EXPUTT RG – NEW Putting Simulator – Unboxing, First Look, & Review! ūüėģ

What’s up everybody welcome back to golf simulator¬†
videos we’re back today with the xputt putting¬†¬†
simulator but not just the xputt the xputt rg this 
is an all-new model bringing a ton of new features  
to the table if you guys watched our coverage 
of the xputt putting simulator in the past  
this thing is really cool total portable unit that 
you can essentially plug into any tv using hdmi  
but this unit is bringing a lot more to the table 
this has built-in wi-fi and they actually have an  
app now so you could use this with an iphone 
or ipad essentially anywhere connecting with  
wi-fi not needing a tv or anything or you could 
airplay from your device to a tv and have them  
both running all kinds of different possibilities 
we’re here to do a full unboxing and review and¬†¬†
show you some of these new features and a first 
look at the all-new xputt rg so let’s go ahead and¬†¬†
dive right in here we go nice compact box you can 
see right on the front it says accurate ball speed  
and direction putting stroke analysis realistic 3d 
graphics and putting practice and gain so let’s go¬†¬†
ahead and open this up uh you know xputt impressed 

when we first looked at it because this the  
device is so small and the software is built right 
inside of the unit so if you just want to plug  
this into a tv with an hdmi cable you’re good to¬†
go the software runs right from the unit but now  
with the ability to run this app you know with an 
iphone or ipad i just feel like the possibilities  
are endless i mean you could take this this device 
walk into a office or a friend’s house wherever¬†¬†
it may be you don’t even need a proper setup¬†
with a tv you could have this running anywhere  
you know virtually anywhere you know so the mats 
only about this long we’re going to show you all¬†¬†
that here but let’s go ahead and dive right into¬†
this unboxing documentation and then also you’re¬†¬†
going to have your club stickers that are included 
because this has the ability to show you that path  
and face of your putter i showed that in previous 
videos very cool stuff here is the actual xputt rg  
module or unit this has a new camera system for 
better ball tracking and club tracking all right  
i think that’s really cool they’re obviously¬†
stepping up their game you can see that this is  
uh the wi-fi connection right here i believe with 
this usb adapter all right and then they have this  
screw on the bottom because they have a new design 
all right let’s go ahead and we’ll get this second¬†¬†
box out here so i can show you a little more of 
what’s included i believe this is all of your¬†¬†
cables and everything inside of here so if we open 
this up you’re going to see your power adapter and¬†¬†
then also included hdmi cable to usbc connection 
all right and then your power brick all right to  
power all of that included pretty simple stuff 
and then you can take out your little plastic  
holder for the x-put uh you know device itself 
we’ll get out this other box this other box when¬†¬†
we open this up um you know the fact that you can 
use this both ways now with tv and an app i just  
think you know this makes this thing so much more 
powerful and just easy to use remote control that  
you can use so if you have it connected to your tv 
you can control the device itself you know through  
its application you know selecting menus things 
along those lines very nice small simple remote  
and then this is what’s really cool is this all¬†
new tripod design that they came out with so uh  
basically i’ll set this aside you can simply take¬†
this all right and screw it into the bottom of  
the xputt unit and then you’re going to now screw¬†
the bottom of this into the bottom of that little  
tripod now the x-put only needs to be about two 
feet off the ground this is already giving you  
almost a foot you could even you know bring it up 
a little bit taller like that if you want but with  
this built-in tripod you know this is what’s¬†
going to make this so easy to set up anywhere  
i think last time i even used the box just to 
set this on top of just to make sure i have  
you know the applicable height to do its 
little quick configuration which we’ll be¬†¬†
able to show you guys in the video here shortly 
but let’s go ahead and we’ll set the big box¬†¬†
down on the ground and then we will show you 
guys the actual putting mat now the putting mat  
is i believe pretty much identical to what it was 
before because there’s just no need to change that¬†¬†
it does come with this bag like it did before 
which i think is really nice because you could  
essentially put the mat and the module in there if 
you want and i believe there’s even talk of them¬†¬†
coming up with possibly a portable little case 
where you could take this over a friend’s house¬†¬†
you know let’s say it’s masters day everybody’s¬†
getting together to watch the tournament you  
want to bring over your xputt so you guys can 
have some maybe friendly gambling if you will  
you know putting along the way while you’re¬†
