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hello everyone and welcome to teeali where we make videos about beauty and
lifestyle my name is Alicia and today I
will be doing a review on a few products
from essence. the first item I’m going to
talk about is the setting powder it is the
essence all about matte fixing compact
powder this is the white powder I
apologize for the way it looks like at
this party for quite a while and for
some reason this is what happens I’ve
been using it as an all around setting powder
for concealer under my eyes and like all
around the face it’s not a bad powder but
it seems to just crumble extremely fast
to the point where it’s kind of
difficult to get a brush in there and
kind of use it because there’s like
little particles that get trapped into
the brush when it starts to break down
like this but as setting powder it’s
actually not bad you can use it all over
your face anywhere you actually really want
and I’ve been using this for a while now
however I think I won’t be repurchasing
this product once it runs out I also use
it to set my foundation or my BB cream
after I have applied it to my whole face especially

the areas where I get quite oily for
example around my nose on my chin and on
my forehead next up we have the essence
mosaic blush in the shade 20 all you need
is pink I find this to be more of a
peachy pink blush it’s actually a very
beautiful neutral shade which I think
can work just about on any skin tone
from say medium to light skin tone what I
like about this blush is that it’s not
too heavily pigmented so you can decide
whether you just want to apply a little
bit to have a healthy glow or you can
add a little bit more to kind of deepen
the pigmentation so it’s really up to
you it’s very easy to build up and it’s
not difficult to blend at all what I
like to do with this blush is to
concentrate it more on the apples of
my cheeks when I’m smiling
like this because I feel like it gives
like a more youthful glow I don’t like pull my blush too forward to my it too much so
I enjoy just popping it on the apples of
the cheeks very lightly not too close to
your nose just to give like a
youthful appearance essence also
launched like a mini series of palettes
and the one that I got from the series
was the o la rio eyeshadow palette
and this is like a bronzy type of eyeshadow palette and it comes with a
mirror excuse me my mirror is a
little bit dirty and as you can see it
is like a bronzy metallic type of warmish
type of palette it’s got three matte shades
which is like a white shade and fleshy
neutral shade that I usually use to set
whatever base I use
on my eyelids and a dark brown matte shade
for deepening the corners or using it to set your eyeliner it’s
got four metallic shades on top and it’s
got two metallic shades at the bottom I
think if you combine all the different
colors in different ways I think you can
come on was quite a few looks my
favorite shades to wear is the champagne
looking shade over here which is like a
beautiful shimmery champagne type of
shade perfect for like inner corner if
you want to highlight the center of your
I like this almost coppery brown shade
as well all over my eyelid which is what
I did today and then I also used this
dark brown matte shade to the outher
corner of my eyelid so I feel the color
payoff and this is quite good I had some
bad luck with their previous eyeshadow
palettes with a color pigmentation was
just not up to par so let’s do a couple
of arm swatches here just to show you
the metallics have quite good payoff matte
not so much
then if you can see that but I find the
colors are quite rich and I feel like in
the end if you build it up a little bit
you can get it to the consistency that
you would like it to be for the price
point it’s not bad at all
but if you want something a little bit
more pigmented you’re gonna have to pay
a little bit more but for essence for a
metallic shade I feel like this is quite
next up we have the essence long-lasting
eye pencil and I’ve got the shade lucky
lead and cest la vie which is like a silver
let me just quickly show you I’m
basically out of this silver one but I
just love this silver color it is so beautiful I like wear this one on my eyelid just above my lashline when you open
eyes it kind of gives you like a pop of glow. you kind of look like something from Lord of the Rings
which I quite like. the black one is also nice and pigmented I have found these to be very
long lasting and very well pigmented
it’s also easy to transfer onto the skin
you don’t need to press too hard to
transfer the product it applies very
easily and very fast and it doesn’t
smudge very easily especially the silver
silver is incredibly hard to smudge and it
really really lasts a long time. I’ve
worn this silver and all of my makeup
would be basically gone and I still got
the silver line on my eyelid which was
amazing to me so I’m definitely going to
be looking to repurchase the silver and I will also repurchase the lucky lead when I
run out of this the silver ran out a little faster than the the black the
essence kajal pencil in the shade
beachbum is a eyeliner pencil that is one which
you sharpen it’s not a retractable
and although it’s a very beautiful
shade of blue and the reason I brought
it is I thought it would make my eyes
look more blue but when I went to apply
it it just doesn’t seem
to transfer as well onto the skin like
you really have to go back and forth on
your waterline or wherever you’re
