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– Hello, beautiful creatures. Welcome back to my channel PHYRRA. If you’re new here, my name is Cordelia, and I’m a lover of bright and colorful gothic makeup. I love talking about gothic makeup and fashion, mental health, lifestyle, and more, so if you want to join in the conversation, please be sure to click that little subscribe button down below and don’t forget to ring that bell. (bell rings) Currently right now I upload videos on weekends. So today’s video is going to be a review on all four of the Vampyre Cosmetics Emily the Strange Palettes. If you

are new to Vampyre Cosmetics, let me tell you a little bit about them. They are a queer-owned, woman-owned, disabled-owned, neurodivergent-owned indie makeup brand, and they’ve been around since 2011. They are 100% cruelty free, 100% vegan, and 100% talc free. I have a review up of their Cthulhu Cocktails Palette in case you’re curious about that one and I’ll put a link up here so you can go check that out. So I want to talk a little bit about Emily the Strange, in case you don’t know about her. She’s very nostalgic for me. I remember seeing Emily

the Strange in Hot Topic like 20 years ago, and as far as I know, Emily the Strange has been in books, in like comic books and novels and

video games and lots of like different, you know, paraphernalia like shirts and hats, et cetera, and I love the fact that Vampyre Cosmetics has the official rights to make these palettes and that they made them so freaking cute. So I’m gonna zoom in so you can take a look at the packaging on these palettes up close. We have the Sabbath palette, the Mystery palette, the Nee Chee palette,

and the Miles palette. So the packaging is pretty cute in my opinion, it’s lightweight cardboard. The inside of each palette tells you a little bit about each cat. Mystery is the leader of Emily’s clowder of cats. In case you don’t know, a group of cats is called a clowder. There’s no mirror, which is fine by me, I don’t really care about that at all. I love the fact that it actually tells you a little bit about each cat on the lid. The lids are magnetized. The back of the pan tells you about Vampyre Cosmetics and

what they stand for, as well as their eyeshadow ingredients, so you can see that they are officially licensed Emily the Strange. They say makeup is magical. They say that they believe that you should be able to express yourself as you wish and they give you the tools to define your aesthetic and begin your makeup adventure. I think that’s very cute. I also love the fact that they do have the ingredients on the back, that makes it very easy for people who are like, “Where are the ingredients? “Why are they hidden?” Okay, so now that you’ve

looked, so now that you’ve seen all four of the palettes up close, I’m gonna go ahead and start swatches. I swatch on my very fair, neutral to cool muted yellow skin tone, and if I ever am unfortunately exposed to sun and burn, I turn a little olive. We are gonna start with the Sabbath palette, yes. So Sabbath is a resident rebel, and the colors in his palette are a bright cool red matte, a bright red warm matte, a cool-toned rose pink matte, a white matte, a black matte, and a vivid cool-toned purple matte that almost

looks blue because of the undertone, it’s very pretty. Then we have Mystery, who is the leader of the clowder and her palette is like pink themed. So we have a cool-toned rose pink matte, a vivid magenta matte, a hot pink matte, a soft cotton candy pink matte, a light-medium cool gray matte, and a black matte. Palette we have is the purple palette, Nee Chee. And Nee Chee is the crafty scientist type. This is a really neat palette to me, you’ve got this pop of bright yellow matte, you have a black matte which I’m wearing today,

you have a white iridescent with a blue shift satin, which is what’s on my lower lash line today. You have a deep purple satin, a bright neutral purple matte, and a bright warm purple matte, and I was very happy with these purples. I’m wearing the bright warm purple in my crease. And the last palette that we have is the Miles palette, which is the blue palette. So we have a warm creamy ivory matte, a light blue-toned gray matte, a mid-tone cool gray matte, a burnt orange matte, a bright sky blue matte, and a deep blue

matte. So let’s talk about the value of these palettes. These palettes are $20 and you get six eyeshadows, so that breaks down to roughly like $3.33 per eyeshadow, which isn’t bad. One of the things I really love about these palettes is that they are matte and satin, and I feel like matte, I feel like satins have really been missing from the makeup world for like the past 10 years. I feel like they’ve been very hard to find unless you’re in the indie communities. So I was very happy to see that these were all mattes or

satins and that they pair, in my opinion, these palettes are great companion palettes for all of my indie eyeshadow singles, because they pair so well with my multichromes. So let’s talk about the formula. I love the vivid hues in these formulas. These mattes perform very well for me, they don’t sacrifice pigmentation for blendability, they have great pigmentation, they have great blendability. They are the type of mattes that build up very easily. When you are going to apply them, as long as you remember tap off the excess from your brush, you’re not gonna experience fallout, or

at least, I didn’t experience fallout when I used the Nee Chee palette, when I used the black and the bright purple, and I was very pleased with that, because typically when I go to use a black eyeshadow, I end up with fallout on my eyes. I don’t know why, it just happens. So I made sure to tap off my brush and I didn’t experience that at all. The colors just apply really, really beautifully. I love them. So overall, I absolutely adore the Emily the Strange palettes by Vampyre Cosmetics. I think they’re awesome. If you want

to check them out, you can get them at HotTopic.com or you can go to Vampyre Cosmetics’ website and you can purchase them there. If you choose to buy them from Vampyre Cosmetics, you’re welcome to use my code PHYRRA which will give you 20% off until like January 13th, 2023. But don’t feel pressured to. So tell me what do you think of the Emily the Strange palettes? I’m dying to know. Were you familiar with Emily, did you ever like, were you ever obsessed with her, ’cause I remember having a bunch of shirts and just being completely

obsessed with her ’cause like, that’s how we had our memes back in the 90s. We had these snarky shirts from Hot Topic. Anyway, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I am dying to hear from you. I love you beautiful creatures, and I’ll see you next time, bye.

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