Evil Bong 666 Movie Review – The Devil's Lettuce

“Like, move legs!” “Dang it.” Hello, world wide web. I’m Decker Shado, the internet personality with the best hair and they just keep making these, don’t they? I began covering the Evil Bong franchise way back in 2012. And back then, there were only three of them. Now we’re up to eight numbered entries and two spinoffs, and there doesn’t seem to be any sign of slowing down. But I can’t really blame Full Moon for this entirely. I mean, the later entries, including this one, were funded by Indiegogo campaigns. People literally threw money at them, saying, yes, make

more Evil Bong! And more they did. With today’s feature, Evil Bong 666. After High-5, Eebee the evil bong went to hell along with our cast of stoners. In 666, we see some new characters and a new plot that almost puts the titular Evil Bong into the role of a side character of our own series. Either way, the world is in danger. The body count rises, and the only thing that can save the day is weed. And let’s face it, High-5 wasn’t exactly the series high bong watermark. So let’s take a look at Evil Bong 666

and see what the hell is going on. After our opening credits set to the traditional tune of wicked weed, we see the Santa monica Pier. I mean, technically, this

is around where the the last movie took place, but the budget was so low that time we didn’t even get any location shots. How long have my standards gone that a location shot can get me excited? But back at the recycled Photoshop storefront, we meet a new character, Lucy Furr, played by Mindy Robinson. You know, Phoebe from the previous Evil Bong movies. It’s the usual drill, Same

actress, different character. Though. The thing I remember most about Phoebe is that she wouldn’t take her top off. So I hope Lucy’s got a great personality. Her first order of business is to stock the all new Vaporcup available now at Vaporcup.com. Must be 18 or older. Enjoy discreet vaping with Vaporcup at vaprocup.com. So I guess we’re keeping the ad disguised as a movie thing going. But she actually has evil intent. “Devil? Do you approve? I did it all for you.” I presume. The ‘Evil’ Bong is not so evil depending on the movie. So here, I

don’t know if Satan is like Satan or Satan like Satan from South Park. Unsurprisingly, less than a minute after the Grand opening, the first customers are the Heshers, played by Caleb Hurst and Orson Chaplin. Well, they’re returning characters. But this is Lucy’s first appearance. So of course they’re confused as to how the owner changed from a bald, pervy old man to a smoking hot chick. “I bought the place in a fire sale. Like, literally was on fucking fire.” Oh, hold on. You mean to tell me that this massive stockpile of Eebee’s super weed just went

up in flames? It’s smoke wafting all through Venice Beach and we just hear about it in passing in a side comment? That… where’s the movie about that? Point is she owns it now and can show off merch from Smoke cartel dot com. Get your water pipes today and smokecartel.com. But but but but but we’re getting ahead of ourselves, first she has to hook these obvious addicts so offers a free toke, on their house. Eebee Kush, ginger weed and of course, bongzooka. And funnily enough, despite the copious amounts of product placement all throughout this movie so

far, the strains of weed seem to be the thing that they actually don’t have for sale anywhere. The closest I could find was the Bongzooka jar for sale on a prop movie thing website, but they specified even then that it didn’t even include the fake weed in the jar anymore. Wait, if it was fake, why did they remove it? Forget the variety. They just end up smoking the Eebee kush anyway, which as we all know, packs a soul sucking, stoning wallop. But it’s the devil powder Lucy hits them with that really takes them out. Sadly,

she’s too slow to get both of them. But this was her plan all along. Murder! Sacrifices for her dark Lord, resulting in a portal opening up and sucking the body inside before Eebee emerges. “Hey, you’re like the knickknacks on the shelf.” “Knickknack, pattywack, shut your fucking mouth.” But having just escaped from hell she’s not exactly in the best of spirits, having to explain to Lucy that she, Eebee, is the real star of this movie and was trying to use her evil powers and weed to take over the world. Something a bit confusing to Lucy as

