Ep1. – Election Results 2024 | Modi's Magic Fades As NDA Struggles for 300 Paar | Akash Banerjee

In the last few weeks, many people have asked me about inside news and who is winning how many seats … journalists are often asked this question they say they know about it and then make exit polls We will come to exit poll and how it is fraud One

thing I told on this channel is that do not question the intelligence of voter in our vast country … it is difficult to predict Not science, it is guesswork at the very maximum… something which exit polls forgot This will be followed by more episode and/or livestream because this

election result has been most surprising since 2004 People who have seen the 2004 election know that no one should not think they are smarter than the people. Whether you are a politician or an exit poll pundit. We will try to know the major learnings in the first episode.

After that we will have different views and understandings of the election. The situation can change now. There are still 15-20 seats in the polls with close margin But the results are established. NDA 294, is not even above 300. But it will never reach 350 even if trends reverse

now India alliance is at 232 and others are at 70. This makes it clear that Modi will come but big or

smaller in third phase Stature of Modi is becoming smaller because when trends have been established, when 543 trends have been established, when counting has been repeated, if

you leave some small margins, then 244-245 BJP. BJP alone is not able to cross 272 whereas in 2019 they got 303 seats There was no need for allies. But now without allies, Narendra Modi cannot move forward Some are discussing about the position of PM but we won’t go

in that direction If it was less than 240 then a problem , but trends showing 244 as of now Now, what do we understand from this? What is the big understanding in the election? And for that, we will have to understand the state and the fraud of exit

poll. It is important to understand how the market gained in 2 days and crashed now People must have invested their money in exit poll. Amit Shah and Narendra Modi told people to buy stocks. People have become stock market experts now. Psephologists say buy stocks, Narendra Modi and Amit

Shah say buy But today a lot of people were hit by market crash But the stock market is slowly coming back to normal. Those who invested in wrong time, lost their money. Now, let’s talk about exit poll pandits. I would suggest that they should be made to stand

in the sun. I would suggest that they should be made to stand in the sun for an hour. This will help them to come to their senses. Because they were making exit poll on toilet Making big claims, especially Axis my India Usually I do not give importance to

exit poll, but since it was Axis my India I made an episode Axis My India had made its report by doing multiple scanning in every constituency. It is clear that even big poll pandits were fraud. Everyone was in their rooms calculating No one did an in-depth scanning. No

one went to farmer, Dalit, female voter. Otherwise, the numbers could not be so wrong. To remind you quickly, India Today axis My India poll 361 to 401. Today, Pradeep Gupta was seen crying in India Today studio. But 2-3 days ago, he was confident that no one can challenge

his scientific method. Now he is crying. Don’t cry. Either say that what I was doing was just a guesswork. There is no such science in it. Or say that we will not do this psephology – it’s nonsense Then comes News Today Chanakya going further in Modi Vandana. 385

to 415. BJP said 400, they went up to 415. There was so much devotion. Republic’s devotion was at 359 with PMARQ. And, C voter, Yashwant Deshmukh has done so many wrong polls and returns again . He gave 353-383 Pradeep Bhandari of Jan ki Baat said 366-392 … recently

I think he was ousted from Zee news. He predicted 366-392 This is important because some exit polls overestimate and some underestimate but this time it was different Because our PM is different with supernatural power, so they also used their power to say that BJP’s worst performance would be

nearby 350 So according to them even in worst case scenario NDA was doing better than last time So this was truth of exit poll. Now, let’s talk about the ground level reality. Biggest upset and learning are from Uttar Pradesh Because two elections were done … BJP got 71

of 80 in 2014 and 76 of 80 in 2019 this time they thought of doing 80 of 80 because people are fools right? They can be fooled. Talk about lord Ram and they will vote for you. People have faith so to some extent they did. But how long

will you keep intimidating them in the name of religion How long will you exploit them? How long will they tolerate your arrogance? That is why, in UP, NDA 39 and India Alliance 40… No one in exit poll had seen this coming in Uttar Pradesh BJP might lose in

