Explore Asia – A Look at Continents / Kid Book Review / Veronica Wilkins

everybody, It’s me Jenisha Stanley again.
Today I’m going to review
the book about a continent, ‘Explore
Asia’, largest continent on earth contains
more than half of earth’s population
also. The entire Asia has
48 countries, and it contains the biggest
one and smallest one.
The biggest one is Russia, and the
smallest one is Maldives,
a group of islands. Asia is the largest
of all the seven and now I will show you
where Asia is.
Here is Asia. Some of the islands
get into the southern hemisphere and
they are
kind of close to Australia, and also
Africa and Europe are connected to Asia.
75% of Asia are covered in mountains.
It also contains earth’s highest peak,
Everest in Nepal. People from all over
the world
travel to climb it. Some people
call the plateau of Tibet, the roof of
the World. Kind of like the roof of the
why?. Because it is earth’s
highest plateau. I’m going to tell you
four quick facts on Asia. I can tell you
the size of Asia is 17 million 226 thousand
200 square miles, and it is
4.7 billion people living there,
of 2019, which is last year’s estimate,
and something cool, I am going to tell you
Asia makes about 30% of earth’s land.
That is almost half of earth’s land.
Russia and China, two countries in Asia
are larger than the entire continent of
Everybody go and read this book to learn
Asia and the cool things about it!!!

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