weed’s become far more legal these days. But never mind that. “I was stuck in sexy hell, no thanks to that walking boner, Rabbit.” “Like the cute little fuzzy kind or that gross man I bought the store off of?” Well which one sounds like it would fit better with the moniker of Walking Boner, Lucy? Wait, actually now that I think about it… Eebee explains the basics of the last movie. Nothinghead powers left her defenseless, and before she knew it, she was trapped in sexy hell. However, it seemed that when Lucy killed the Hesher and kind of

got off on it, it opened a portal to sexy hell, allowing her to escape. “Bitch, you got some major fucking daddy issues, but I can work with that.” But when you ain’t got no arms or legs and you need somebody to work, register eh, what’s a little perverted portal propagation between friends? Eebee is right back on the world domination train. But in the meantime, back at Killjoy’s Psycho Circus. Well, Killjoy is upset because Robin Sydney is back, and instead of Sarah Leigh, she’s back to playing Luann but she insists she’s actually playing Batty Boop, much

to the chagrin of the real Batty Boop, who throws her ass on the street. “Where’s Killjoy? Killjoy? Where am I? Boop!” Oh, great. Now I’m going to have to watch the rest of the Killjoy franchise just so I can understand the Full Moon Features Cinematic Universe. Anyway, Luann heads out to Venice Beach, giving us some varied sets, actual location shots, and even letting me squeeze this review into still counting for an April of the Fools. How about that? However, all is not well at the weed shop where Eebee secretly is not okay with Lucy Furr’s

plans. Eebee wants total world domination and every sacrifices is one less servant under her influence. “Gotta figure out a way, what to fucking do?” But considering her other plan is to be determined. We’ll just roll with this for now. Besides, it’ll probably get derailed anyway as Rabbit shows up once again, played by Sonny Carl Davis. He’s here to establish that he’s a dirty old man. I still have no idea what’s going on with Luann but we spent time to point this out to the audience. I suppose you have to. Otherwise, what sense does it make

when two young women come in and flash their boobies in Lucy’s face for free weed? “Yeah, that worked with the old disgusting owner. But I kind of have two of my own.” But Lucy will not be swayed by boobage, so they put them away. It’s sad, but I can only edit around so much. Unable to get weed for their tits, Megan Sage and Samantha McGee leave, ignoring the fact that Lucy was literally giving away free tokes anyway. But never mind that. She asks Rabbit about a recurring character who is suddenly missing. Larnell. Seems after he

got sucked into nothinghead at the end of the last movie, well, he kinda stayed there. “Okay, and when is this space cadet getting back?” “He’s not coming back ever.” Oh, come now. I can clearly see him in the credits in Evil Bong 8. So we don’t get Larnell, but we do get his relative, Jeff to stop by. Played by Jonathan Katz, looking to gloat about his great life, his trophy wife Versnatchy, played by Tonya Kay. And of course, “Where’s your owner?” “Grandpa’s no longer with us.” “You mean he’s…” “Yes, he’s gone off on another adventure.”

Point out that another character will not be coming by anymore, though I’m pretty sure Cyril won’t be in any future sequels, considering that Jacob Witkin did pass away before this movie came out. The point is, Jeff’s trophy wife is here for one thing, and one thing only. Free samples! Taking a hit of Eebee Kush, she immediately forgets her desires to buy every pretty pipe she can see and wants to get it on with Jeff so they leave and never show up again all movie. But someone far more important to future scenes would be this random

fortune teller over here, Madame Mystica, a.k.a. Misty, played by Jessica Morris. Luann asks for Killjoy or Larnell or someone, and in response, “That’s weird.” “Is that bad?” “Beats me. This is a lawn ornament from the Dollar store.” Oh, of course, the fucking thing is just out of warranty. But Misty works with it and is like the smoke must mean the smoke shop. Likely the one that just opened. “I’ll take you there. It’s time for my break anyway.” Either that or she’s just trying to get high and figures yeah May as well bring along the craziest

customer she’s had all day just to make things interesting. But first they need to get Luann some new clothes for reasons, but we don’t get a makeover montage scene or anything like that. Can’t afford to film in any of these stores except for Eebee’s Weed Dispensary of course. And why spend money on sets when you could make money on product placement? As the two flashers conveniently returned just in time for Lucy to break out the Vaporcup available now at Vaporcup.com. Enjoy your vaping in public discreetly only with a Vaporcup. “We’ll take two.” “Okay, let me

