Erin Condren 2021 Holiday Gift Collection Unboxing and Review

hi guys it’s nina nanda gopal at
and today i am really excited to share
with you the all-new
2021 holiday collection from erin
and i’m going to unbox it with you but i
first would like to thank erin condren
for sending me
this product to share with you
so the erin condren holiday collection
is huge and this is only a small portion
is available
uh so
i’m just really excited and what i’m
going to do is i’m going to move this
box out of the way and we’re going to go
through some of the amazing items inside
one of the new things this year
involves travel
with with people starting to travel more
and get out there this is actually a
perfect gift these are packing cubes
from erin condren with the mid-century
circles design on it there are two sizes
there’s this
oh there’s three sizes i’m sorry three
and i’m not sure if they come as a set
if they come individually and i’d have
to look that up for you but there is
this size
there is

a larger size
this and then
there is
a pouch
there’s this
now i love
love packing cubes for travel because
you can actually fill them and i’ll do a
separate video but you can fill them
with a lot more stuff than you would be
able to put in a suitcase because
the mesh sort of acts as a
like a vacuum so to speak so you can
push all the air out and stuff all your
clothes in
so many different ways to use this and i
will definitely
do another video on the packing cubes
but i want to get through to some of the
other things that are available so while
we’re talking about pouches
there’s also this
accordion pouch
and this is a little bit bigger if
you’ve used some of
the erin condren accordion pouches in
the past
this has fewer compartments there’s
as opposed to i think the older ones
older ones but the ones that are already
on the site were about five or six but
these are larger in dimension so you can
fit some bigger things in here so again
this would be really great for travel
you can also use it to store your
planning supplies and everything like
that as well but i like that it
coordinates it has that mid-century
circle uh pattern on it and it
coordinates well with the packing cubes
so this is something that you could pack
sort of your toiletries and things like
that in for travel and then pack your
clothes and everything into the packing
cubes so those go really well hand in
hand and make great gifts
in addition
since again we’re on the topic of
there is an all new
planny pack
this is the ultimate planny pack
so if you’re familiar with the old
planny packs those are the old design of
the planning packs which are still
available on the website and are pretty
awesome by the way
this new ultimate planning pack takes it
one step further so it still has the
elastic on the back that will go around
your planner
instead of having this pouch on the back
the pocket it’s not it used to be here
underneath this which was a little bit
you know hard to use i guess i didn’t
was under utilized i didn’t use this
pouch as much when it was back here but
now that it’s on here you can certainly
slide some
quick grab-and-go things that you want
in here
you can get into your planny pack which
now has a zipper on two sides as opposed
to just the zipper across the top
and opens up like this
so you can have better access you can
see what you have in here and there’s a
couple of internal pockets as well so
that’s really really nice and you can
use that in so many different ways so i
love this new planning pack
the ultimate planning pack
in addition
one great item that i have loved now i
wish sometimes i always forget to sit
down and bring my scissors with me when
i do these unboxings because i
don’t have something to get
through to this so wait hold on one
second i’m gonna grab some scissors
okay i’m back so i have my erin condren
scissors these are my favorite scissors
of all time still available on the
website they have the gold with these
that go from like a light blue to a
so gorgeous
so i’m going to open up these fine tip
markers and in a case
and i love
the case
i had i had a set of these already and
my daughter went to college and took
those with her because they’re great
they fit
nice and neatly you can see all your
colors at once
and they have they’re the fine tips so
let me grab one of these
so they have can you see that tip
um so it’s a little bit finer than the
fine side of the dual tip markers so i
love these markers and i love this set
and i love the case that they come in
and you get quite a wide variety of
so you can take these on the go with you
very awesome so this makes a great great
gift as well
what would
what would a holiday gift guide guide be
without a planner and this is the
monthly planner
and this is for 2022 so this is the new
2022 cover and i believe you can
customize the color on the background
although this dusty shade of lilac is
gorgeous so that’s definitely my
uh inside this monthly planner the one
that i received is in the mid century
circles pattern which is colorful
this is a 12 month monthly planner so
the monthly planner has a two page per
month spread
followed by your productivity pages
followed by a few
notes pages
and then you go into your following
month so the main calendar part is this
two page per month
spread and these are great for doing
things like your bills
keeping track of say craft projects or
different kinds of
projects that you have going on at home
so this is the monthly planner and i
just want to show you
with the ultimate planny pack
that would fit across
you know would fit
over top the planner like this
i don’t think i centered it right but
