Dubai Food/ Restaurant Review Ep2: UZB Avenue (Türkçe Altyazılı)

Hello! Selam Herkese! Merhaba!
Let me take off my… this mask
We are here now, going to another restaurant which we’re gonna be reviewing for these Ramazan times
It’s called UZB Avenue.. or you can say it as Uzbek Restaurant Avenue…
I dunno.. Is it like that?
Ahmet: UZB Avenue
Yeah.. Ahmet: Uzbek Avenue
Me: So we are on our way
our friends are there
We had a booking earlier for a table for 4
Lovey can you hold this for me?
Soo, it’s gonna be a table for 4
The same ones whome we had iftar dinner with last time
You’ll be able to see them again
They’re both Amjad and Sara
Sooo, here we are
Hello! Merhaba!
Amjad & Sara: Hi! Hello! How are you?
How are you guys?
Oh! Farida!
Hello! Selam!
Our friend Farida is here! Hello!
Farida: Oh you guys shooting
Farida!: How are you
Good! ooohhh.. I can’t kiss you
Farida: I missed you! No it’s ok
oooh it has been so long yah?
Farida: It’s a nice coincidence
Say Hello Farida! (to the viewers)
Farida: Hello! Hi How are you all!
I’ll call you again later?
Farida: ok. Bye bye!
Hello beautiful Sara
Sara & Amjad: How are you?
and Mr. Amjad
Shakarov.. Shakarov is a simple tomato, onion, cucumber.. Normal yah?
and then, kimchi, you have kimchi as well
Fire Bird looks nice
Amjad: We have to choose 4
What are the options? (talking about salads)
Shakarov, Fire Bird, Kimchi?
Amjad: Fire Bird, The Spricy Carrot Salad, Shakarov, Shakarov Olives, Kimchi
Vinaigrette is always fine
Vegetarian Salad
Ahmet: Ok, 1 Fire Bird Salad for you, 1 Fire Bird Salad for us, and choose one more, and I choose 1 more
Amjad: We choose 1 Vinaigrette
Ahmet: You ok with Vinaigrette?
Sara: Yes Ahmet: Ok
Then I’ll choose 1 kimchi
Ahmet: She choose kimchi. Ok.
(Waiter now taking our orders for the salad)
Ahmet: 2 Fire Bird, 1 Kimchi and 1 Vinaigrette
Ahmet: Now, next stage soup
Next Stage?
I’ll have Lamb Shurva (Soup)
Ahmet: It’s very nice
Amjad: Pelmeni
Thank You
So let me show you guys what we have ordered
2 Fire Bird Salad, 1 kimchi and 1 Vinaigrette
And then for the soups
we are having to 2 Lamb Shurva and 2 Pelmeni
For the Main Course
We got Beef Manti, 2 pc Uzbek Plov
For the Drinks.. Too bad the Compote is already finished
So, we’ll just gonna have tea later on after the meal
Salad’s on the table
Ahmet: Tasty
What do call again this one?.. This Fire Bird Salad
It actually has like smoked chicken inside
some potatoes, like fried potatoes, cheese and mayonnaise.
and it’s actually lovey..
there’s also cucumber.. Can you see that?
Hi Sara! So how is your Vinaigrette
What is it made of?
Sara: There is Potato, there is peas, carrots and…
Red beets
Sara: Yeah, exactly
That’s making the salad color red
The Kimchi that they have is made of Chinese Cabbage, and carrots… and some pepper
Quite spicy like the real one
But lesser the sauce
But it really tastes yummy
even if the color is like this, it really tastes yummy
Amjad: Now they say, do you wanna now if it is 100% beef or there is something else with it?
Amjad: you have to squeeze it with a fork
and then.. (don’t speak while your mouth is full)
Amjad: If its like this one, it’s easy to break
Amjad: then it means it’s 100% meat,
uhuuhh (yummm)
Amjad: There’s nothing else with it.
Ahhh.. Uhuhh (enjoying every bite)
Amjad: If its like a plastic, you feel like when you are eating and it feels like eating a plastic then it means it has other things with it.
