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Hello! Today we are doing this easy full
face makeup tutorial and review using a
bit of Pat McGrath and mostly Becca
cosmetics tell me in the comments below
What would you call this look? Is it an
everyday look? Is it a light beat?
Remember! Confidence is everything! Let’s
get into it!
Wait! fix your hair Kafi! Fix your hair…
Alright! let’s get into it! This is my
plain old face and I’m starting off with
Becca cosmetics skin love glow elixir
it’s basically a primer and it feels
soothing cooling on the skin. So I used
this to brighten hydrate and soothe my
skin sometimes my skin feels a little
bit parched especially when my allergies
are flaring up my skin feels irritated
and this adds a really soothing spa-like
feel to it next I’m going in with my
Becca cosmetics skin love weightless
blur foundation I am in the color maple
I really like this foundation because it
gives me a velvety natural finish this
is perfect for hot weather. Last year I went to Florida
it was super hot and humid and I used
this foundation during a time I had
eczema and this was brilliant on my skin
in combination with the skin love glow

It makes a perfect pair. This
foundation layers very nicely you can
use one layer for a medium coverage or
you can do two layers like me for full
coverage I do need a bit more coverage
so I’m going in with two layers and I’m
using my morphe sponge to blend that in
next time using Becca light shifter
brightening concealer
however while researching this product I
realized that it was recalled this was
my first and only time using this
product it was recalled for the purpose
of finding mold yes I said mold! yeah
finding mold on the brush applicator so
just for
all purposes this is how I achieved the
look so I thought I would leave it in
there and after making this video I’m
going to contact Becca and Sephora to
see if I can get a refund for this
because I did not know it was recalled I
did find it strange that I was not able
to find it on Sephora’s website even
though I bought it at Sephora so heads
up if you have one of these go ahead and
return it to your retailer blended this
and with my damp morphe sponge and yes I
know I just said mold and no I’m saying
damp I hope a great alternative to this
concealer is the YSL Touche Eclat I
never know if I’m saying that right the
two shake lot all over brightening pan
because it gives a really sheer light
luminescent finish it is actually very
beautiful that will be a great
alternative to using this one from Becca
so this is an interesting powder from
Becca cosmetics it’s their high drama
set and refresh powder and this is very
interesting because when you apply it to
your skin it feels like you applied a
I didn’t say powder it feels like you
applied a mist to your skin so this
powder is actually infused with water
50% and it refreshes and cools on
contact so you will get an immediate
soothing feeling that’s great if you
have drier under eyes it’s actually made
for all skin types normal dry
combination and oily but if you’re
concerned about using powder and your
under eye area because of dryness or
because of creepiness this is a great
option for you this is the Pat McGrath
labs brand seduction palette
absolutely beautiful palettes and if
you’re not into buying a whole lot of
you know different makeup products this
is a great staple to have it actually
won their low Beauty Expert award the
best of beauty for reason using my first
our rose gold 24-karat skin mist to wet
my brush so that it can pick up the
shimmer color just a little bit well
this is completely optional I’m applying
my pewter Beauty Samantha lashes this is
a limited edition Becca X Khloe
Kardashian and Malaika hack ultimate
lipstick love it’s in the color tamale
this is a beautiful shade I paid $24 for
this but you can actually get it on sale
right now for 40 dollars and 40 cents on
the back of website it is beautiful it’s
a eight hour long wearing moisturizing
nourishing full impact pure color
pigmented beautiful lipstick these
formulas are hands-down one of my
all-time favorite lipsticks I would say
even though Holy Grail if you follow me
on Instagram you would see that I
sometimes use my lipsticks as blush and
my blush as lipsticks or you can go a
step further and go to my blog yes I
started a blog it’s Beverly cafe.com you
would see my top red lipsticks no matter
what color you are this lipstick is very
buildable so on the first swipe this is
the color payoff you get I’m lining my
lips with the ultimate lip definer which
is Becca’s lip liner it is double ended
with a built-in sharpener as well as a
smudging tool on one side it has an
eight hour long wearing waterproof non
smudging lip liner it goes on smooth as
you can see so I ship out my lips and
create almost a base for that lipstick
to adhere to I highly recommend this lip
liner it is one of those that I keep
repurchasing and I like that it is also
a mechanical pencil so I don’t have to
be fussing around looking for a sharp
now come in the comments below do you
care if your lip liner is mechanical or
do you prefer a pencil that you can
sharpen if you have thinner lips uneven
lips or if your lips have hyper
pigmentation to it lip liner is a great
option for you
because it evens out your lips it
creates almost like a primer for your
lipstick so it adds to the staying power
of your lipstick I’m using the same
lipstick and the same lipstick color
tamale as my lipstick shade this is such
a beautiful color I cannot go on about
it enough earlier I mentioned that it
was limited edition I meant it was a
limited edition color not a limited
edition lipstick the lipstick is ongoing
you should definitely get it it is
beautiful and it’s so creamy and
hydrating this is one of my all-time
favorite highlighters that isn’t the
color to pass it is a beautiful buttery
ultra smooth buildable highlighter you
won’t get any glitter in this
highlighter it’s just gonna give you
that really natural glow I’m using my
Real Techniques highlighter brush to
apply that I like to take this
highlighter down the bridge of my nose
to give my face a bit more dimension I’m
using that same pencil brush to take
some highlighter to the tear duct area
of my eyes gives my eyes a wide-awake
look try it and tell me how you like it
and also on the brow bone I love using
this because it gives you a really
natural luminous glow I mean you can go
full beam and keep layering up but we’re
gonna keep it mellow today this is a
beautiful highlighter I’m using a clean
blending brush to blend the highlighter
and my eye shadow now look at that it’s
not a clean like beautiful everyday look
but I’m slightly glam here I already for
life ready to slay let me know if this
is a makeup look you would do for
yourself and where would you be going
with such a makeup look like to the
grocery store or to work or a date don’t
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