EXPLORING INDONESIA by EXECUTIVE CLASS TRAIN 🇮🇩 | Yogyakarta to Bandung | Indonesian Food Review

good morning today we are at the train station we are leaving Joe Jakarta heading to bondu now this is a longer trainer ID guys yep seven hours seven eight hours something like that so we are in the executive class uh splurged a little more for that more on the train ticket prices uh here in a little bit once you’re on the train hello how are you sir poggy now the last train station we were at over in sarabayas very easy to get the tickets I am going to assume this is very similar but we’ll head

inside we’ll find a ticket kiosk much like an airplane ticket we’ve got a little code that we can put in and a little kiosk will print our tickets so we’ll give it a try now from this train station you can take these long commuter trains there’s also airport trains from the same station all right I am seeing a couple of restaurants um Granite are you getting hungry for breakfast a little bit a little bit okay well we’ll definitely uh look for some opportunities there’s a few Street carts right back there I just want to get

the tickets first and then if we go back there over in about one of these uh more established these are like the rodeos

are a um like a stuffed bread those are kind of good there’s certainly going to be a Circle K A bunch of snacks but all right let me find a ticket kiosk to print those tickets we’re here an hour early it’s uh 7 11 our plane plane our train leaves at 8 11. so we should be okay here are the kiosks yeah pretty Central spots uh right basically opposite the main entrance and

here are the kiosks yeah Intercity train check-in so I think I can just do that here let’s see yeah booking code I got on my phone so like before I had to book these in batches uh you can’t book five tickets in one booking so I batch them three and two so two different codes but either way it was no problem on my computer screen I had two tabs open so I put in Kelly Cedar and Forest information and I put in minor grids in the next tab so I put in all my payment information

and I submit submit I did the seats at the same time submit submit so I got them all together so we have an hour I got the tickets yeah it’s so far it’s pretty easy uh there is the rodeo let’s get Rodeo there’s also into Mart here if we want to grab something for like along the way okay let’s do that let’s go to Rodeo now sure okay that we don’t have to carry the end of March up Rodeo chocolate croissants butter croissants almond cheese banana of course you want a banana croissants waffles we just

have holes inside okay you want a waffle yeah okay that’s the cheese one he’s looking at I think I see coffee coffee yeah yeah coffee for sure you’re gonna need a coffee they have all types they have like the specialty copies yeah the brown sugar chocolate brown sugar what’d you find whoa a hundred nice where’d you find it I found underneath the bed you see if you have a shot by for that yeah I’m constantly finding yes either is uh our coin collector she constantly finds coins uh you’ve got a lot in your piggy bank

a Lot yeah tons of coins from all over different countries it’s a eclectic piggy bank sorry Mao um satu butter croissants who wants beef beef sappy horsey Kelly uh I’m gonna have to give it to you okay uh Dua porcy of the Buns one of my kind of indulgences on the road is are these rodeos and it’s a very light bun but on the inside is custard and on the top it’s like a crystallized almost like an espresso powdered sugar it’s really you can almost see the layer right about there crispy buttery eggy hmm yum

yeah so coming in an hour early on a train station like this is what they suggest on the ticket you know if you’re not something for snacks I bet you know even at the air an hour early oh cool I can see it in yours nice okay cool well these are going to be our little little our little treats I was I was actually worried because we didn’t have any food usually we do a grocery run yes ahead of time and then our last train didn’t have like meals so I was like oh no but

this is a longer train so maybe I don’t have meals but I did have a cart if you didn’t see the cart cup up and down with like yeah the last one yeah a cup of noodles yeah but I was like oh we shouldn’t hit the grocery store for sandwiches or whatever but this is great and and we have five boxes of cakes and endless supply we’re good to go but we will swing past that I might get some more drinks and things like that so all right well we’ve got 40 minutes still yep so

we’ll we’re good we’ll finish up and uh walk around a little bit and enjoy but these are so good so good I think the kids are missing out wanna what is the airline that serves these you actually get these if you fly tree Airlines which is like this really crazy Regional airplane uh Airline carrier that’s where we first come I first started like getting addicted to these spine tree dry out so good times there all right well we’ll uh enjoy and then we’ll head in here in just a minute okay guys so we’re looking for

