Easy Everyday Earphones – AIR CONDUCTION Headphones – MU6 Ring Review

People ask us very often ‘which headphones
would you suggest’?
And these might be the easiest ones to recommend
yet, except in a few cases.
Goedendag, we’re DHRME – (droid voice) Droid
Humans Review MU6 Earphones.
Full disclosure upfront.
MU6 reached out and sent us the Ring product.
But no money changed hands and they had no
say in the specifics of this video.
You’re seeing it at the same time as they
Air Conduction headphones! –give these people
air– Yeh – that’s something new to our
channel and probably to you too.
We had low expectations but man do we love
Ok, let’s judge this book by its cover because
it stands out!
Air Conduction headphones don’t sit in,
on or even over your ears but kind of around
your head with little speakers pointed towards
your ears and the audio is “conducted”
through the air towards your ear.
This is quite different to Bone Conduction
headphones, which we’re not going to be
talking about in this video – but if you’d
like us to then you know where to hit us up!
Whether you find these style of headphones
to be futuristic or weird – we cannot deny

lightweight and comfortable they are!
Like really comfortable; no other pair of
headphones or earbuds that we’ve had on
this channel even come close!
This makes them ideal for workouts as they
sit firmly around your head without moving
around or falling off.
All right, Rohan it’s –time to turn this
mush into muscles-: TEST–you lack discipline–
And because they’re rated IP55 protecting
them from sweat, a bit of dust and rain; they’re
quite suited for the outdoors.
They will also be comfortable in warmer conditions
since they’re not covering your ears at
all which also makes them safer outdoors since
you’ll be always aware of your surroundings.
And if you’re one to go outdoors at night
with these on then you might like the thoughtful
addition of reflective strips in the box to
increase your visibility to others.
If all this outdoor talk is making you miss
your work from home life said almost no one
ever in a pandemic.
Then you might be wondering how these fare
for phone calls.
Have a listen to some samples and we’ll
see you back here:
TEST Damn!
Did you hear that?
They didn’t even flinch in the wind!
The other headphones and earbuds we’ve tested
struggle with wind disruption, at least with
one side.
The MU6 Ring did well in volume and clarity
in quiet and noisy conditions as well.
So all in all a great device for your vakman
The only nitpick is the fact that it doesn’t
come with a dedicated mute button on-device.
These headphones aren’t without any controls
though – it nails the basics for phone calls
giving you the ability to answer, hang-up
or reject them.
And for general audio that single button can
be used to play, pause, previous, next track
call up your voice assistant and can do volume
One thing to note is that on Android volume
is adjusted on the headphones itself and doesn’t
operate the native volume controls of the
device it’s connected to.
On the iPhone, everything works flawlessly
as usual.
Now coming back to those little speakers pointed
to your ears – well in a pinch you could even
use these as a speaker in a quiet place!
Yes – that’s how loud they can get – check
out these samples (compared to a Macbook speaker).
TEST But more on the sound later.
But this also brings us to two downsides.
One; because there’s no seal formed in or
around your ears you may end up pushing the
volume really high to drown out ambient noise
and this can be bad for your ears.
Two; even when your volume isn’t that loud,
the conduction through the air can reach innocent
bystanders – so it may not be the most appropriate
audio device for particular forms of media
Or generally penetrate other people’s airspace
without consent.
And speaking of penetration.
The MU6 Ring does not partake.
At least if you use them as intended.
This is great news if you don’t like sticking
things in ok let me take over.
What he means is that these headphones allow
you to hear your surroundings like the doorbell
or people around you or general traffic if
you’re outside without obstruction.
Another added benefit of this design as opposed
to ordinary earbuds is that these are far
more hygienic as they don’t actually come
in contact with your ear.
You can even share these with your fellow
And like we mentioned, no seal will also mean
these do not have any form of noise cancelling.
So if you need that then look elsewhere.
Yeh and a good place to look is on the DHRME
YouTube channel.
We’ve made a ton of videos, literally over
a 100 on headphones and audio gear Dude I
think a ton means a 1000..
. Whatever it means, subscribe to the channel
if you haven’t done so already!
And what else these do not come with is an
app – which means, what you see is what you
No options for customizing EQ, checking battery
levels or switching bluetooth connections.
These can connect to a single device at a
time, so no simultaneous multi-device connections.
We’ve had mixed results with this – sometimes
we could force a connection from a second
paired device and sometimes we needed to disconnect
it from the first before connecting to the
Simply long press the button and start them
up in pairing mode every time if you want
to switch devices frequently.
And something you won’t need to do too frequently
is charging them since they lasted a whopping
11 hours on above average volume – which is
a level neither of us could listen to for
11 hours straight!
Go ahead and look all fancy-pants with your
futuristic looking headphones, but make sure
to find some modesty after those 11 hours
are over because you’ll need a bad old micro
USB cable to charge them.
Unfortunately, there’s no wireless charging
Not to make you guys self conscious or anything,
but we would advise you to measure the size
of your head.. before buying these headphones.
The MU6 Ring only comes in one size and they
measure at 31 centimeters or 12.2 inches.
Whether these fit you or not, one thing to
note is that these are more portable than
ordinary headphones but less than earbuds
since they don’t really fold up.
MU6 does include a carrying pouch, but it’s
-come on don’t bullshit me– You might have
noticed that we’ve not talked about the
sound quality of these headphones.
And you might have guessed as to why that
is – these are closer to laptop speaker sound
quality than headphones or earphones.
So with your expectations tempered – these
are passable.
You have to make sure they are pointed correctly
Definitely a great choice if you mainly listen
to podcasts and not very busy music.
We have the Macbook Pro 13 inch and these
lack some of the bass of those speakers, but
present a bit brighter.
Do not buy these for critical listening, but
they’re fine in a pinch and for workouts.
Wrapping this up; all we can say is that the
MU6 Ring gets a solid recommendation based
on our time with it.
The only two major reasons for not buying
them would be if you’re particular about
the sound quality or you really need noise
Comfortable, great at calls, convenient, good
battery life, decent fit and fantastic for
workouts – for the price, it’s a killer
But be sure to check out the shopping link
in the description down below for the latest
deals! –on screen disclosure–
You’ve been avoiding ear penetration And
we’ve been DHRME (both) Namaste!

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