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this video is brought to you by a product I use weekly harri’s more on them after the reaction citizens of the reject Nation thank you so much for clicking on this video we are going to start our journey with Fallout this is going to be a very interesting

reaction Journey because normally here at the channel that when it comes to like IP existing I we usually have like oh the hosts are both fans of it or oh the host they know nothing about it this is a case I know nothing about Fallout and he knows

everything about Fallout so you’re going to have to do a really good job at not spoiling anything for me my friend while also showcasing that you really know Fallout so I can be very surprised during this journey MJ tesler how you doing buddy I am so excited uh

fallout is one of the greatest video game series to ever exist I’m also terrified because video game adaptations historically can go in two very different directions but I’ve got a lot of faith and hope in Jonathan Nolan how are you feeling Greg you excited I’m excited I love

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watch along experience MJ tesler you ready to dive into this and see what the journeys blah blah blah I was so smooth that whole intro I got my nacac Cola my stim packs and I’m ready to go you just spoiled the whole show the end my bu Walton

Goggins is one of our best living American character actors I said American amen whoa what’s going on in the background there so like a building on fire negotiations were to continue today as the White House had no comment about the president to of service mad oh it’s cool

subtle lived in party let’s just focus on the party I love how they’re just throwing you into it without being overly showy about it they’re really capturing the feeling all right birthday boy let’s get a photo of you up here on sugar I think that’s La yeah I

think it is too honey get with Cooper let’s get a picture you bet yeah c c c do your thumbs up a is he going to get a picture not too offici all right that guy with the beer’s an a-hole pinko pinko God that is excessive in the

way he’s taking photography the use of just having the skyline yeah you’re always aware of something like it’s percolating I I’m sorry I can’t do this I can’t do the weather if I don’t even know if there’s be happy thoughts do not catch that Sugar bom sugar bombs

nice oh man all the references this is wonderful all right I think that’s everything nuca colola why wouldn’t you do it the thumbs up oh it’s uh it’s grownup stuff grownup stuff back when I was in the Marine if they ever drop a really big bomb told us

to hold up your thumb just like this and if the cloud is smaller than your thumb now you run for the hills oh yeah that’s where he’s going do you think it’s going to happen I certainly hope not but us count post we take it as it com

right getting us inar to him yeah can have a slice dad let me see if I can’t rle you up P before he starts doing suspicious activities no I don’t like this whoa oh no oh that’s horrifying is it your thumb or mine wow he didn’t notice really

whoa see the reflection there in the can I jump in the pool maybe that’s smoke Janie it’s just a fire wow whoa chills wow it’s crazy it’s not like fast how most movies depict it oh no yeah really capturing the moment holy good thing no one was cut

damn are they’re going to run to the shelter I think Jonathan Nolan just brought the whole West World crew over here yeah like this music and everything too oh my God they were just in a heartbeat they were just but right before this no it all goes right

out the window this is a masterfully shot prologue cowboy riding off distance well I was going to say there’s more to come holy oh my God wow that is absolutely horrifying this is a fun show huh okay my name is Lucy McAn and I’m an active contributor to

the well-being of my community I enjoy participating in the young Piper dis Association she priers my primary passion is teaching American history with a focus on ethics whole society Vault life intermediate and I dabble in rry she’s a jack of all trads that’s nothing else to do in

my personal time I enjoy taking walks and watching movies with my dad oh that’s cool was it of him my reproductive organs are intact I have been unable to find a suitable marriage partner at least one I’m not related to and we have rules about that for a

reason I hereby submit my application to the council to participate in the trienal trade with Vault 32 this is intriguing as hell I have no idea what’s happening that’s cool I love that you have no idea I’m assuming all 30 is something with going outside of here so

there’s different vaults Lucy that looks like the title for the movie Lucy which I haven’t seen aw she’s getting Vault married how huge are these vaults quite large uh but they’re all very different basically large communities that were built uh head of the world falling apart I got

one of those basically to ensure that Humanity would survive although there’s a couple other things going on that is uh little all right little questionable all right oh that’s interesting reused wedding dresses wow I could have saved so much money in my wedding that’s actually a brilliant idea

a proud Dad it’s a Sound Stage Greg cool this is how Lucas film makes all their shows now my little sugar bomb a my little sugar bomb that’s like really cute Fallout reference gosh you look just like your mother I wish she was here me too were you

