DUNE Part 2 Ending Explained | Breakdown, Book Differences, Messiah, Easter Eggs & Spoiler Review

welcome to the heavy spoilers show I’m your host Paul in this video we’re breaking down Dune part two you are not prepared for what is to come the IMAX extravagan is now out worldwide and it’s easy one of the best sequels of all time the Space Opera epic has a lot to impact from it and throughout this video we’re going to be breaking it all down this will cover the plot differences to the book and also what we think is going to happen in Denny VES revealed he’s working on the script and we can look

at the books to see where things could possibly go so grab your popcorn bucket settle up to ride that worm and follow your host Paul as we get into the movie Heavy spoilers ahead and if you haven’t seen it then what you been June eh no now we will also talk about Messiah but I’ll give you a warning before we get into that I’m nice like that by the way thank you for clicking this now let’s break down June part two it’s okay I’m here I’m here it’s been a while since you’ve had one of

those nightmares tell me what was it about it’s only fragments nothing’s clear the movie picks up almost directly after part one where we

saw paor the traes had obtained desert power the first film at his father taking the family to oracus because they wanted to harness that for themselves on their home of kaledin they’d pull together water power and this would give them an advantage in the universe the family were already extremely popular and harnessing spice would make them the dominant house thus both the emperor and Har conans wanted to take the family down which

led to what we saw happening in that first film now we pick up with Paul lady Jessica and the fman who Begin by making their way through the desert along with them they carry James’s body who ended up being Paul’s first kill throughout the film he had visions of his death but in the end it was explained this was metaphorical when you take a life you take your own all atres Must Die aat had to rise Paul killing Jamis meant that the old person who was died and thus in the end Rose the quizat Tarak

that brutal Knife Fight also set the stage for part two as we have an even fiercer one that closes out the film this is bitterly poetic as it’s again this opposite fade and Jessica was meant to have a daughter that was going to marry the character Paul and fade both come from Millennial of Gene selection which was carried out by the Benny jeser they’ve been trying to create a supreme being brought into together by selective breeding in which select members of houses then had children Jessica’s daughter was meant to Ed with fade and then it

would unite these two powerful houses the jesser have also crafted a religion in which people across the universe would worship this being would basically bring together religion and the state and mean that they have someone who rules over all this person would be in the Jess’s pocket and thus they decide the fate of the universe you see the universe is dominated by the patriarch and women don’t really have any official power even someone like Jessica is simply just a concubine and she’s not seen as being an equal to the jke most women are relegated servants

roles and this child would allow the gesser to rule the universe however the Duke ended up wanting his son and because Jessica loved him she granted him his wish this wrecked their plans but as always there’s PL within plans within June and we will go into that a bit later in the video now we also introduced early on to the emperor s Eran who in the films played by Florence Pew each chapter of the book actually opens with a piece from her which are taken from the in Universe text this comes in the aftermath of

Paul’s Jihad which we’re clearly going to explore as we get to D Messiah the film does play off of that though as we have her dictating her diary but it runs concurrently with the story instead of being in its aftermath now lakus is slowly but surely being taken over by the barons nephew ran who we were introduced to in that first film they’re moving further up north and we get to see a closer look at their suspense Tech this is used by the baron in order to get around and because of his hedonistic lifestyle he

relies heavily on it in the book we discover what actually happened with him and it turned out this was brought on by a curse the baron forced himself on a guy Salam MIM and she infected him with a cell destroing disease we see a small partt of his brutality early on as he kills his servants after his nephew continues to fail him in the book we learned that this was actually a strategy and that raban was put in place because of his ferocity the plan was to then replace him with fade so that the people

would welcome this slightly kind of touch either way though they would still retain their power and rule over araus with an iron grip now it is hinted at but it’s not spelled out completely and it adds some extra strategy that you might have missed when watching it talking about you mate you’re always missing this stuff so I’ve got to overe explain it and that’s why this video is 45 minutes long or whatever anyway Paul is almost killed but he’s saved by his mother who reminds his son not to leave his back open this is the

