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There it is!
They gave us Fortune cookies.
Normally, there will be a fortune paper inside, right? This one doesn’t have one!
Hi, everyone!
Today is Sunday and right now it’s 12.30pm.
We’re going to have Chinese food for lunch today.
We ordered by phone already and my husband is going to get it.
I’m going to show you guys what we ordered and how they look like.
There they are!
Here guys, look.
Today we paid 30.90 USD in total.
The baby is hungry now. I’ll hurry and show you what we get today.
It’s like when you watch a movie.
Whoever goes to get a Chinese takeout, it’ll come in this exact box.
They really do use this exact kind of box. Look, there is a handle too.
We get noodles and I already put them in a plate.
And they look like this.
They are like Yakisoba in Thailand but this one is called Lo mein.
Next, this one is for the dad.
He ordered this one. Tada, it’s called General Tso’s Chicken.
It comes with Fried rice.
Next, It’s mine.
Shrimp with garlic sauce.
We’ll try this later.
Since we ordered lunch set, we

also got soup, 2 bowls.
They’re like Fish maw soup in Thailand, but they’re called Hot & sour soup here.
Here, this is a highlight!
Every time we get Chinede food, every Chinese place will give us Fortune cookies.
We got 3 pieces because we ordered 3 menus. I grabbed one from the bag.
Let’s see what’s inside.
It look like this. You guys might have seen it.
There’s nothing in there!
Normally there will be a fortune paper inside, right? This one doesn’t have one!
Here, look.
There’s really nothing in there. LOL
A new one.
This one is already broken.
The fortune said “When you make a mistake, do not treat yourself as if thought you were the mistake”
Okay, now we’re going to eat.
This soup that I showed you, it does taste like Fish maw soup in Thailand.
This Shrimp with garlic sauce, it’s like Thai Shrimp stir fried with Chilli paste, and then put it on top of rice.
That’s it.
But it’s delicious! It helps me not to crave Thai food.
Guys, we’ve done eating. This meal was really delicious.
Now we’re going to do something else.
And that’s it! My Chinese food in America review.
I’m going now. I’ll see you next video.
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