elf beauty shield vitamin c serum | trial + review

Hi, everyone, my name is Alex,
if you’re new to my channel.
And if you’re a returning subscriber,
welcome back today,
I’m going to be trying the elf
vitamin C serum.
This product retails for $16, so
it may be a little bit random
that I’m trying out this product.
I think this was released a long time ago.
I’m not sure when this was released,
but I actually saw this on TikTok
I don’t understand the chemical reaction
or anything that they displayed.
I didn’t take that much time to research
it or do much background into it,
but there was like water
and it was like dark.
They poured this serum into the water
and it completely like, made it brighter.
That’s like the dumb version of it.
But I saw this on Tik
Tok and I was really fascinated by it.
I know that a lot of brands upcharge
their vitamin C serums like crazy,
so I’m always the type of person
that wants to try out the more drugstore,
the cheaper type of skincare,
because I am in college
and I try to make options
that everyone can afford.

hoping that
this is going to be an amazing product.
This product is vegan, cruelty
free, alcohol free and comes a recyclable
This product also does contain
just a low concentration of fragrance.
This is disclosed as the last ingredient
in this product, not something personally.
That is a huge deal for me.
Some of the ingredients that Elf
wants to highlight in this product
include vitamin
C, vitamin E and pomegranate extract.
To learn more about these ingredients
and to see the full ingredient list,
you can click the link in the description
to go to the elf website.
So I really haven’t used that many vitamin
C focus serums.
I usually have it mixed in with products.
With this trial, there are a few things
that I’m looking for.
This will only last
about one to two weeks,
so I’m not expecting to see any crazy
long term benefits.
one of the things I’m looking for
is just to see how my skin reacts to it.
If I have any sensitivity, if I have
any crazy things happen to my skin.
Some vitamin C’s have
broken me out in the past.
I do have combination, acne prone skin.
The final thing I’m looking for is just
what kind of results
I will see with this product
during this trial.
Like I said,
not looking for anything too crazy.
I definitely want to see
what I will find out.
I am suffering
from some hyperpigmentation,
but yeah, I’m going to continue
to do check ins on this product and
let you all know how it’s going as I go,
so I will see you in the next check in.
Hello, everyone.
A lot’s happened.
I didn’t expect this in this video.
So midway through filming this trial VIDEO
My mic broke.
Just completely broke.
So I am here.
I have a new microphone.
We are wireless. Yay.
Anyways, so I have had a little bit
of a longer time to use this product.
I initially was going to check in with my
first thoughts and that couldn’t happen.
I am basically going to recap everything
that has happened within the past week
of using this product.
I just first
want to talk about a couple of things
I actually forgot to mention
in the first section of this video. one.
I’m only using this once a day.
That’s what elf actually recommends,
either during the day or at night.
So I opted to use this during the day.
That’s usually why
I use a lot of my vitamin C serums.
Let me talk about my experience
with this product so far.
So I have experienced a lot of great
benefits from this product within a week.
The fragrance is not that overpowering.
I think that was the other thing
I was going to talk about.
The fragrance in this product
is not overpowering whatsoever.
It actually disappears
the second it rubs into my skin.
It’s a nice, citrusy orange.
Smell nothing too potent, either.
I can definitely tell
it is a low concentration in this product.
I have noticed a little bit
like not just a little bit
I’m looking at in the viewfinder
a lot brightening to my hyperpigmentation.
The results I’ve seen during this short
period of time is honestly amazing.
The only thing I have experienced with
this product
is just a little bit of sensitivity.
I was experiencing a little bit of redness
around my cheek area.
This was at first
when starting to use this product.
The first couple of times I used it.
I actually experienced
just a little bit of sensitivity.
But as I’ve gone on
and as I’ve used this product
every day, it definitely has calmed down.
I would definitely recommend doing a spot
test of this product like always,
and I would also recommend
starting out slow with this product
because since it does
have the fragrance in it, it does add
just a little bit of extra sensitivity
than it would if it was fragrance free.
So just be careful with it.
Other than that, like I said,
great results I’ve seen so far.
I’m excited to keep using this product.
I hate that I’ve only done one check in.
I wish I could have done more.
I feel really bad.
About that, I will be using it
for just a little while longer,
if I notice anything with this product,
then I will let you all know.
If not,
I’ll just check in with my final thoughts,
so I see you all in the next check in.
Hi, everyone, I’m back to give
you all my final thoughts on this product.
So let me go ahead and talk about
some of the things
that I found during this trial.
So I really like this product a lot.
I did experience just a little bit
of initial sensitivity with this product.
Nothing too crazy.
Just a couple of spots of my face
that I found to be just a little bit red,
that I found to be just a little bit
more sensitive to this product.
But sometimes when introducing actives
like vitamin C into your skincare routine,
you can experience
a little bit of sensitivity.
At first, it did fade away later
throughout the first week,
though, and the sensitivity
hasn’t come back since then.
I also really felt like this product
did an amazing job at brightening my skin.
My skin has been looking so good lately.
I’ve been feeling very confident
and very good with my skin at the moment.
I had a lot of hyperpigmentation
around my forehead area,
so I’m very glad that I started
using this product.
I did see some pretty good results
that came from this product
within the week
and a half that I did try it.
I am so glad
that I did have a positive experience.
I definitely think
that the fragrance in this product
is something to take into consideration.
It’s not very strong,
like the fragrance is not very potent,
but I do feel like it contributed to me
having sensitivity to this product.
Initially, I do feel like that.
Then recommending using it
only once a day is pretty good
and is the maximum
that you should use this.
I feel like that
if I would have used it a little bit more
than it would have caused
even more sensitivity to my skin.
I may start out if you’re not used to
vitamin C or if you’re not used to
fragrance products.
I would start out pretty slow,
maybe once a week and build up from there.
I definitely think
it’s better to start out
slow and just continue
to build up as you feel you need it.
Other than that, I feel like for the price
point, this is a great vitamin C serum.
I would just definitely take
into consideration the fragrance
and it is a pretty potent vitamin C serum,
but I definitely feel like it
did an amazing job.
Like I said, hyperpigmentation
is almost faded on my entire face
and it works great.
I use it during the daytime,
but you can use it at day or at night,
and I definitely think
you should try out this product,
especially if you’re wanting
a pretty good vitamin
C serum for an amazing price.
And I feel like it’s very effective.
If you do have sensitive skin,
I would be just a little bit
more careful with this product.
I don’t know if this vitamin C is
necessarily made for sensitive skin
because it is potent, in my opinion,
and it does have fragrance.
But like I said, if you do have sensitive
skin, just start out slower
and build it as you need it.
But anyway, I hope you enjoyed this video
if you did, and.you want to see
more like it, Make sure to subscribe
because I post videos every week
and I will see you
all n the next review Bye!

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