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could have taken my head off you’d just scramble your face up real good good to know I’ll come back later couldn’t you go see if Jessica is feeling any better she’ll be fine I gave her Klonopin so she can sleep off whatever the is wrong with her girl is such a pain in the ass it’s like the opposite of 2013. she’s possessed you better wake up in the next half hour or I’m going to be forced to go drown that brainless meat puppet sorry ass I think she’s gonna do just that yep literally the intense

horror of my nightmare came over me and the most Melancholy voice soft let me in let me in it’s well read oh Jesus whoa whoa you’re talking about an opening oh my God what the hell happened nasty Jessica hahaha whoa oh gosh wow it’s still twitching oh that was awesome what a title card so damn that’s a great shot let’s go oh Goosebumps that’s different pregnancy is the Real Horror ah it’s movie about parenting making our own tattoo gun yeah I’m sure it’ll come into some violent play later you’re not going to any protest on

your own tell Danny to turn the music down I caught it on that myself damn the composition of these shots is awesome yeah Cassie you better not have my scissors don’t got him Mom it’s a great setting of the stage uh your boyfriend’s a weirdos you’re the weirdo jeez okay that’s gonna come to handy they’re a loving family I like this family Dynamic it’s very different yeah there’s a lot of artistic expression within the family yeah especially the mom being like a tattoo artist pretty cool surprise hahaha that’s very real when this building used to

be a bank a teller got caught stealing himself and if you walk around with coins in your pockets his ghost hears the jingle hunged himself Josh I only believe what I can say get ready to see some lady yeah check out but I got your dad oh he abandoned them Danny go take my car and get pizza with your sisters one of the hottest evilest looking mom I’ve ever seen Perfect Two quadrant crossover why didn’t you tell me how I called you first time when he told me he was leaving second the night he moved

out could I send a text I mean you only called twice people don’t answer the phone these days you can sleep on the sofa tonight thank you the shrill’s sound design you guys gotta watch this with headphones oh yeah it’s like it’s then Shivers everyone hey man that’s one of the Hallmarks of a good Evil Dead movie is they are shrill hey Sally calling to say hi and um me and Jay we are there’s no point in calling her back now oh it’s just tractor doing in the garage door no it was priceless beverages wow

what a crazy shot Wowie is this building like on a haunted ground or something yeah it must be built on an Indian burial ground there’s a chainsaw on the side of that truck oh is there yeah the tree trimming truck damn it’s an old Bank ball that really is haunted it’s cool it’s usually what’s hidden in a cabin come on hang on what you looking for money all right I’d be curious as too to see what’s down here I mean to be fair start up an urban exploring YouTube channel the Pope’s Exorcist as like those

guys Easter eggs oh great distorted sound design Jesus wept right about now is when I lose interest I go I’m not cool enough to stay there either brave enough or stupid enough here we go foreign can you hear up there quick Senator hiding in the Ducks oh no don’t kill the cat 13th floor is that then you never take the elevator after a quake but you’re on the 14th floor lady Dan my friend oh my friend now you’ve done it ah great looks like stop motion yeah looks like Hagrid’s magical creature book let’s close it

I got stung by a jellyfish at the beach before I don’t like going underwater I don’t think there’s any weird sea creatures in the tub um I used to check oh great shot oh my God you’re such a don’t think it’s like he was meant to find this yeah I would like to present you one of the disabled volumes of naturum De Monta The Book of the Dead the dead three volumes it’s findings are made of pure human flesh its passages and etchings ached in blood blood the recitation of which proclaimed to allow contact with