lesson gy harik tried to drill into him at the start of the first movie and we see it paying off much more in this film eventually they make it to North racus where jamus is given a true burial this differs things up slightly from the book as here Paul finds out he’s got some brand new responsibilities turns out if you kill a fman you also have to look after their family so Paul’s got to look after jameses on top of his own oh he’s allowed to keep Jam’s wife as his wife or a servant for

one year until she decides what she wants to do he’s also got channy in irand as well and yeah mate hoes in different area codes also missing is the entire subplot of howt howt was the atraes Menat played by Steven McKinley Henderson who unfortunately is missing from part two in the buck though he played a major role after the defeat of the atres and the baron took him prisoner and injected him with poison this was slow acting and he was forced to serve the baron however he worked in the background to manipulate the house one

of these plots was to take out fade and he ended up using a non-drug to trade his fighter as opposed to a slave this ended up causing the game master to be killed and it’s a shame it was cut as it was such a cool moment now in part two Fades tested by unle instead and it’s all part of that plot to make him seem like a great hero this is so he can be sent to araus to take over and they’re doing lots of PR and spin to make him seem like a solid guy

while that’s missing we do get an expanded role for shackle who’s skeptical of Paul’s prophecy Paul’s also resistant to his Destiny of being the Messiah as he wrestles with the fact he could lead to death and destruction unlike Luke Skywalker or aragone his Destiny of saving araus is a poison chalice that could kill 61 billion it will simply not stop with the defeat of the honin and he’ll fight all of the great houses just to cement his spot Herbert recognized the power of religion and how people will gladly kill if it’s in the name of

God we know from our own history that people have committed several horrendous acts because they believe that they were doing it for a higher power thus the followers of Paul could kill billions in his name so him getting the throne isn’t exactly a victory now the big question that June asks is whether the prophecy is coming true or if it’s the fact that they know about the prophecy that they’re now forcing it to happen we all know from real life that coincidence can happen and that they can either be interpreted one of two ways for

example yeah when my Granda died we went around man Nanz and saw that the daughter’s chill out room had been left open Manana swore that she’d closed it when leaving the house and thought that this show that his Spirit had returned home now there may have been a rational reason for this but either way it kind of demonstrates the point Jessica’s intent on him becoming the Messiah and she sees his actions as matching with the prophecies over the course of the movie She spreads the gospel of Paul’s exploits which slowly starts to indoctrinate the people

the northern fman are not all that religious but over time they start to believe this is even in the face of channy doubting it’s the truth and she chokes it up to being false hope lady Jessica is then made made the Reverend mother and this transformation is brought her when she drinks their Water of Life made from the B of A sandworm it gives the power of foresight and she gains the genetic memory of everyone that came before this includes a baron who just so happens to be her father which is a big twist that

they kept out the first film spoiler alert now the idea of genetic memories something that open up the first film with his getting these lines even before the logos this line has a lot of importance and the second film begins with power over spice’s power overall why this matters here is because Paul ends up controlling racus and thus he controls the most valuable resource in the Galaxy though the great houses want to overthrow him he controls how they travel their weapons when they hit the thumbs up and how their mentats and cooperate so he’s able

to control them all it’s an important line to open the film up with and it sums up why Paul becomes the god Emperor now many thought that that voice could be later on the second looking back on his own family history genetic memories summing at Herbert was fast fascinated with and it’s something that we see most notably in nature for example Birds know when they have to migrate and all of this happens seemingly by Instinct in the universe the people can get into their genetic memory which is something that Jessica can now also do too

now the reason that not everyone Zips the Water of Life is because it can be deadly Jessica survives it because she’s had poisoning training but they don’t bring into the fact that she’s also carrying a baby this leads to her yet unborn daughter Alia gaining immense power and she’s able to communicate with Jessica from the womb it’s possible that we even heard her talking in the first film as that voice sounded like how she talks here Paul also drinks from the Water of Life and Alia works with her mother to push him further to the