scared when you married mom terrified well I’d never stepped foot outside Vault 31 when did it go away the moment I Met Your Mother that’s interesting so 31 32 33 and 34 are all interconnected from that moment on vault 31 was a distant memory to me that’s so

interesting overseer it’s time oh he’s the overseer so this is interesting so in order to keep the populations diverse they have come together but how do they go from Vault to Vault without leaving I have questions Greg your husband could be anybody I’m aware oh she doesn’t even

know who he is ah there you go oh interesting it’s like an interconnected tunnel of vaults this is new GateKeeper H I can like feel the sound design textbook tumbler Jam it’s going to take some time to fix do you have your pit boy what’s going on Lucy

I love you oh no we all know that JZ messing around with your cousin it’s all well and good for kids Yik all good for kids gross wow this show’s too woke cousins yeah that’s the future yeah H Greg ah oh cool welcome Neighbors from Vault 32 I

am Hank mlan overseer of Vault 33 sounds like Hank mcoy Lee mold DAV overseer of 32 when blight hit our wheat we lost a lot of good people but this trade will help us get back on our feet Lucy looks so impatient so who am I marrying I

hope he’s handsome or she they I’m Lucy do you have a name Monty Monty okay lucky I got to say I really like The Minister’s G oh she’s got eyes for him a they’re so sophisticated so this is the first time these societies are meeting so what’s your

sperm count your vault’s doctor must check every physical no sperm is pretty important in perpetuating America America I love Fallout we are bonded not just as neighbors but by a shared duty to keep the candle of civilization lit while the rest of the world has been cast Into

Darkness I love whoever plays Lucy if our measurements are correct that the Next Generation Lucy and Monty’s children will be able to recolonize whoa it’s exciting Greg Monty looks half excited we don’t know much about what’s up there desperation violence lawlessness these survivors will need to be shown

a better way this sounds cool youd love the games Greg to Lucy mlan and to this marriage and to hope to hope it is a more Twisted version of the movie blast from the past so can I give you like light spoilers nope oh this is so hard

Greg all right a a I love retrofuturism more than any genre it’s is funny because they probably never have any new music huh like all these centuries have just been passing down the same mus over and over and over show me to my new home got a bad

feeling about him yeah I know he reeks a villainy there there’s a ploy here yeah us I think they killed the last they must have killed the last overseers when I’m think I mean their crops failed no they don’t have food they have tattoos right here oh boy

picture the Christmas mornings around the tree we have everything with the I was hopping right to it gave us oh wow standing there so confident okie dokie maybe not okie dokie those scars are pretty gnarly if any of this is on YouTube you know none of it is

on YouTube it’s just us faces with a blurry screen here me bouncing my head dancing around oh oh you’re not gonna find anything that you like here oh no that’s total crop failure Jesus Christ wipes himself on the curtain kudos to fall out for staying true to itself

This truly looks like most Fallout players forts in their games dead crops lawn chair set up I mean this looks like it hasn’t had anyone in happening it it just feels like an a have they been eating the babies oh my God they’ve been eating people did he

put that together he’s got a big brain oh he’s not used to running water oh oh something terribly violent’s about to go down yep oh he’s been outside they’re not from the Vault oh they’re Outsiders Raiders oh so they wiped them out before okay they wiped out at

32 ouch oh Queen that’s beautiful just so you know this was the best day of my life Jesus that the first time I heard him speak oh God damn oh man that’s seriously messed up oh ouch oh my God God we don’t even know what’s happening outside right

now nice nice oh nice that’s what I’m talking about all right time to get a stim pack oh this doing an excellent job at getting you invested in her and it’s just funny she hasn’t even seen the outside world and was about the journey there and invading her

is just getting her Taste of the horror to come yeah no that’s that’s it’s a genre bending it’s a really well written show so far and they’ve captured the spirit of it so well cuz there was so much Wonder down here in the vault and this is like

the horror that awaits them it’s really well done no Massacre red wedding take his outfit though it’s really cool that’s what I would do if this was the real Fallout just collect all the gear yeah oh is it cleared out already whoa you look like a Bond girl

now sick outfit the bride don’t lose your head God this is great whoa whoa oh oh it’s crazy she has all this training first time she actually gets to do that in combat oh my goodness wow this is so accurate gety mold out of here oh this is