just a couple little things now that we have five boxes of cakes I’m a little less uh feeling that urgency to buy snacks for the train but guys chips we want to avoid candy this kind of stuff uh mom’s typically a fan of the nuts so Kelly is in forced her outside with the bag since this is kind of like a tight squeeze sort of place so I’m gonna look for nuts Susu for Forest okay I see Susu now Forest typically goes for like planes I’m gonna get them from the fridge uh strawberry where’s the

plane there Ultra milk you know what’s I want full cream for Forest I know we’re not getting this but remember we used to have this in India very similar different brand but very similar yes in fact we had some of those um where do we have those and it’s Little India with Sally and oh in Malacca Malacca yeah cool all right guys so find your uh non-sugary things if you can see you mentioned gum you want one of these oh here or that one that would be fun that’s like a little pink one that might

be a flavor you like grab that one go for it cool white it says cool probably minty all right so milk I think I think pot me will get on the train if you want I’m gonna go with the bakari sweat just this little bottle that’s probably okay it’s probably all I needed or the big one we’ll get this one check in with the kids see what they’ve got chips for yourself or no no pressure I was gonna get Mom some nuts here but I don’t really see a good variety of course what do you

got I got a new car wow yeah you got a cartoon I got a gray and red yeah all that while I was buying uh your Indo snacks okay got a couple new additions to the car family don’t forget your coffee I won’t thanks ma’am I would have okay let’s uh let’s head out we’ve got it’s now uh 7 55 time to get to the train made it through security really sweet guys they are just really nice help us out we’re going to probably from four they said just past the buildings there actually our train

might even be there but you can see on this side through security there’s a bunch of shops restaurants so whatever you wouldn’t have bought on the outside you can buy in there certainly and there’s a rumor that there’s really good Google we were the intent was in my egg rolls there’s a really fancy egg roll Place yeah but it turns out it’s actually when I look on Google Map it’s actually not at the train station it’s a few blocks down so if you can get it together more so than us this morning you can get

uh you can get egg rolls I’ll drop a link to it because it did look kind of our spring rolls I should say um but okay so we’re on from platform four Kelly and I don’t know if that one’s four that’s six there’s five so our trades not even here yet actually so it’s just before eight o’clock and the Train’s supposed to depart at 8 11. so there might be a delay here yeah if this is uh let’s back from five where’s four oh that must be this one because okay that’s five that’s five so

yeah Four’s gonna be here so this is not our train we’ll just read this one because it’s just that the screen’s not working okay yeah that could be um we’ll have to verify that that’s not our train cool all right well we got a little bit of time um a lot of people but easy yeah so far all the trades out of cerebella I hear on the judge Carter very simple process very simple in fact these signs here as I see them let me find one yeah the forest is the closest one but the Train’s

not Train’s not here yet I should be here any minute though so I just want to show you the sign uh the security guards would have helped us but now that I’ve seen the signs like you can easily understand them all right so you can see these signs it’s on English very easy we’re going to uh Jessica you know the times so it’s very easy to navigate the Java Train system and there’s there’s a bookstore there there’s just shops everywhere rochio’s on this side there’s a lounge you could probably pay some kind of Premium price

to get into lockers so you might even be able to like lock up your bag if you’re only here for a few hours all right guys cool I’m gonna try to find a bathroom anyone need to go it’s our trade so there’s the economy class it’s all written on the doors which makes it extremely helpful to know which one to go in it’s I wouldn’t say impossible to get on the wrong one but it’s it’s pretty clear on where to go so we are in executive S one so this is the dining cart now oh

it’s a tiny cart executive is like the biggest space so we’re executive one so I think we’re down this way guys okay people are clearing out oh executive one I think we’re right here hey guys I think we’re out on this one executive one I said it was impossible to do the wrong seats watch me be completely wrong so they got people coming and going on both sides so it gets a little tight but I think we found our seats here hello premises okay we’re somewhere in this little Juggernaut here granite and Cedar you two

can sit there the cedar you can sit in here yeah Forest you sit there for a second you can sit there Cedar all right two a b and c so this one then we have one A and B okay so we’ll have Granite here yes yes we kind of got him coming to go on both sides all right you’re here so I can’t move you’re here okay guys I will start getting you uh I’ll start getting your bags up top so we’re off to London but here we’re going to show you a seat too um