prophecy Alia is a character who’s changed up massively from the book as she doesn’t end up being born in the film she appeared in both the book and 84 film though and she was the character who ended up killing the baron there she was roughly three years old but highly Advanced for her her very young age due to her powers she was considered an Abomination but I think we’re probably going to skip the young years of her life we see her in her future form and she’s played by the Fantastic Anella Joy she’s so hot

right now and I mean this cast of hottest actors on the planet they had to include her too she’s shown as an adult in the vision and she reveals Paul Sahar Conan by the way of his mother but Messiah I think will just get a massive time Jump skip all that younger stuff and have her attracting people people through her Cult of Personality in the book she somewhat Rivals Paul and two TAPS in the religious Dogma to use it as a weapon now Paul adapts the fman way of life pretty easily which makes sense as

in part one he put on his still suit in the most optimal way we see as he’s tested across the desert and it’s here he forges a romantic bond with channy however he’s played by visions of her death and that of countless people this includes his mother who urges him to keep himself ready for a political marriage which will be with Princess Eran this was something that was hinted at in part one when they had to flee the Saka suppose I presented the emperor with an alternative to chaos and his daughters are yet to marry

you’d make a play for the throne channy doesn’t want him to follow through on it though she believes creating the Messiah will lead to more deaths in the book she originally woke him up from the Water of Life hallucination Thing by her own choice but here she’s forced into doing it this is because she doubts the prophecy and somewhat feels like a good usher in the end this unfortunately falls on deaf years and Jessica head South to spread the word of Paul now in a rather crude comparison it’s sort of similar how Morpheus believes in

Neo is the one Paul starts to become a fman and even rid to sanm first time they reminded me of the Jump program in The Matrix where they all sit around and wonder if he’s going to be able to do it he is the one what I don’t think they take into account though is something that was hammered home more on the source material you see Paul was trained by the best of the best of the best sir and this was in every aspect of humanity he had the best men hats training him mentally best

fighters and also the best linguists which is why he’s able to speak so many languages jamus underestimated him and thought he was just a little spoiled rich kid when in reality he’d already fought against the best this is how he’s able to do so much from the off and the deeper into it you get the more there’s doubt in the prophecy either way Paul and channy take out raids on a spice Harvester and we get to see some of the Weaponry in action they aim to disrupt the spice production as much as possible and in

turn this will waste the Aron’s resources it’s sort of a flip on how they left the equipment for the atres with them purposely leaving damage Tech to make things more difficult a Herber was inspired by Lawrence of Arabia with a story of June sharing several similarities spice also works as a simile of oil with it being a natural resource that people seek to exploit the honan’s work is an illusion to outside Invaders which can easy be swapped out for several real world groups whether it’s the Soviets invading Afghanistan or the Iraq War the piece has

a lot of things that you can apply to real life it’s in this why I think June still feels relevant even though the book was published nearly 60 years ago other similarities include the weapons that the fan end up using with them essentially equipping Stinger missiles the Stinger was provided by the muja adim by the US and was a big big game changer in the war against the Soviets the name haonan was even picked because it sounded Russian and Herbert also took elements of Hitler’s thirdd Reich now it’s these that lead to them getting several

successful raids and Paul’s given his name which is the muad this is after the desert Mouse had appeared several times in the first film and there are acted as a symbol of strength if a tiny Mouse could survive in the desert then it showed that others could too the muad can also see what’s coming and on top of this they create their own water it’s AP as Paul can indeed see visions of the future and Witnesses himself making water on racus slowly the legend of the MU grows and it creates a symbol for the fman

to unite behind on top of this the Haw conans believe that Paul died in the desert and therefore they don’t fully consider the threat that’s coming for them now during one of the raids we get the welcome return of Josh Brolin’s gurnie finally playing his baliset this was absent from the first film after the plan scene for it ended up being cut gie is now a Smuggler and we learn how he was able to escape alongside a tray survivors due to the fman he’s the victims of one of Paul’s attacks however he survives as Paul

