DXF Kamen Rider Build Rabbit Tank Sparkling Review & Unboxing -BK Toy Collection

hi there so what are we gonna do for
today this DXF camera bill drop the tank
goes for clean so that’s from camera
rather build series right yes could you
explain about the boss actually for me
the box looks very interesting
alright so up front we have an image of
the figure itself with the build oh go
in the back show me all right um down
here it says camerado build everything
sparkling form figure with the camara
build logo on top it says have tank
sparkling on this side here an image of
the figure and again rabbit tanks for
clean for him
same goes for the other side and at the
back a closer image of the toy and again
rabbiting sparkling mm-hmm and on the
bottom there are warnings and such what
about the stripes
alright there are red and blue stripes
around the box representing rabbit and
tank okay so the colors are representing
the colors off-camera you built itself
right okay cool
so now why don’t we just check it out
just open it up so alright so once we
take it out of the box yeah it is
packaged in this cardboard look so shiny
good okay so it comes in two parts which
are the figures which are the figure
itself and the base and the figure head
is protected with bob ladder because of
the sharp parts
okay so it’s easy to break yes
all right so in the box um it comes in
two pieces which are in the figure
itself and the base the base is just a
standard plastic base with two pegs and
it is also a fingerprint magnet meaning
if you touch it too much your finger
prints will catch on it so and these
pegs are sized differently for each feet
now let’s take a look at the figure by
itself the figure is actually quite
sturdy it won’t fall over unless you
unless you unless you knock it off right
all right so I just go on the base like
so fairly easy
most of the figure is cast in black
plastic some parts are in blue plastic
no day I guess I thought no it’s
completely plastic you can see that a
lot of the molding is very good even
down on the feet
there are molded details so first I’ll
take a look at the helmet the visors
divisors are pink and light blue
translucent plastic over what seems to
be textured white plastic on the back
there’s a lot of a molded detail all
right now the torso is cast in black
plastic with a lot of metallic paint and
white paint these sharp and these pieces
are very quite sharp so beware on the
driver the crank is painted and a lot of
details molded in and painted
this strap itself is painted yellow over
black plastic and moving on to the legs
it’s all cast in black plastic with
metallic red blue and white painting
paint the feet have a lot of molded
detail about it it has no articulation
and unlike some other banpresto figures
you don’t really have to build it it
already comes in the package like this
oh so it doesn’t move at all I mean you
you because it has no articulation so
you cannot post it in different ways
right all right but for me personally I
like the the color it’s a so shiny and
yeah it’s pretty cool I guess metallic
color okay so well I personally like
this very much it’s a Banpresto it’s
simple and it’s cool and I do really
like those red and blue metallic colors
yes it’s a very nice display piece
mm-hmm and you should buy it all right
okay so we’re gonna review some more
stuff in our other videos so all right
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