Earn Up To $2 Per Survey! – Poll Cash App Review (Is It Worth It?)

hey everyone Vince here welcome to my poll cash rewarded surveys review poll cash is a survey application that’s promising quite a bit of money and on today’s video I’m going to give you the rundown of the application I hope you guys enjoy let’s kick this off so this is what poll cash looks like when you first launch it up you have your available surveys at the top of the screen you can see here we have bitlabs CPX research tap research and of course pole fish just remember though depending on your country this might look completely

different underneath that you have your profile area if I add a photo or officially log into the application I can earn these credits underneath that you can see that if you invite your friends to poll cash you can earn 10 of their cash for free that they earn but it seems that it’s locked on a silver level we’ll check that out in a second but for now let me just show you the cash out options that poll cash has available bottom of the screen you can see the shop icon this takes you to the available

Gift Card Cash Out area now in some countries PayPal may also be available here top right corner of the screen you can see

that there’s 50 100 credits in my account right now and it seems they have categorized their gift cards also so you can see here that I have a Kohl’s gift card and a Woolworths gift card for 75 000 of the credits the terminology may be coins it doesn’t really matter though now in the entertainment category you can find the PlayStation gift card Xbox Google Play and then Netflix I am in retail has

an Amazon gift card cash out option JB Hi-Fi option Kmart Maya and Target plus even eBay at the end there there’s also a wellness category for Priceline Pharmacy and here’s where you’ll really start to notice that poll cash is very country dependent let’s see how much 75 000 of the credits will convert into real money so to break down the currency conversion at least here in Australia for poll cash 75 000 of the credits equals ten dollars worth of real life currency if we’re to check out the PlayStation option 112 000 of the credits equals

15 worth of currency now you may be wondering what’s up with the grade out icons that means that the item is out of stock so hopefully whole cash restocks their gift cards regularly bottom left corner of the screen you can find the profile tab this is where you can see your account history and even your account level so you can see there’s an XP system on pole cash you have to level up to earn more cash supposedly this is where the level system comes into play I’m currently a bronze member which means the only earning

options I have are loyalty points where I can earn experience from polls profile and daily logins next up we have the silver level where poll cash gives me five percent bonus cash on all my activities I can invite my friends to use poll cash and I get more loyalty points so apparently they give me more of this experience I’m assuming last up we have the gold level poll cash will give you a 10 bonus guys to all your activities you then unlock the offer wall section and you get even more loyalty points there’s the Platinum

level where again another bonus guys but this time up to 20 and then it states new offers and more loyalty points and then finally we have the diamond level 30 percent bonus cash on all activities that’s pretty intense but that makes me think as well how loyal are the surveys actually going to pay us as a bronze starter level account let’s find out let’s check out tap research to begin with so here are the average price ranges for each survey on tap research now you can see depending I guess on what you’re happy with you

might be really pleased with what you’re seeing or you might be pretty disappointed now remember the earnings increase by the rank of your account so obviously that’s poll Cash’s way of getting you to use their application more the highest survey I have available right now is a 10 minute one for 5600 off the cash next up we have a 4 000 cash survey there as well for 14 minutes but then essentially everything underneath that is pretty low paying in my opinion remember 75 000 coins is actually needed to cash out on pole cash so when

you’re getting surveys that are only paying about two or three thousand that’s pretty blow dude how about bit Labs okay so bitlabs is a little bit more reasonable here I have a three-minute survey willing to pay me 10 500 of the coins underneath that we have a 15 minute survey there willing to pay me almost 11 000 of them let me try and complete this three minute survey this is what it looks like when you open it up by the way and then straight away disqualified you see that’s we’re gonna have to go through with

surveys this is the realistic look of a survey application not all of them are going to give you the credits but now you’ll notice that I have some low paying surveys again up for grabs honestly if your surveys aren’t willing to give you at least five or six thousand then I would probably skip that on the flip side though the more surveys that you complete the more experience you earn which would then increase your level of your account which would then increase your overall earnings in the future when you level up so it’s up to

you how much you want to grind on pole cash either you can aim for the highest paying surveys to start off with to get to that cash out faster or you go through the low paying surveys to try and level up your account what about CPX research generally CPX research is the first place that I would head to if I had the opportunity for surveys because you can see by looking at the prices we have a server that’s willing to pay pretty much two or three dollars worth of currency there for only 14 minutes out

our time and then you can see looking down the list here it just keeps on going we have surveys that are willing to pay into the tens of thousands which is excellent then underneath that nine thousand eight thousand eight thousand you can see here everyone CPX research is ideally the place you want to go to on poll cash in my opinion what about pole fish whole fish has some of the lowest paying surveys I think on pole cash that I’ve seen now so far I would probably skip out on it at least here in Australia

maybe in your own country it actually fares a bit better so everyone poll cash has been created by Gala mix these are the guys that bought you win wall and win quiz well I truly believe that polkash is willing to pay you for your time and gift cards and Gala mix gives instant payments by the way which I’ve shown on previous reviews it may not be for everyone but if you have the time and you like completing surveys and you also like the fact that you can level up your account for extra bonuses and to

even unlock awful Wars eventually it may be a good opportunity I’m gonna come back to pole cash in the future to check out their offer wall section but I have no reason to doubt this is a fake application by any means thanks for watching guys I’ll see you all tomorrow for another review

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