knew his stride don’t stand with your back to the door how many times do we have to tell you tells you by your footsteps gurn H I recognize your footsteps old man Paul instantly rekindles that teacher and student relationship and he’s shown how to harness Atomic weapons in the June Universe they’re highly frowned upon and this is due to their excessive use in the butan Gad this is something I hope we explore more in the future as I think a prequel set around this could fit our times Well now in case you don’t know Humanity

became reliant on AI and it ended up basically doing a Terminator this started a war between man and machine and it was the former who came out on top Humanity used Atomic weapons on the machine guard and this led to both of them being outlawed this is why they have men hats so they don’t rely on computers and it’s illegal to make a machine that’s more intelligent than man the book was also written during 1965 in which society was fearful of nuclear weapons 20 years prior had seen the atom bomb being used leading to a

nuclear arms race in a decade spanning Cold War it’s very apt now as it feels like we’re always on the brink of War and the threat of AI exists in almost every job there’s always the fear of what’s in the Horizon and Paul’s Visions also signal dangers right around the corner he wrestles with whether it’s stin Stone he’s meant to be a tyrant or if it’s possible that we can make our own future even though he wants to avoid it though he still ends up stepping towards it every day deep down it’s kind of clear

that he wants it but it creates a grim future for billions and billions of people now in the end because of the raid they eliminate 60% of the Harvest Des sends ban into a rage and he goes out to kill the muad once and for all give me what I want give me what I want that’s not what I want I want you and WrestleMania in this that he sees the legend and Paul are oneing the same and you see fear across his face as the peir meet gie is the one who takes him out

on the end and it’s very much a number two versus number two like two girls one cup now the Superior Tactics of the fman defeat them and the emperor finally begins to take notice he Suspects it could indeed be Paul and within his own house there are seats of descent Ilan herself is a Benny jessid and she’s instructed to then spy on her father she also twists his arm and says his death would lead to modom and only a fullscale war would allow the emperor to go in his Peacemaker even then it isn’t guaranteed a

payoff and because he doesn’t have the foresight of PA he’s very much taking risks now on the other side of this the Reverend mother has another plan which involves manipulating fade she sends Margo fening to go and have his child and they start to work out if there’s a way they can control him we meet fade as he’s preparing for his birthday celebrations and he’s taking part in a gladiator spectacle for me the gidy prime scenes were the stand out of the film with them being shown in that stunning black and white HR Gea provided

a lot of the designs for the cancel first film attempt and they’re Lac throughout these scenes adding flavor to these moments it’s unlike anything I’ve ever really seen before and it’s a welcome break from the deserts of arus f is played perfectly by Butler and I’m happy to report that he’s exercised that cursed Spirit of Elvis he’s a psychotic nuas who gets Pleasure and Pain and kills indiscriminately which gives him a real sting hey off now this brutality is much to the joy of his Haram of creepy women and he’s one of the most memorable

aspects of the movie we also have Stelar who really really shines here and Javad M acts as the face of the fman he helps to show how they a people all fall in line and also highlights how they can lose too Paul is pressured in into challenging his leadership and he finally accepts his Messianic Destiny he declares himself lisan alib and challenges the emperor’s rule as he confronts the baron using nukes he storms The arakan Fortress and kills the baron once and for all now Paul threatens to destroy the planet spice with the rest of

his nukes unless the emperor surrenders the Imperial Throne Paul says the emperor has to fight him 1 V one which will be easy cuz the guys got the best controllers just look at the controllers fade however ends up accepting the challenge which leads to sheer Cinema it’s cinema this will go down as one of the most gripping blade battles of all time and it’s made better by the fact them mirror images of each other the baron wanted to install him by the way of blackmail and he also took the test of the gum Jabar fade

seemed to like it whereas Paul found it painful highlighting their opposites of the same coin Paul also has channy and fade has Margo fening who is slightly simplified from how she’s in the book she said a sec curest bloodline in the end though and the idea of children was hammered home more in the text made it from the workers Janny and Paul’s child who he named after his father lato however however he was killed in an attack and those I can totally understand why they left that all out still though it’s important to bear in