Supernatural forces that exist Beyond The Thin veneer oh kid I know we got to get there of a dip shall now commence reading aloud the first of the spiritual Resurrection messages and uh let’s take it over yes oh no oh my God it’s coming right for her oh my God oh whoa cool holy that was awesome this is really really cool yeah it’s almost inspiring not the context but you know oh ah damn wow the aggression I knew I did not trust those cables huh interesting oh no no no no no no oh damn whoa

cheese gotta respect the cleverness on that sure oh no how fun huh oh boy it’s like learning how to use the host yeah I have the most beautiful drink we were together sitting in a tall Forest the wind was clean and the British team the Swedish smell man huh smell it Melodies oh oh I could think about was how much I wanted to cut you all open and climb inside your body so that we could stay one happy family yep it’s me oh it’s me I’m the evil it’s me oh foreign whoa this is genuinely

creepy I want Dad to come home he will you said mom was gonna be okay there would be I would love it if her dad’s Bruce Campbell here’s the Cameo you’ve been waiting for baby I don’t like being trapped everyone is on edge enough without guns getting fired in here I like that the other tenants aren’t like outwardly creepy like I like that there’s like a small communal aspect along with the family you’re the one who always has the answers no matter how busy you ever got you always found time for me for everyone damn

this dead eye is milking it yeah I’m drumming up the suspense Ellie calling to say hi Oh pray on our guilt remember whoa whoa what the great use of the phone right on the eyeball yeah oh it’s alive standing up oh yikes oh this movie’s so clever yeah okay oh I love it because it plays on the psychological turmoil of the family too yeah like a lot mommy’s with the maggots now oh hey evil oh God that was mean get away from my bridge what’s happening to me sweetheart I don’t know Mom I do of

course you do I’m free now free from all you all you oh no no way whoa whoa whoa let me kiss it better oh Ellie whoa what the is going on whoa I out oh no Jesus Christ someone heimlich that poor boy it is so dark Evelyn malevolent as I’ve ever been that’s just scary oh no found his gun great Style I love it I love it that’s amazing don’t you think mom looks just like one of those pictures from that book you never should have stopped this isn’t my fault this is your fault it’s

kind of his fault ah jeez your gas bill is going to be ridiculous kill the little girl show me this movie means business yeah it’s not real to you kill a kid ah that tongue infection probably too yeah oh no oh God oh no blood or ink looks like ink fascinating Gorge how do they do that it looked real well there you are hey there cutie pie I was just feeling sad about me and your dad he’s here now we’re getting back together isn’t that right my darling oh she’s good interesting she doesn’t deserve to

die oh gross open up and let us in Cassie we can be a big happy family again I hope so you don’t look so good mom nothing a big old hug and kiss from you won’t fix oh not now no that’s it do it for Mom and Dad uh so do a kid come on oh no open a door like you open your legs you stinking rubies oh she’s working through some yeah okay Stephanie will protect us right yeah okay yep daughter’s screwed that’s too bad yeah I feel bad for her it really had me

convinced the kids would be okay damn it what are you looking at uh oh my God I gotta kill the creepy crawlers that I got inside my timing oh those eyes oh yeah yeah yeah yeah I don’t like having things inside my tummy I don’t like this do you antiba oh no for the love of God yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I think I topped the glass chewing for me man now Basher heading she’s half your size oh it came back and now it’s got a real head on it great effect yeah that poor

little girl it’s a great thing that moment happened that was that came out of it was a big surprise yeah oh this video is brought to you by betterhelp.com ah 35 bucks a month you can work your problems out too this is what happened to us I’m not gonna let that happen performance oh you did a mom thing could be a good mom oh yeah you know how to lie to kids great delivery I thought I should tie her up just in case that is a good idea I want to listen to that vinyl it’s

too dangerous well I who gives a at this point you need disc three Hey listen to the first and then he spoke the words on the second I guess I’ll start at the other end then just in case yeah how does this get to the cabin that’s a great question I didn’t even possessed Cortez first rotting him from the inside out oh that last moment yeah I feel it in my mouth no no movie no movie don’t do it I tried to kill what will this place is she gonna catch fire or something great oh

she’s smart oh I didn’t see that that’s great oh she’s right there rotting and rage filled wow that is a quiet dead body careful Danny oh to the both of you oh he stabbed her ugh right in the bicep of course I told you you should have put the book back Danny cleanse it with fire I know I tell you oh no no no no hey this horror will not stop that’s right that did nothing that tickles I’m sorry oh I will swallow your soul oh what are you doing what are you baby two Souls

