Escape The Dark Sector Game Review

In the distant future
The year 2021
One man is trying to
Escape the Dark Sector
Welcome to the second episode of 
Tales from the Tale my name is Umba 
Tales from the Tale you 
don’t you don’t have a tail  
Welcome to another episode of tales 
from the table my name is Umba  
I’m Eitan and today we are talking about Escape 
The Dark Sector it’s a spiritual successor to  
the first game which is Escape The Dark Castle 
and if you don’t believe that i am a fan  
which you know you should believe that I’m a fan
because I also own this special big box edition  
with the three expansions 
that came out and guess what 
I feel like you’re a fan of all the board games
I’m a fan of all the board games
I got pills
This game is already pigeon only me, you know
I do have impulse control!
Escape The Dark Sector is a multi-award-winning  
easy to learn cooperative sci-fi storytelling 
and dice rolling game, where you and your friends  
play as a crew lost in a hazard filled space 
station trying to find your ship and escape
What’s your character name?
Lieutenant Cook his name is
Right Cook, why don’t you

pick your name first?
Her name is Potato Lightyear Taylor
Lieutenant Cook is called Sous-vide
– Sous-vide?
Sous-vide cook… Sous-vide is 
the machine that allows you to 
Am I gonna explain to you what a  
sous-vide machine is?
– Yes please do
The game is very simple to play you basically flip 
a card look at it, you read the story and then 
you make a choice you roll some 
dice, unless you have combat 
This is where the game is different 
from Escape The Dark Castle 
In Escape The Dark Castle you just 
roll some dice and hope you win 
In this game you can choose if 
you want to go into ranged combat 
or you can go straight to close range 
combat, it depends on the weapons you have 
but if you go to close range combat 
you can’t go back to ranged combat 
and that’s do you remember 
that i had a problem with that? 
Yes you had a problem with that
– logically i don’t understand why  
if you make that choice at the beginning 
then you have to keep following through 
But it makes thematic sense
Does it? 
Yeah, you shoot someone from far away when 
you get close to the creature or whatever 
Right you can’t go back? You can’t retreat?
No you can’t run away, he’s next to you 
he’s on top of you jumping on top of you
It doesn’t make sense to go – Oh  
wait wait, just stay there
I’ll go far away and shoot you again
Whatever whatever
So what what was your problem that I shot 
everyone from far away before you could 
Yeah but that’s the thing you were, 
you had a preference for that all right 
You have the the heart of a sniper 
I have the heart of a brawler 
Yeah, so we can do both, we start 
shooting and then we move in 
No, you know the problem with that sentence is 
the fact that you have a heart and I have a heart
We have no heart, we are heartless, heartless
Special credit should be given to Mr 
Alex Crispin I think, well I’m a huge fan
From what I gather he is responsible 
for the illustrations in this game 
Talented man
Very talented man and not only that 
he did the original soundtrack, it’s so good
It matches the theme
It matches the theme if you’re 
unfamiliar with the style of these games 
they are obviously, you know, a stroll 
down memory lane, it’s a love letter  
to trashy films in 1980s. I’ll 
give you an example like Saturn 3
Dark Star by John Carpenter
Not just trashy films as well, there’s a lot 
of references to Alien, Terminator, 2001.
Graphically it will remind you of the early 
illustration black and white dungeons & dragons 
It reminds me of Gary Chalk’s work in 
Lone Wolf, the choose your adventure books 
This guy, you Mr Crispin, you’re 
very talented so credit to you
Is there anything he hasn’t done on this game?
Did he deliver it to your home?
This has to be at least a trilogy, what’s next?
Let’s give them ideas, let’s give them 
ideas. What other… what’s the third title?
I think I should go the 80s route
Escape The Dark Chopper
Escape The Dark Jungle
Escape The Dark Jungle
Escape The Dark Toilet, Escape The Dark…
Do you think that
Escape The Dark Toilet
Oh that reminded me of so 
many nights in a bar in Camden 
Escape The Dark Fridge
Escape The Dark Cabin
Are you gonna, are  
you gonna stop?
Escape The Dark Bus
Escape The Dark Kitchen
Escape The Dark
Escape The Dark Flat
Escape The Dark Box
Escape The Dark Bedroom
Escape The Dark
Escape The Dark
Escape The Dark Rulebook
Escape The Dark
Dice Tower
Escape The Dark Tape
Escape The Dark
Escape The Dark Monkey
Escape The Dark Axe
Full disclosure – we received 
this game from the publisher
we also received play mats for the game 
that are not included in the base game
you can buy them separately if you want
The mats
These are the mats yeah 
This is the main play mat
Yeah which is neoprene on the back
Yeah yeah, I mean I don’t care about it
I don’t care because it’s 
not invasive, it’s not huge
It’s nice that it gives you a board basically 
because otherwise the game doesn’t have a board 
Yeah, not that you need one but yeah you know
Yeah, I don’t… I don’t need it to enjoy 
the game, it’s a fun game as it is without it
I think it’s time for that special 
segment that you all love so much
it’s just me
It is time for the Umbarhythm!
Look at him, he hates it
The point of the matter is 
what is my score? What that  
Where is this game located within the Umberahythm
No one knows
I give this game a
and that’s huge
It is a welcoming experience 
and not only that, it’s thematic
and it’s not vanilla some of the cards
It’s chocolate 
It’s chocolate it’s that cake 
that you can’t stop eating
It’s a dark chocolate
Oh again with this thing
Mechanically the game is sound 
it makes for a great gateway 
but i love the look of the game, it’s evocative  
of the things i grew up with it takes me 
back to the 80s, yes that’s how old we are
Are you yawning for real?
It’s quick question round
Do you like the game?
Who do you recommend it for?
Any group where there’s at least a film nerd
a movie nerd or anyone who’s obsessed 
with a fiction of a particular type  
you know those friends are
Third question
What’s your favorite colour?
What is it come on, how do you rate this game?
All right, I am not going to score 
this game, I don’t like scores 
but I think it’s a pretty nice gateway game
I’m happy to play it with anyone even 
if they’ve never played the game before
It’s easy to teach for you as well
Very easy to teach
If you like the artwork you’re 
probably going to love the game  
If you don’t like the artwork
– I agree
you won’t like it
Oh my god i agree with you
We’re agreeing don’t get used to it  
because this is an anomaly
– It’s a parallel universe
And on that note
until next time
I gotta tell you the game is pretty hard it’s 
very likely that in this episode Everybody Dies
Important to give some friends a shout out i think
Very important
When I say friends is I mean these guys are
You mean enemies
No no
I’m a huge fan first of all, they’re not 
like personal friends but it feels like  
i’ve known them for a long time
If you’re a fan of the films from the 
classic films from the 80s the 90s
I’m talking predator, I’m 
talking escape from new york
These guys will talk for 90 minutes to two 
hours about these films like you would discuss 
with your friends
It’s a really really funny podcast, 
they’re extremely knowledgeable
The podcast in question is called In This Episode
Everybody Dies
So shout out to you Ben, Chad and Kev
This is our way to say thank you 
because they gave us a shout out
Seek them out In This Episode Everybody Dies
Guys thanks again for the shout 
out we’re very very thankful
We won the first game, didn’t we?
We won, we won
Due to an inordinate amount of cheating as usual
Yes obviously
That was on the side
No you you’re on the side
because you are at an angle you are at an angle
Don’t touch my die

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