train rides so they have these tables that come out of here so then you can place them on you have a bunch of room down there so you can clear stuff there and a bunch of beet room and here are the rest and you can just push on this chart just plugs right here and plugging like my headphones so I just put it there and wait for it to finish charging there’s there’s hooks for bags and if you push this button right here you push that down and then go back your she can go back

and then you just keep pushing the button and then you pull it back if you want it done yes and then our little customer brow bear sitting right here also there’s another armrest here that you put down yeah Kelly are you comfortable back there yes of course watching out the trains let’s watch everything go by so fast right now yeah it’s kind of cool just to watch the scenery and you have your car your Hot Wheel and you’re ready to go there yeah it goes slow at first but it’ll start to go faster now that

we’re leaving the city he’s waiting to watch for that all right let’s check in with Jonathan well you know same old so I will do some editing I have all this space Kelly and the kids are putting on those plugs but it’s really easy to sit back we have about seven hours now uh just getting started kids are sufficiently in the zone there all right so kids spend yeah about an hour so the kids have busted into snacks are still content on um iPads Force House of Susu thumbs up all right I think he’s liking

it corn chips doing some editing here how you doing back there good read my Kindle nice and even banana chips yeah classic oh can I have a couple of those yeah just a favorite one from um to the restaurant yep from the restaurant in uh yeah that restaurant was a delish uh oxtail soup and that video is right here all right so why the train is has stopped actually just restarted but we’re gonna do a quick taste test of the juju strawberry Forest pick oh Cedar I can see the strawberry how does it taste it’s

like it tastes like a strawberry flavored lollipop okay how does it compare to the chocolate ones the pandan chocolates yeah yeah I think I’d be more of a chocolate guy myself now Forest yummy this is your pick eggs oh you love strawberries so much that you uh you preferred over the chocolate oh there you go there’s your strawberry the kids are chowing down Kelly let’s get these mung bean bits a taste which is mung bean or they call it green bean here I took two out ready for you the little bite-sized morsels yeah I’d say

one or two biters yeah Cheers Cheers Joey Joey with a uh a little bit of a chalky texture it’s that I think the mung bean is sort of within the layers versus a big custard right bit so it’s a bit a bit different um than the ones we had at earlier or it’s like mixed into it almost like a sweet biscuit kind of texture yeah this taste good coffee yeah yeah some Indonesian coffee I think the kids might like this one good because it’s sweet but it’s not too sweet it’s not like overpowering sugary or

frosting or jelly it’s nice that’s actually growing on me I’m gonna like it I might have to have another one all right well that is the first of the snacks we have more cakes more Tarts more chips to sample but wow we are definitely Rule now out in the country the rice fields beautiful let me stay up there yeah it really is smooth train ride I will say uh on our ride um all the announcements are in Bahasa on this train ride from JoJo to Bandung it’s in Bahasa and a second announcement in English so

it’s much easier for us to understand where we are we uh when we got to joke jakartab we were like wait is it this one or are there two stops uh so we had to kind of figure that one out but now that it’s in English on this ride like no problem but we still have uh quite a few hours about 10 30 in the morning now yeah I think we’re gonna go to about 250. 15 yeah that’s right yeah cool yeah one’s just sort of chilling they’re streaming some movies on there but um you

can’t really hear it I don’t know if there’s a way to like tap into that from your seat or not but uh either way you can tell either yeah cool but yo should have another cake and maybe get a coffee sounds good of course how’s your does how was your strawberry cake yeah alrighty you’re watching a movie all right see ya this is like um if each island has their own thing that their own type of dessert in their own thing that they’re known for or like even Sydney this is and we got a joke

job but I don’t know if you can get it like if you can find it anywhere I don’t know it just comes from here I have not seen these in West Papua bro we haven’t spent a whole lot of time outside of today in Portland yeah where we live it’s kind of limited but yeah maybe they’re all over people well I do like them Yep they’re good all right we’re just coming into another stop but something strange is going on back with Kelly uh Kellen what’s going on back there um somebody is rebelling because he

