
only 99 cents and then now i know i don’t enjoy it  
i get a glam so certainly no complaints from me 
that is for sure we can see that this is antiox  
fortified i don’t know what that is they put it on 
a lot of drinks kind of thing i still have no clue  
what it means i think it just means that they 
it has a lot of vitamin c in it and stuff like  
that but that’s in a nice yellow right there 
kind of thing a little bit hard to see on the  
actual can itself overly honest but certainly not 
something i’m complaining about that is for sure  
however that’s pretty much all there is to the 
front of the packaging itself the one thing that  
i’ve forgotten to talk about is up here open so in 
the same red right here kind of thing we can just  
see all around the can right here kind of thing 
there is just a bunch of text and stuff like that  
it’s just repeating text and stuff it just says 
jugo di manza manza dus jugo di manza manza duels  
i don’t know what that means i would imagine 
maybe that’s spanish or something like that kind  
of thing i have no clue what that actually 
means i got a blank cell maybe it means  
apple juice and then apple juice and then i have 
no clue what it means i get a blueberry if you  
guys know what language is this kind of thing 
let me know what it means i gotta put myself but  
i have absolutely no clue what it means you know 
i’m saying i have absolutely no clue what it means  
but that’s pretty much all there is to the front 
of the packaging you know what i’m saying a lot of  
nice details kind of thing a lot of nice details 
and something i really really do like i get a  
blueness that’s something i really really do like 
but as sad i just don’t feel like it’s as distinct  
or as unique a look as a lot of other arizona 
canteen i’m saying taking a look at the nutrition  
facts on this side right here we can see it’s all 
in this nice granny smith green and we can see  
right here this contains 15 percent juice which 
is one of the highest juice content ratings i  
have seen from arizona today i’m going to plant so 
we can see that there are three cat three servings  
per container per container there are 60 calorie 
or per serving there are 60 calories or per  
container there’s 180 calories they’re going to be 
on so and we can see that overall this drink only  
has 48 grams of sugar which really is not bad and 
is about literally 20 grams less than the lemonade  
i tried last time so that is a pretty good 
deal i will be playing on sale that is for sure  
we can see that the ingredients for this include 
filtered water apple juice from concentrate  
fresh pressed apple juice half fructose 
corn syrup glucose fructose syrup sucralose  
malic acid natural flavors azorbic acid which is 
vitamin c i would assume that’s what the vitamin  
c antioxidants and everything like that kind of 
thing and then we can see there’s sucralose and i  
sulfame potassium it’s manufactured for arizona 
beverages usa llc woodbury new york 11797 usa  
copyright 2019 beverage marketing usa inc drink 
arizona.com and that nice red right there you  
know i’m saying and then we can see for more 
information about arizona call 1-800-832-3775
there are no preservatives no artificial colors 
and no artificial flavors in this it says shake  
well let’s see if i actually remember to do 
that as you guys know i am horrendously bad  
at remembering to shake drinks i got a baby so 
and then we could just see the barcode right  
here but that’s pretty much all there is to 
the packaging it will be planned so that’s  
pretty much all there is to packaging i’m going 
to go ahead and just do a little bit of a 360  
right real quick you know i’m saying just go 
ahead and give you guys a little bit of a 360  
of the candy and i’m saying and overall what are 
my thoughts on this drink and what are my thoughts  
on this packaging so far i got to build honestly 
well i like the packaging i think the packaging is  
really good it’s definitely a much more distinct 
look than a lot of other apple flavored drinks  
i could understand i really really do like and 
it’s really really high quality and i’m saying  
but i just don’t feel like this packaging is as 
good as some other arizona cans ah i actually  
i’d say it’s as good as other arizona cans it’s 
just not my personal preference kind of thing  
i’m just not the biggest fan of this packaging 
just me personally but i feel like there is as  
much care and as much thought put into this can as 
every other arizona can i will admit but i think  
without further ado it is time for me to go ahead 