Ayodhya. So, the first clear reading is… Stop fooling people in the name of religion. After this election Hindu can be saved from such politician who made Hindu religion a political tool So, this is the first learning that people cannot not be fooled for long. Second, where exit poll

was wrong – Maharashtra NDA 18 and India Alliance 29. So, they were hoping in Maharashtra that they split Shiv Sena and this will demoralize them But demoralize strategy did not work as everyone in India alliance worked well … Congress, NCP, Uddhav Shiv Sena India Alliance at 29, NDA

at 18. Big state, UP is a big state, Maharashtra is a big state. Now, let’s come to the third big state, West Bengal. And let’s see what happened there. Axis my India gave 29 to 31 seats to NDA 29 to 31 but NDA got 12 seats as of

now. TMC got 29 seats. TMC is ahead of West Bengal. In UP axis my India gave 64 – 67 got half ; In Bengal, it was less than half Maharashtra’s number was 28-32 that did not happen So, in big states axis my India made big mistakes Now, let’s

talk about Bihar Bihar is interesting because NDA is at 32. Nitish Babu JDU has done very well India Alliance is trying to come back is now on 8 Now the question is, can Nitish Babu come back to India Alliance? There is a conspiracy theory and politics on it.

I had said that this would be a long series of episodes, conversations and news updates on Deshbhakt. As this election has become very interesting. But the prediction here is quite different. In Tamil Nadu, although axis my India said NDA could get 4 seats, but have 1 while INDIA

alliance at 38 if you say, if we talk about Karnataka, In Karnataka, clean sweep was predicted but did not happen NDA 18, India alliance at 10 In Odisha, obviously, NDA has done very well. They had thought that this state they will be able to crack and they did

Delhi is very interesting. Here their prediction worked. Axis My India said that all 7 seats will go to NDA and it is proving to be true So, it is possible that axis My India campaign has worked in the urban centres. But, in the rural areas and backward areas

– they have been completely failed as of now. I have given you examples of some states. But there are some learnings. I want to tell you about 2-4 learnings And then we will discuss seat-wise, constituency-wise, hot seats. But in this episode, I want to tell you that if

you have believed the exit poll, it is your fault Watch the exit poll, enjoy it. Just like the match, just like watch the IPL. We also did it. UP, biggest shock. And UP will give us a lot of learnings. remember, UP decides national discourse. Remember, there are going

to be assembly elections in UP Akhilesh Yadav had done this before when he had saved the Samajwadi Party in the state election and now he is doing the same at the national level. He has formed a great alliance with Congress. If this alliance continues, politics in UP can

change a lot. Naveen Patnaik will have to think about what he gets by joining hands with BJP. Will other allies see and understand that the regional power that joined hands with BJP’s has been done and dusted BJP’s solo performance and now allies will have heavy hand Many are

wondering how will development happen where will elbow room come from If elbow room means that you do demonetisation at night, that implement GST without prep, and lockdown on 4 hour notice then you should not have such an elbow room. It is good. There will be some balance, human

rights, press freedom, we will live a little, we will speak a little. So, if there is no elbow room where everyone is cornered, then it is better. All exit polls have missed. One reason is that exit polls are wrong. If you look at the backward seats, SC seats,

then UPA has gained a lot and NDA has lost a lot. So, every other day, when we see on YouTube, when we see on Twitter, how Dalits are being beaten up and how they are being treated. on the other hand it is said that Dalits are our brothers

So, that backfires for NDA. Congress has spoken about equality and social harmony. It has benefited in the rural areas. Urban voters are always ready to surrender. We had no expectation from urban voter UP is the state for the learning. Exit poll is the phenomenon. Thirdly, it signals that

there is a limit to the extent to which you can take religion. After that, you will have to deliver. The way you were trying to do dictatorship, the way you were trying to buy the media, The result is important today You have media, you have money, you have

electoral bond. The court is still there. The court does not take suo moto cognizance After all this, after winning people’s mindshare, urban voters have become devotees But still, the truth of India is that it gives votes and when it gives and when it hits, you don’t understand where

this hit has come from And today, many people are in this pain that they don’t understand where it has come from. This has happened because our country will not work on the signal of one person, will not work on the signal of one party, will not work on

one ideology. Our country is very vast and diverse so counter active forces will generate This is the first episode of Deshbhakt. A lot more information and analysis remain I hope you keep watching. It is good for democracy It doesn’t matter who is coming and going. There should be

a balance in our democracy. There should be a space for opposition in our democracy. There should be a space for the government. A stable government but with a strong opposition. And there should be a space for people like us and citizens like you So that we can keep

our word. And we can definitely see that golden future. More episodes, more information coming up on Deshbhakt.

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