wants more cake and I told him he can have cake until he has his lunch oh oh he’s rebelling and he’s rebelling by laying on the floor he sounds like a footstep so he’s rebelling by Mickey himself in the most uncomfortable position possible as one does yes yes when you’re upset yes well you know you can’t have your cake unless you eat your lunch so you know it is about 11 o’clock now so we’ll probably bust out watch here in just a little bit yes yes uh what’s this one key yes yes and then uh

yes yes all right and then IR my chair you should have one though okay we’ll see you one hour anything else hot water yeah okay yes all right thank you yes thank you all right so we actually switched seats this one has a better window view so we’ve ordered and now we’re going to try the pie Susu so milk pies that we bought back in the station yes oh it’s a oh it’s a triple pack oh no it’s not there we go double okay so these are different than I thought they were gonna look at

Target yeah definitely a tarte light very thin with that layer of the milk cream on top struggling it’s real good like a pie actually go figure yeah it kind of has like that Pike crust yeah I got pie crust that smells good it’s probably like time take it it’s almost it’s almost like a just a pie crust with a light layer of cream on top like a frost can get away almost more like a frosting yeah I mean it’s super thin very flaky and Flaky I like them about the desserts we’ve had so far what

do you like the most we’ve had some of those little cakes we had those little balls and now this um I think I like the best one was the the green pandong with the chocolate inside okay now we didn’t feature those in this video that’s in another video but it’s kind of like the strawberry cake that you saw the kids eat that’s really washed out switch sides real quick okay so I always say my favorite are the little the little balls the ones that you pick these are okay but I don’t know if I’d go

with them again no no I’m not a huge fan of hide yeah crust so again with the Kopi this would be pretty good by itself yeah I mean it’s good but not my favorite one poppy or tea would be perfect yeah yeah okay so we’re gonna hang out here munch on this a little bit wait for our food you can see those dudes are like super busy getting it ready chips all types of uh drinks hot water microwaves are pretty much the meal of choice around here oh the view oh yeah so it looks beautiful

very good thank you okay yes yeah perfect thank you thank you yeah this will be uh of course this will be for granite Cedar who are holding down the court so it’s like they’re great there’s like just a couple of noodles with some popsos yeah I think there’s actually meatballs in there it’s not just you know flavor all right I’ll take a peek in theirs oh yeah yeah chunks of stuff so what do we have we have uh yes uh so is my guest and a tomato ketchup and tomato ketchup all right so those are

gonna go back to the table back to the seats with us uh should we eat here come yeah let’s just see here carry that back cool all right reset the camera up here mine’s in a box separate oh type so you got rice so this is uh these boxes there’s a lot of different flavors of box yeah so you got the fried rice flavor yep so I wanted the fried rice it came with chicken and egg when Jonathan made it of course maybe I’ll say these sugar crackers for him because he loves and then I

have pickles cucumbers and the rice for myself excellent now this one I saw other people eating I’ve never had it before I mean something like noodles in a in a cup oh look you have powder look at all that that looks like pork rind oh it’s really really light and fluffy whatever it is I wonder if it is oh I am it’s chicken chicken skits maybe chicken skins that’s cool any a little bit of the soup so noodles yeah glass noodles and big puffy noodles all right I’m gonna add the uh I’m gonna add that

powder to it this is like a chili powder oh I see they have a chair very smell spicy yeah okay looks like we’re coming into a station okay chili powdered up yeah we’re stopping not much of a view on this one but you kinda see a bit of the mountains past the water tower there it’s a beautiful I am at Java it’s huge right yeah we just got up in the mountains is Java the biggest island I bet it is I don’t know it’s where the capital is right now yeah but it’s leaking jakarta’s sinking

so we’re gonna move the capital to maybe kalimontan and on the map Kali Mountain looks huge so that I don’t know if that’s bigger than here all right so here is the chili broth in this kind of concoction of stuff tasty spicy from that chili powder that’s good yeah really nice and then I’ll try these uh put on this big poofy ball is it’s actually a soft on the outside really hard on the inside not the texture I was expecting that might soften up as it soaks in the soup it actually tastes kind of like

a fish ball but I don’t know it just says I am and then those noodles that well the grass noodles taste fine yeah I’m gonna try this big this big uh puffy one here what that is this sort of disintegrates uh as you chew it I have a hunchies balls will soften up we’re trying to fight one in half yeah hard to say what that is some kind of chicken ball but uh you know obviously it’s not gonna be as good as uh fresh like street food but it’s got a reasonably good flavor to it