watching the masters tournament but if you just  
unroll this mat you can see that this 
thing is only a few feet long it has the  
memory foam in the front where the ball hits 
and what’s really nice is it just absorbs the¬†¬†
ball it doesn’t bounce back or anything rolls up¬†
easy and then it has these identifiers right here  
for the camera to calibrate which i’ll show you¬†
how to do here in just a minute just makes it  
really really simple to use so what i’m going to¬†
do is is i’m going to dive right in i’m going to¬†¬†
get this thing set up i’m going to show you guys¬†
how easy it is to use show you the software we’ll¬†¬†
take a first look at all that do a quick review 
hit some putts and then talk about some more of  
the features and things that are available because 
now that this has built-in wi-fi well guess what  
they also have online play so yes you can 
play your friends that have export devices  
and compete in different things they have more 
courses now that are available real courses that  
are available because you’re going to create an¬†
account online they’re going to have competitions¬†¬†
and things along those lines because this has 
built-in wi-fi internet capability so really  
really cool stuff let’s show you this thing in¬†
action all right guys welcome back so we have  
our x-put rg all set up here with our tv i figured 
this would be the best thing to really demonstrate  
the new xputt rg in action because not only am 
i doing a screen recording so you can kind of  
get a better idea of the graphics uh keep in mind 
it’s probably going to look a little more crisp on¬†¬†
your tv versus the recording um i do have a couple 
extra wires because i am doing um you know a video  
pull from the xputt device so just understand it’s¬†
gonna be a little more simple for you but a couple  
things i wanted to point out so you can actually 
most these new tvs have a usb port on them you  
can actually power the device just running the usb 
right to the tv and then just hdmi from the device  
to a tv and you’re good to go now i am going to¬†
demonstrate that app as well in another video  
where you can simply just use your iphone and 
just plo you know what you actually uh power on  
the device you switch it to its bluetooth mode i 
believe is how it’s connecting because it changes¬†¬†
to blue it’s like a mobile mode is what they’re¬†
calling it and then once that’s flashing blue you¬†¬†
open the app and it automatically connects it’s¬†
actually very easy so i was messing with that a  
little bit but we’re pretty much good to go here¬†
you can see that i created an account which you  
do need to create an account in order to download 
updates download courses things along those lines  
but the first thing i want to do is i just want 
to demonstrate the actual device like i have  
in the past so i’m just going to go to classic¬†
all right and then i’m going to go to practice¬†¬†
and then i have my green speed on 10 we’ll just¬†
use the lake uh maximum distance 30 minimum  
distance five i have this all set up pretty pretty 
good for us already so we can just kind of go from  
there but let’s go ahead and just jump out and¬†
practice i’m gonna show you guys really quick that¬†¬†
i do have the two white dots on my putter okay 
that are gonna allow us to track both the path  
and the face all right so we have a six foot 
putt to start with you’ll notice that i just¬†¬†
set the device on a little table that i had 
here it puts it up a little bit higher than  
necessary very easy to calibrate now if 
i just go ahead and cover this camera up  
you guys are going to see that it’s actually¬†
going to be looking to calibrate okay and then  
when i release that it will find the 
mat and boom you can just see how fast  
it grabs the mat and will calibrate so we’ll just¬†
do that one more time and i’m going to kind of¬†¬†
partially cover it if i can because if i partially 
cover it you’ll be able to see that it’s looking¬†¬†
okay so see how it’s looking for those white¬†
rectangles and then it snaps on and it’s good to¬†¬†
go so just to kind of give you an idea so a little 
six foot putt let’s go ahead and give this a shot
nailed it first time gotta love that my putter 
path was uh right point nine my face point six  
uh launch direction point six to the right 
so within that short distance i was able  
to hold on to that putt but i did just 
push that just a little bit to the right  
you’ll see i have ball speed and actually gives¬†
you a visual of that path over to the right  
and then it actually gives you an overall kind of 
uh you know visual of if you were short or long  
or right or left of all your pots which i think is 
pretty cool 26 feet okay this will be interesting  
now what i’m going to do with this one¬†
is is i’m actually going to purposely¬†¬†
pull this a little bit left so you guys 
can get path and face data from it okay
i purposely pulled that just a little bit left 
you’ll see that it’s on the left edge of the cup¬†¬†
all right you’ll see that my path was .7 to¬†
the right but my face was 0.3 to the left  
