ENGWE EP-2 Pro eBike Review – Powerful Fat Tire Bike!

what’s happening everyone my name is Alex and welcome back in today’s video we are checking out one of the latest e-bikes from Engwe the one that we have here today it’s called the ep2 pro and I have this one in Orange and I feel that the orange color looks the best out of the three colors available even though the black one does look pretty good as well talking about the black ones so what I have behind me here is the Engwe engine Pro and yes this is the more expensive model out of the two and

since I’ve been riding this one for about two years I can also show you the differences between these two bikes however for the price of this one because this one retails for about a thousand dollars I feel like this one offers really really good value so we have a 750 watt motor in the rear wheel here we also have 20 inch wheels and these are four inch wide tires so that fat tire look I’m gonna say and yes that makes up the bike look as it looks because it does look a bit different than all

the other bikes and other on one charge you can get up to 100 kilometers depending how you ride the bike but we’ll talk more about them later on

in the video so let’s start by doing a bit of an unboxing just so I can show you how the bike comes wrapped in the box and what you have to do to put this together basically and take it on the road okay so as you’d expect we get a pretty big box the box is also pretty heavy keep in mind that the bike itself weights 34 kilos

and yes this is a foldable bike as well but carrying around 34 kilos is gonna be a bit hard so the bike comes packed really well in the box so no scratches anywhere no damage but you do have to do a bit of an installation when you take this out of the box so first you have to put a handlebar together this is a bit awkward to install it’s going to take you a while to figure it out and how to do it the handlebar once installed is also adjustable in height so you can move

this higher or lower I find that very very useful you have to put them together the front wheel the mud guard on the front here and of course the light here and at the end you’re gonna have to put together the red track that we have on the back here and the light all together is going to take you about an hour to get this ready and on the road so a bit longer than most other bikes oh you also have to put the pedals together and the pedals are also foldable they’re also made out

of a combination of metal and plastic now I do prefer the pedals from the engine Pro because those ones are entirely made out of metal alright so one big difference between the ep2 pro here and the engine on Pro that I have behind me is the fact that this one only gets a suspension on the front with the engine Pro you get a suspension on the front and one on the back now because we do have these Massive Tires on the front and on the back those will actually saw copper most of the bumps on

the road so even though we don’t have a rear suspension you can’t really actually feel the difference in between these two bikes that much because as I said those tires will definitely help a lot with absorbing shocks pumps and whatever there is on the road another small difference that I’ve noticed between these two bikes is the height of the pedals so the pedals on the ep2 pro here are slightly higher than the pedals on the engine Pro and that makes a difference mostly when you’re riding and you’re going to Corners because I did notice riding

the engine Pro whenever you go into corners and you lean a bit too much sometimes you do touch the ground with the pedals well that doesn’t seem to be the case with these ones so I like the pedal setup that we get them on the ep2 pro here next on the list are the brakes so this one we get mechanical disc brakes on the front and on the back with the engine Pro we do get the hydraulic disc brakes and I have to say there is a big difference for the braking power from this bike

compared to the other ones so the brakes on this one I’m gonna say they’re kind of mediocre where the brakes on the other on are pretty impressive so so yes I’m not the biggest fan of these brakes not to mention that they do squeak quite a lot so fairly mediocre breaks on this one and since you’re talking about the brakes let me quickly show you how the brakes work so we’re coming down on this hill I’m gonna start braking you can probably hear the brakes squeaking so I’m not the biggest fan of these brakes sure

they will stop the bike but they’re not as good as the brakes that we get on the engine Pro the rack that we have on the back here also weights less than the one that we had on the engine Pro and this one also doesn’t make any noise the rack on the back of the engine Pro did make quite a bit of noise now moving on to seats even though the seats do look fairly similar I find the seat on the engine Pro more comfortable I believe that one actually has some Springs in it well

maybe this one has some Springs too but that’s it is more comfortable but comparing this bike with most other bicycles that I tried yes this one has one of the most comfortable seats out there but the seat on the engine Pro is a bit more comfortable just like The Handlebar this seat is also adjustable in Heights so you can move it that low or this high so this bike will fit pretty much any size and the riding position is also extremely comfortable because you can adjust the height of that handlebar so whenever we are riding

the bicycle you can sit in a straight position you don’t have to put pressures on your wrists or anything like that so the riding comfort that you get from these bikes is way better than a lot of bikes that I got to try up until now this bike has an entry level 7 gear Shimano shifter and shifting up and down is done flawlessly without any issues whatsoever but I kind of feel that the bike needs more gears like when you’re riding fast you do feel the need for more gears and this actually applies to the

engine Pro that I have behind me as well that brings us to that 750 watt motor that we have in the rear wheel when you first take this bike out of the box this is locked to 25 kilometers an hour that’s the legal speed limit in many places around the world for electric bikes but you can easily unlock this and then it can assist you up to 45km this one also gets a throttle here so if you don’t want to Pedal at all you can just accelerate them from this throttle here now with these 750