and get this can all opened up you know what i’m  
saying first off though i gotta of course shake 
it up go ahead and get it shaking well you know  
i’m saying go ahead and get a shake and well and 
i’m pretty sure that’s shaking well you know what  
i’m saying so i think without further ado it is 
time for me to go ahead and actually open this up  
go ahead and smell this drink right off 
the bat and go ahead and let you guys know  
what i actually think about the arizona sweet 
apple juice cocktail you know i’m saying anything  
without further ado let’s just go ahead and 
get this all opened up you know what i’m saying  
which is certainly there was certainly a 
little bit of pressure from that let’s go ahead  
and just smell it right off the bat you know i’m 
saying that smells a lot like apple juice i do  
not think now that this is going to taste like 
the syndrome moon death this is way sweeter than  
the sidrol moon that kind of thing the cinderella 
munda was definitely more of a like sort of sour  
apple sweet sort of granny smith apple each 
sort of thing this is very much like gala or  
fiji apple kind of thing this smells like moths 
apple juice i could understand that’s what this  
smells like this smells like mott’s apple juice 
oh my goodness let’s go and take a sip though
this tastes like mozza apple juice yeah this 
tastes like mozz apple juice kind of thing  
this is wow this tastes like mods 
apple juice i got a glam steal  
wow that’s it’s apple juice this 
tastes like very very sweet apple juice
wow yeah not bad that’s pretty good i got to play 
this that’s certainly pretty good really overall  
the taste right off the bat it’s a very very 
sweet apple juicy sort of taste kind of thing  
i’m not really one for apple juice myself kind of 
thing so it’s not really to my personal preference  
i will be honest but it’s certainly not bad that 
is for that is for sure certainly not bad but the  
taste right off the bat very very sweet kind of 
thing very very sweet and in all honesty it smells  
a lot like motz and you taste it and it tastes a 
lot like matz as well if i really had to relate  
the taste to anything though i would definitely 
have to say i don’t know if you guys have ever  
had it it’s like hotel apple juice kind of thing 
at breakfast kind of thing hotel apple juice  
that’s what this tastes like this tastes like 
hotel apple juice i’m going to play on sale  
very very odd but certainly no complaints for 
me this stuff is so sickly sweet though and so  
is this this is just so sickly sweet i’m going to 
blend but either way it is apple juice and it’s  
not really my preference so i do suppose i can see 
why i’m not really enjoying it as much as i might  
normally enjoy arizona drink second upload so 
let’s go and test the mouthfeel right off the bat
while it is syrupy it’s not nearly as syrupy as 
i would think and definitely the syrupiness could  
just be related to the apple juice itself but 
it is definitely syrupy it does definitely you  
can just feel it sticking to your tongue kind of 
thing it is definitely very very syrupy kind of  
thing but also a very very smooth mouthful kind 
of thing not very rough going down or anything  
like that very very smooth but as i said very very 
syrupy and i said the taste overall is definitely  
more of a sort of very very sweet apple juicy 
taste kind of thing as said like mott’s apple  
juice or something like that kind of thing as said 
like hotel apple juice and stuff like that and i  
gotta burp real quick excuse me oh my goodness 
man oh man man oh man that was not a good burp  
i got a plan so that was not a good burp that was 
not enjoyable and you know what i’m saying that  
was not enjoyable sometimes drip burps just don’t 
be enjoyable and that was not an enjoyable burp i  
got a quickly honest tail but but overall this is 
not bad i’m just not really one for apple juice  
it’s just not my thing kind of thing apple juice 
is okay i really really like the sid raw munda  
because there’s an apple flavored drink that was 
not apple juice i don’t really like apple juice  
all that much kind of thing and that’s really 
one of the reasons why i was hoping this was  
not going too well tastes like apple juice kind 
of thing i was hoping it was going to taste like  
syndrome moondet but it certainly is one of those 
things where it is what it is that is for sure  
but overall what are my thoughts on the arizona 
sweet apple juice cocktail drink you know what  
i’m saying what are my thoughts on it let 
me go i’m gonna go and take another sip and  
