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Let me be honest with you. I don’t know much about Eurovision
before Netflix’s The Story of Fire Saga since I’m from an Asian country.
Hence, not much of a coverage for this contest.
I was attracted to watch the new movie when I came across the trailer on Netflix.
Usually I don’t really enjoy Will Ferrell’s kind of comedy, but I caught my eyes on Rachel McAdams
Since she’s my favorite and plus there’s Graham Norton. So that is bonus. I figured that would be a good watch.
That was literally my first stand point for the movie.
I never imagined myself laughing to this type of comedy.
Like normal comedy genres, this one has this kind of cliche story line,
but fortunately got backed up with an amazing list of cast
cameos and soundtracks
The movie managed to bring up an interesting introduction for people like me who knew less about it to the world of Eurovision Song Contest
The greatest annual entertainment ceremony of all time celebrated

by European countries and
others that participates.
The song inside the contest is legit.
I started to develop an interest in listening to some of the performances on random years mostly the winning songs
that left me speechless and I’m completely blown away.
Some of my favorites like “Duncan Laurence”, “Alexander Rybak”,
and “Loreen”.
Their performances were epic.
Recently, I was brought to a performance by “Little Big” from Russia.
Hmm. They embrace camp essence quite well. Uniquely weird.
But somehow has that catchy 70’s viral vibe that easily stuck in people’s head, especially mine of course.
But unfortunate news came up for this year’s contestant.
ESC got cancelled due to the current pandemic and restrictions all over the world
Hopefully next year situations got better and this contest can continue as it is.
For now, let’s just all stay at home and stay safe.
In continuation to how I get caught up with ESC in the first place.
The Story of Fire Saga. I personally am not familiar with how the real Eurovision takes place.
Probably a different kind of uptake from Will Ferrell and the team on this movie to match with the comedic theme.
But at the same time wanted to emphasize the seriousness
or how important it is a Eurovision Song Contest to them.
Hence, I don’t see the issues of how different the movie is as compared to the real ones.
I enjoyed them both and it managed to bring me up to the notion of the whole ideas at some point.
Okay, The Story of Fire Saga.
This is about these two Icelandic Lars and Sigrid who’s been best friends
since they were kids.
They both share the same passion towards Eurovision Song Contest as they grew up together watching it.
Lars has this one and only dream, to win the Eurovision Song Contest.
Despite of this two keep on being laughed at with their ideas to enter the contest
especially by Lars’s James Bond father, Erik
and some of the people in their communities of course.
They still determine to pursue that dream of theirs
by entering “Songvakeppnin”, the Icelandic pre-selection for the ESC (Eurovision Song Contest).
Their performance there was really a disaster.
With all the nervousness going on since they perform on public
and pressure to prove to people
That they’re not a laughingstock
But with this, I don’t think they stand a chance.
Hence, this goes to the powerful vocalist Katiana (one of contestants)
to take on the spot to be Iceland’s representatives for the Eurovision as she wins the contest.
I figure since this is a movie highlighting them both, Lars & Sigrit.
The luck resides on the Fire Saga.
The boat where all the other contestants are having a party including Katiana, explodes
killing everyone on board.
Leaving the only surviving
contestants, The Fire Saga to represent Iceland for ESC 2020.
Pretty much with all the committee’s skeptical of sending them as representatives
but they don’t have choices do they?
After hearing the news, Sigrit who believed in old folk stories on Elves,
asked the elves to help them prepared for the contest.
I’m not sure about current Icelanders though,
whether they stay believe it or not.
Lars and Sigrit then arrive in Edinburgh, Scotland for the contest.
They, of course as a novice are struggling with songs arrangement,
stage designs to accommodate them for the contest.
Alexander Lemtov from Russia, one of the favorite contestants invites them to a party at his house.
Attended by numbers of real former ESC’s contestants like Bilal Hassani
Loreen, John Lundvik, Jamala,
Alexander Rybak Netta Barzilai and Conchita Wurst.
The “Song-along”. This is one of my favorite scene of the movies.
Tension within Fire Saga starts building up,
derailing them from their actual plans for
Days past, and things starts to get better before the Semi’s.
They kick off with their song, “Double Trouble” quite well
until an accident involving a giant hamster wheel
ruin their performance on that night.
Shockingly, they managed to recover and finish the songs.
There are mixed reactions coming from the audience. *laugh* *cheer*
Lars who was devastated by the outcome,
leave Sigrit behind without knowing that their final salvage managed to get them voted for finals.
Returning to Husavik,
Lars have a one-on-one talk with his father about not supporting his dreams and his relationship with Sigrit.
Both of them reconcile and his father ask him to return and continue his performance.
On his way back, Victor Karlosson, Governor of the Central Bank of Iceland and one of the Icelandic
organizational team members.
attempts to murder Lars and reveals he’s the culprit of the boat incidents
happening at “Songsvakeppnin”.
He mentioned, Iceland is bankrupt and cannot afford to host Eurovision the following year if Fire Saga wins.
Luck resides with him again when an unseen elf
saves Lars by killing Victor.
Aware that his running out of time to catch up for the grand final,
Lars hitchhike with some initially unwilling American tourists.
*a few moments later*
Instead of their official entry, Lars and Sigrit perform the song she wrote for him, called “Husavik* (their hometown).
even though they know it very well that they’re going to be disqualified for changing their songs.
OK. This is Eurovision rules.
They cannot change their entry song
They have to stick with it up to the final.
Their friends and families are all touched,
discovering that the song is an ode to their hometown with some lyrics in Icelandic and
a stunning finale with Sigrit, reaching that magical *Speorg High Note*
and a little help from the elves of course.
Erik watch the contest proudly with Sigrit’s mother, Helka.
They both returned to their hometown later, in Husavik.
Greeted with a hero’s welcome by the people.
The story tells a lot about these two characters,
How their dreams, believes,
determination and perseverance brought them together,
realizing it and made their country & the world proud.
Minus the boat incident, and the ghost of Katiana (Demi Lovato).
Kind of absurd but since it is a comedy, so overall acceptable, amusing and
Eurovision Song Contest is a tradition for all
An entertainment event that keeps them entertained where European countries gather along
to celebrate the love for music, culture
and diversity since the 50’s.
With the purpose of bringing the Europeans together after the trauma of WWII.
Countries competing in the grand final,
each presenting their own original written songs to win the hearts and the votes from the judges and audience.
Traditionally six countries are automatically pre-qualified for the grand final.
The so-called “Big Five”.
France, Germany, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom and the host country.
These five countries are automatically guaranteed a place in the Eurovision Grand Finale.
as they are the five biggest financial contributors
to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) while the other remaining countries will take part in one of the two semi-finals.
So that’s all for today’s brief review. I post it on this before but the video got copyrighted claims
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