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Hello, Stranger! Today we’ll be talking about 3ce’s 
Clear Layer Edition in Cool. Don’t worry I’ll also  
be releasing a separate in-depth review for Warm 
but for now let’s see what the Clear Layer Edition in cool has to offer. At first look, you can 
definitely see that the Clear Layer Edition  
revolves around muted pinks, plumps, 
mauves and lavenders designed to manifest  
a calm yet dreamy mood so let’s see if we finish 
this video manifesting just that. Starting off  
first with the soft mattes. Three new shades are 
introduced in this collection namely: Way Back, 
Hazy Rose and Chill Move. This is the first 
time I’m experiencing the soft mattes and  
at first i thought the product itself 
was too little compared to the usual  
mattes but actually they have the same net 
weight, just different styles of packaging.
You can definitely feel the 
silicone as you swatch the soft mattes  
since they glide very smoothly and 
has a blurring effect on the lips  
that doesn’t crack after a long wear. These soft 
mattes pack in a strikingly saturated color payoff  
even with a very light hand which you can layer 
or build up just like the usual mattes, so I’m pretty  
sure one of these is going

to last you a long time. 
Trust me. Now here comes the transfer proof proof.
They also layer very well over balms
if you want to turn mattes to glossy,  
or layer two soft mattes 
like a gradient lip effect.
They retain their true colors on the lips pretty 
well but I did have a problem with the lippies  
breaking off. Noted I did swatch with a very heavy 
hand because I wanted a nice solid swatch but I  
was just surprised because this never happened to 
my 3ce lip color mattes. I did do a quick fix with some little  
heat to kind of paste the lippies back in place. 
They’re not entirely good as new but this will do.  
The lippies felt very fragile and if you’re 
living in a very hot or humid country  
you might experience these break 
offs if you don’t store them well.  
Luckily, these lippies have great pigmentation 
so even if you swipe with a very very light hand,  
you’d still get a good amount of product. Starting 
off with Way Back. I didn’t know what I was in  
for until I wore them on the lips. They are the 
perfect nude pink shade for really fair skin tones.  
It doesn’t make me look washed out or sick. This 
is definitely a new shade that I don’t see often,  
especially not with the way it looks on 
me. Definitely, definitely glad I got this.  
This is also great to use as a lighter 
shade if you’re going with a gradient lip.  
Also, this was the only one that didn’t break on me 
so, so far this is my fave on the soft matte line.
Next is Hazy Rose, described as a vintage rose 
color. This reminds me a lot of my favorite 3ce  
matte lipstick which is Old Dress. The difference 
is Hazy Rose is a lot brighter while Old Dress  
is more of a muted mauve. This color really 
brightens the complexion and lifts up  
the overall aura of your face. This 
is great paired with Way Back for a gradient look.
Lastly is chill move 
described as a berry and muted plum color.  
This is definitely more of a mauve 
color compared to Way Back and Hazy Rose.  
The deepness of the shade makes it perfect 
for a more intense or dramatic look without  
going too vampy. Compared to Hazy Rose and Way 
Back, I feel like this shade goes on dry on the  
lips. Not as smooth as the first two shades and 
it also kind of shows the lip lines a lot more.
And that’s it for the new soft matte 
shades included in the Cool edition!  
These can be easily cleaned up by 
micellar water or normal makeup remover.
Now, to pair that up part of this edition 
is 3ce’s Multi Eye Color Palette in Some Def  
which takes on somewhat the same color mood 
that we had going on with the soft mattes.  
The Stylenanda site describes this as a 
curation of harmonious lavender shades. 
Generally, the pigments feel very smooth when 
swatched and very solid. For the mattes, they  
have good color payoff and don’t apply patchy on 
the eyes even the very light colors. The glitters  
are amazing. They stay in place once applied on 
the eyes so you don’t have to worry too much  
from getting glitters in your eyes. My biggest 
concern though which you would also notice  
once I do my makeup look is the amount of fall 
off. Right off the pan, once you dip your brushes,  
you definitely see the amount of powder coming 
off which could be kind of messy once applying  
your makeup but after you have your makeup on 
place, they don’t really move around or budge  
throughout the day even without primer. 
The color story here leans more on mauves  
and warm colors rather than bright cool toned 
pinks which at first i thought would be the case  
because Cool edition but anyways, what better 
way to introduce a palette but with swatches!  
Since the site never mentioned if each shade 
had the name so, I’ll be swatching the palette  
with a reference for you to know which is 
which. First off, we have this micro glitter  
with gold silver and blue shift with a 
very solid hint of light pink pigment.  
Next is a very light whitish beige, great as a base.
A blush beige pink which is not only 
great on the eyes but also great as a blush.
A muted lilac color. Very faint 
can also be used as a base color.
A warm pink which looks a little bit 
more red on camera but actually in person  
it’s a lot more pink. This 
can also be used as a blush.
A lavender brown shade with silver red shift 
micro glitters.
A creamy textured cool brown shade  
with a metallic sheen mixed with a lot more 
red with gold shift micro glitters.  
Another creamy texture. We have this rose gold glitter. 
Very luminous and definitely one of my faves.
A taupe color which is perfect 
for contour or adding definition.  
The makeup look I’m going 
for today is a more vibrant  
bright makeup look utilizing more of the bright 
shimmers and the warm pinks and lavenders.  
So to start, I’m going to prime my eyes 
with my urban decay primer potion and  
I’m going to take this light lilac shade 
and apply it on the lids and my lower  
lashes. This will serve as kind 
of like a base for the whole look.  
Then I’m going to take the warm pink color in 
the middle and apply that at the inner half  
of my lid and the outer half of my lid kind of 
leaving out the middle portion like when you’re  
creating halo eyes. I’m also going to take that 
same color and brush that at my lower lashes  
keeping close to the outer corners. You can 
definitely see that there is a lot of fall  
off so I’m gonna have to clean that up afterwards but my suggestion is it’s probably best to put on  
your eye look first before putting on foundation 
just so you wouldn’t waste your foundation.
Then, I’m gonna take the blush pink color and 
with a blending brush. I’m gonna blend that  
into my crease and up high a little bit since I 
have hooded eyes and I want the color to be seen.  
Now, I’m going to take the shimmer 
with really light pink pigment  
and apply that in the middle of my lids 
where i left out the warm pink color.  
And that’s going to be like one 
of the highlights of this look.  
Then, with my favorite rose gold cream shimmer I’m 
gonna start applying this on the inner corners of  
my eyes then spread it into the inner one-fourth 
or half of my lids and that’s really gonna make a  
beautiful iridescent addition to the look. And 
just to make it a little bit bolder I’m gonna  
take the same rose gold shimmer and apply that 
into the corners just below my lower lashes. Just  
be careful though with putting the shimmers or the 
glitters because you don’t want that in your eyes.  
Now I’m gonna finish off the eye look by 
curling my lashes and putting on some mascara.  
I already did my brows before 
this so that’s all good.
Next, for the blush I’m going to take a small 
fluffy brush and I’m going to take the warm  
pink color and apply that at my upper cheekbone 
and spread that lower without getting too much  
into the middle of my cheeks because then i’ll be 
taking the blush pink color and that’s where i’m  
going to put it just to give out a diffused effect. Then I’m going to finish off with a gradient lip  
with Hazy Rose on the inner area of my lips 
and Way Back as a diffused color and that’s it!
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guess that’s it for now. Until next time. Goodbye, Stranger!  

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