just ring that up right here and it’s going to be 199 each.” And yeah, that checks out 199 for one of those things. But there’s a bundle with a bunch of accessories for $70 more and those accessories on their own would cost you $70. So that’s two sales and things are going well for the shop. Lucy just has to head into the back for something real quick. A moment to vent. She can’t stand helping all these stupid people and wants nothing more than to sacrifice the lot of them. Eebee tells her to just calm down

and do what she does best. As such, Lucy tells the girls, Hey, why don’t you two come in the back as well? We got some real killer weed. So they head back there, leaving Rabbit alone and confused. “Oh, I needed that. I wanted to do that so bad.” Me after mowing the lawn. “Where are the girls?” “Oh, they are gone. They are so far gone. Not that they were there to begin with.” And she has killed two more! So much easier to rack up a multi kill when they’re off screen. And now she’s got that

out of her system… “It’s you.” Hello Hello, It’s good to be back. “Welcome! If you’re actually here to buy something.” No, I’m just here for the call to action. *gag* “God, please don’t.” So if you’ve liked this video, how about liking it? “I don’t.” And if you haven’t yet, remember to subscribe. “Oh, you must be real hard up.” For more reviews in the future from yours truly. Decker Shado, the internet personality with the best hair. “I’ve got the fucking best.” And you can even support me on Patreon or become a YouTube channel member. “Fuck this

shit!” Damn. It’s like the fourth time today. For now though, we’ve got more customers on screen, Ruben de La Hoya and Diana Prince. Somehow he’s unable to get it up. But don’t you worry for Vaporcup can solve that too. Available now at Vaporcup.com. Anyway, the whole day’s gone. It’s time for Luann to finally make it to Eebee’s Weed dispensary. “Sarah?” Well, whoever it is the important thing is, it’s Robin Sydney. And she keeps saying she’s trying to find Larnell Killjoy Larnell somebody but Rabbit is adamant that he is gone forever and there is nothing that

can be done about that, for if he were to even try and bring him back, it risks bringing back she who must not be named! “Eebee.” “What’s with you girls?” It’s a horror movie franchise with tons of sequels. How long do you expect these things to run for if people actually heed ominous warnings? Next thing you know, the dead girls emerge from the back rooms, which I am editing around as best I can, because as nice as those are, YouTube isn’t exactly the safest place for them these days. But trust me. Yeah, for zombies? They’re

kinda bangin. But before anyone can understand what’s going on, a portal opens up and the gingerdead man emerges once again, voiced by Robert Ramos. Seeing Luann he immediately assumes it’s Sarah But she’s like, Nope, I’m the real Batty Boop and proceeds to dance. Explaining why she’s not wearing that shirt for the rest of the movie. It’s important. Then Lucy returns with the evil bong, and before we know it, a portal opens up, consuming the sexy zombies and then grabbing the girls! Before Lucy rushes in, she grabs Eebee for the trip to sexy Hell. “Oh fuck!

I was just getting started.” And when it comes to sexy hell, holy fuck. I cannot show like, 95% of what’s on screen at least. But don’t you worry. I have a respectable movie review show here and we will be continuing a respectable movie review of this respectable movie in just one second. And the characters arrive within sexy hell. The sky crimson, the landscape enormous naked women, mountains of asses and breasts as far as the eye can see, though without their heads. Don’t want to make this weird, now. Misty stands beside Luann, though the clown’s wig

is now blue as to not interfere with the green screen. Lucy arrives soon after, followed by Eebee on a convenient shelf, though she is considerably less enthusiastic to find her in her new surroundings. I mean, how would you feel if you just spent the first half of the movie complaining about where you came from, only to have your one and only employee bring you back there just to get their rocks off? And then in a ball of fire, amidst more gigantic naked women whom I cannot show you obviously, we are introduced to the ruler of

