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Welcome to my channel!
Today’s video is slightly different than normal.
I will be reviewing Olivia Rose Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner.
Most brushes used for makeup usually end up being quite dirty. It is important to clean them regularly.
I don’t do a lot of makeup, therefore I clean brushes approximately once in three months or …
or once in two months.
Dirty brushes can cause issues such as acne.
I will try this product and will try to give an unbiased review.
I got this on a discount of 16.99 dollars.
This plastic jar came with the product box.
These attachments are for the battery powered main unit.
These attachments are of different sizes. They fit on brushes having the appropriate size.
This is the stand for the attachments.
The stand makes sure the attachments don’t get lost, it serves as a visual guide for the different sizes.
The stands ensures proper storage of the attachments.
Now the stand holds all the attachments.
Now we will add batteries to the main unit.
The unit requries batteries of AAA type.
You can see I have added two AAA batteries to the unit.
The unit noise indicates the batteries are working properly in the unit.

Now I have attached one of the small attachments to the main unit.
Now we must pick the attachment that fits correctly with the base of our brush.
Then I attached the main unit with the bottom of the attachment as shown.
The two parts should fit together naturally without applying too much pressure.
Shampoo and olive oil make a great brush cleaner. The olive oil keeps the brush clean and soft.
Baby shampoo serves as a good cleaner.
This is olive oil.
Olive oil *may* cause acne in some people.
For me personally, it works well and I have no issues with it.
An alternative is to use coconut oil or a dedicated brush cleaner fluid.
An interesting claim on the box is that the unit will also dry out the brushes.
This is very handy time savor specially when you need the brush quickly after cleaning.
I am adding one tbsp of shampoo to the jar as shown.
Now I am adding one tbsp of olive oil to the jar.
Now I will add enough water to make a consistent mixture.
Stir the ingredients in the jar before using it.
We can see the brush is quite dirty.
Put the brush head in the water and switch on the unit.
I am adding more water to make sure the brush is cleaned thoroughly.
I can see the water is becoming foamy and dirty. This indicates the unit is cleaning the brush properly.
Keep the unit running for a few minutes to let it clean the brush.
Rinse the brush with clean water (do not detach the cleaning unit).
I will use the same jar for drying the brush.
Running the unit now without the water will dry out the brush bristles.
The brush is completely clean and dry.
I am going to try out the brush. It is completely dry and fluffy. It works well!
I endorse the product whole heartedly!
I really liked the fact that the brush was dry and ready for use right away.
This video is not sponsored.
This is a very useful product for cleaning makeup brushes, their cleaning tends to be ignored.
Thank you for watching the video!

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