applying it for the pigment to really
transfer well onto the skin and once the
pigment has transferred it eventually it
seems to smudge very easily so it
doesn’t last very long and it just
starts to look like more like a cloud of
color than the actual nice line or the
slightly faded line. I find this to be a
beautiful color and I like the idea
but it’s just a bit messy and it doesn’t
last as long so I don’t think I would
repurchase this I mean I’ve had this
pencil for quite a while and I mean yeah I
barely use it I think I reached for this
like once in six months because it just
doesn’t seem to be worth the color
payoff I don’t think I would recommend
this pencil. my favorite mascara that
have ever used from essence is the
essence volume stylist 18-hour lash
extension mascara with lengthening fibers
which is this purple tube I know they’ve
got a similar looking one in the pink
tube which I haven’t tried yet but I
like the purple one so much and I have seen
a lot of good reviews on this that’s why
I purchased it in the first place and
I’m not disappointed at all I’ve tried
many different mascaras from essence
previously including the lash princess
and honestly I did not enjoy this
mascara as much as I enjoyed this one
here I feel like this does a lot more
in terms of lifting my lashes up and
making my eyes appear a little bit
bigger like in terms of opening the eye. a lot of mascaras
when I apply them they seem to make my
lashes not lift as much and stick out
more straight which kind of closes
my eye up a little bit but this I feel
does a good job of curling the
lashes upwards it is also very long lasting
when I put it on in the morning it’s still
on my eyelashes by the end of the day
the older it gets it does seem to flake a
little bit during the day but not too
much I’m actually due to buy another one
and I will be will be repurchasing this
product because I really really enjoyed
this mascara I’ve tried a lot of other
brands of mascara as well and I feel
like this is one of my most favorite
mascara that I’ve ever purchased from
any drugstore brands actually that I can
think of right now
now onto lips I’ve got here the essence
color boost
Vinylicious lipstick in the shade
3 pink interest now this is a
liquid lipstick that’s kind of like in a
tube and when you open it it’s got
almost like a curved applicator I find
this applicator to be really nice when
you’re applying lipstick on your bottom
lip it just kind of seems to have the
curve of your lips and makes the even
distribution of the liquid lipstick
quite easy it’s not difficult to apply
around the curves of the lip
however I do find although the
pigmentation is also good it’s not
very long wearing it transfers easily
and the moment you eat or drink
something it’s basically gone and you
have to reapply so if you carry it
around in your purse and you are willing
to reapply every say hour or two
depending on how often you are drinking
tea or coffee or eating something I
think then it will be worth it but really I
feel like there are lipsticks in the store that it’s a lot longer lasting than this
especially for liquid lipstick so I mean
if you’re going to run out for a quick
errand I think this is fine but if you
are looking for something that’s going
to last a whole day and keep its
pigmentation and not transfer then I
will give this. the very last item I want
to talk about is the essence shine shine
shine lip gloss and I’ve got this one in
the shade
number 3 friends of glamour now my
writing on my actual tube is gone
because I’ve had this for a while the
printing on the outside doesn’t seem to
last very long on these lip glosses don’t
because I’ve bought a couple of different
shades from this range and the writing
always comes off
very fast I do like this lip gloss very much
it’s something that I keep in my purse
basically most of the time gives enough
shine but not too much it’s also very
moisturizing in terms of the color I
find the color application to be sheer
most of the time it’s got like a little
tint of color but it’s not heavily
pigmented as like a liquid a liquid
lipstick would be but I do find it gives
your lips like a nice hint of color type
of thing that is very flattering against
the natural color of your lips
kind of enhances the natural color of
the lips in a way with a slight pigment of
the color of the lip gloss. I do like
repurchasing this lip gloss although there
was a shade that I used to buy I don’t
remember the name of it and I can’t find
it anyway so I ended up buying this
color here because the one that I
actually started originally started
purchasing was no longer available so I
do really like the shine shine shine
lip gloss range that they have and I
think next time I’ll pick up another one
or two colors just to have a look
because I do like the way that it looks
on the lips and also the feel of it it’s
not too sticky
so I think this will work well over any lipstick as well. I’ve used it
over red lipstick I’ve used it over nude
lipstick I’ve used it over pink lipstick I
think you can use this on top of any type
of lipstick that you actually have whether
it’s a liquid lipstick or like a bullet
lipstick I think it will work well with
it. so this brings us to the end of this
essence review I want to thank you guys
for hanging out with me today because I
really had a great time chatting with
you guys if you like this video please
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in the next video goodbye

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