EasySMX Controller Unboxing & Review ( Also Some Gameplay )

hello i just woke up
you got some questions that i need 
[ __ ] answer you want to see this
that’s where i have the pocket knife 
i swear it don’t know where it is
what the [ __ ] is life what did i just see 
are you guys ready to do some mobile gaming  
like this video you know i’m not doing an unboxing 
video because i’m [ __ ] lazy you dumb [ __ ]  
i almost wrote this [ __ ] 
box i packed up your ears
here is the remote control
damn there we go oh you can see 
it like okay see sit light up
that’s how it is
here is the here is the charging port for it 
because you need to charge it you [ __ ] get it
play all right this seems like it’d be a great 
one hello we’re doing game play how you drew oh
kind of picked up on it you 
should tell me you should tell me
okay it feels cool it feels clean i got it on 
sale though like for like what like twenty dollars  
obviously it cost like twenty four dollars 
afterwards it feels clean it is clean
do you get both
take okay
obviously i’m [ __ ] blind oh get this 
out of

my hand oh yeah i got another one
um so i’m not gonna do most we’ll 
do one more like real race obviously  
so you know no help and stuff like that sucks 
that we can’t randomize it this guy’s okay
you know hey i’m your man just putting them i’ll 
write that so you unlock okay okay okay it’s  
always like different characters we’re gonna find 
you a nice welcome to your bachelor pranks we’re  
unlikable aren’t we you’re on so this is not the 
review of this game so you know sure okay maybe  
next time checking in brian i’m serious okay 
let’s pick me because justice for meg obviously  
won’t look this wow this place is  
awesome we’re still this is a battle mode 
you played oh my gosh i only did this
why does everything bad always happen to me
okay i’m not sure how to feel anymore
i can’t go on like this no more

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