that fits right on top and if you have
and this planner is the seven by nine
if you have the bigger eight and a half
by eleven size of a planner
you wouldn’t be able to fit this on this
way but you could fit it onto the bigger
in this manner so you know across like
this i’m not going to put it on
so that is
the monthly planner
let’s go on to some really super fun
things this is brand new these are
organizer bookends from erin condren and
i love
love these i’ve seen them
on on a video i have not opened mine yet
and i’m so excited to share them with
you so i’m going to cut this open
oh it’s hard to see i think with
with the white background so maybe
what i will do
for this video
i don’t know if you can see those
because they’re clear and my table is
maybe what i can do is take out this
uh paper
see if i can
take this tissue paper and put this here
for you
there we go
that’s the background so
that’s probably much better
so these are the book ends
and they’re acrylic and they go like
and on the bottom
you can see just a really subtle
mid-century circles design in gold
so really beautiful to sit on your desk
and you have these on one book end
the slats so you can put your planner in
like that
right and it holds holds it up on your
desk like so that’s trying to show you
under the
the camera but then you also have this
side with
three compartments so you can put pens
or your scissors or
you know write
writing instruments or
you know anything
anything really into these three
compartments and in between you can keep
notebooks books whatever you want so
really super functional bookends in
acrylic that are so pretty
i also believe i don’t know if they come
in any other pattern besides the
mid-century circles i will review the
the literature with you at the end of
this and we can kind of get to the
bottom of some of these questions that
i’m coming up with as i go through
so the book ends are
but there’s more there is so much more
this collection is absolutely fantastic
so while we’re on the topic of acrylic
this is a perpetual calendar
in an acrylic
and acrylic housing so to speak
and i’m going to cut this open for you
and show you how awesome this is now
perpetual calendar does not want to come
out of the box there we go
so is
so incredibly unique so the way this
works is you have this
if that’s what you want to call it
with the numbers a lot of numbers on
here so
all the numbers of the days of your
weeks and i’ll show you how it works in
a second you also have this little
compartment here where you could set
cell phone and have access to it i
don’t have my cell phone with me but
i’ll just stick these cards in here so
you can sort of see how you could put
something here
in addition you have this
compartment here where you could stick
your scissors
you can put maybe your softbound
notebooks in here
tablets things like that so that you can
or have easy access to them
then you have these cards and on one
side is january through june
and the other side is july through
and they’re blank other than the
the uh name of the month and sunday
monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday
saturday so all you have to do with
these there’s like a thin little slot
right in here for the perpetual calendar
and these cards fit right in there and
they fit just nicely so they don’t slide
around too much
so you can basically set you look at the
numbers on the front and so let’s say
it’s january
and for 2022 for example january 1st
falls on a
so you find your saturday and you line
it up with the first of the month here
and so
you have saturday is the first
sunday is the second third fourth and it
takes you all the way through the end of
now for february
so february of 2022 for example
month starts on a tuesday so we’ll
switch the card to be february so
that’ll be
the next card over and the colors of the
cards by the way
coordinate with the tabs in the colorful
for each month
uh so february
i said starts the first is on a tuesday
so we slide these in here and we find
we line up tuesday
the first and so this goes from february
1st and we i mean february is a unique
month in that there are only 28 days
or 29 if it’s a leap year so you would
these last three
days but you basically have the
perpetual calendar
going to
the 28th so the 28th of february ends on
a monday and that’s where that works and
so you just line up the day of the
of the week
and the first of the month and you have
your perpetual calendar and you also
have storage and a holder for your
iphone or your android or whatever phone
you use and
it looks really nice on your desk so
that is another
new item
which is very very fun um
so then
let’s see what else there’s still more
this is another one of my favorites this
is a sticky
uh stand up sticky note folio and
this one happens to be in the flora
which is my favorite of all time i think
i love the flora design so i just want
to cut this open since we’re unboxing
here i haven’t even
i haven’t even dived into all this stuff
yet myself
so we’ll do that
making this easy for myself here maybe i
should have opened it all before i
before i got on the video with you but
okay so we’re gonna take this off
and this is just a beautiful beautiful
folio that you can use on your desk
and it stands up so you just
it has the three folds here and
it’s magnetized so you just
kind of fold it over
and then fold it over again
and it will
magnet itself
and stand up like that
you have three types of sticky notes on
here so for the flora design there is
like a rectangle with some different
flowers and then the middle one is sort
of a checklist sticky i did see that it
comes in the focused design and i think