archaic man it’s Raiders for you nice man please grab a gun oh whoa that’s going down oh oh burning film that’s a beautiful look no live oh Jesus holy yeah I like how there’s like a bit of a a b movie Pulp action to it sir please don’t

make me use Force oh no is that a power up yeah there you go ouch go this is really well constructed cuz it’s Woodling it down to your main Ensemble now it’s really oh my God what the hell oh daddy loes she could still be pregnant though oh

no and you could see this show doing something messed up like that yeah you sure can oh he just murdered his son-in-law I mean in-laws am I right what are you going to do oh yeah drown that dumbass I’m not one for violence but Bob for pickles and

pickles oh God I hate pickles oh can you imagine how that feels on the scar scar and exposure of that ah he’s about to die interval oh there’s more common I hope he lives cuz the prologue was a the father and daughter riding off and now we’re getting

another father and daughter again in their own I think he’s a really interesting character yeah you got to be me I think I know who you are everyone knows who I am oh boy I don’t but do they know who they are they are the product of one

of life’s tricky little choices so I’m going to offer you a choice tell them the truth them or her oh my God it’s that train railroad dilemma that’s literally though stop stop you are my world whoa oh this is very interesting they’re like banishing her out of here

you look like your mother oh this is very very interesting oh my God we got ourselves a mystery box people where are you taking him to the real world you should see it sometime oh maybe you should do what you do best run and hide color me intrigued

I don’t know what’s happening wow the mystery surrounding this so okay oh we we’re just hopping around characters now yeah we sure are make Little John of cash always Brotherhood is Ste yes it is way they know how to like smash to our characters to quickly give you

an idea who who they are visually still smell she’s mostly blood flesh is weak but still endures C in the Barbarian Johnny Cash’s Tunes are perfect for a western irony they as me I guess I’d be Deni yeah there there it is the duty of the Brotherhood of

Ste to secure the Wasteland you will help Knights F and identify prear Tech aspir max I didn’t have to explain anything to you they got it cover can you identify this Relic RoR oh ouch it’s like Catholic school it is a little religious we are the finders and

the preservers unless you know what to find and preserve you are more useful as a corpse dude this Maximus guy’s been getting his ass kicked for the last few minutes yeah oh is that a Verte bird no is that what I think it is that can’t be the

pdwi a blimp a very large blimp oh my God that’s the brid wind wow what’s it doing all the way over here that looks very real well they built a real one for this okay feel like there’s been some visual Direction taking a q out of like Neil

Blom Camp does yeah no but actually oh there they baby there’s that good old Power Armor what kind of model is that it’s the t60 imagine getting to put on one of those every day that doesn’t look appetizing I put in a lot of hours to use those

suits greck why they’re here oh man this is excellent music I’m so impressed so far I feel like they’ve done such a good job come on I got something I want to show you latrine duty is a twers job I said come on well isn’t going anywhere can’t

say I ever had latrine duties when I played the game take it for a test drive like the little details to like the lantern design and thing like just such thoughtful set design here just this feels like a mechanic garage it’s really well done I know how to

I don’t know what is the game not but it just real life with fantasy tinge to it was he saved oh my God he’s a djaren I was just to say that he’s a foundling yeah ver bird nope I want to see a ver oh look at this

fake basketball they couldn’t invent a rubber ball I’ve distinctly remember finding basketballs oh that guy they just people just touch them no problem here it’s a game I I hope Jonathan Nolan was the Cameo of the guy touching himself a bunch of us were chosen to get anointed

oh wow hey what’s your title going to be Squire tonight Titus and get this we’re going to the wild oh wow why do I’ve got a feeling you’re going to leave the Brotherhood a a dude I you breaking the toilet seat even in such a vulnerable anguishing moment

not one person notices him that’s a good call huh what the hell scorpion oh my God oh God are they punishing Maximus I mean they probably assumed that it was him a you know you guys are handling this like you’ve had a massacre before you know it’s just

kind of part of the experience compost drop the bodies in the compost I have a proposal for the assembly I should get married to with someone else in a different Vault my cousin we send a search party to the surface to find my dad SP four people from