Sara: Is that Green Tea and Red Tea?
Which one is green and which one is red?
Amjad: he put a marker for you
So this one is green and this one is red
When you open it then you will see
An then the other one
will it be looking different?
can you open this one love
Maybe somewhere
There you go
Voila! so it is green.
It is a lot
Sara: The smell of the tea is nice
Ahmet: Oo-oh! Lemon
and then, oh yes! Lemon and Mint
Amjad: Do you want red?
Red, I will have the red
Ahmet: ok, let’s go with red first
Amjad: Ok, Put the video, put your video on
Ahmet: oh, I’ll go with green
Farida: Meryem (Waving Goodbye)
Farida: Bye bye! See you!
Byebye See you soon!
Farida: It’s ok, we’ll talk.. Bye
alright, alright… bye Farida
Thank you for the food.
Kizad: Thank you and you’re welcome
It was really really nice
Kizad: You’re welcome
Can we know your name?
Kizad from? Uzbekistan
Thank you soo much
Kizad: Come again
Let’s go see what Sara thinks of the food
Sara: Hello! Hi! We enjoyed our time together and the food was so delicious
Do you recommend people coming to Uzbek Restaurant?
Sara: Very much, very much.. Yeah
Amjad: Perfect Food, Nice, Nothing is much better, too much food extra also, everywhere full of food, come again.
How do you think of the taste of the Uzbekistan food? What’s the difference of it from the Turkish one?
Amjad: Almost same
But they are like mostly Russian inspired too right?
Amjad: Yeah, it’s like more close to Russian, meat cooked more but very nice
My Habibi
What do you wanna say about the food
Ahmet: I like Uzbek food
Yeah, We’ve been here a couple of times
But usually we order.. Which one?
Ahmet: I order lamb soup
and the big Izgara. That’s the usual one we order
Ahmet: the grill, yeah
But it’s not available
Ahmet: I love the grill, It’s like huge pan
It has a lot of meat varieties
Yeah, meat varietes,
but here, today, we had the iftar meal. What do you think of the iftar meals
there was a lot of choices
Ahmet: it has a lot of food, it’s too much
and a lot of choices too
Ahmet: and price is also amazing
So very much recommended?
Ahmet: Yes I do
So guys, there you have it
Amjad: Thank you
We have already given you some reviews of the food
4 of us, we really love..totally the food here
and hope to see you again next time
Ok guys, See you again for the next food review during these ramazan time
Bye! Gule Gule!
Ahmet: ?? After Ramazan??
Hey Guys! Soo, that’s our second food vlog review.. I mean second food/restaurant vlog review
that we have for you during these times of Ramadan here in Dubai
So I hope you guys like it
So far, as you can see
restaurants are open and they serve food everywhere
Ahmet: Yeah, until 10pm
Yeah, until 10pm only though
it’s quite safe, everything is very hygienic
All the waiter wear masks, and even gloves
Lovey, what do you think?
Ahmet: For me, Business should move on
and should continue with caution first
Yeah, very much with caution. yes.
Ahmet: So far, I like this restaurant too, so much
Ahmet: We gonna continue with other restaurants
Ahmet: But we want to show you our own opinions with other restaurant if we like it really
so I hope you go follow
Ahmet: And in Dubai we have many many options (cuisine)
Yes, there’s a lot of options here (cuisine)
We have given you Turkish previously and now Uzbekistan
maybe in another episode it will be a different cuisine
Ahmet: Maybe Azerbaijani or Lebanese Restaurant
We don’t know, we’ll see , we’ll see
We’ll let you know
Please just follow us so you will be able to see our adventures
food adventures and reviews
Ahmet: Yes guys! Please support her
Noo, us!
Actually, US
How do you say it in Turkish.. ABONE OL?
Ahmet: Yeah
Please do hit like and subscribe if you guys like these food vlogs that we are doing
Ahmet: Your comments are very important to us
Evet.. (Yes)
Ahmet: Since it is a new beginning for us, please mention the topics you want us to develop further in the comments below.
Evet Evet Evet
So see you guys soon!
Ahmet Byebye!
Bye! Gule-gule!

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