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Hey there! Welcome to Adara 
Unboxed! Today we’re getting¬†¬†
fancy and opening up a Walmart Fall beauty box!  
Okay, if you don’t know the sitch on these Walmart¬†
beauty boxes, they’re only five dollars. You heard¬†¬†
me right, five dollars. Technically they’re¬†
free, and they’re just charging five dollars¬†¬†
for shipping. You do have to pay tax though, 
so… This is a box filled with some samples¬†¬†
of things that Walmart carries in their beauty 
or maybe health departments. I just got this in  
the mail a few days ago and I’m pretty excited¬†
to open it up and check out my Fall goodies!  
I’m not really sure if these are actually themed¬†
per season. This is called the Fall beauty box,  
but I don’t know that it really means it’s going¬†
to have Fall things or Fall colors in it. We’ll¬†¬†
find out! I did make a video opening up the Spring 
Walmart beauty box, which was my first box. I’ll¬†¬†
leave a link below if you want to check that 
out. I was very pleasantly surprised with what  
came in the Spring beauty box. Kind of shocked 
for the value that I got for only five dollars.  
But then I went online and saw that people were 

/> saying it was actually a really good box compared  
to what they normally do. So now I’m a little¬†
bit worried about this Fall box. Let’s do it!
Oh! There’s some big stuff!¬†¬†
Okay. Alright. This is looking alright. Let’s¬†
see let’s see what all’s in here. This is just¬†¬†
the Walmart thing… Oh, it’s a thingy that¬†
tells me what I got. I don’t want to look¬†¬†
yet. I just want to look when I see the things. 
Okay? Let me come back to this. I like surprises.  
Oh! Okay, the first item in my box is a Palmer’s¬†
coconut oil formula coconut oil body lotion.
I don’t know about you, but in the¬†
Fall and Winter, my skin gets so dry,  
and I’m assuming that this coconut oil is going¬†
to keep it nice. Let’s see what it is like.¬†¬†
Ooh! It smells very good! It smells like coconut, 
But it smells like fresh coconut. I feel like I  
could eat this. Or like coconut candy. Like an 
Almond Joy. Okay. It’s very thick. Good thing¬†¬†
because I almost spilled it all over myself. Oh 
that’s delightful! Oh, it feels wonderful. What¬†¬†
a nice little size, too. I can stick it in my bag 
and take it with me. On to the next. This is a…¬†¬†
oh darn it. Okay. It sucks because 
this is such a large size of an item,  
but this is an Aunt Jackie’s coconut cream¬†
recipes curl boss coconut curling gelee.  
So, um, yeah. I can’t use this because I don’t¬†
have curls. I know that my hair is curled at the  
moment but that’s because it’s straight and I¬†
curled it so. Yeah, for somebody who has curly  
hair, I bet that this is awesome. It’s just not¬†
right for my hair. So I can’t really use this.¬†¬†
So maybe I’ll hold on to this and pass it off¬†
to somebody that I know that has curly hair,  
and they can see if they like it or not. This is 
supposed to be some kind of frizz control gel for  
your hair that has coconut oil in it. She wanted 
to say “hi” so bad. What do you want to say?¬†¬†
Now you don’t want to say anything?¬†
You guys, I think that this box is not  
meant for somebody with very thin, very 
straight hair. This is an African Pride  
olive miracle anti-breakage super hold and 
smooth edges, I’m assuming like a pomade.
Not really for my type of hair, but I do have 
a lot of flyaways and honestly, I wouldn’t mind¬†¬†
trying it just to see if I can use it as a little 
bit of a smoother. My hair breaks everywhere. It’s¬†¬†
like I have the hair of a baby, but it’s long.¬†
And so I wonder if that would help a little bit.  
If I just used a teeny tiny little bit. I don’t¬†
know. I haven’t decided. I might also give this¬†¬†
to somebody that I know. Okay. Man, I’m kind of¬†
batting out here with this box. Next up is…
Earth supplied textured hair care butter rich deep 
treatment masque moisture and repair Shea butter.  
Okay, I’m wondering if Walmart somehow¬†
has misinformation on my hair type. Not  
that I don’t think this is great. If¬†
this box is going out to everybody,  
then I’m happy that people with textured hair are¬†
getting so many great products that they can try.  
The only problem is, out of my five products, 
I’ve gotten three that I cannot use.¬†¬†
Okay, my last item… and yes there’s only five¬†
and I do think there were more in my Spring box.  
Okay the last product is a N.Y.X., NYX right? I 
never know if it’s N.Y.X. or NYX, Butter Gloss,¬†¬†
and actually I’ve heard great things about these.¬†
Looks like that. The color is called Apple Crisp.  
And this is pretty great because this is a 
full size. This is the full size product. I  
can’t remember how much these are in store.¬†
I think they’re maybe around six bucks. So¬†¬†
that right there is worth it for the five dollars. 
I’ve heard great things about these. I don’t¬†¬†
remember if I actually ever tried one. I mean 
butter gloss has been around for a long time.  
This might be like a Fall 
specific color. I don’t know.
It smells like bread.
Nice clean lips. Let’s try this¬†
butter gloss on. That’s very smooth.
And there we have it. So it’s basically… just¬†
feels like a lip gloss but it is buttery. I  
understand why it’s called butter gloss. It’s not¬†
sticky. Feels nice. It’s very translucent, so I do¬†¬†
think there’s a touch of color there, but… No,¬†
there’s more than a touch. Okay Adara. Yeah, this¬†¬†
is a pretty color. It’s a little bit orange-y. I¬†
would definitely say this is a nice Fall color.  
Feels nice. It feels really hydrating. Yeah, so 
there we have it. That was the Walmart Fall beauty  
box. If you got a Walmart Fall beauty box, leave 
me a comment below and let me know what you got in  
your box; if it was something different than this 
or if it was this and if you’re happy with the¬†¬†
items you got. I’m not necessarily happy with this¬†
box. Not only because there are three hair care  
products that I can’t use for my type of hair,¬†
but just that there are three hair care products  
out of five products. You think Walmart would 
be able to do a makeup, a hair, a face product,  
a health- like a supplement or something, and 
then one other random thing. This does not deter  
me from getting another Walmart beauty box. I 
will still be signed up to get the Winter box.  
I honestly will probably always be signed up to 
get this box, because it’s only five dollars! Even¬†¬†
if I don’t want or like anything that’s in the¬†
box, it’s like buying a five dollar lotto ticket.¬†¬†
You know? Maybe you just lose all your money, but 
the excitement of it all! You know what I would  
love to hear? If any of you are watching and have 
feedback on subscription beauty boxes that you  
would like to see me open up and show you, let 
me know because maybe I will sign up for them.  
Maybe I won’t. It really depends. Please don’t¬†
ask me to sign up for the most expensive beauty  
box you’ve ever seen just so that I can buy it¬†
and show you what’s in it. So that you don’t¬†¬†
have to buy it. But yeah! If it looks like it’s¬†
something kind of cool and I’d want to try it,¬†¬†
then maybe I would do that. Alright, that’s¬†
it! Thanks for joining me! Don’t forget to¬†¬†
like, subscribe, and follow me on Instagram, 
and I will see you next time, okay? Bye!

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