foreign they would not I think they might yes oh she had her scissors some of these shots are pure sad Ramey oh yeah yeah do you have a chainsaw how’s your hand feeling are you gonna be a mom she made a choice the two lead actresses are amazing yeah and such great contrast between them whoa no no yes blast it Boomstick yeah oh damn that was scary that was a really good jump skirt yeah and that floaty motion like the old Evil Dead you have no idea what it’s like to bring a child into this

world Stephen oh Mr Fonda banshees everybody here dies by Dawn bad dead by Don Evil Dead 2. evil dies tonight damn this road has a solid grip on escalation yeah whoa whoa what are they doing so this was what it was like in The Shining elevator I know that was probably so hard to get out what is it inside of her why are they doing this they need her heart or something oh forming into like a centipede of sorts like a king rat evil deadite okay goby with the cat wow oh no oh overload it

drop it yep great reference usually the blood gets off at the second floor YouTube it’s not real blood corn syrup red food dye number 12. oh let’s see it let’s see it guys gotta be burning oh you said there was a chainsaw down here well there was a picture of one on the side of the van that had the wood chipper on it but someone will find a real chainsaw somewhere I bet those feel like Sam raybian fetty Alvarez yeah all right with with Lee cronin’s like character based the Buick it’s a Buick great great

there are some Easter eggs in this movie yeah huh it’s coming it’s common cool wow oh that’s amazing King corpse amazing this is more efficient to combine to become that then six spread out bodies cover more grounded six spread up oh this is intense yeah oh oh gross I love how they’re handling the perspective on this oh what a great effect that is impressive foreign run Evil Dead run oh no you gotta be kidding me Cassie safada’s tree surgery there’s gotta be a chance on the truck wow yeah there is a chainsaw what the all

I want is your little head baby girl oh damn get away from her you come get some come get some now now grab the chainsaw oh what a neat effect oh that is so impressed fashion I can’t get over it yeah that’s something new I don’t know no none of the chipper I’ll grab the chainsaw kick that Meg in the teeth Jason Statham oh yeah nice hey she aggressive it’s like the end of 2013. the blood rain and all help me baby boot only my sister gets to call me that oh yes wow oh no

wow you know you really do look like Mom and you’re gonna fail miserably just like her you stinking horrible wow God the trick is always in the chainsaw huh yeah I mean the the chipper helped but oh is that chainsaw laughs oh wow two final girls what a journey I gotta take that with you yep passing of the mantle this is gonna be a to get on YouTube no idea what’ll make the cut blurry reactions who is the dad please let me Bruce Campbell that’d be awesome at this point they can make any money but

that’s what I’m hoping for us oh she’s the one who went on vacation okay I don’t mean to be a downer or anything but I was actually thinking you’ve taken a rain check on the pool not a chance I’m picking you up in 15. bye wow it doesn’t even smell down there yeah I didn’t knows any of the torrential blood outpour yep yep yep oh on all sides oh he wrote it too well done Lee Cronin and robbed there’s the Bruce Campbell cameo snap Diggity yeah man oh wow these Pages too oh wow that was

well well done Dave garbett aggressive it just kept building yeah no I’ve made editing too seriously fantastic editing yeah well there’s like a point I don’t know like 45 minutes of the Moon I was like this is not too bad like in terms of like the violence and yeah yeah yeah that was like never mind this is really going on I mean yeah kind of like just grips onto you at a certain point it just like doesn’t let go yeah no yeah it’s got this yeah really steady build and then once it crosses a certain

threshold it does become like intensely you know carnivorous and gory like I think pound for pound 2013 probably still has slightly more slightly more in terms of just like Gore set pieces you know but this one had just all of that intensity and yeah it it kind of filled the air in between in other ways instead of just being Balls to the walls but still having that you know quality yeah that means 2013 one was so aggressive that it was just kind of funny and how aggressive it was that it wasn’t necessarily like I I

really enjoy that one for just how hardcore it is yeah uh but I wouldn’t call it scary like this one’s actually like I was there were times I was like this is really scary this is a really scary situation and to not have it play on like a remake of Evil Dead and just to be it but have the familiar stuff with the you know Necronomicon and they don’t they’re never explicitly State the word deadites yeah to have the deadites to have like the makeup Jedi Kings Queen thing at the end was awesome um but

