Ah oh my goodness oh no we’re not gonna leave the 
house looking like this sister we are not going to  
leave the house looking like this. Hello everyone 
welcome back to my channel I hope you’re all  
having a wonderful day. In this video I’m going 
to be doing some lip swatches for you I have these  
three new lipsticks from Essence Cosmetics they 
are called Hydrating Nude and I cannot wait to  
show you guys how they look like on my lips. Now I 
love the way they’ve done with these lipsticks you  
guys they have tried to match the lipstick inside 
with the lid or the cap which is quite cute and  
yeah something different from them. They’re super 
super affordable by the way and I will be applying  
them with lip liner where I need to and I’m going 
to have all the names for the lipsticks of course  
on the screen as I apply them on so you can see 
which one I’m using. So yeah we are going to begin  
right about now also I’ve done this video over 
here swatching some new lipsticks from Essence  
you can check that one out after this one I think 
you’re gonna love it because they have some really  
beautiful lipsticks

over here for such affordable 
price. So let’s begin shall we alright so we are  
going to begin with the first lipstick which I 
have a feeling it may not be my color just looking  
on this but hey we are going to try them on. 
Alright this is how the lipstick looks like okay  
shall we try them on because they say 
hydrating and I cannot wait to see  
how they’re gonna look like on my lips 
alright here you go guys here we go.
Alright oh ah oh my goodness hydration yes I’m 
getting that hydration definitely it’s very very  
creamy just the color itself but anyway you guys 
let’s give it the benefit of the doubt shall we  
all right here we go oh yeah they are super creamy 
however where will I be going looking like this
I look like I’ve just eaten a donut and I have 
all those like white left over all over my lips,  
with this one here I look like I’m sick I 
look you ill so you know what let’s fix this  
we’re going to add a lip liner and see how it’s 
going to look like because like this on it’s on  
I don’t think so I don’t think so.
So here’s how this lipstick looks 
like without a lip liner you guys
oh no we’re not gonna leave the house looking like 
this sister we are not going to leave the house  
looking like this oh no no sir. Alright lip liner 
on shall we this gonna fix everything I hope okay
Alright you know what it’s a little bit better 
compared to you know compared to how it looked  
like without a lip liner however I feel like this 
color it’s not really something I would you know  
go for uh in general yeah let’s have a look how 
the other two looks like uh we’re gonna pop this  
one here unless you can do like you know like 
add more lip liner like so wait let’s do this
and then kind of like smash your lips together
like this and then you end up with something 
like this maybe or you can mix it with other  
lipsticks and create this like a different 
patterns that can also work. Alright  
let’s pop on the second one shall we oh this could 
be something that that can actually work let’s go
Oh that’s a little bit better 
yeah that’s a little bit better  
compared to the first one oh I love the creaminess 
you guys they are super super creamy so hydrating
they’re full of hydration they don’t even 
lie the name itself has it for sure you guys.
That’s how it looks like and yeah it’s slightly 
better but you know what let’s fix it shall we
I feel like this I can definitely wear I feel like 
it’s safe for me to wear it looks nice very creamy  
I love the way it looks like when you add a lip 
liner yeah just the color you know blends together  
beautifully and it’s definitely something that 
I can rock with my skin complexion so yeah.
This I’m happy let me know you guys what 
do you think of this one here with a lip  
liner and before without but yeah this 
is definitely this beats the first one  
let’s just put it that way this beats the 
first one. We’re gonna go with the last one
this is something that I think it’s 
going to be absolutely wonderful  
I have a feeling okay okay here we go oh yes yes 
ma’am yes now we are talking ah this is beautiful
okay so creamy love that 
this is my color obviously
I love this one here you guys I think out of  
all three lipsticks this one 
here the last one is definitely  
a shade that is absolutely perfect for my skin 
tone my skin and I love this. Lip liner it is
oh yes ma’am yes
So you guys wow wow let me tell you, you already 
know which one is my favorite out of all three  
of course the last one looks stunning looks 
beautiful. You can wear it with without a lip  
liner just works perfect and you guys the 
creaminess of this the hydration of these  
lipsticks they are up there. They are so so so 
so super moisturizing and the name has it all  
hydrating yes they are definitely all about that 
and i’m here for it. I love it super affordable  
as well and wow that’s all I can say wow. So as 
for the other first two lipsticks of course the  
second one I can again get out with this with a 
lip liner the first one I think I will be doing  
something with this one here like mix this with 
other lipsticks or even just a little bit of  
this and add lip gloss I think it’s going to work 
perfect as well. But you guys this is it thank you  
so so much for watching today’s video. Let me know 
which one is your favorite lipsticks out of all  
three. And what else do you want to see on my 
channel, I do a lot of lipsticks review of course  
I have a lot of advent calendar unboxed on 
this channel and there will be more to come so  
feel free to browse around and smash that like 
button if you enjoyed watching this video. Thank  
you so so much I do appreciate you all for 
coming to my channel and watching my videos  
and yeah I shall catch you all wonderful people 
on my next one go take care and yeah bye for now.

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