DYU T1 Folding eBike Test & Review! Best Looking Urban bicycle?

what’s happening everyone my name is Alex and welcome back in today’s video we are checking out one of the latest ebikes from DYU the one that we have here today it’s called the T1 so this is a fairly small Urban bike we have 20in wheels on the front and on the back we have a 250 W Motor that’s located in the rear wheel here and this is a folding bike so it folds right here in the middle the handle bar also folds so since this is a folding bike of course it’s going to be easier

to store you can take this with you places it fits in your car trunk and so much more so a lot of advantages to having a smaller ebike like this one all right let’s start by doing a bit of an unboxing just so I can show you what comes in the box of the bike and what you have to do to get this ready and on the road all right so the bike comes in a fairly small box obviously because the bike itself is pretty small and you do have to do a bit of an

installation to get this ready so you have to put a front wheel together you also have to put the modu guards together on the front and on

the back The Handlebar here together you have to put the pedals together all in is it’s going to take you about half an hour it’s very easy to do but a bit time consuming now as soon as I took the bike out of the box I noticed that the paint was chipping around the folding frame here and after I folded the bike a couple of times it chipped even

more so I wasn’t that happy to see to see that because well the bike doesn’t look that great um anymore so I was hoping that this wouldn’t happen on a brand new bike but it is what it is all right so the bike itself weighs about 22 kilos so not the heaviest bike out there not the lightest bike out there however light enough that you can actually take this with you places you can carry it up the stairs and so on looking at the wheels we have 20in wheels as I mentioned earlier we have road

tires on these wheels no problems whatsoever with those um tires and we have mechanical disc brakes on the back and on the front now because the top speed of this bike is about 25 km an hour these brakes do work really well for these bike so no problems whatsoever with the braking power the bike has a seven gear Shimano shifter this is an entry-level shifter however shifting up and down gears is done flawlessly without any issues and I didn’t have to do any adjustments out of the box so I was happy about that so if

you don’t want to use the electric part of the bike you can just ped like a regular bike now in the Box you’re also going to find this throttle here that you can install and if you do install this then the bike U can be used just by accelerating with a throttle let me just power it on so I can show you how that works so to power this one you basically hold that power button press for about 5 seconds or so so if you don’t want a pedal at all you can just accelerate them

with a throttle now the bike is also equipped with a torque sensor so this is much better than a speed sensor basically as you pedal the harder you push on the pedal the more power the bike will give you so having a torque sensor definitely makes a difference for a bike like this so I do prefer having a torque sensor over a speed sensor sensor and that one does work really well so whenever you don’t want a pedal you just accelerate to the throttle here but when you want a pedal of course the bike will

assist you and will give you enough power for pretty much any situation the battery pack is located at the back of the bike here we have a couple of keys that come in the Box you can see the locking mechanism at the bottom there so you can remove the battery pack and you can charge it somewhere else now the manufacturer says that on one charge you can get up to 55 km but again that really depends how you’re riding how heavy you are how much you’re pedaling if you’re using the throttle a lot and so

on since the top speed of the bike is 25 km an hour I did try to the throttle on flat roads and you can reach that top speed um easily no problem going uphills is also pretty easy because you do have seven gears so you lower the gear and the bike will also help you to go up the hill of course since this is a 250 W Motor you will have to put a bit of effort into going uphill but totally doable to go uphills with this bike now one thing I’ve noticed regarding the battery

is this so whenever you’re going over pumps over uneven terrain this will happen this is a pretty easy fix if you put some double-sided tape on this side of the battery it’s not going to make any noise but I kind of wish to have been done from the factory without many making any noise the modg guard on the front and of course on the back are made out of plastic now it hasn’t really rained here so I never had a chance to actually try the bike in rain but they do look like they would offer

decent protection from splashing on the front here we have a light this is fairly bright you can still see that during the day and of course bright enough at night and on the back we have another light but this light is not connected to the actual bike so it has a battery inside you can turn this on or off so it would have been nice to see an in integrated light on the back as well the seat of course is adjustable in height so you can make it as high or as low as you want

we also have a spring in the seat post so this will add a bit of comfort when you’re going over an even terrain because of course you don’t have a front or rear suspension the seat also has plenty of padding so overall a pretty comfortable bike to ride moving on to The Handlebar well The Handlebar is not that wide but taking into consideration the size of the bike I guess that’s kind of normal even though I wish the handle power would have been slightly wider the grips here don’t seem to move at all so definitely

a good thing the brake lers are made out of plastic we have the little bell here normal Bell I’m going to say and then we have the only button available for the bike which is on the left hand side just above this button we have three LEDs that will basically show you how much battery you have and that’s about it there are no adjustments to be made you cannot change the assistance level you basically get on the the bike and you start pedaling and the bike will assist you that easy there are no adjustments to

be made so this is very very close to a regular bicycle all right so let me quickly show you how you would use this bike so we have the power button right here you basically hold this button press for about 3 4 seconds and then these green LEDs um come on it’s kind of hard to see them on a sunny day but they’re there all right so as soon as you start pedaling basically the bike will start assisting you since it has a torque sensor the harder you push on that pedal the more power the

bike will give you so that simple there is nothing to adjust no assistance levels or anything like that and of course we have the throttle here so if you don’t want pedal you can just Accelerate from the throttle here so that um easy let me go around here we’ll do a brake test so from about 25 km an hour that’s really the top speed for this bike and we’ll uh do a brake test now so if you want you can definitely lock that uh rear wheel we’re going to turn right somewhere around here and when

you go over bumps and stuff like that you probably hear that noise uh as well so that’s actually coming from the battery pack the battery pack doesn’t sit totally flush um back there so that’s the sound that uh you’re hearing initially I thought it’s the kickstand but no it’s actually the battery pack so that easy to ride this bike so if you don’t necessarily want a pedal just Accelerate from the throttle and um you can go this way but again if you want to pedal and uh basically do a bit of an workout you can

also pedal and the bike assist you so to quickly conclude this video If you’re looking for a small in town bike this could be a good choice I love the frame on this bike it does look quite unusual compared to all the other ebikes out there and if you probably noticed by now there are no welding spots anywhere so it does look very clean the folding mechanism here does work really well so the bike doesn’t move in any way from that folding mechanism the only downside is that on my bike here the paint chipped away

as soon as I folded and unfolded this so hopefully that can be addressed and uh if you do buy a bike like this is not going to look like that other than that it is a fairly comfortable bike for a small bike like this so a good CTE bike that’s more of a regular bike than a ebike I’m going to say but you do get all the benefits of um an ebike all right guys hopefully you enjoyed this video thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one

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