watt motor you have plenty of power in pretty much any situation since we also have a shifter if you get to a hill a steep incline basically you can just lower the gears and the motor resistance you can go up basically any Hill so a lot a lot of power for pretty much any situation I’m gonna say so I’m currently in gear number two we have Laura filming meter and as you can see I am pedaling well kind of pedaling I don’t actually have to put any effort but you can easily go up any Hill

and I’ve been on Hills even steeper than this one so no problems whatsoever going up hills the battery pack is located in the frame here the battery pack is also removable and we also get a key at the bar bottom of the bike here so you can lock that battery pack in the bike and you can also turn on and off the bike with that key so basically whenever you’re not using the bike just turn off that key and then the bike is not gonna start now charging this battery pack takes about eight hours and

you can charge it in the bike so we have the charging port right here even though I’m not a fan of this charging port when you put that charger in there it doesn’t really go in that easily or comes out that easily so I do prefer to remove the battery pack every time on I charge it as for the range while the manufacturer says that he can get up to 100 kilometers on one charge but of course that will be if you’re pedaling and you have the motor assisting you whenever you’re pedaling if you’re going

on electricity only you’re going to get about 40 50 kilometers and of course that will also depend on the speed that you’re doing so yes you can probably get to that 100 kilometers on one charge of the manufacturer suggests but you’re gonna have to pedal on level assist to maybe not go over 20 kilometers an hour and so on so it’s hard to give you an exact number for the number of kilometers that you’re gonna be able to get on one charge it just depends on so many things it depends if you’re going up really

depends if you’re going on flat surfaces it depends on the temperature outside your weight and so on personally when I ride on electric only I get about 35 kilometers and if I ride with the assisted pedaling basically I can get around 70 80 kilometers depending on the speed that I’m doing moving on to the light so we have a light on the front here during the day you can’t really see that light that 12 but at night it will light up The Path ahead of you pretty well and on the back we also have a

pretty big light another difference that I’ve noticed between this bike and the engine Pro that one has Auto lights so if it gets dark outside you’re going into a tunnel you go into a garage that on will turn on the lights by itself with this one you have to manually turn on the lights the rear light also acts as a brake light whenever you’re pressing the brake levers and that brings us to The Handlebar so the grips here do seem to move a bit that’s something that doesn’t happen on the engine Pro on the right

hand side here we have the accelerators so as I said you can just use this bike just by accelerating here so very easy to do or you can pedal and then the bike will assist you we have the shifter right here the brake levers are made out of plastic and we did talk about the brakes earlier today we have the Bell here the Belt doesn’t sound that amazing we have a few buttons here so we have the power button a plus minus so you can change modes and then on the side here we have two

more buttons it is a bit difficult pressing those side buttons mostly because the belt is just too close to those buttons but you could open this up and move it a bit to the white and then in the center we have the display the display is vbc bottom during daylight basically so even on a sunny they are going to be able to see the display okay so let me quickly show you how the bike works so we basically have the power button right here I’m not sure if you can see the screen on the camera

so we’re gonna go into assistance level two so that’s how you change your modes so now as soon as you start pedaling the bike will sense that you’re moving any to the system so I’m gonna start pedaling and you can probably hear the motor on already so as soon as it starts helping you move basically you don’t really have to put that much effort into pedaling now you can also accelerate to the accelerator so without pedaling so to do that you basically rotate the accelerator here kind of like on a motorcycle in a way so

I’ll show you how that works so if you don’t want to Pedal well you can go full electric basically and if you switch the modes up so you go mode number three it will accelerate mode number four and so on so that’s how easy it is um to ride this bicycle but if you wanna use it in a more conventional way you basically pedal and the bike will assist you so for example when you get to a hill like this you don’t have to put that much effort into pedaling so that easy to ride on

this bike let me also do a bit of a brake test so we’ll go to about 25 kilometers an hour and we’ll break from here so yeah you can definitely stop the bike like the brakes aren’t horrible but they’re not the best brakes um out there so that easy to ride this bike so to quickly conclude this video for the price the ep2 pro here is pretty much unbeatable all the other bikes available on the market are a bit more expensive or maybe about the same price but they don’t offer as much as this one

does this is a pretty comfortable bike actually one of the most comfortable bikes that I’ve been on because of the adjustable in height handle button of course the seat that goes as high as you want so for the money it’s hard to say that this bike is not great I mean sure the brakes aren’t the most amazing out there and maybe you can upgrade them but also if you do spend about 200 bucks more you could get the engine prom that’s behind me and in many ways the engine Pro is better and I believe there

is an upgraded version of the engine Pro as well all right guys um thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one

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