DWE7491 Review & Unboxing – DeWALT table saw – How is it after a few years of use?

I’ve been using my DeWALT table saw for
a few years now and it felt like a good time
to review it.
If you are just looking for the unboxing of
the saw, jump to the end of the video.
I’ve linked the time-code in the description.
Let’s start with the things I like about
the saw.
When I bought the saw I checked the accuracy
of the fence.
At that time it was aligned perfectly.
After using it for a while and checking it
every few months it stayed that way.
It’s perpendicular to the blade, square
with the surface and nice and flat.
When it’s locked down, it’s also nice
and sturdy.
Really nothing to complain about the main
part of the fence.
The extension of the fence also works well
to support the workpiece when cutting something
wider than the table.
Although unlocking it is a pain.
There is room for improvement there.
The tape measure on the rails of the saw needed
a little bit of fine-tuning on purchase.
I’m talking 2/10ths of a mm.
After correcting the error it has been cutting
accurately ever since.
I do double check regularly just to be safe
but it hasn’t let me down yet.
I think this is largely because of the rail
system that DeWALT uses.
Another aspect of the saw that’s really
The fence position is easily changed with
just two tabs that you unlock and lock.
The screws inside the rails that the fence
hooks on are super sturdy and make sure it
stays paralel after switching position.
What I don’t really use is the knob that
is added for moving the fence.
I just slide it over to where I need it to
be and tap is back and forth to micro-adjust.
The knob doesn’t add much convenience in
my opinion.
Since buying this saw I haven’t found the
limit to what it can cut.
What I mean by that is that the motor is an
absolute beast.
Of course the blade is limited by its size
and so is the maximum depth of cut.
But there is no lack of power.
Hardwoods of any kind go through without any
I do have to mention I don’t use the stock
blade and have separate ripping and cross-cutting
The start and stop button are decent, not
I have to firmly press it on in one go or
it causes my circuit to blow out in the shop.
Not a major issue if you use it correctly
but it could be better.
The kill switch also works OK.
The paddle could be bigger and I feel it has
to be pressed in rather far.
If it would turn off a little bit easier it
would be better.
Tilting the saw is about the same is the button.
It’s OK.
Once you unlock the mechanism it kind of swings
down the entire saw.
Getting it set to 23 degrees for example is
therefor a challenge.
Especially since when you try to lock it down,
you have a good chance of pushing to away
What I don’t like about the saw.
It’s very loud.
I know it’s a jobsite saw so there is no
quiet belt-driven motor but still it could
be quieter.
I’ve used other saws since purchasing the
DeWALT and my saw is definitely the loudest.
I wear hear protection all the time so it’s
a minor point but still a downside to this
Another thing that I don’t like is the dust
It just doesn’t work.
I have a pretty powerful shop vacuum attached
to the saw but after just cutting a few boards
I have to clean up everywhere.
This is probably true for all saws of this
size and price-range but it’s still a pretty
big downside.
Some other points that perhaps are only true
for my saw.
The T-tracks are not consistent in width across
the length of the track.
This makes it difficult to make slides for
the track or use off the shelf tracks.
I solved this finding the most narrow spots
and removing material from the saw.
The slot next to the blade is rather large
so pieces can get stuck between the blade
and the insert plate.
I’ve had this happen several times, one
time it even bend my blade into the plate,
cutting a chunk out of it.
It’s also not completely flat and the adjustment
can’t really fix it.
Last but not least, the length of the power
It’s pretty short.
I use my saw in a home-made mobile workstation
and my range with it is limited because of
this short cord.
A little bit of extra length wouldn’t hurt.
I hope this review was useful to you, if you
have questions leave them in the comments.
Thanks for watching and hopefully I will see
you back for another video from the Cornerfield Shop.

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