I’m trying the hot sauce hot sauce cucumber combo sauce with a cucumber and that’s really spicy oh man that one definitely gives a little cake that’s hotter than the um the ABC brand I use what brand oh this is the Indo food and then it has pedos on it so you smell it’s gonna be spicy but not I don’t know what level all right everybody we made it uh seven hours it said we were supposed to arrive at 3 20 that’s 3 24 so you know we’ll call that perfect basically and we’re gonna follow the

crowd we’ve never been to this train station before but it looks uh like well yeah we’ll just follow the group and then we’ll find our way to the exit and the last couple of train stations grabs have been readily available so I think we’re going to rely on that again it’s just the easiest with the family put in the hotel pick up point right at the train station and you’re good to go we are just about to the exit of the train station tons of restaurants here as well now for the first time ever I’m

having a hard time connecting to the network for grab and that might simply be that there’s just so many people here at this spot trying to use the app but either way we continue to follow the crowd as you get towards the exit once you’re actually outside I will try again but if for whatever reason I can’t manage to get on then we can always rely just on uh Bluebird or silver Bird that’s like pay by meter taxis so we’ll see what happens I have faith we’ll get it figured out okay so we’re connected on

grab no problem um we just had to move spots and it worked fine so I got a message from the grab driver setting to meet at this Alfalfa Express which is basically the center of this uh North Terminal um yeah you can even see like there’s the big one that sign up there so he should be here in about three minutes and uh good to go so yeah there’s a bit obviously a bit of a cue here congestion so he’s probably somewhere in there trying to get up to us so that’ll all work out here

momentarily into the hotel petite Hotel I’m pretty excited to check that out so far we’ve stayed at a Historic Hotel we said a kind of a hostile Homestay and now we are going to a petite hotel which should be kind of cool I’m excited me too me too should be nice all right guys we’re in we’re in okay all right yeah I just you know going with grab while you’re here is just so much easier I think than negotiating with taxis it’s all fixed prices and we’ve had nothing but good luck uh with them everyone

good to go yes all right we’ve got I think uh 15 20 minutes or so to the Boutique Hotel Cottonwood Boutique Hotel made it to the Cottonwood Boutique Hotel it looks like a great building kind of Dutch influence it looks like right next door to a cafe Bakery so I’m sure we’ll uh experience that okay perfect one zero five one zero five this way okay one zero five right easy enough thank you sir looks great modern all types of plugs and workstations over there one zero five granite okay one two three uh straightener right painting

oh here we go right here one zero five what nice okay of course they I think the three kids might have to go up there I’m praying for us here take your shoes off buddy okay yeah a little kitchenette there should be uh yeah there’s a water dispenser filtered water is there a light switch up there oh yeah you stay off the rail okay stay back cool okay well we’ll put the dogs down I wonder uh I wonder how long until uh the kids noticed this yeah a little video game unit goes right to the

TV I’m sure all right you guys okay no yeah we’re in a cool hotel mom and I are sleep here Workstation lost some damage is what we try to probably won’t do that oh here we go so it is an A La Carte this is a bit of a menu so we’ll explore that in a little bit is there Netflix how do you know hey Netflix cool what else is on that table Granite you see anything cool password Wi-Fi password anything up there oh that’s cool it’s like a little Wii game this is old school

Nintendo baby old school Nintendo sweet I bet it’s like a bunch of games on one Nintendo so we’ll have to hook that up in a minute all right we’ll see you all right Kelly getting comfy yeah I’m trying to find wall space okay well let’s just check this whole thing out kitchenette oh even Cutlery nice nice knife cutting boards okay you got coffee tea that’s just nothing more decorative these yeah okay so let me go in here okay oh is he going potty yeah oh okay all right we’ll do the bathroom short a minute so

sponge fridge empty but it is on that’s good fish is even oh it’s great there’s a little hot pan it is working so that’s great all right yeah water cool you guys like it yeah are you figuring out the Nintendo granite yeah I think it does oh oh okay so it’s a twin up here well how are you gonna sleep up here in only one bed okay we’ll see we’ll see yeah maybe they’ll have an extra bed but yeah this looks good or maybe all you guys will sleep down here and I’ll see about there