now i’ll go ahead and i’ll pull i’ll¬†
be a little more extreme on this one  
i’m going to pull this a¬†
little bit harder to the left
and this is only 13 feet
and you’ll see how much more impactful it is¬†
when you really have i have my my putter path  
you know right 5.1 but my face angle i just closed 
it right down and it was left 3.9 okay so let’s go¬†¬†
ahead and ready see if we can just make one again 
we’ll do 21 feet try to keep this dead straight
oh yeah that’s going to be to the right i just uh¬†
i just pushed that i mean i knew right away that  
that was going to the right that’s why i wanted¬†
to give you guys the camera in the back so you  
could see where it’s hitting on the mat all right¬†
let me get this straightened out again 19 feet  
that was a perfect example for you guys to see 
see if i can keep this straight that was better
oh leave it a little bit 
short that was a good putt too  
i just left it a little bit short it’s impressive¬†¬†
how once you start hitting on this and you 
visualize you think in your head about you know 15  
feet how you don’t even worry about the ball¬†
stopping after a few feet all right so 15 feet
i pulled that a little bit i got the speed 
but it was just a little bit to the left  
all right and i’m sure you could¬†
see that ball hit left up there  
26 feet i love i mean look how you know with 
this new camera it’s picking up i have decent¬†¬†
light in here but i don’t have any special¬†
lighting going on these are just you know  
a couple can lights throughout the room and it’s¬†
picking up the path in the face every single time  
with no issue so something to point out this 
new camera system in the xputt rg you know i’m¬†¬†
not using any you know supplemental lighting if 
you will to have it pick that data up 26 feet
pulled it just a little bit catch 
an edge look at that barely barely  
but i got it so i’m kind of getting used to it¬†
now all right so i need to show you guys some more  
features so let’s go ahead and go to our menu and¬†
i’m going to uh go over i’ll just go to finish the¬†¬†
session because it’s actually going to take you to¬†
a screen that actually will show your 0 to 10 feet  
putts your 10 to 20 foot putts your 20 to 30 and i 
cut off at 30 but you’ll see i left a couple short¬†¬†
i hit one long i hit a couple really really good 
and you can see there um you know all of your data  
it’s just really really cool how they¬†
give you all this and then you can even go  
it’ll do like you know uh different you know¬†
uh impact angles and paths all right there’s¬†¬†
there’s no data to analyze on that i haven’t¬†
messed with all that but they actually have  
other types of progresses that you can do i think 
that’s really cool um let’s go back and then what¬†¬†
i wanted to show you guys which is uh a big 
big feature you know coming to this xputt rg  
all right we’ll go back one more so¬†
easy to use with the remote as well  
multiplayer so i have an account created and 
i’ve connected this to my wi-fi as you can see¬†¬†
on the upper right it has wi-fi built into it i’m¬†
going to go to multi and then what this is is this  
is where not only can you create multiplayer okay 
challenges but you can play them as well so you’ll¬†¬†
see there’s actually three that are available¬†
right now that people have created so these  
are users you know across the united states 
is what we have it filtered out to right now  
and if i go into that all right it looks like 
it might be a private room i’m not able to uh¬†¬†
actually play that if i were to create it or 
someone were to create one where i’m able to join¬†¬†
than i could but unfortunately that’s a private¬†
challenge that’s going on so i can’t join that¬†¬†
but it’s this easy just to create and play those¬†
different challenges now what i wanted to show you  
guys is is if i go to classic for instance and i 
go to play nine here’s another huge feature that¬†¬†
they’ve added all right uh you can actually play¬†
courses all right now the background is going to  
be an x-put background so you can select what kind 
of course you want as a background but when i go  
to search from list all right i can go to usa and 
has 70 courses from all of these different states  
okay that you can play now i’ve already went to¬†
Michigan and i selected eagle eye which is over  
by Lansing it actually has a replica tpc 17 green 
which is really cool but you can either select the  
enter the out of that course okay i selected 
the out in this case um and then i selected my  
background which would be green mountain but you 
could change that so like let’s go to sunny valley¬†¬†
for instance i don’t think i’ve ever shown that in¬†
any videos and let’s go to start and then now this¬†¬†
is going to be the eagle eye greens okay that 
you’re actually playing so the undulation they’ve¬†¬†
gotten from these courses you know using 
green books the the shaping of the courses  
and then obviously the background is going 
to be the background that we chose so  
the first one is 38 feet 5 inches downhill i’ve¬†
shown this in the past as well how you can just  
go right down here and actually select on your 
