Edifier X3 TWS Earbud Unboxing and Review – $25 Apple Airpods Pro Alternative

the edifier x3 is a sub 25 dollar
wireless earbud from the chinese audio
brand known for its great value desktop
speakers and headphones
the edifier x3 wireless earbuds have a
small portable design that makes them
ideal for use on the go
the x3 earbuds offer an appealing
feature set for a pair of affordable
including touch controls 24 hours of
total playtime
and ip55 waterproofing what’s up guys
it’s viktor here again
you’ll find timestamps to sections of
this video as well as links to buy this
edifier x3 earbod
in the description box below thanks to
edifier for sending this pair of earbuds
to us for review
meanwhile everything i’m going to say in
this video will be 100 my honest opinion
about this bluetooth earbud
i will talk about the design ergonomics
connectivity battery life and most
the sound quality so this video is
practically everything you need to know
about the edifier x3
through wireless bluetooth earbuds
from its price to its design from its
sound to its functionality
the fire x3 is a pair of wireless
earbuds for every

budget in every sense
of the world
at the fire dingers want to release
their cheapest pair of earbuds with the
they wanted to release a true low cost
alternative to apple’s airports
for instance it has their appearance the
fire x3 comes in a fantastic sleek
lightweight charging case
that easily slips into your pocket and
is particularly attractive in white
it is the kind of case you find yourself
thinking with in your hands
it has a sleek look thanks to the matte
material and the case opens with a
smooth study hinge
when the case is opened and lr
indication is seen
the x3 is available in two colors black
and white
the black color was sent to me it looks
fantastic but
i’m pretty sure that the white ones are
finer however in terms of overall
visibility and ease
the black ones may be marginally better
because they won’t reveal as much debt
and grim
as the white ones the etips themselves
comes in a gray color that looks nice
and doesn’t show skin oils
as much as black eartips the earbuds
have a textured x
on both the left and right board making
them visually interesting
the black color is a traditional but
straightforward style that works well
they should have applied a contrasting
color to the x to really make it stand
out i thought to myself
but i think they missed the trick here
the earbuds additionally have some
little openings for the receivers
and an led status light so you can
verify whether the earbuds have
connected to your phone
these led lights also light up when the
earbuds are charging in the charging
overall i think the earbuds are well
made for the price which is pleasing
the earbuds shape is well suited for the
air and the underside has a comfortable
economic design that fits well
and doesn’t fall off no matter what the
charging case is lightweight and
waterproof and it’s made of the same
matte plastic as the earbuds
the top of the case has a shiny section
with the fire branding
with the rest of the case being simple
apart from a single led indicator on the
phone to indicate when the case is
sadly it does not share the charging
status of the earbuds it basically means
you don’t know when it is at 10 percent
or when it is almost full
so you have to open it to find out a
micro usb charging port is located at
the back of the charging case
i would have loved to see this replaced
with usb type-c at this time
as these earbuds are fairly new and i
don’t see why the fire couldn’t make the
the earpieces can be recharged three
times before requiring power again and
the earpiece have a battery life of five
to six hours per charge
depending on how often you use them and
how loud they are
in this price range these are great
specs one to three hours longer than the
majority of competitors
overall i like how compact the design
and form factor of the charging case
is and just like the earbuds it is
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on the hdfire x3 you may play your post
music with a single tap on any one of
the earbuds
siri google assistant or whatever voice
assistant you have on your phone
is activated by a long press you can
skip this song by clicking any of the
earpieces twice
by touching any of the earbuds three
times you can go back to
a previous track sadly the earbuds do
not have touch controls for volume
but if you don’t want to take your phone
out of your pocket you can someone siri
or the google assistant and tell them to
reduce the volume 20 percent increase
the volume 50 percent
and it will be done on the left x3 you
have the same controls on both ports
which means on either board and
regardless of the bolts you are using
you can go to the next track or go to
the previous track because they have the
same controls
and that is a very valid explanation for
why both earbuds
have different connection channel you
can instantly switch from listening to
one to listening to both earpieces with
the edifier xj
the bluetooth 5.0 and qualcomm apts
codec maintains the x3s power over a
of 10 meters the earbuds have a
surprisingly large sound stage for
stereo separation
making them ideal for listening to music
and spoken word material like podcasts
i thought the earbuds sounded fine with
the variety of music genres
however i mostly listen to chill pop and
afrobeat music so that’s what i’ve been
using them with
the earbuds will create deep and ridge
bars which is perfect for kick drums or
bass lines to add punch
as well as a strong treble that isn’t
sibilant or pleasant to listen to
resulting in clear voices and
i really like the sound of this earbuds
particularly considering the price
the rubber eartip’s passive sound
insulation is adequate
and does a good job of reducing the
impact of ambient noise around you
so it’s like noise cancellation except
it’s not really noise cancellation
in terms of sound the earbuds have a
decent amount of volume for listening
i found that my sweet spot for volume
was right about 60 percent
the vocals are the most outspoken
component of the x3’s sound signature
if it’s darker male voices or the
highest pitched female voices
they all sound clear without
overpowering instruments or other
singers sound distinct and take a
prominent position in the music
overall there is a high degree of
clarity here
the microphones picked up my voice
distinctly and with decent accuracy at
the volume that wasn’t hard to hear
i also found the microphone here to be
slightly better than the microphone on
the boya ap4 bluetooth earbud i reviewed
last week
i will leave a link to that video up
here in the i card section but in the
meantime here is a quick test on
comparison of the boya ap4 through
wireless earbud microphone and the
edifier s3’s
microphone one two one two testing the
of the edifier x3 through wireless
and this is how the goya ap4 through
wireless airboat starts
compared to the through wirelessly but
from edifier
i think that fire is slightly better
than the spoiler microphone
the earbuds have bluetooth 5.0
compatibility which means that if the
computer or phone you are connected to
supports bluetooth 5.0
you get a better listening experience
such as greater range and accuracy
i found the touch controls to be very
responsive and they were able to pick up
my finger quickly and provide a desired
the earbuds are also dust and water
resistance to ip55
standards so you can wear them in the
ring or when exercising without fear
just make sure you don’t submerge them
in water to avoid stories that touches
the kidney
the fire x3 is a fantastic choice if you
are looking for a pair of through
wireless earbuds that sound great
and are also affordable the price and
feature set can be overlooked it’s a
budget-friendly powerhouse
i had considered awarding them a perfect
score of 10 but no
let’s do 9. the explanation for the 9
was that i thought the hinge of the
charging case could be slightly improved
and just like the boya eb5 reviewed last
week the bots don’t shut down sometimes
when you put them back into the case or
sometimes connect automatically to your
even when inside the closed case i also
wish the charging port should be usb
type c instead of the micro usb port
in all the edifier x3 has it all a true
compact shell comfortable earbuds
qualcomm aptx codec water resistance
good core quality sublime video playback
economic design
and a fantastic sound you won’t find a
better deal on wireless earbuds than
these at this price point
i left a link to where you can get this
edifier through alice earbud
in the description box below i recommend
them as it gives to your family
friends and co-workers or you can buy
them for yourself if you are an
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this one guys i’ll see you when i see
in the next one peace

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