Essentials Dot Grid Notebook Review

Hi, Everyone.
Thank you for joining me today.
Today, we’re going to take a look at
the Essentials Dot Matrix Notebook.
It says it’s for bullet journaling,
graphs, charts, designs, drawings,
notes, and more.
It’s A5 size.
It has 192 dot grid pages.
There’s your elastic band closure.
It has a ribbon bookmark…
A satin ribbon bookmark.
Okay, the ribbon bookmark is
taped together.
It’s acid free archival paper.
It says it lies flat, which…
it doesn’t.
And then it has an
inside pocket cover
and no pen loop.
This one doesn’t have a pen loop.
So if you like your pen loops,
there’s that to keep in mind.
It’s got a little…
note telling you about the book
which is kind of cute.
No content pages.
There’s no name plate page,
but you can just use that.
And there’s obviously no
pen test page.
Now, the colour of the journal,
it’s an off-white.
So, not quite ivory,
definitely a cream colour.
And then the dots measure
26 boxes across and 39 boxes down.
And the other thing to note too,
is that the margins are slightly off.
They’re not even on every

So, that’s just something to
keep in mind.
The pages are 120GSM…
and they feel very smooth.
So we’ll see when we do the
pen test if they’re coated.
And then the notebook is just under
$11US on Amazon.
we’ll go ahead with the pen test
and see how it holds up.
Okay, so now we’re going to
take a look and see.
Most of the pens did smudge.
So there’s definitely some
coating on here.
Spilling more water…
So definitely some coating on here.
This is your dye stamp ink,
your pigment stamp ink,
and your solvent stamp ink.
The pigment ink smudged.
The solvent ink smudged a little bit.
And the dye ink was fine.
The pencil went on nice and smooth.
Not a problem.
Again, lots of smudging,
which makes me think there is
some coating on the paper.
Okay, not bad for bleed through.
Everything ghosted.
The Sharpie bled through,
which is normal.
And then the this was my heavily
saturated watercolour paint,
which is starting to bleed through.
Which this is 120 GSM.
It’s not really made for
water colouring.
I just do the test so that you can
see for yourself.
And, yeah…
the inks did pretty well.
My ink pads are running dry,
so I’m going to be doing a stamping
in a bullet journal video so that
you can take a look and
see how the stamp inks work,
If that’s something you’re
interested in.
I know my stamp ink pads have been
running a little dry, so…
Otherwise, just some ghosting.
Only bleed through was the Sharpie.
So that’s not bad at all.
Overall, not a bad notebook.
The price is great.
I like that its120GSM paper.
The colour, like I said, is a bit…
It’s not cream…
Oh sorry,
it’s not ivory, it’s not white.
It’s somewhere in between there,
and you get 192 pages, which
which I didn’t mention before,
but they’re not numbered.
So I hope you enjoyed today’s video.
Watch out for my big review video
next week which will have a blog post
as well, where I will be taking all
of the notebooks I reviewed so far,
and we will put that
all together in one blog post.
As I get a chance to review
new notebooks,
I will definitely be
adding them to that list.
So, just because your preferred
notebook doesn’t show up this time,
doesn’t mean it won’t.
You can also just let me know
if there’s a notebook you want me to
test out so that I can see
if I can get a hold of it for you.
But otherwise, yeah…
I hope you enjoyed today’s video.
I hope you enjoyed the series,
and I will again, like I said,
talk about it as a whole next week.
But thank you so much
for watching today.

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