Sexy Hell, the devil himself, Beelzebud! Played by The Don. Whom Lucy immediately grovels under, devoting herself entirely to sexy hell and offers a few sacrifices. However, her offer of Misty and Sarah Luann Batty doesn’t go over as well as she thought, as they don’t do sacrifices in hell, but they do do really fucked up orgies. It is Sexy Hell after all. Distraught, she asks Beelzebud, hasn’t he thought about taking over the world that cast him out? And he said he’s been boning a little too much to get around to it. However, she reveals that Eebee,

the evil bong can be used to create a permanent portal to the overworld, allowing his sexy minions to spew forth like sexy Diablo! Which is news to me. I missed the part where Eebee was able to control these portals or make them permanent. And the idea of sexy hell on earth excites Beelzebud in more ways than one. Or actually in just the one way, but a lot of it. And he summons forth sexy demons. Full Moon found three women who are willing to be on camera wearing nothing but G-strings, red paint, horns and tails. And

he sicks the sexy demons on the girls trying to tear their clothes off. But not so fast for Misty pulls a fast one and pulls a demon’s tail off, which destroys the demon. Man, demons are usually tougher than that, aren’t they? I mean, even in HDoom. And this somehow opens another portal. So Misty grabs Eebee and throws her through the special effects! Or rather holds her up to them until she disappears. We’ve already got six movies out of that prop. No reason to break it now. That means the movie isn’t an endless set of t&a,

and I can actually show clips of it again. How about that? Rabbit and the gingerdead man have made this easy on us having not done a damn thing while all this was going on. But when Eebee returns, she brings news of the terrors of hell that await the world intent on killing all the human population before she gets a chance to take over the world. “Your mission is to get back down to sexy hell and kill their ass.” “Wow, I’m just like Ramdough.” So once again, the bad guys are becoming good guys because there’s an

even bigger bad guy that has arrived that they need to stop. And this just makes me wonder what’s going to happen next. That Satan is going to have to work to prevent, with the help of his best friend Killjoy. In order to achieve nothinghead, Rabbit grabs a brand new Vaporcup™ available now at Vaporcup.com and takes a massive hit. That means he opens a portal because that’s really not all that hard, it seems. And the gingerdead man goes back to hell. “I guess we just wait.” Rabbit, was your plan from the start literally just a walk

on set and hang out until the movie’s over? Because Eebee has other plans. The one gingerdead man army is fine, but they need to prepare in case he fails. So from nothinghead, Rabbit somehow gets an idea. Fight a monster, by creating a monster! “It tell you how?” “Weed. Duh.” Honestly, I don’t even know if that was in the script or if it was just Sonny Carl Davis ad libbing at this point. So he gets baked and gets to baking! A little homage to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, which I’m certain she would have been flattered by. They’re

making a new ginger dead man, a ginger weed man, absolutely loaded with Bud, which I certainly hope they remembered to decarboxylate first. But never mind that. Once they fill him full of mad scientist electricity, he bakes up a fine shade of green and is voiced by Brooks Davis right before the movie jumps back over to sexy Hell. So, yeah. Misty and Luann are tied up as Lucy and Beelzebud plan the fucked up orgy. The previous sacrifices come in zombified and then just leave the set for sexy hell business. But then the ginger dead man arrives.

However, Satan tempts him to instead kill the two sacrifices. And considering Luann looks exactly like Sarah, it is very tempting. But then Misty breaks out of her binds and her and Luann kill the remaining demon. Yes. There were two sexy demon guards just a minute ago, and one of them just disappeared. I don’t know what happened to them, but then, before we know it, the ginger weed man emerges from another convenient portal. And using a bongzooka launches joints into everyone’s mouth, calming down Lucy, Beelzebud and the Ginger weed Ginger Dead, Ginger…. One of the gingers.

