ENOLA HOLMES 2 Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown, Sequel Theories And Review

all right so Enola Holmes is out now meaning that another mystery is afoot so Tip Top Cheerio grab your tea and scrumpets because a crime is to be solved but in this video we’re going to be discussing that ending some of the film’s real life counterparts are theories for potential sequels or spin-offs along with our reaction and review for the second Millie Bobby Brown joint now if you enjoy this video then whack that like button as it helps the channel and allows us to afford even more jaffy Dodges and also don’t forget to subscribe for

videos like this every day if this is your first time here I’m Jared welcome to the heavy spoiler show now let’s get into Enola homes too thank you so this sequel takes place roughly a year after the first with Enola having opened her own detective agency that’s doing about as well as elon’s Twitter takeover zero clients because of her age and gender with many asking for the real Sherlock not this strange girl who looks like she’s 11. though a young girl named Bessie swoops in with a missing person’s case that saves anola’s livelihood and the

movie’s plot essentially Bessie’s Sister Sarah they’re they’re not real sisters one morning just turned up missing what okay back up how the hell do you turn

up Mississippi because nobody knows where you are when they realize you ain’t there the initial Clues are Sarah’s red hair her being an academic lipstick and one wilting plant while another is flourishing this leads anola to the Lions match Factory where she not only discovers Sarah had stolen important Ledger documents from the Lion’s Office but a sickness called typhus is spreading like an epidemic with many of the factory girls

Contracting it this feels eerily similar to uh never mind Enola spies on a meeting between Mr lion his cub William along with Mr McIntyre and his secretary Miz Mira Troy enola’s hunched to follow Sarah’s flatmate May proves fruitful as she discovers that they work together at the Paragon Theater as performers rather than the Stag antlers bar that she had told Bessie that she works at something is amiss as Enola gathers more evidence including matching lipstick and a hidden Love Letter feeling a shadow follow her Enola bumps into a drunken Sherlock as both head back to

his place the plot thickens as Sherlock’s own Mystery which looks like a Charlie Kelly Pepe Silvia situation may have a connection with enolas both involving Financial dealings and Bank transfers and Nola’s unintentional intentional meeting with Tewksbury the Young lad from the first film in the park furthers this investigation as she cracks The Love Letter Cipher and identifying that the flower drawing in the letter is a poppy leading her to 28 Belle Place White Chapel no no no no not a church instead quite a love nest with a dead may wait May’s dead already things are

a bit fishy though because inspector lestrade a few police officers and superintendent Grail arrive minutes later who is most certainly The cane-wielding Stranger stalking A nola the night before obviously caught red-handed uh anola has red blood on her whatever anola is obviously suspect number one in May’s death learning that both Enola and Grail have a shared interest in finding Sarah anola escapes before she can be arrested now knowing she is looking for a gent with a tapered hat of which was found in May’s crime scene anola then realizes that the drawing is not that of

a poppy but that of a Sweet William William Lyon the Gent she saw at the factory it’s all connected man knowing this Enola heads off to the matchmaker’s ball tricking William into giving up his handwriting confirming that he in fact wrote the letter that Sarah was hiding later questioning him during a dance back to the Pepe Silvia Sherlock case like poetry in motion Sherlock realizes that the banking transfer pattern is that of the 27 dances that exist there’s 27 dances okay the the Cupid Shuffle Macarena whatever the hell this is okay okay um either way

he cracks the cipher revealing a chilling message in an almost jigsaw wanna play a game fashion good to meet you Sherlock Holmes with the account name Bean Moriarty oh oh the game is a foot but uh Nola unfortunately goes to jail this whole sequence is honestly unnecessary anola’s mother and Edith puthy breaker out smoke bomb a carriage beat up Grail in his goons you get it it’s it’s action and we’re back to London now like the ending to a Saw movie all of the clues and pieces finally fall into place revealing Sarah and may had

been doing their own research discovered the white phosphorus used for the new matches as opposed to the old red tips was the cause of the typhus amongst the factory girls lions and McIntyre knew of this but wanted a cheaper product resulting in huge huge absolutely huge profits Sarah was to expose them that’s why Grail was hired to arrest her before she could talk even William Lyon Sarah’s lover was working with them to expose the truth with the help of T-Bone Enola and Sherlock seek more answers from William only to find him dead upon further investigation

