[ENG SUB] ZD Toys Iron Man Mark 3 Unboxing & Review

Hey Guys. Welcome back to RobToys. It’s Robby here.
I’ve been waiting for this. I know you’ve been waiting for this too.
Introducing ZD Toys Iron Man Mark 3.
The box is similar to Comicave’s box last time. I see that boxes are becoming more compact and minimalist these days.
Is it my feeling, or ZD Toys has become cooler lately? Or maybe because I’ve reviewed ZD Toys Mark 85 before so I’m super excited about this…
I heard they make Mark 3 even better than Mark 85.
I really cannot wait. Let’s get to it!
Look how amazing the box presentation is.
Drooling yet?
Let’s enjoy the art, Iron Man Mark 3 and the inside of the arc reactor.
we find 2 plastic trays inside.
I’ll put them out first. Gimme a minute.
My God. This box is soooo awesome.
I better take a good care of it 🙂
back view of the box.
I wonder if the real thing would be as impressive as the picture in the back of the box.
Let’s unbox the first tray.
Hmm I love the smell of a new toy.
Now let’s play with Mark 3.
It’s quite heavy but not as heavy as diecast. I don’t think it has a lot of diecast in it.
Remember how I was so impressed with Comicave’s paint that matched Hot Toys? This one is too!!!
The mixture of gold and red is unparalleled.
fell like I’m holding a small version of Hot Toys.
Check it out from the back.
Now move to accessories. we have 4 pairs of hands.
effects for hands and feet.
Base, stand, and holders.
This figure costs only USD 20
have you ever seen a figure with this price has its own base?
I don’t recall one. Even Marvel Legend which has higher price than ZD doesn’t come with the base.
ZD Toys has an awesome paint job, more than enough accessories, and we have a base and a stand! What more could you ask?
For those who just heard of ZD Toys for the first time, perhaps you wonder what brand this is? Lemme explain 🙂
ZD Toys is a Licensed product from Disney Marvel, exclusive only for China market.
See that Disney sticker on the back?
It’s not KO. It’s not third party. It’s a real licensed product from Disney Marvel for China market.
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Up close with the base.
what cool is we have two types of holder. You can choose the one that suits your need.
The stand has articulation, as shown.
You can do whatever poses you want. Floating pose? No problemo.
Effects for the hands and feet. I think they’re enough.
Love the color. It’s fire bright.
4 types of hands
repulsor hands without the effects.
See how shiny the paint is?
These are the ones with effects.
How to add the effects, as shown.
relaxed hands for museum pose.
Fisted hands.
They didn’t include articulated hands. But in my experience with smaller figures, they rarely add articulated hands because they don’t have many weapon accessories for them anyway.
Besides, these 4 pairs of hands are way more than enough.
It’s time to welcome Mark 3!
If I said this was 1:6, I’m sure you’d believe me 🙂
the quality of the paint and the combo of red and gold are amazing.
OMG. This is soooooo awesome.
And the price, dear Lord! I cannot believe it still.
The paint job is very neat from top to bottom.
Let me bring him closer to you.
Unfortunately the eyes and arc reactor don’t come with light up functions.
If they added the light up function, I’m sure the price would increase.
Spinning him around for your viewing pleasure 🙂
Mark 3: the Original 3.
We’ll see its articulation.
head articulation, as shown.
arms articulation as shown
Torso articulation as shown.
No articulation on the waist.
But there’s some in torso, as shown.
Legs articulation as shown.
feet articulation as shown
I’m not quite sure which flaps could be opened. They’re so tight.
Only these two can be opened.
For height comparison, I’ll line them up from left to right: Marvel Legends, SHF, ZD Toys Mark 3, ZD Toys Mark 85
So you can see clearly the difference in height between 1:12 and 1: 9 ZD Toys.
So ZD Toys is 18 cm in height (7 inch)
Let me put SHF Captain America next to ZD Toys.
Well, for sure SHF Captain is more compatible with SHF Iron Man 🙂
Let’s move SHF away.
I will line up all ZD Toys products next.
ZD Toys Captain, please join the gang 🙂
Same height, guys. All 1:9 scale.
Around 18 cm or 7 inch
That’s a wrap for today’s review.
Hope this review is useful for you.
Thanks for watching. See you in my next video. Bye!
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