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Hello viewers, I Abhishek Upadhyay welcome you all on the Power of Market financial education platform, hearty congratulations friends, the results of Exit Poll 2024 have come and the way the results have come out, the question that is being raised is whether its influence on the market. What can

be the impact on Monday? Second important point: In today’s video, we are going to discuss that when the results will be out on June 4, 2024, will these exit poll results be converted into what is the possibility? What kind of outcomes can come between the two political alliances

which are currently contesting the elections in India and the important point that we have to understand is what are the possible outcomes and how will the market react. If you can, then this is the important point of today. Let’s start today’s video. Look at the results of the

exit poll. There seems to be a possibility. These are the results of different agencies. I am telling you an average. What is coming out is that if we talk about the average, then with BJP rule and NDA, there seems to be a possibility that there is a possibility

of getting between 350 to 370 seats. Different agencies are estimating that if this is converted into the result. If this happens, then the first condition will

be that the market may show you a rally from 3 to 8 on both the days, Monday and Tuesday, and if we

talk about the whole month of June 2024, then our assessment is that You may see an upside momentum of 15 to 20% in the market. The second possible outcome is that if we assume that the results do not come as per the exit polls and if BJP rules

NDA, it will get a target of 300%. Even if you get seats nearby, you can see at least an upside momentum of 8 to 10 rupees on a monthly basis in the market . The third possible outcome is that on June 4, it seems that if for any

reason BJP falls below 250. If the Indian Alliance gets more than 200 seats, then a hung assembly situation can arise and it has to be seen how the alliance of different political parties will remain. If we take our side in favor, then if a coalition government comes and

runs with simple majority, then it is possible that the market is discounting this thing that if the BJP alliance which is NDA should get full majority, then the conditions of simple majority will be there. It is possible that in the market you may also see a big profit

booking from 2 to 5, then these three possible outcomes seem to be. The fourth outcome can be that if for some reason, if the government of India Alliance If it is made then we will have to see because in this situation, if we talk about the entire month

of June, then you can see a big correction of 10 to 15 rupees in the market, so these are some important possible outcomes according to which the market will behave. Now the question is arising that how should you behave in the market? If we talk about investors then

this is a golden opportunity for you. If there is a correction of 10 to 15 rupees in the market then you have a lot of money. There will be good opportunities, you will get many quality stocks in many blue chip comp companies at lower rates. The second situation

is that if the market shows a rally above here, then you will have a good opportunity to buy the stocks which will become mature for you. You are seeing good profits at Rs 50, at Rs 70 you are seeing 100% profits, there you will have opportunities to book

some profits and when the market will correct again after some time, it may be after one month to month, then you will have the opportunity to book some profits. There will be opportunities that you can do bottom fishing and bring down your costs, so this is an opportunity

according to investors. As far as traders are concerned, traders have to keep one thing in mind that when Also, if you are doing option trading, then there are many types of strategists to work in such events, so if you want to learn option strategy, then you can also

connect with Power of Market from some other platform. If you have knowledge of option strategy, then you can take advantage of this type of momentum and events of this type. If you do not know option strategy, if you are doing cash trading or future trading, then you will

definitely need a little knowledge in dealing with your wallet. There will be a problem and you have to keep one thing in mind that at present the option premiums are looking quite expensive because the Indian Wallet Index is currently hovering around 2425 and it seems that on the

day of election results, will come On that day it will also cross the level of 30, so if it crosses the level of 30 then it has been seen many times that some traders try to create new positions on the 4th due to fear of missing out. If

you do especially option buying , your risk will increase there, so if you have to keep this point on your radar, then this is the overall election outlook. Apart from this, another important US payroll data is to come out on Friday in this week. It is quite important

that the data that will come out on Friday shows that the average hourly earnings numbers in America may be slightly on the negative side. When the numbers will come out in detail, we will discuss it in detail on Friday. We will put the analysis before you and try

to understand because in three-four days the impact of the elections on 3rd and 5th will be broadly settled out, so the market on Friday may behave as per the US payroll data. If you can, overall, according to this strategy, if you utilize the exit polls and election results,

then there is a good opportunity for you in the market, be it traders or investors, and if for some reason you do not want to take advantage of this opportunity. If you are not able to participate then you should be patient for a week and 10 days and

you should try that when the market settles out this wallet after maybe one week and after 15 days then you should focus on that time that your What can be the right strategy for this and according to that, you should make your strategy based on what is there

in the market, whether you are trading or investing, then if you like today’s Power of Market video, then like and share it. Also subscribe the channel and if you understand these things through charts live on youtube1 around 1 pm, you will understand all these factors along with the

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in today’s news.

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