Epik Burger Review – Vegan & non-vegan food review on Takeout Tuesday!

Hello everyone!Princess and the Bear here and we’re back today with another takeout Tuesday
supporting local businesses here in our
local state our area trying to help
everybody make it through this time of
self distancing so we found in another
local place with some good vegan options
this time it’s something a little bit
more epic than we normally do I see what
you did there
it’s called epic burger but they spell
it wrong
are you smaller right these backwards
it’s like Winnie the Pooh writing it’s
just a anyway so they have some amazing
meeting off if they have somewhere along
the lines of like six different vegan
burgers yeah lots of it I got to I got a
non vegan burger to try out that look
interesting me and some sides so we’re
gonna unpack all this stuff so we got
some fries we have some sides on it with
the cheese V and cheese for the princess
I got some tasty-looking some potato
fries a vegan Philly sandwich Philly
cheese a non vegan medium rare Korean
burger and a vegan barbecue burger in
order to make sure that your burger
doesn’t fall apart our takeout doesn’t
fall apart in a lot of place what
they’ve been

doing is giving us your
meals in pieces so that they don’t fall
apart so like my Korean burger comes
with a fried egg so this is my egg and I
guess the sauce and egg okay
rather excited for this bounty here I
think I’m gonna start with these cheese
fries it’s T’s cheese so I think they
make an in-house they said get like two
of these they’re all sticky I feel like
the cheese is a little bit flavorless it
could it could be have a little bit more
player doesn’t taste like cheddar that
much to me but it’s still really good
put the fries it combines really well
got some nice little scallions in here –
the fries are seasoned very beautifully
I would absolutely get this again this
is really really good it’s perfect vegan
junk food this place even before I take
a bite gets a point to originality the
reason why we chose this place is we’ve
never been here before
self-isolation everything else is that
it’s very odd nowadays especially with
the plant-based foods getting so popular
the final place that still makes its own
in-house patty and does it well and this
place makes all of its own patties which
was a draw for us
so first let’s try these delicious
cheese fries
they looked cheesy now I’ll admit one of
my witnesses is cheese fries but because
I’m like dust intolerant I can almost
never have it so I hope this is good
cheese is good
honestly this tastes like cheese sauce I
just feel like maybe it’s missing like a
little bit of salt or a little kick
the fries are perfectly salted but I
thought the cheese just needs a little
but it’s still really good and probably
the best is vegan cheese fries I think
I’ve ever had
fortify applause these sweet potato
fries have absolutely nothing on them no
powdered sugar nothing the usual
toppings that you get with sweet potato
fries bears fault
they had options I just didn’t pick any
of them oh okay I’d like a whole list of
stuff but I want to make sure that
there’s gonna be edible so I just didn’t
find that may look salmon sugar and
powdered sugar thirsty I think bears
fault ladoos are bland AF but I actually
think that they’re Oh stand alone
very flavorful first food category and
actually they don’t I don’t feel like
I’m missing anything just because
there’s no like garnish for seasoning or
anything on top these are really good I
kind of like them now a little bit more
than these chili are these cheese fries
than me
I ordered the boring plain sweet potato
fries as a side know if you guys noticed
it even though we do review food I’ve
been trying to eat a smidge healthier so
yeah I didn’t want to cover the fries as
much sugar cinnamon sugar or so antenna
fries as far as it went
Chris well-seasoned
it’s not just a straight cut you a sweet
potato fried so they took some care in
I like that three and a half out of five
clothes I think I do like the cheese for
us and smidge better now we have the
vegan filly I asked for no mushrooms so
that’s the only thing missing from this
it it comes on a pretzel bun I love how
the pretzel is shaped like an actual
pretzel that’s pretty freakin cool let’s
see how this tastes it actually has the
patty it looks like a black bean patty
this looks like a house-made patty got
lots of stuff in here now I’m kind of
mmm-hmm it’s actually not too bad I was
expecting something like our pharmacy
video where we got a billion so I’ve
never actually had a Philly cheesesteak
before I’m not sure what it’s supposed
to taste like
I just
very cheesy and creamy like some mean
there is actually pretty good this is
what a Philly cheese steak is supposed
to taste like I need to get a lot more
of a really really good
I love logistics
I’m so good he’s perfectly creamy
everything case of knights flatfoot
girls peppers cheese things there’s
another five out of five for me what’s
definitely I love that that was an
impossible Patti so I was expecting
something a little bit more meaty than
this vegetable housemaid Patti I can see