they they what they did such an exceptional job ad um I think better than like any of the Evil Dead movies I would any of them movies I would say uh I I think the one that they specifically credited as a dead out in the credits um is the character work here they they actually really get you to care about the characters and I love that they made the set of characters a different kind of family dynamic because you it could have easily just been the art types of what you would normally see with a

single mother and the three children that she has but they gave each one of them hobbies and interests and personalities that are very different than what you normally get in these kinds of films yeah and right down to the mom too both both the women as well um I felt like a real family and and one where yeah like you know everybody kind of has to pull a certain amount of the weight in the house everyone’s a little probably more grown up than they should have been at a certain age yeah but none of the

kids even a little girl none of them are like overly precocious for their age or some like that you know yeah they’re not Hollywood kids yeah but then also working through the I mean do you remember the characters the main the main character the the sister Auntie Beth I think is yeah I think Beth an evil Mom all right sake of conversation here yeah um but Beth and her the she’s working through it’s kind of being judged as someone who’s like not mature and responsible enough yeah but it’s like these like subtle some are very

you know right on the nail digs but then there’s these this underlying tension between them of someone who hasn’t just grown up enough and felt like judged by her sister yeah but the way the movie managed to take everything that works about Evil Dead and not fully sacrificed the fun qualities about it and nor get overly bogged down with wanting to be like a heavy psychological piece either it had this great middle line of keeping it with that kind of energy that uh propulsive quality throughout the whole thing but never never succumbing to to one

way or too much to one way to the other I thought it was really well balanced I was so impressed with the way they did this because like after the 2013 one we we had Ash vs Evil Dead which just took it right back to like the super campy fun version yeah and then to like you couldn’t put like a Bruce Campbell Ash character in this and get away with it I mean you could but for what that Journey has evolved into you need a new set of characters yeah and to take that new set

of characters who are complete strangers to all this uh was was a smart maneuver because it gave it something that felt personal and the way they plan the psychological turmoil uh was excellent that was the part of it that I was so impressed by was like damn this is a real like the ball going you don’t know what the hell’s going on yeah yeah no totally and and I think I mean I I definitely sort of agree with everything you just said and it’s like yeah like you could you could pair Ash up with Mia

in in in some context but this yeah I like how they’ve managed to make this feel like its own thing but also like it’s still growing out of you know everything that it came before I think it’s really interesting franchise that they’ve built out of this because in some ways I do think it is sort of like I mean like you know when prey came out everyone was talking about like all you need is like you know a couple tenets of tone and you know the predator and I feel like for Evil Dead all you

need is a couple tenets of tone because they’re all about these you know presences these beings that just torment you just the Flies yeah yeah but no yeah it’s like you know as long as you have the book and as long as you have you know these tormenting you know just gleefully maniacally evil demonic spirits you can kind of do anything inside of that framework I feel like and I think that’s the smart thing and what’s cool about this is like you said this feels like it’s definitely how the tradition of Sam Raimi people are

getting slimed left and right like and it certainly seems like this would had to have been a sticky and and like uncomfortable adventure for the actors involved but then it has the aggression and the tension of the fetty Alvarez take and then I think what Lee Cronin brings to this which is really nice is at least watching that one film of his which I believe is called a hole in the ground uh you know like that I feel like that’s kind of one of those a24 movies that that has that created helped to create that

idea of like the really intense trailer but it’s more just like a taught psychological kind of horror-ish drama and that’s you know like about a a young woman trying to you know like raise like can’t remember it’s like her little brother or something like that but you know he brought this intimate family quality into a place that now has all those satisfying elements that you know a movie like that maybe sets you up to think will be there but aren’t as much the priority whereas here you know you have the benefit of you got to

go extreme for Evil Dead and two you have the sensibility of compassion toward who this family is and it doesn’t do too much you know reveling in like oh we got to build the story like I thought it moved at a really nice clip but it gave you a full portrait of who these people are and what’s going on and then you know they stumble across the book the way anybody stumbles across the book and I like that you know they borrow that idea of I guess there are three volumes so they can kind of

