Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner Review + Demo

hey good people welcome back to my
channel beauty and the frizz my name is
and if you’re wondering about this
change i’m at my mom’s house today so
i packed up everything and brought it
with me if you’re new here to the
thank you so much for stopping on in and
if you’re not new
thank you so much for coming back i
definitely appreciate all of you
today i’m going to be testing out
a brush cleaner and i’m really really
excited because
i have been cleaning my brushes by hand
not that that’s a big deal
but i ordered this new brush cleaner off
of amazon
and if you’re interested in seeing how
well it works
please keep on watching this video don’t
forget to leave in your comments down in
the comment section
about your thoughts or if you know a
better product or your own experiences
with brush cleaners
and let’s get started cleaning your
brushes is super important because
you you just want to clean your brushes
it helps to get rid of bacteria dirt i
i always have an issue with dogs during
my videos lately especially
now you know being hygienic and
cleaning your brushes is extremely

and i believe you’re supposed to clean
your brushes once a week and i can go
ahead and say
i do not do that um secretly
it’s been a few weeks since i’ve cleaned
my brushes so i was thinking if i
ordered this
brush cleaner i was thinking that maybe
it would motivate me to clean them more
i really like gadgets and technology and
things like that
so i was thinking maybe this will be fun
i’m going to show you
the machine i bought and then we’re
going to try it out for the first time
i will link the brush cleaner down below
i did purchase it from amazon and i
believe it was 29.99
okay guys so here is the brush cleaner
it is oh there we go it is called the
makeup brush cleaner
miracleaner like miracle and cleaner
all right so we open up the box we have
this is the actual
brush cleaner i believe it has three
it comes with a charger so this is a
rechargeable one which is very cool
um this is my plug so you definitely
have to have a plug but i know
we probably have those lying around our
this is the bowl that you will be
um you know sticking the
brushes into these are called brush
most brush cleaners come with eight
and this one comes with 13 the collars
have measurements on them in millimeters
and basically this is what you stick
your brush into
so depending on the size of the brush
they have different
size openings you can fit the collars on
these little knobs here
and then the actual brush cleaner can
stand right inside just like that
last but not least you have the express
cleaning mat so this has the little
cups on the bottom so that it will stay
in place
and then you can use this to help scrub
your brush
and help just to rinse it out i guess
because it says
rinse right here. I’m coming!
Coming! all right last but not least
um you have your directions
so it has the quick to use instructions
like the express card and then it has
the more detailed instructions here
okay so now we have to move locations
because i need to set all this stuff up
in the basement
and i’ll be right back okay y’all now
please bear with me because this is the
first time i have film like this
got an ice maker going on in the
background oh and real quick i wanted to
show you on my shirt
it says validation is for parking and if
like that message because i love it
because we want anybody to validate
us validation is for parking it comes
from a brand called trunk series so i’m
gonna link them
in my description box because they have
an amazing t-shirt line
and they even have t-shirts for kids so
with great messages great positive
alright so let’s get started
i have everything out so i’m going to
put this up here so we can see
and all right so select the correct size
color for brush push brush into color so
i want to start with let’s start with
this one
here and that’s too small oh
i have my stand here y’all have to bear
with me because
y’all seen the videos i usually do i
don’t do these on location shots
these on location films
oh that’s not tight enough okay this one
i think this one works okay
all right so that’s step one then it
insert the brush and collar onto the
which is here
okay next fill the bowl third of the way
with warm water
cleaner and stir and for my cleaner i
will be
using some good old palmolas
antibacterial it says use about
4 mls i don’t know how much that
is so we’re gonna just well
that’s less than a teaspoon actually
well see how it goes i’m gonna get the
water and it says that you’re gonna fill
the bowl
a third of the way with warm water
cleaner and stir
my jaw i’m in my mom’s house i don’t
want y’all to be like oh she’s so
fancy you know my mom is saying i got
one of these to stir with
okay okay
it says the water and mouth should reach
half the size
of the brush bristles you can also use
focus cleaner
turn the machine on and spin brush to
20 to 30 seconds all right y’all ready
here we go
y’all see it this is pretty cool
and this has three speeds but i have it
on the highest one
has it been 30 seconds i think so all
right now
it says pull brush above water level and
spin to dry
in 10 second increments after drying
reshape the bristles with your finger
this is pretty easy okay okay now it’s
can y’all see that hopefully
oh i guess i could take it out oh okay
all right
oh look at this y’all it’s pretty dry
it’s not completely dry
it says reshape with your fingers i
don’t need them to be completely dry i’m
oh wait a minute
okay and then i’m gonna just take this
out wait