So the denizens of sexy hell finally take a chill pill, chillax and give peace a chance. Which is just the opening Misty and Luann needed, beating the crap out of Lucy Furr and stomping the ginger dead man into crumbs. Jesus, it’s like trying diplomacy with Gandhi in the Civilization games, but without the threat of the ginger dead man, Beelzebud goes all out with his plans to kill everyone. But not so fast. For the ginger weed man offers him a challenge. If he wins, they go free. But if the devil wins then they all remain in

sexy hell and must remain sexy for all eternity. The contest? Smoke your opponent under the table! It’s kind of like the devil went down to Georgia. Except the devil found himself in Amsterdam. Now the devil performs admirably well. But let’s be real here. He’s got his work cut out for him against the Ginger weed man, a baked good who is literally baked. And his body itself is several grams of THC per ounce. Yeah. After enough tokes, even he has to admit defeat. And the ginger weed man can take the girls and go. This overjoys Luann,

who cheers so hard for the ginger weed man she transforms into wearing a cheerleader outfit. And in case you’re wondering how they get home, don’t worry the ginger weed man can just open a portal. Now, they could just do that now. These things used to be a lot harder to pull off. Meaning we’re back to the weed shop where the ginger weed man emerges, along with Misty and Luann. Luann back to her green wig, now that we don’t have to worry about it messing with the chroma key. However, the real change comes when Eebee’s like,

okay, great job everyone. Now get to work selling my weed. We’ve got a world to take over, and Luann is so excited about another grand opening, she breaks out in a dance! Transforming once again into Luann. Like, like normal Luann. This this is normal for this series. And she is absolutely infatuated with that ginger weed man. Yes, completely normal for this series. And through it all, they made it together thanks to the power of Vaporcup available now at Vaporcup.com. Enjoy your vaporized herbs anywhere discreetly with Vaporcup. Available now for 199 each. “Oh for fuck’s sake.”

But in the depths of sexy hell, Beelzebud and Lucy Furr are getting busy reassembling the Ginger dead man. Because at this point in the franchise, why not? Anyway, that was Evil Bong 666. Was it terrible? Yes and no. But honestly, after 420 and High-5, this was actually a refreshing return to form. Sure the story is all over the place, with characters from all over full moons filmography. But at its heart it’s a continuation of the story of a supernatural evil bong with a desire to take over the world. High-5 was random cameos for an hour

and 420 was random cameos for an hour at a frickin bowling alley. So chances are it was going to be at least a little better. But as we saw with Killjoy 2 that’s certainly not guaranteed. Therefore, the fact that we have returning characters actually spending time advancing the story as absolutely bonkers as the Evil Bong franchise has become was actually really good to see. Rabbit feels more like a background character this time around though. While he does do some important things, he spent most of the runtime just kind of standing in the shop watching the

movie with the rest of us. Eebee at least has her own goals and desires. And the ever changing landscape of allies and threats are keeping her at the edge of the table, having to adapt on the fly, and the meat of the story is booba. Lots and lots of it ain’t no reason to hold that against it. This is Evil Bong 666. We’ve been down this road for a while and hell, if that’s the way we’re going, then we may as well go all out with it. And so they do. Except for Lucy Furr. Remember,

she’s a serious actress and doesn’t do such things. When it comes to Luann, though, Sarah, Batty, whoever the hell, I’m still disappointed that I was absolutely lost as to what was going on. Yeah, it’s a sequel, but I always say that a sequel should still be able to work on its own and not require you to have seen the previous movie just to understand the basic story. Whatever’s going on here, it seems like I have to have watched the previous movie in a completely different franchise to have a grasp on it. Joy. At the end

of the day, Evil Bong 666 is better, but that’s not saying much. It’s still an Evil Bong sequel, still all over the place and still seems to only exist because we just won’t let the franchise die, coming in at two scenes so extreme I had to get creative again out of five. Thank you all for watching, I have been Decker Shado and remember weed is only temporary, but sexy hell is eternal. “You’re all looking a little pastry. What, are you not happy to see me?” “Not really.” And it’s time for me to recommend even more

videos for you to check out. We’ve got the reviews of Evil Bong 4 and 5! Yes, I did one, two and three as well. But those aren’t nearly low enough quality to be suggested after this one. And there’s always the algorithmically selected recommended video, which might still be one of the other Evil Bong movies. I have no idea what it’s going to put there. But anyway, anyway, you watch something, I’m going to go buy one of those vaporcups.

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