you know you’ve got the one in the woods you’ve got this one maybe there’s another one out there and then Army of Darkness I mean they have three of them on hand in some way although the other two are like fake or whatever but but yeah like this had such beautiful like low light photography and like all these split diopters and some of them are used in the way you’re used to seeing them in a horror movie but many of them I thought you know created I thought they used them across the tone instead of

just like here’s one really cool shot it’s like no we’re gonna do what’s in the foreground what’s in the background guide your eye around like it’s just so engaged in how the filmmaking is communicating all this stuff and yeah it’s like I thought this one did nicely I associate Evil Dead movies with being shrill and mocking in a lot of ways and and you know kind of always out to like poke you and make you squirm and I thought this one was cool because as compared to the other ones yeah you do have those moments

of breath and Air in between and you do have at least a more sort of gradual feeling build to yeah this intense chaos and it’s like contained it’s like a bottle movie in so many ways yeah and it does a good job at getting you a sense of that they have a chance at escaping because they all you got all you know is they it’s got to get out of the building yeah like as long as we’re out of the building they’re fine yeah and it’s that that real difficult journey of just getting to that

parking garage and exiting yeah and I think they do a really they excel at that uh with really creating what the environment is and getting you an understanding of of the layout and never relying too much on things like yeah it has these like claustrophobic qualities but because but more than claustrophobic it just feels like really discontained and because of how contained it is you it doesn’t what I like is that it doesn’t rely on the claustrophobia I just relies on this is there’s not much where you can really run to to get it to

get out of the situations that you’re in I really do think that even if you haven’t seen um Evil Dead before like you really don’t need to and they they just they have some like fun winks and nods and I feel like for people who like Evil Dead they’ll they’ll enjoy this movie hopefully I mean it seems like they did right I feel like people aren’t this movie’s been killing it I mean yeah it’s it’s made huge money and everybody who’s is a fan seems quite pleased I mean you know everyone’s debate is comes down

to like oh where would you rank it but everyone seems pretty enthused overall I think it’s a one of the better ones in terms of like an actual movie I mean in terms of like a well-rounded movie with like characters that you all around care about in some ways this is the most of a film yeah I know exactly yeah because because like I love the 2013 version as well but you know like some of the dialogue in that could be better blah blah blah whereas this you know had a thoughtfulness about it and yeah

I really liked all the family members and two they got me kind of off guard because I should have assumed most everybody would die but at first I was like okay so you’ve got these other tenants to add to the body count but no I mean you lose most of the family you know except for the the the small child you know the little Cassie and uh you know and and they they flirt I think they flirted with the line nicely on certain things like I was like are they gonna rip are they gonna rip

this kid out of her stomach right now it would have been a little too much for me I thought they did a good job at messing with the audience because I mean to me I would have been like it’s a little too much a little too farther yeah yeah because then you’re jumping up a different caliber into your daredevilish your geek show Human Centipede Serbian film yeah and then that’s the thing too is you have to figure out what is going to be disgusting make people score make people want to look away but not be

like that is the magic I think is is finding the fun times intensity that doesn’t cross over into just ah this is unpleasant because I keep it creative like even the gore gags are very creative I was surprised by how uh creative they were yeah I think you know like because sometimes with the 2013 when it’s like I don’t want to make it something we’re just sliding it sometimes it does feel like they’re just really mean and it’s practical yeah sure you know where here like it it does get mean and like vicious yeah but

it never they always found a way to capture it in a way that was still thought out even with the glass bit yeah you know like the way they mess with the lighting even on the the swallowing and then poking out I think that shot’s in the trailer I just forgot about it yeah um it got overshadowed by the cheese grater I don’t know the glass one’s the one anytime that you a character hoop like chews glass that already like messes me up yeah I feel it in my mouth it’s not good yeah that already

is like disturbing enough to me yeah they just get like hammering at home there but it does respected I think we’re in a day and age now where they like kill off kids and stuff big respect for killing those kids you know Halloween kills didn’t it for Halloween 2018 whatever whatever it was something about when you do that you go it’s movies yeah I want you to know they’ll kill off anyone kids are unsafe here um well and this had tributes and Easter eggs in a way that I thought was nice because they weren’t ever