mat to go right or left you can see that that’s¬†¬†
breaking a little bit right to left so i’m just¬†
going to aim that a little bit to the right i  
wonder if that’s enough because it’s such a¬†
long pot maybe i’ll go one more to the right¬†¬†
let’s see how that is right there um 38 feet five¬†
inches downhill what a challenging putt this is
i don’t think that was even close to hard enough¬†
and looked like i had the no i got it the five  
inches really helped the five inches helped when 
i thought but i’ll tell you what i think i pulled¬†¬†
it just a little bit and that break was much more 
than i expected so it’s moving just a little bit¬†¬†
uh right to left now so maybe i’ll just move¬†
it one over and and you gotta remember you can  
always just aim a little bit right ready and 
do it that way which is easy so let’s try that¬†¬†
because it’s barely moving this is only five feet
there we go nice par perfect so i parted the hole 
and i was good to go um now if you actually are  
playing a course that you’ve played before it’s¬†
great because you’re going to recognize the pin¬†¬†
location you’re going to recognize the undulation¬†
and it’s going to feel like you’re playing that¬†¬†
green so i think that it’s really cool that¬†
they’ve now integrated actual greens okay uh¬†¬†
from courses in the software so that kind of you 
know wraps that up makes it pretty simple to uh  
you know kind of talk about so you guys 
can understand how that works i’m actually¬†¬†
gonna finish this session i went back but we’ll¬†
just do finish session and then we’ll go okay¬†¬†
it’ll take us back to the main menu because i¬†
did want to just let you guys know that there  
are challenges that are available so if you go 
to challenge all right you can select all the  
same things and then you can play the challenge 
on the different courses all right you can play  
nine you can practice like i showed and there’s¬†
also this explorer mode which is pretty cool so if  
you’re on the explorer mode okay you can actually¬†
still select your course all right let’s go to¬†¬†
uh eagle eye out again i guess is fine 
let’s change let’s change this this is¬†¬†
what i was meaning to do let’s go to um you¬†
know the blue coast and then we’ll go to start¬†¬†
then i’ll show you what it allows¬†
you to do which is really cool  
is you can actually just explore the green and 
select the position all right which is a really  
really cool alternative that they’ve come up with¬†
here so one i can actually select the green that  
i want all right so there’s all nine holes out¬†
at eagle eye all right so i’m gonna go ahead¬†¬†
and just select i believe it was number eight 
there and then once i get out to number eight
i can actually select my position 
so let’s say i want to move¬†¬†
right over here and you can see the undulation 
on the green and select a 10 foot putt  
all right once i do that it’s going to take¬†
me out to my 10 foot pot and then what i’m¬†¬†
going to do this time is i’m going to just aim¬†
right with the x putt rather than aiming with  
how i showed you guys you can go left or 
right so it’s going a little bit right to left¬†¬†
but it’s flat it’s 10 feet let’s see¬†
if i can actually read that break right
oh just too much too much break i needed 
to go just a little bit more right or  
possibly a little more speed ready 
let’s see if we can finish this off¬†¬†
that’s not really moving much not for¬†
uh not for a little three foot putt
all right so it’s as easy as that and then¬†
you can go practice now i could play this  
from the same position why don’t i hit this one¬†
more time and see if i can aim just a little  
bit further right than i did on that last 
one and maybe we can get this in the hole
got it all right so if that wasn’t a good¬†
example i don’t know what is because i was¬†¬†
able to see how it was breaking i played at 
the appropriate distance over to the right  
and uh at a similar speed you know maybe 
just a tiny bit faster and i was able to  
make the putt so i think that that really 
is a great demonstration of how this works  
so hey first look video unboxing of the xputt 
rg i really want to know what you guys think i  
mean comment below any questions that you have 
you know if you’re using xputt rg already but¬†¬†
if you’re not make sure you click the link down in¬†
the description and pin to the top of the comments  
all right that will help support the channel and 
it will take you right to the xputt website where  
you can purchase the all new xputt rg i’m really¬†
excited to dive more into it learn more about it  
play some online games very exciting stuff 
and i just really appreciate the new camera  
a lot i don’t know if you guys notice how you¬†
know accurate it was but it was reading that  
path in that face every single time and i don’t¬†
have any special supplemental lighting at all  
i don’t even have a camera light on today¬†
so really interested to hear what you guys  
say i appreciate you guys watching as always 
stay tuned there’ll be much more coming soon.

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