[ENG SUB]Cushion unboxing and review / Missha Magic Cover Lasting #23 / Կորեական Missha քուշոն

Hi, I’m Dianna,and today
there will be unboxing video of
Missha Cushion
You can buy it from ArinSkin which is located on
North Avenue,Tashir street
Also they have shipping in Yerevan and in regions
so let’s start

so let’s start

As you can see it has a high SPF
which protects against UVB rays.

design is beautiful,too

due to green tea and
lotos extracts it moisturizes and
normalizes water balance

the texture is very good
it evens out
skin and hides imperfections
I choosed #23 Natural beige and
it’s really good❤️

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