really flying them too far in your face I mean you know chainsaw is gonna chainsaw especially though is that’s the one where you you that has to happen but if you had no idea it would still be cool and fun and a nice surprise it’s like I feel like the most overt Easter egg really is The Shining elevator yeah and then the rest is you know stuff if it’s like they’re chanting dead by Dawn and it’s like if you know you know but if you don’t it’s still Eerie and creepy and it’s a part of

the scene you know it’s not just hey remember it’s not member berries as much you know as people like to say yeah I kind of feel like the opening scene actually really helps with setting a really good tone for the adventure you’re about to go on otherwise I might have just felt like too serious of a psychological drama yeah but having that opening scene at at the lake and then even making fun of the Drone shot yeah so good I love how they just decided to show that to us yeah um and then reminded us

of we’re evil that comes from like clearly there’s reverence for the Evil Dead franchise here it doesn’t just feel like a director stepping and going I just want to make my own you know and they do they make it their own but they do it with honoring what came before it it really does feel collateral like with fetty Alvarez and now with Lee Crone in both it’s felt like they really put time into figuring out who’s voice can jibe again with what’s come before keep some of that but also bring something else to help expand

on this and I thought yeah they they seem very conscientious in who they choose and I mean Lee cronin’s been out there being like I got four more ideas for movies what do you want to see next so like I would be excited to see him return but I would also be just as excited to see some new blood you know take the reins and I think that will help Evil Dead like it’s one of the most consistent franchises I think you can and weirdly one of the most inconsistent because whenever the one comes out

it’s a success amongst fans especially and then they go can’t do a follow-up sorry yeah we’re gonna wait another five five ten years 23rds it’s been 10 years like yeah they had the show in between two and that show was very beloved but that got canceled yeah um and like it just didn’t get enough viewership for and I know Bruce Campbell has talked about specifically on the the sh what was it stars specifically put it on Stars they thought might have been a mistake for the kind of viewership starts expected to generate for producing that

show yeah I bet um and that’s where a lot of the default that’s where a lot of the fault of what viewership comparison kind of came down to like it was actually got good views but not enough for what stars wanted yeah and I mean I imagine like I got Stars just for that and then Evil Dead the 2013 obviously like that did not uh that did well and they wanted to do part two but that never happened and and then uh Army of Darkness wasn’t a hit and it’s gained like a cold following like

it is a really consistent franchise but in terms of like follow-ups I’m like I never I never hold out I’m just like we’ll see you’ll be like it’s the greatest responses movie has been as successful as it is too I’m like who knows knowing this franchise probably never see a sequel oh yeah well and that’s the funny part too is I mean I hope the theatrical release has helped because that was the other narrative was like oh this was originally intended just to go right to streaming so so we watched it how they originally intended

but you know they put it in theaters and it is I don’t know if it’s done better box office than 2013 but I get this that’s just the vibe I’ve gotten because it’s over 150 million or more now you know well this movie I think with evil dead too you also need um Evil Dead as well I mean I think the people that you need to have great practical effects like it relies so much on that and even with something like Army of Darkness which would as wacky as that film gets they use as much

practical as they can oh yeah and I I think this movie also generates a lot of great practical effects and the performances are incredibly strong between the mom who turns but like prior to her being a mom the moment Sutherland or whatever she’s she’s actually the world human being yeah and I like the tribute to the The Vines wrapping around but they do it without elevator Accords clever and then her as the evil mama is the main villain for this I thought was really smart because usually the first one who turns is they’re just trapped

or incapacitated in some way yeah and then to make her the head villain I thought was a neat structure oh yeah because like dead like the the Evil Dead implied by the title are all about just torture and torment and yeah what better a way to really make people suffer than to pervert the entire family Dynamic from the top down yeah and and yeah make that just as mean as possible and two like I loved their take on the book and that’s the thing too is like the book kind of changes like it doesn’t have

a face in this one but it’s got the teeth on the binding and then you get that foreshadowing of what the king deadite is gonna or queen deadite is going to look like in the pages and then they sort of shoot around it for the most part until you know the very end to let you kind of fill in the blanks based on just how horrific the images are the old recording I thought was great I love the record gag was was fun and uh yeah and just seeing that you know writhing human-based monstrosity brought

to life was something new that I I’m not used to seeing in these I feel like they they often go for body horror and they distort and and make you know pain for the human form but to see yeah this like fused together creature it was like another that’s something I feel like you could play off of and and enhance going forward you know and do even more of those kinds of things all right John lay take the reins um I put it out on our community post I mean for me I gave it a