that might have like a lined
and a
dot grid and a grid
sticky note i believe
and there’s also a
account of calendar what am i saying a
ruler markings across the bottom so
if you have this sitting on your desk
and you quickly need to measure
something or eyeball
eyeball a measurement you have a ruler
right here at your fingertips so that is
really fun too so this is the flora
stand up sticky note which i love
a couple more things i’m gonna pull out
for you there is a bookmark inspire it
i love these metallic bookmarks with the
motivational uh sayings on them
the inspire one
is sort of a
it’s not
it’s not like the traditional gold or
silver or rose gold it sort of has this
teal purpley
sheen to it some different ones and it’s
just a clip-on bookmark so
it just clips right out and onto your
page oops there’s a little plastic there
so that is the inspire bookmark
really super super pretty
is awesome this is new this is an a5
year over year journal
i just love this idea so it’s first of
all it’s the a5 size which is
than the seven by nine so this is your
seven by nine
this is your a5 it’s a little bit
and inside
it gives you space
and it is there’s even an explanation of
how to use it but it has
each day of the year and you can put the
years you can list the year in each one
of these but
you can make a little note as to
something that stood out for you each
and every day of the year for one full
year and then you come back and in the
second year
you fill out your year and you write a
little note
as to what you know was important or
stood out
you can go back and see
you know what did you do on january 1st
last year and what you’re doing on
january 1st this year and any given day
of the year you have that sort of
two-year comparison
which is so nice to be able to reflect
back on one year
and just be able to look at that and
then of course after two years are up
you can start a new journal and you know
kind of refer back so it’s a really
great way to
keep track of memories
you can even
sort of
make it into a scrapbook like
if you have a one of those
little canon iv printers or hp has a
version too
you can
print out a photo stick them in here one
each week or one every couple days or
whenever something important happen and
keep a little photojournal as well
so i
love this
this journal this year-over-year journal
and i know i’m going to be using that
one quite a bit
another new item this year
which is really pretty
what’s it gonna say
this is
a gold beaded one i know they have a
glass beaded one too and this can be
used as a bracelet or a necklace
actually so either one
this one says believe on the on the tag
and it has the little erin condren
asterisk on the back
and i love this it has a nice like
weight to it
and it just goes over your wrist
a couple times
and it just looks stunning it’s so
and you can wear this out you can wear
it casually
and it just has that little believe i
love the motivational
tags so gorgeous gorgeous bracelet
gorgeous gift item for the holidays
i still have more
more stuff to go um
you know what i’m gonna do i’m gonna
bring out this
this gift set so this is new this year
for the holidays and these are erin
condren’s gift sets
and there’s different themes
and the one i have is a teacher themed
but there’s like a kitchen themed
self-care themed all different
gift sets that are just ready for you to
box up
not even box up it comes in this box so
basically wrap and give
i think it’s a really nice
easy gift if you have a teacher on your
list this definitely would be a great
inside of this gift set there are some
different items so you have this
which has i just pull this out
stuck on here
maybe i’ll just slide it out to show you
so i can put it back
so this tablet you can see there’s quite
a good number of pages to it
and this has a little section for to do
people to contact prep work you might
need to do and then a blank section at
the bottom
so you can print you know print you can
write out one of these for each day if
you’re a teacher
so that’s really fun
and it comes with this
the teacher pen the apple
with the apple at the top in the rose
gold ballpoint
and there’s two highlighters the dual
tipped highlighters so one end is the
highlighting knob and the other end is
sort of the
thicker writing nub
and then there is this this is really
cool roll of sticky notes so this
sticky note roll it
the whole thing is sticky to get to the
you can just print you can pull off as
much of a note as you want
cut it off and use it so i think i have
to get inside of this to open it up
this is really unique and it’s fun and
you can
you can pull off a sticky note and
remove it reposition it and write as
much as you want on it so these gift
sets are new
for erin condren this year and i think
they’re a lot of fun
i think if i had a criticism i would say
that the box
is a little bit large for
for what’s inside because you kind of
feel like oh it’s filled with something
it has these amazingly beautiful items
in it it’s just
like you kind of wonder like oh is there
something under here
there’s not but the flip side is that if
you wanted to give this gift set
and you wanted to put something else in
the box
you could put a planner or something
else in here as well into this gorgeous
box and
really make it as you know an even more
amazing gift than it already is
lots of good stuff in here
in a big box
to add
to add even more of your own items if
you would like you don’t have to you can
certainly just
send it off as it is presentation is
that is
is the gift set
so there we go here now another great
gift item
is the pocket planner which
was introduced last year i believe
