Drojob Review – Instant $10 by Watching Videos? (Full Truth)

Is Drojob really a way to earn ten dollars instantly just by watching videos or is it a waste of time? My name is Mikael and I love testing different ways to make money online. And many viewers have asked me about this platform so I decided to test it and let me just reveal right away that it looks like it can very easily earn and you get ten dollars right away just by signing up, but I have also tested hundreds of different ways to earn online so I also knew that I had to dig a little

bit deeper. And in this Drojob review, I’ll give you an inside look and show all the details you need to be aware of before signing up. that’s a whole another thing but you know you can live with that if you can earn nicely so let’s go over whether that is actually true or not. So the thing is you can go once you’re inside to this start work and then you can see there are different options. And when you first start there you see that you have to watch videos and then you can also rate products

and earn supposedly surveys and do some capture. But what is a little bit weird is here that you see that you you need to have earn these badges.

You can see what I have earned a batches here. You earn that by watching videos but you can’t get to the other task until you reach a certain amount by watching videos. And this is very strange because like any other site where I have come across that actually pays you for example for taking paid surveys I’ll leave a link in the top corner for the video I have

about the top survey site, then you know you don’t have to wait and do other tasks before you get access to that. Of course you can just get access to straight away so that’s the first thing that’s a little bit strange and I have tested hundreds of different ways to earn like this so you know that made me a little bit worried. But I decided to continue so but let’s look at here now so what you need to do is that, you can see, I can watch six videos per day and I I actually got

ten dollars just for signing up. So that looks amazing and then if you just start you see uh this is a huge thing my antivirus blocks it. And there’s many clicks that I get blocked here for example even when I fill out my profile. I think it usually it should take like two minutes but it took me like five six seven minutes because my antivirus program blocked maybe like seven or eight times that something popped up just I clicked something on the screen that it popped up. So that’s something to be aware of that that

there’s a lot like this. And then you can see now the video here is it’s loading and I tried to just turn off the sound and some kind of spammy pop-up and it popped up there. And that’s what needs to be aware of but it looks like okay cool I can earn 18 Cents by watching a video. Like no, if you’re ever earned by watching videos before you’ll know that you usually do not get that. I don’t even have to be on the tab, I can open another one at the same time it will still

count down and then supposedly when it reaches this like I watched like 20, 30 seconds or so then supposedly I will have earned 18 cents. Right really amazing right so then yeah you see I can just claim the reward and my antivirus props uh blocks some kind of spammy ad that comes up. So that you know if you decide to use the site after watching this video here then make sure you have a good antivirus program because my antivirus program is very busy while I’m using this website. So you see this is how it works

you see this is I earned 18 right now by doing that I can just keep doing that six times. And then I also earn badges every time and then after a while I supposedly get access to more other job on opportunities also but there’s some really strange thing going on here in my opinion. So let’s talk about this whole thing there like can you I actually get paid because that’s something you really need to be aware of. So I now jump to the withdrawal section and you can see here my balance and then I also

have a referral balance and then I need to earn if I want to get paid in PayPal supposedly a hundred dollars so it offers some great payout options. You see Payeer, Skrill, PayPal, web money, crypto, gift cards. All that looks fine but there are several aspects here. First of all I’ve seen that once you finally reach the balance to withdrawal they will have certain referral requirements and this is always a huge red flag. When any site suddenly introduces other requirements after you have reached a payout threshold that’s a huge warning sign. Any site that claims

that you need to invite a certain amount of people before you can get paid that’s a huge warning sign. I have never come across and I have tested hundreds if not thousands of ways to make money online, I have never come across a site that has it as a requirement that you need to invite other people if it is legit. Because the legit site know that if you like it and you get paid you will invite others but the ones that will not pay you will force you to invite others before you find out you

cannot get paid. That’s anyways out of all the sites I have tested I have never come across one that has that requirement that will actually pay you. Another warning sign a hundred dollar payout threshold it’s just ridiculously high and then also no matter what you click here there’s spammy pop-up ads and my antivirus program blocks everything. And also earning 18 cents for watching a random YouTube video of course you will not do that. Like nobody would pay that for having some views like that they have just embedded random Youtube videos to make it look like

you can earn by that and then what they earn by doing is like having all these spammy pop-up ads coming up to you. And that’s how they earn. And they keep you on the platform they’ll probably also lower the rewards you’ll get so it’ll get harder and harder to actually reach the payout threshold. And then they will have these referrals requirements probably other requirements if you will actually ever reach the payout threshold. I’ve just seen sites like this so many times and there’s so many red flags that in my opinion it’s just a complete waste

of time. So to sum it all up and make it completely clear, Drojob is just a platform to stay away from in my opinion. And many viewers have asked me about it and I have tested so many different sites and it just takes a lot of the warning signs like spammy pop-up ads no matter what you click on the platform it’s just like random click and an ad pops up you know that’s always a red flag. Huge High payout threshold, exaggerated earnings for watching an embedded YouTube video, it’s just not realistic. And you know overall

with these red flags and and that they also introduce extra requirements once you finally get close to payout threshold then I can just say that it’s a complete waste of time. If you want to earn for example by watching videos you will not earn 18 cents per video that’s just not realistic. But I will leave a link below to a video I have of the best site to earn by watching videos you can check that out because that is the legit realistic way to earn by doing that so you know what to expect. And I’ll

also leave a link to a list on my website of the best get paid to sites where you can do all kind of small tasks to earn and those sites are legit and will actually pay. You will not have crazy high payout threshold some of them will actually even pay you instantly and they will not have all kind of weird requirements for you to get paid. So I would recommend that if you want to earn some extra money use those methods instead. Drojob is a complete waste of time in my opinion and I hope this

video helped you figure out what to expect. And if the video helped you then make sure to hit the like button and also don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and hit the notification bell so you won’t miss out next time there’s a video with tips and tricks about different ways to make money online.

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