9.5 out of 10. sure I’m with you there and and there must be like some kind of random ass Bruce Campbell thing so if somebody caught it Enlighten us great music generally take the reins on this oh goody got some question I don’t know if there are questions see 97 comments but um oh go ahead I said we’re gonna do a spoiler talk um so let’s just take it away what’s the top one the top one the opening title card hits hard so good and this is from Michael legere I hope I’m saying your name

right which practical effect was your favorite I really like the sequence with the sheet oh I mean it’s got to be the centipede yeah whatever you call that they’re like stunt performers involved too like I don’t I I would love to know how they brought that to life there’s a thing like that I don’t want to ruin it for John in something but there’s a thing in something if you guys know me you might know what I’m referring to but yeah there’s a thing uh that I don’t want to roam but I was like oh

man if they were able to bring that’s left then they could bring it yeah I don’t want to say too much but um yeah I think that was a a fantastic effect and oh God there’s a lot of great practical effects there are tons of yeah I mean you could just sit there and name them all I was very struck it’s not maybe the most obvious one but I was very struck when she starts like bleeding ink out of her eyes especially like and I’m sure they can erase stuff but it didn’t look no it

didn’t look like CG Goose so like however they rigged that was was quite impressive and I mean like that that nasty vomit gag like Ugh uh let’s see here Lee Cronin had stated there are four options for where the Francesca goes come from Rob it’s equal to this one with Beth again at the center um explanation exploration of the vinyls having a John Wick Style movie with the priests that read for the book Cleanup Crew the apartment complex II go back to the cabin in the woods where would you like to see the franchise go

next uh I think it would be an interesting personally I think it would be a more interesting experiment to do beth again at the center because I think with evil other than when you have the show I think part of what makes Evil Dead cool is you only get just enough mythology yeah and I don’t know I I don’t really care to do the back of the apartment again uh and then back to the cabin in the woods like that you’re you’re retreading at that point yeah which I’m sure would be entertaining as hell but

you are just retreading at that point yeah um so a sequel to one with Beth again at the center allows for uh the evolution of the character you can even do little bit of a time Jump if you want to or or you could do something really interesting where you just pick it up moment the same night yeah and just like really keep it I mean yeah like narratively I think that would be interesting because I was always one to be like please let’s do Evil Dead 2 with Mia uh so to see Beth back

at the center I think would be good I think the the John Wick style is a bit of a reach it could be cool I’ll throw my hat in for the rec2 style just because I think that could be an interesting way to carry it on you could get Beth back but have a new set of people affected by this and then maybe Take It Outside the apartment or something why don’t we go with this one John ooh the video Club random massive fan of the franchise I like both 2013 remake and this new one

but don’t you think that in these more serious tone without the style and humor of Raymond Campbell like in the uh oh original trilogy original trilogy there you go and the series it becomes just another horror movie missing that unique characteristic that made Evil Dead stand out um I wouldn’t say that at all I mean like I certainly understand missing the campiness and the Bruce Campbell more Three Stooges style comedy and that presence of like you know the guy who is a total braggart but is also inept in various ways until he you know Rises

but I think first one was pretty serious too yeah I think people forget that and and I I think that what they’ve done nicely in 2013 and in this new installment is they have honed in on some of just I think the more core Elements which is yeah it’s that element of gleeful torment that mean you know Punchy energy it’s wet it’s gross it’s practical but it’s like 2013 and this one have that quality where they’re not as outwardly fun and funny but you can tell behind the camera whoever is directing this is like giggling

at what they’re putting these poor cast folks through yeah so I think they still maintain the the style but there’s a certainly a divide between the OT and the new Ray Mar saw the movie loved it Alyssa Sutherland as Ellie was the best part of the movie hands down her facial expressions are incredible however what did you think about the protagonist Beth my only problem with her character is that there’s nothing that really gets me invested in her to care much we’re introduced to her find out she’s pregnant and it has a little impact because