and is here again and i love the pocket
planners this is the
focused collection
but it also i know it comes in flora and
i think it might come in the mid-century
circles and everything i’ll go over with
it with you at the end of the video
but this is the
the focused collection
and basically this pocket planner it has
a little month
and it still has your productivity pages
as you can see and then
it has the horizontal layout from monday
through sunday down here so monday
tuesday wednesday thursday friday have
the full width page and saturday and
sunday share a column
or share a row
it’s really cute it’s a
easy to slip into your bag
i love my pocket planner from last year
and i love this one
another new gift set that they have this
year is the
eco-friendly office essentials kit and
this is sort of in this cardboard
eco-friendly packaging
with these
two elastics that come off and then band
we can slide the band right off although
maybe i’ll just cut it so that it’s
quicker than sliding it
and inside this gift set
you get
two ballpoint pens and they have a
i guess shaft
very eco-friendly
office supplies
so you can use these
especially somebody if you have somebody
on your list who’s very much into the
environmentally friendly type things
this is a ruler
you also get this roll of washi tape and
the washi tape
has the checklist style
circles on it
and these
correspond to the lines
in your planner so the spacing is right
that you could use these in your planner
then there is a
note cube now this is not a sticky note
cube this is just a regular paper note
cube that you might keep on your desk
and it has a grid
a grid pattern on it so very useful
and then there’s these two cute little
containers with i believe these are just
some binder clips
for your desk but again the packaging is
very eco-friendly there’s no plastic
no no plastics in this except for on the
the top and the bottom of the pens
and these are paper packaging
so i’m gonna pull this out and so
there’s a bunch of
of in mine in particular are these sort
of light blue
binder clips
and i don’t know what’s in this one
we’ll take a look
so in here
these are paperclips and they are the
black and blue paper clips
so this is a really fun office
essentials kit if you have somebody that
just started work
on your list or
definitely is
eco-friendly products
this is a really really fun desk set i
love the little elastics
on the cover you could
you could keep this
container and
and put it on your desk or i believe
this should probably be 100
recyclable i would think it’s made of
like sort of a cardboardy kind of paper
that’s very nice so i have one last item
that i want to show you and then i’ll go
over the pricing and everything for all
this amazing goodness from erin condren
so these are note cards and these are in
the eda v i believe collection
and so you have this reusable sort of
card box and i love these boxes because
even though when once you use up all
your cards you can
put new cards in there you can
photographs in here you can use this for
a lot of different things
in here
yep this just talks about the
storage but look at this beautiful
note cards and patterns and colors so
this set of cards says kindness always
this is one piece a really nice thick
paper and it has the fold in here
creased so you can fold it you can write
a little thank you note
kindness always it says kindness always
and it’s the eda v collection by erin
just stunning bright colors there’s
different other patterns
that are also just so vibrant and
gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous colors
and this
when you order the set of cards it comes
with the cards it comes with
little ceiling stickers
and i believe you have some choices in
customization in terms of the color of
the envelopes
i’m not sure as to
if you can customize the colors in this
it’s gorgeous the way it is so if you
can customize it great if not you’ll
love the way it looks as it is
so i love these note cards
there’s just so much in this amazing
so at this point i’m sure you’re curious
as to the prices of some of the items in
this collection so i’m going to go
the paperwork that i received on
a few of the things
the first thing that i’d like to start
with is this set of packing cubes
there’s three cubes and it retails for
24. it comes in the mid-century circles
design or in the flora pattern
next up is the acrylic book ends
and these retail for 42 dollars
the teacher gift set
retails for twenty five dollars but if
you’re interested in some of the other
gift sets those have varying prices with
plant lover gift set being 38
the kitchen gift set being 40. the
wellness gift set is 42
and the travel gift set is 38.
the eco-friendly office essentials set
goes for 18.50
in this photo you see the acrylic
perpetual calendar desk organizer that
retails for thirty dollars
and the personalized stationery which is
twenty four dollars a set
and at this point i don’t have a price
on the bracelet so i’m not sure
the a5 year over year journal is 20
and the set of 24 fine tip markers in
the plastic case is 29.50
now i know there are a few pieces that i
haven’t covered the prices for but it’s
probably best
to look on the erin condren website i’ll
link everything up below as soon as it’s
and check out the collection for
i know this video has gone super long so
i hope you enjoyed looking at everything
up close and personal
and i hope you will give this video a
thumbs up and follow my youtube channel
and come visit me on my website where i talk about
erin condren reviews and organizing and
productivity thank you so much for your
time today

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