mind that this Victory carries a lot of weight and again it plays off the idea of Paul killing his metaphorical self the book also adds in is in a monologue and puts some reasoning behind their mentalities in the scene fad is the talker whereas Paul is silent and this is done because it’s something that un Nerfs him in the book Paul gets him with the Knight but he uses his power to nullify the toxin here Paul just lures him in as a way to stab him and it seals victory for the atres he also realizes

to make peace he must mend the houses and the marriage with aelan is essentially just a name channy is of course his true partner and this idea of her being pushed out also shown in the film’s narration the first movie had her doing some of the voice over yet provided mainly by Iran highlights a change that’s happening in Paul’s Destiny and that Victory always comes comes with a cost the idea of Paul also becoming his own man is highlighting how he talks with the Benny consider what you’re about to do Paul a tra silence whereas

in the first film it was her who said it to him silence the emperor then kneels before Paul’s signate ring which was worn by his father and his father before him I told my father I didn’t want this either this ring is a symbol of accepting his Destiny and it’s also was given to by UA to confirm his father’s death Chen’s furious with Paul’s decision to W earland and she leaves to ride her brand new sandw see I see you’re spending a lot of money on these worm effects as well mate you’re paying way too

much for worms man who’s your worm guy now we discovered that the emperor sent suula sakundes which was the original home planner of the Corino Empire it’s a harsh and awful place that looks like the Comon section when you mispronounce a name and it’s a planet that breeds the seduka Empire Fighters it ain’t exactly Florida for the old guy and the great house houses also refuse to accept Paul he instructs his fman to lead them to Paradise which is basically the nice way of saying this kill them all highlights how Paul’s now viewing things from

a religious point of view and we see as Jessica and Alia confirm His Holy Wars now started anyway that takes us into the spoilers for messiah so duck out if you don’t want to know now they might end up changing things but I think certain elements will stay the same and that we will probably end up where How It Ends off still L that’s your warning for some heavy heavy spoilers and thanks for sticking with us until now see you chump you bloody chump now if you’re expecting to see Paul’s holy war then unfortunately a

feel you might leave disappointed I believe that we will get some teasers towards it but I think it’ll be mainly through the use of visions and flashbacks that’s something that especially was used in the first film and we’ll be picking up in the aftermath of it June Messiah starts off 12 years later and we watches Pauls at the height of his power I feel like he may be starting to terraform maracus which is something that also happened in Paul’s Visions the first movie lekin took Paul and Jessica to one of the Imperial Labs on the

planet and they found that they’d already been attempting it poo k aka lek’s father was adamant that the planet had once been a lush screen world with time he thought they could terraform the planet and turn oracus back into a paradise this is actually how the 84 film ended and we watched as Pauls start to change arus now though Paul’s trying to do good for racus and he’s harvested the rest of the universe instead which is Su it’s brought enemies the Benny jesser space Guild and TXU I think create a conspiracy to help take him

down the TXU are basically a group of genetically altered humans who were believed to have created the spider creature in part one I know a lot of people thought that might be UA’s wife but the baron implied that she was dead so yeah that’s still just a theory time now the group aimed to use a go out which is a clone of Duncan Idaho this is used to manipulate Paul and it’s hoped it’ll make him question himself however the group likes games and they think that everyone should have a choice so they let Paul know

that he’s not the real Duncan they want him to know and then see if he still Falls but I kind of feel like that might be excised from the film now to make matters worse Paul’s also being plotted against by the fman arine wants him to have a child and secure the bloodline but he’s also promise channy he’ll only have kids with her however aan snuck contraceptives into channy’s food and this seemed HS her from getting pregnant Paul knows about the drugs though and is actually okay with it as he sees visions of Chen’s death

which comes from having children and no no she doesn’t die from a broken heart but Paul to be fair he does hate sand I don’t like sand despite this channy ends up giving birth of twins which wasn’t something that appeared in Paul’s fishs surprise throughout the films we’ve seen his polls are not 100% accurate which was also highlighted in his fight against seduka in the first movie he saw this as himself right here he believes that it’s channy so yeah man had twins which hits a little close to home cuz I’m Paul and I remember