it’s clean y’all and then i’m just gonna
have a towel back here i’m just gonna
on that towel i’m really curious about
how it would work with this brush
because this is like really a good
um dense stippling brush
and this brush i do have trouble
cleaning so let’s see i need to find a
collar that fits
all right found one okay
now i’m gonna put it here
onto the spindle this one
if it works if it cleans this one we’ve
got a winner
oh yeah this one
it’s not ready it’s not ready for this
so these dense stippling brushes
oh no oh
let me see i’m you know what i’m not
gonna count it out
but i know what’s happening i can tell
it’s having a hard time i’ll tell you
look at my hand look at my hand
i’m hoping this ice maker isn’t drowning
me out
my mom asked me did i want to turn it
off i’m like i’m not going to stop you
from making ice
for my video
all right now
all right let’s see now
i think this brush these dense brushes
no it’s not gonna work for this one
i think it’s gonna work for like lighter
brushes fluffier brushes but this one
no i can oh yeah because see if you use
the um
the brush mat you can see that there’s
foundation on there
so let’s try some more eyeshadow brushes
i’m have to clean that other baby by
i’m gonna get some fresh water there’s
something really satisfying about
seeing the dirt there goes that eye
we’re gonna give it an easy brush okay
all right here we go y’all
all right yeah see that other one
the machine was like whoa
all right this one looks pretty good
let it dry
turn it off
oh now i’m gonna reshape it like i said
i’m gonna let these partially air dry
just because
for kind seek now if you all know of any
other brush cleaner machine that
works better than this definitely put it
in the comment section
i’m probably not going to buy it because
i just bought this one and i’m going to
make it work because
i don’t want to look like i’m wasting my
money but for someone that may be
thinking about getting one
definitely drop that information i just
like doing this this
is way better than me scrubbing my
brushes on that map by hand
and there’s just something i just love
seeing the dirt
all right my reshape off
let’s try another bigger brush my
bronzer brush i use this brush
every every time i put makeup on i have
the same
i have one bronzer brush and this is it
yeah so you can tell it has a harder
time with the bigger brushes but
it doesn’t mean it can’t do the job it
couldn’t do the job for that dense one
though but
this one’s a little fluffier than that a
lot fluffier than that one actually
so let’s see oh it’s getting there
definitely getting there so i know this
is kind of a different
video for me but i definitely think it’s
to show all sides of this makeup stuff
it’s fun to put it on and everything but
i mean you definitely have to be clean
and i am not an aspiring makeup artist i
just do makeup on myself
but if you are an aspiring makeup artist
you know
you definitely have to be clean and you
you won’t have time to do this between
clients but you know
when you do your deep cleaning of your
brushes this may be a really good tool
for you to use
and they do have brush shampoo which i
do own
but i don’t know what happened to it but
dish soap works well
i feel like this could be a little bit
but this works it works
these dense brushes are going to be a
more difficult and so that might be why
they included that
brush um scrubbing mat because you might
have to do that a little bit
maybe to help loosen it up maybe i’m
gonna try that i’m also trying out a new
lens today
i don’t think i mentioned that if
somebody asked me did i feel like it was
worth the money
i would say yeah i think it is worth the
money i think that
with denser brushes i think any machine
would have a tough time
but like i said if you know of anything
better please share that information
definitely feel like the fluffy brushes
will do very well
in this and your small
packing brushes and dense brushes and
cut crease brushes
i think those will do very well also
i am going to use this when i clean my
brushes like i’m not going to be like i
rather wash them by hand no
see but you are going to not
it’s going to take a longer time to use
this to dry them
so what so what i would do is
i would do this at the end of the night
and then
let them air dry overnight on a tail so
that’s that’s my plan
all right guys so that about wraps this
segment up
i’m gonna keep on cleaning now so guys
as always you know i appreciate you all
coming here hanging out with me
i appreciate you taking time to watch
the video because i know that our time
is limited
i do hope you learned something new from
the video and
if you aren’t cleaning your brushes that
hopefully you’ll start and if you don’t
like cleaning them by hand which
i don’t really know anybody who likes to
clean their brushes by hand
it’s just something that we have to do
and maybe you can grab one of these
brush cleaners
they do come in a range of prices but
i also looked at the reviews too which
is why i chose the one that i did
don’t forget to let me know your
comments and i will definitely
see you in the next video bye
hey um
ice maker is on in the back but
real oh my goodness (loud ice dropping out–Mom laughing in the background)
how long is it gonna do this
no i don’t want to turn off if i’m in
the (loud ice dropping out)
oh let me just see how much
i always have an issue with dogs during
my videos lately
but cleaning no now you can’t now you’re
too big for that
okay all right okay
okay okay what
seriously i can’t
this is not gonna work okay oh god

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