some quinoa in here too it’s actually
quite good actually it looks like it’s
mostly quinoa and black beans with some
veggies that make up the patty
absolutely delicious I would actually
get this again and the pretzel bun is
really cool it’s good to know
cuz we make mistakes neither of us
thought about putting cheese from a
burger even though they gave us a huge
vat of cheese and I would see Phyllis
used a need some cheese steak of course
we did without but hey different
structure different folks I’m actually
glad we tried it both ways cuz we made
that would say we did have a little bit
of cheese and we went ahead and added it
into the burger so I’m gonna try it with
no neither of us is a huge fan of like
peppers but I mean that’s Philly for you
so um maybe the smokiness little bit
plus the pretzel bun or like this stars
this little show right here um honestly
it takes a cheesesteak to me a little
bit more cheese would help this is still
really good at on its own I would eat
this again I would probably add back to
mushrooms as I feel that would give it
some more texture and sort of like a
smokehouse flavor but really good these
are definitely better than most beyond
burgers that we’ve had by far this the
this Korean barbecue burger did say that
had cheddar on it cheddar cheese so
that’s why I put it on this one and then
it’s a whole wheat bun with a slaw
the barbecue sauce on this veggie burger
barbecue cream burger is everything the
barbecue sauce is absolutely amazing
my favorite burgers absolutely this
Korean barbecue vegan burger and then I
think next is going to be the sweet
potato fries then the cheese fries then
this Philly cuz ya Bears right it’s
missing cheese it’s long because they
were way too like slaw and onion ring in
the middle which I’ll try to avoid but a
different let’s go hearty bite mmm what
flavors in that fatty or like instant
I’m just definitely like a house-made
Patty and taster quinoa in the black
bean it doesn’t taste like process
because it tastes fresh you made it
fresh real bit all the toppings are good
the wheat buns a bit chalky wheat buns
can be like that sometimes and they had
to hold the host of options for buns but
that is still really good that barbecue
sauce I grade the princess just
absolutely make this burger give this
one three and a half out of five cause I
would definitely eat that again than me
I’m not a huge burger fan myself like if
we go somewhere you’ll see most times
unless it’s like a stove like a place
known for burgers I get chicken
sandwiches or fish sandwiches because I
don’t like burgers that much especially
like big like signature burgers this
just gonna put me right to sleep but
this one’s sort of interesting because
it is a Korean barbecue burger so it’s
got kimchi on it a fried egg 1/3 pound
of beef on it medium rare with a Korean
sauces so it looks like an absolute mess
it’s absolutely ugly inside like
somebody created the food murder in
there but I am excited to see how this
mmm the meat egg smelling this is the
meat he is taught by the savoriness of
the egg which is medium see stuff from
yolk in there and with the kimchi
there’s a little bit of spice it tastes
like Korean barbecue in a bun
it’s like spot-on Korean barbecue and I
love Korean barbecue that’s a solid 4
out of 5 plus it’s a little bit less
kimchi I think I’ll make you Berk a
little bit kinky is strong but I
absolutely love this mmm I would say
that epic burger is 100% our jam and we
will definitely be going back to try
more of this you may not even be in a
burger person like I’m gonna devour this
whole thing this is so good so that has
been epic burger with we’ve tried out
some fabulous plant-based
representations from them we tried out
one of their non vegan burgers princess
thoughts I
I love the innovative patty with the
quinoa and the black beans and the fact
like you said the fact that they still
make their own patties is really
freaking impressive their seasonings are
great their ingredients are fresh their
sides are amazing I absolutely would
frequent epic burger if I was around one
yeah if this is a normal day for us take
me one under quarantine that’d be a nice
top in place on my third day adventure
froze for sure well they have some great
food we definitely want to hear have you
guys been at the burger who leaves this
up in the comments if there’s any other
places like epic burger or any other
local takeout restaurants that you want
to see us support during this time of
self quarantine let us know hit
notification bell if you want to see
other videos like this and we have new
videos five days a week Monday Tuesday
Wednesday Thursday Saturday and we will
see you soon shake this guy you heard
the girl
I mean a Philly cheesesteak usually
comes with cheese not China though they
can go with any halogen it sent a
barbecue one had it on a bug it’s
missing something
most Phillies have keys from them I mean
it’s on here did something maybe that’s
the problem it is a Philly cheesesteak
it should have had cheese maybe I did
put on the wrong burger

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