getting that call and being like Oh yeah so glad so glad it’s Twins and but a here we go again Paul S so blinded by a nuk and unfortunately in another similarity to Star Wars chines still ends up dying also yeah I know June came first mate stop that stop that comment right now now although there’s all these other aspects going on I feel like Alia is going to become the big player the way they put her forth in this movie is way more Sinister and it’s sort of teasing something bad’s coming down the line

and you Taylor Joy is of course a massive actor and she’s someone who can pull off a more tender side but also she’s got that evil streak within her she becomes a big religious leader and creates a call and thus gains power in the end though Paul defeats all of his enemies and decides to go into the desert like he’s taking the long walk from Judge Dread this is because in the universe this is something that blind people in the fman used to carry out it was believed that because they were blind they were going

to be a burden and th this would lead to the tribe struggling this would waste water and so on and so forth so it was expected that they take that long walk he leaves aler in charge and Aran cares for his kids with the story continuing in the children of Doom it’s a bit mental at points me but if you want to know the story you you’ve got a couple of ways you can YouTube It wiki it or go read the book but scii also adapted it with James makoy that’s probably the best way to

take it in if you want to see it cuz reading it I was like I have no idea what’s going on here so a TV adaptation that really helps you out I don’t know if we’ll get to that but they are going ahead with G Messiah as like I said villain of scripts almost done I can imagine this movie is going to do really well as well because every IMAX showing seems to be sold out I know there’s still a chance that they might not go through with it but I have to hold that faith

in my heart and believe that Paul is the one there’s been a bit of a weird release with all these movies anyway because the first one was impacted by the pandemic and the day and date release HBO Max had 4K copies of the film the day came out and yet everyone was just doing a Jack Sparrow still though they made money and there was obviously faith in the franchise and I think this film it’s going to capitalize on it they also hadn’t green at the second one because they wanted to see how that did but

in hindsight I actually think that helped hadn’t he film both parts back to back then it’s possible that he might not have grown as a filmmaker the movie is being compared a lot to The Dark Knight with a chairing a similar glob to Batman Begins I think the gap between has allowed for proper planning in what an incredible film I think that the visuals really knock it out the park and viewing this on a massive screen made me appreciate its breath and scale the film tackles a lot of aspects of humanity and there’s several characters

who will help to push these themes home Fields personal while also feeling expansive and epic and comes with deep characters who allow the actors to excel this is a film that’s full of big names and those big names all give big incredible performances even someone like javard M could be relegated to the background but he takes the material and really shines with it that’s the case across the board too with June being a massive way to Showcase everyone’s talents whether it’s in the production the cinematography or the CGI everything feels like it’s at the top

of the industry it’s difficult not to completely F over a film like this and I think it’s set the bar high for 2024 looking at what’s to come I’m not sure we’ll get something that will live up to it and this feels like it’s elevated the industry it’s been a long long time since have been excited to go and see a movie like this and I often worry that’s going to leave me disappointed however Jun excelled my expectations and I think the Batman was probably the last time I left the cinema feeling like this it’s

up there for me with stuff like endgame Inception Dark Knight where I leave completely blown away by what I’ve just seen I think the first visit’s going to be something that sticks with me for a long time and yeah what an incredible piece obviously I try and give some negatives too and I think that the run time might leave some people bored however if you’re immersed in this world you know you’re already a fan of June or these kind of movies then it’s going to be something that you really fall in love with Denny has

managed to do the impossible and he’s elevating not only Cinema but also himself as a filmmaker everyone should support it and go and see films like this and make sure you’re junior part two hey hey had to end on a banger and obviously I’d love to hear thoughts and drop them Below in the comments section come on that was a good one please drop a like on the video and if you want to support the channel as a member of the spoiler Society then you can also do that by clicking the join button you get

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mate now if you want something else to watch we’ve got a video on screen right now so definitely head over there right after this by the way huge thank you for sing through the video I’ve been your host Paul I’ll see you next time take care a peace out

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