they know nothing about her I just wish we got time with her to actually get behind her character what’d you all think thanks uh I feel like in this movie it is her journey of deciding whether or not to become a mom that was sort of what I was picking up on I feel like she was showing up to there to talk about maybe getting rid of the baby which should I keep it or not yeah yeah and and then you know she sees like the struggles of what it’s like to have and like going

to see her sister specifically who has kids and get an experience of of that you know um and then you know I even got a gift for the dad and so she gets this experience of like oh here’s what it’s like being a ma oh well if the dad leaves what if I don’t have the support and then as she goes through this journey with having the kid with like trying to protect the children and stuff uh I I feel like that’s her deciding I am good enough to become a mom like I I can

become a mom so I thought it was interesting because yeah but I think too you learn a lot about her through the family yeah there’s that choice that what the little girl asks her are you gonna be a mom and she and in that moment she’s going I’m going to be yes and I think part of her saying that is her going I’m also going to adopt you and get you the hell out of here yeah yeah yeah and and and I do think that yeah even though there are a lot of other characters to

focus on I think we do learn about her and what her struggles are and what her life is through her with the other characters so I I didn’t feel like anything was missing really um kind of covered that kind of covered that I feel like we should do at least one more yeah um okay let’s take this one the bearded cenophile uh John take it away sure what do you make of the irony that the thing that brings Danny the most Joy DJing and using his turntables and spinning some sweet LCD sound system jams ultimately

destroys almost all of his family because he plays The Book of the Dead record on his record player I found that fascinating yeah I mean early on that like there was a moment part way through where I was expecting that the all three of the kids might live but then it started to make a lot more sense especially after you know the first daughter goes like yeah like part of these movies are are punishing and certainly Danny is punished for his passion for his passion and his curiosity yeah yeah so I thought that was like

without being like super on the nose I thought it made for a good gag with the record player and the like when he can’t get the needle off of it and stuff like that and uh and yeah a good piece of irony tragic irony for that character no it’s tragedy that’s his love and it punishes him and in the end yeah because you know like I I think the whole thing with Awakening the dead leads to a lot of the time being like what a bunch of freaking idiots yeah you know but this is LA

and out here in L.A you know like yeah don’t get me wrong there’s like a lot of different religions out here and and people who are non-believers that’s also very prevalent out here like there’s a lot of people who don’t believe in God and stuff so to me for a kid to just go down there and find some spooky but be like oh it’s cool we can actually sell I I bought what he was doing yeah I bought his curiosity with it all and they were wondering about the Vault the building itself is run down

anyway so it’s like the they’re they turned down yeah like the basement in that too it’s like oh this is someone might just bury this in rubble if we don’t kind of look around in here yeah yeah um but hey guys uh thank you for all who uh submitted questions next time I just gotta remember um I like the glossy slick look for this Evil Dead film by the way just me just someone who asked that I I like it I think I think when you have I think that’s what helps separate well okay all

right Justin says do you think this is too glossy slick for an evil dead film I personally miss a gorilla filmmaking early installments I think what’s really cool is you know when Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are doing it yeah is when you have more of that style when even with the show like there’s a certain type of like I ever kind of just having fun with winging it a little bit Yeah like it’s it’s composed but there’s there’s a looseness to it yeah um where the other Evil Dead can Branch off with these other

versions that it’s like as long as you keep like an economic on deadeyes and whatnot um then then you could have more of this like glossy cinematic appeal look to it so I think it’s neat when you can have kind of both sides you know and that’s one of the unique things about the franchise to me but guys what did you think about Evil Dead rise thank you all those submitted some questions we’ll get to those a little quicker next time this was an experiment so I kind of forgot about it uh but I was

like oh we need to remember to answer the questions I totally use um I totally put that out there and I was like I’m so caught up in reviewing it no I’ll remember next time to get to it quicker but thank you guys so much uh leave your thoughts down below uh be sure to subscribe you can follow us on patreon to get a g fuel once again and hey we’ll uh catch you all very soon

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