though all of the clues at the scene seemingly are planned to throw them off but Enola finds a crumpled piece of sheet music in William’s hand T-Dog informs them the truth of the gods that Gods can refer to the top level of the theater the Paragon Theater this directs back there with X marking the spot despite Dr Jones’s teachings leading Enola Sherlock and Teaberry to all of the evidence needed to expose Lions McIntyre and their financial Corruptions Sarah reveals herself having been the blonde Sicily in a wig at the ball as everything is gathered to

hand over to the authorities Grail and his goons arrive stating it’s all blackmail none of it’s gonna stick attempting to kill each of them through this you realize grail’s corruption ties in with the Lions and McIntyre I thought it was funny that Grail said this I used to dream I’d end up on this stage only to have that dream come true when Enola pecker hooked him crashing down to the stage as the dust settles Sherlock has one more trick up his sleeve revealing that no it was not Grail or even McIntyre that was behind all

of this but rather Meera Troy AKA Moriarty she had made a Fateful Error that led to her identity Troy solely doing this to get ahead she as a woman in these times had to make her own way maybe getting a bit dirty while doing it completely Sinister as she says it was fun being taken away as she slyly says it’s a shame all dense had to end but maybe just maybe we’ll take the flow once again I know that’s a bad accent Just Go With It clearly tying in with the final newspaper article Sherlock is

reading stating Master criminal escapes opening the door for the Nola homes 3 or even a Sherlock Standalone film that sees him a going wit to wit with this iconic antagonist if you you didn’t know these two are like Batman and the Joker of the British crime-solving world uh that’s uh my man explaining for the day the final minute see anola and Sarah Chapman leading a Revolt at the match Factory informing all of the workers of the deadly phosphorus and typhus Origins leading to them striking while tea bag I mean tootsberry uses his political influence of

a lord to charge McIntyre with the corruption charges he had been avoiding Enola once again opens her detective agency while her and Tewkesbury the Dapper nincompoop happily strolled down the road surprisingly a decent portion of this core plot involving a match company deadly white phosphorus the workers striking and even Sarah Chapman is rooted in reality in July 1888 roughly 1400 women and girls went on strike from the Bryant and may match company over low pay and hazardous working conditions this strike continued for a handful of weeks resulting in Bryant and may caving to the demanded

improved working conditions Sarah Chapman had been one of the leading forces in the strikes and has since been remembered via a charitable organization called the Matchstick girls Memorial that was developed in 2019 the organization has raised awareness of the match girl strike and its participants while also passing on that Spirit to today’s labor force so not only does Enola homes 2 have a bit of historical relevance but also relates to various working conditions over the last handful of years with everything that has you know kind of happened now don’t leave just yet as there’s a

Marvel studios-esque mid credit scene setting up a potential sequel slash spin-off in this Holmes World Thursday at 4 comes around with Sherlock at his place on Baker Street there’s a ring at the door however it is not anola but rather a strange man asking about the flat mate situation this is revealed to be Dr John Watson played by himesh Patel the longtime partner of Sherlock Holmes in all of the different interpretations of Sherlock’s mystery solving I actually love this both Patel playing you know the character but also setting up either an Enola homes 3 or

Holmes in Watson no no no no no not that movie Jesus but these two going off after an escaped Moriarty or even getting into scrambles of their own overall anola homes 2 was was fine it was harmless even but doesn’t do too much to keep you interested for the final piece of the puzzle to fall into place I feel like the biggest problem was the run time like it’s bloated by about 25 minutes when Enola goes to prison and her mum blows her out only to wind up back exactly where she was before it just

seemed a bit perplexing the mystery solving bits were my favorite a huge step up from the first you know like the small details that you may have missed finally all connecting so tighten it up pump in some more sure lock mystery maybe even a cameo from Scooby-Doo I don’t know I’m just making up right now surprisingly the introduction of Watson had my fan flailing the most because the three of them teaming up has some promise Enola and Sherlock’s chemistry was spot on so bring in Hamish Patel for that threesome what but yeah I’d be interested

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