go and give you my guys my thoughts on this 
drink and then go and give you guys a rating
well right off the bat as i said it’s very 
sweet kind of thing it tastes a lot like  
apple juice kind of thing you definitely do get 
a little bit of bitterness in there as well you  
can definitely tell it’s not just one apple that 
they used for this juice you can definitely tell  
maybe some gala maybe some fiji maybe some 
granny smith as well kind of thing all of those  
definitely would combine to make a pretty good 
apple juice and it’s definitely a very dynamic  
taste as well it’s definitely very very very 
overall sweet kind of thing but you definitely  
can taste some sourness in there as well which is 
very very nice of williamstown is something you  
don’t really get from moths but apple juice still 
really isn’t my thing you know i’m saying apple  
juice still isn’t really my thing so while this is 
very good for an apple juice it’s just not really  
my thing kind of thing i really really like the 
packaging i do think the packaging is very very  
nice but the packaging really is not kind of 
up my alley kind of thing although it is just  
as detailed and you can tell that there is just 
as much thought put into this drink as all other  
arizona candlelight so i certainly really can’t 
take any points off for the packaging however as  
said the drink really isn’t my preference and it 
is a little bit syrupy i will bubbly honestly and  
as such i think i’m going to go ahead and give the 
arizona sweet apple drink a solid seven out of ten  
it’s just i if i if i enjoyed apple juice kind of 
thing apple juice was like my favorite drink ever  
and there’s just a squirrel what are you doing 
squirrel get off what are you looking at me  
get away from here this is my yard not 
yours squirrel be trying to take my yard  
hey i see you i see you you guys can’t see him on 
the camera but he’s just going up the tree right  
here i gotta put me on the show so rude it’s just 
i’m gonna have to i’m gonna have to come out here  
i can’t be having him on my property i got to 
be honest i cannot believe that but but he was  
distracting me cannot believe this squirrel 
i could be honest i can’t believe this girl  
eating my plants and stuff smh but overall i would 
definitely have to say i would definitely have to  
say that yeah i think i’m gonna be giving this 
a solid seven out of ten apple juice it was my  
thing when i was a kid it’s not my thing anymore 
kind of thing especially with this being an overly  
sweet apple juice s that i really really enjoyed 
the cidro moonde because it was sweet don’t get  
me wrong but it was very much more like a soda 
than it was like apple juice kind of thing this  
is very much an apple juicy apple juice and 
since apple juice just really isn’t my thing  
i can’t really give it the best rating in the 
world however if you guys like apple juice kind  
of thing i definitely do think that you guys 
would enjoy this drink as said it’s actually  
got a pretty dynamic taste kind of thing don’t get 
me wrong it is overall more sweet than not kind  
of thing but you can definitely taste a little bit 
of bitterness in the back your throat as well from  
kind of like a granny smith like take taste kind 
of thing and it’s definitely not bad at all as  
i said though there is definitely a little bit of 
syrupiness in there as well and you can definitely  
taste it sticking to your tongues and to your 
tongue like everybody has two tongues kind of  
thing you can definitely taste it sort of like you 
can definitely like feel it sort of just sticking  
to your tongue and stuff like that kind of thing 
so as said overall a seven out of ten i do feel a  
little bit about a little bit bad about giving 
this a seven out of ten because then overall  
it’s not a bad apple juice it’s just not to my 
preference and i can’t see myself ever buying it  
again and as such it’s gonna get a seven out of 
ten you know what i’m saying but i certainly do  
hope you guys have enjoyed watching my review 
of the arizona sweet apple juice cocktail and  
i’m saying if you guys have enjoyed watching my 
review if you guys have enjoyed watching this  
video you know what i’m saying of course please 
make sure to like and subscribe for more content  
i have my instagram my book my merch everything 
in the description i’m playing and i’m saying  
go check all out but yeah thank you very much 
for watching this video guys until the next one  
stay safe and peace and everyone yes sir 
yes sir you know i’m saying i’m saying

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