I’m sure you do okay we have one little sitting area but it’s right on top of a kind of a shared communal space but we do have one sitting area to ourselves okay well I’ll show you the bathroom here in just a minute let’s Forest finishes up but this will be a nice room to spend a few days in this is definitely a retro gaming that is uh old school 80s Graphics you got racing shooting action fighting sport games wow and we did discover so it’s just a twin up there but there is a pull

out trundle down here so some way shape or form we will figure out the sleeping range base maybe we can show you that in a little bit but let’s take a peek at the bathroom real quick all right uh small but functional okay we’ll need an extra towel but they gave four towels um yeah so shampoo body soap nice reasonably sized shower head will it stay up yes yes it will all right good so it does look like when that showers on this whole thing will get wet but either way it’s a great bathroom it’ll

be suit our needs perfectly for two nights holy cow that is old school uh it can’t be complex there’s only like two buttons 1993 wow Graphics sucked in 1993. I think I thought it would be that’d be way better so yeah we do have a seating area Cal but uh it’s kind of on on the back side of a community space so do you want a coffee four o’clock probably not Maybe not maybe not but that Cafe next door looks pretty good yeah I mean good juice okay so we will settle the rooms looking great

I mean Boutique Hotel it’d be wonderful yes okay well we’ll saddle up and figure out the game plan here just a little bit all right everyone I just wanted to show you the nighttime routine we’ve settled on for tonight I’m sure it’ll change about 10 times tomorrow it has already changed like 10 times tonight so we have granite in the trundle Kelly on The Edge forest in the middle Cedar in the back and I am upstairs at one point Cedar’s up there I was down here Cedar was here I was there Kelly’s upstairs for his

day anyway so through all the back and forth all the negotiating this is what we have settled on okay guys did you have fun tonight yeah we got a great food Street video coming your way uh in the next video all right everyone I hope you enjoyed the look of getting from jokja to Bandung it’s a great City the train ride was awesome eight hours with the kids no problem it was really easy to navigate we’re here at this really sweet Boutique Hotel I can’t wait to we’ll show you breakfast because it’s tied to that

little Bakery right there so um it should be pretty good but either way we’ll see you in the morning good morning so one of the coolest things about this Boutique Hotel and I just wanted to do this as a little add-on is the fact that the bakery is is basically from our door hello good morning good morning from our door it’s like 20 steps and now we are in the bakery yay so they’ve got all these really delicious breads Force it’s probably gonna have a cinnamon roll Cedar wants a orange wants a cinnamon roll Cedar

wants a chocolate bread me and granite are probably gonna hit up some of that sourdough there’s um this I saw yesterday it looks pretty cool this um rustic pumpkin bread so I think we’ll get we’ll get this in as well sound good yes okay so we’ll spend a minute picking up the different breads and items that we’re gonna have yeah but yeah I made a little soccer ball out of that paper let’s go play soccer with it yeah from the bakery to the breakfast oh no thank you oh thank you all right so they’re gonna

still bring it out in phases but this is the olive bread Olive cheese ciabatta yeah four sauce your cinnamon roll and see let’s take a peek at Cedars um oh it’s like a molten cake for breakfast yum for her okay I’ll set that there for her now the kids are actually in our room which is these glass doors and the curtains kind of shut so I believe I can get their attention let me go knock on their door they’ll come out here for breakfast a cute hotel for sure I would definitely sit here again yes

absolutely it’s different unique it’s cute it’s quiet and calm beautiful and it’s Bakery yeah the rooms are clean and it was nice and cool last night so we did get Force you like this hotel did you like that train ride yesterday cool cinnamon rolls delicious yeah okay oh my Lord what are they doing Cedar all right it looks like the kids are coming I I don’t think they can figure out how to unlock the door good morning young lady so decide with me morning you got a chocolate bread whoa look at this yeah fancy right

you see this whole thing it’s a big Courtyard and it’s covered with a plexiglass so we could even be out here in the rain but it is open air all right you guys seen her how’s the ride really good nice tasty it’s sourdough yeah it’s pretty good cool all right everyone hope you enjoyed that look into our travel day um it was great ride the train we love this hotel and we will catch you in the next episode foreign

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