[ENG SUB] KPOP REVIEW -원어스(ONEUS) '쉽게 쓰여진 노래 (A Song Written Easily)' 뮤비 리액션 | M/V Reaction

Hello! This is Jimmy from AJS Review Land.
It’s Dodge!
We’ve got a number of requests asking for another reaction to ONEUS
So we met today to listen to their other songs.
ONEUS seems to have a lot of attractions
and the song “NO DIGGITY” was so good
Ban Bak Bul Ga! (= irrefutable)
I haven’t memorized the lyrics yet but I think I will be a “TO MOON” soon.
What the heck is that ??
ONEUS’ Fandom!
so you’re saying the name of their fandom is “TO MOON.” Right?
Yup Yup
Aha (Got it!)
He doesn’t know
I’m just…
Guys, I also voted for ONEUS on “Show Music Core” (a Kpop TV show)
(feel good)
I praise myself
We will read the comments
Stage Genius! Stage Master!
I agree!
Do you agree?
So do I!
a user named Sting left a comment saying…
“They (Jimmy and Dodge) will be surprised if they listen to their other title songs.”
They are “Map Dan JJAN Dol”
Spicy….and S…
Spicy and Sweet and Salty!!
– idol

Ah!! Got it!!
It’s Spicy and Sweet and “Stingy” (= Frugal)
Stingy (?!)
No, It’s not Stingy!!
I get it!! It means “Spicy, Sweet and Salty” idol !!!
Not ZZan Dol (=frugal person)
So they have a variety of tastes (=attractions)
That’s correct!
A user named “Dal Bit” (=Moon Light) said…
“There are two words to represent ONEUS”
1. Stage Genius 2. Facial expression Genius
When watching “No Diggity,” We said things like
“they are so good at dancing, stage performing, and using facial expressions.”
I guess they were already known for those talents.
It seems they are talented with many things
Xion, the youngest one, 22 yrs old!
I memorized!
Blond hair! the Youngest!
Another user said…
I told you not to ignore “NOONA FANS”
I can’t read this user name
it seems like Russian
You don’t even know “TO MOON”
I mean…STAN ONEUS, from now on
I didn’t even know these songs exist
“Come Back Home” and “To Be Or Not To Be,” We should try those.
But that’s an English title, I don’t know the Korean title.
NOONA FAN, 37, with her 6yr old daughter
You see that? There are so many Noona fans out there.
Another user said …
So cute when you both sing “Ban Bak Bul Ga!”
I pressed a “subscribe” button.
Thank you
(Reading comment) He had abs since 3rd grade in elementary school.
I’ve never had abs since birth…
We’ll do this right away!!
Oh!! We have a song suggestion!!
the requested song is…
“A Song Written Easily”
There were many requests for this song
I’ve seen other comments also asking for this song
That’s right
We’ve received plenty of requests for the song
Then, Shall we check it out?
It appears to be the most-liked by fans
I love this directly-translated title
I like this a lot
This is properly translated.
The song came out in March 2020
We’ll check it out!
I heard the song is very sentimental
I’m looking forward to this
Their hairstyle has changed
(so it would be hard to differentiate who’s who)
Jimmy: “Hairstyles here are not so fancy compared to the previous MV.”
Dodge: “I will find who’s who!!”
The concept of the song is somewhat…
I think this guy is Hwan-woong
am…am I right?
Wow.. gorgeous
Where is that?
(Starting to nod by instinct)
The intro part is good
playing the pipe?
I like it
The wind is… (blowing)
I like this!!
the song has a good vibe
(They seem to enjoy dancing especially to ONEUS)
Rap is so good
Is he Lee-do?
(Lee-do, main rapper of ONEUS)
The change of their hairstyles makes me confused a bit,
but I will catch it soon.
Wow… so good
The vocal was Seo-ho
(Dodge knows ‘Kpop idol’ well)
Where is this place?
Jeju island?
It has a bit of electronic sound.
(Singing) A song written easily~~
Pink suits!!
The visual beauty is out of this world
I like its vibe
“No Diggity” was dark and dark
This one is so clear and cool
also bright and cool
with beautiful background and nature
They are still good at dancing
I love this part. The background looks so beautiful.
He reminds me of Yoo Ho-seok, a member of Click B
(Click B was a famous K-pop idol in the late 90s and early 2000s)
We were 90s kids so… lol
‘Yoo Ho-seok’ fits perfectly!!
(Main vocal of Click B, a former K-pop idol group)
The lyrics of the song can be heard well
It’s comfortable to listen
All are good looking
Rapper can sing?
I guess so.. he did the rap part before
We mentioned earlier that his rap was so good
What? Where are they?
(Repeatedly saying) Amazing!!!
wanna see the album jacket photo
I wonder where they shoot this MV
(Repeatedly saying) Gorgeous
They all are handsome. Handsome boys.
Keu~~~ (This is how Dodge express his admiration)
(Once again) So Cool
Is it here? Is there a place like this in Korea?
I don’t know but it’s just so cool
They came back to the city.
(Random nods at the end)

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