Farm Duty for up to two weeks even with our dwindle Rescue Mission and you will find answers along the way opening the outer vault door just for under a minute okay it’s just enough time to okay I I know we’re just we’re brainstorming here it’s the guy that

was worried about the gelatin first priority has to be to maintain the security of this Vault that means not opening any of our door well said Betty shut up Betty they don’t want to find Dad if they did they wouldn’t get to be in charge H take the

initiative Lucy she’s just going to go she’s got to have a couple of companions right or is she going to go solo what kind of Fallout game would it be if she left the Vault some I don’t know I’ve never played sorry ah the thumbs up you’re putting

it all together Greg I’m so proud of you well the show is embracing the mystery angle of it you know and I imagine a game will be a little bit more expositional tell you more and this is actually really okay this is kind of the approach like you

this is this is you pick up pieces that you this is the formula yeah all right yeah every Fallout game starts with a mystery yeah I’m liking it and in a vault but every Vault mystery is somehow remarkably different this one is no exception but usually involves parent

drama there you go the blood is going yeah they’re not going to make it long I’m rooting for the cousins oh that’s kind of interesting Fallout finally re unveil the co-op mode Fallout 76 not included I mean she’s the only one strapped though so I think she’s going

alone oh well they need two people to help open it wow I love to pee off the ledge there take her Norm to L back okay I can’t I’m going with you no not you’re way too timid I’m not letting anyone else get hurt on my behalf nice

not the same to you if you try to follow me I’m too chicken no this is great cuz it’s so character motivated and I I think my one worry was is this going to be like a ton of World building but they’re leading with the heart and the

character first and very very invested in her right now always been a great character-driven Exposition I’m very invested in her journey I’m bringing him home like I’m feeling the feelings yeah the empathy as an audience member is cool now the question is is her play style like mine

we’re just going to go on side quest completely ignore the main quest and like the buildup to seeing the outside is so well done it’s cleverly crafted Mercy are you dad young lady come back here right away personalities are trapped in the 50s sex shot that didn’t work

sounds like a cut scene from my game oh my God instantly skeleton well it makes sense everyone was running to the vaults yeah it’s crazy yeah the scene outside vaults are usually very upsetting oh whoa oh man this feels a little too real holy yeah Fallout does not

mess around see love that direction Choice as they get you into the tangibility of like something that is real that we know about and then they go to the big scopic cool shots you know I think I think they know how to capture the emotionality really well it’s

really impressive CH it’s really impressive Jonathan noan was the right choice yeah he understands scale oh we’re about to get that Skyline oh no that’s Santa Monica it’s the pier wow that must must be an expensive property that Vault Okie doie that’s her quote getting a shirt made

now Okie doie Okie doie we have given you a name food education a place in the world okay we expect you to give us the truth why did you join the Brotherhood to hurt the people who hurt me that is very true damn he Indiana Jones it I

think he was just hiding in there that’s not my head K I understand you’re a friend of aspirin Dane yes you’re aware of their injury do you know who did it no you got to have an idea your fellow aspirant say it was you why does he just

get blamed for everything your friend was promoted you were not you have Ambitions don’t you that towering over that’s great speak I I didn’t didn’t do it I did not hero in a flashback terrifying in the present I I I I wanted it to happen is that wrong

but that doesn’t mean you did it yes violence against a brother of Steel is a sign of weakness are you weak I don’t want to be i o that’s a symbol of strength right there at least in his eyes I don’t know if it’s actually good or not

you have anything else to say in your defense I I want to thank you thank you for giving me a home I I had no place in the world so if I can help the Brotherhood make it better Eden or whatever whatever even if it means giving my

own life I’ll do it w he believes this is his purpose and I’d be grateful to the Brotherhood for giving my life meaning good boy oh you just saved your life dude and you will be Knight Titus new Squire oh wow I wonder if he did it I

don’t think he did but I wonder if he did that a great actor love how there’s this journey of images fighting the tears the entire time it’s not so bad oh my God it’s just giving me tingles just thinking about doing that be real careful putting your shoes

on yeah so cover thinking about it you know who did it or I’ve narrowed it down to any one of those they all seem like likely suspects I was going to say why weren’t they interrogated it is your most sacred duty to protect the Brotherhood oh this a

sick to get to watch this is your most sacred duty to protect your lord Knight Titus whoa do you accept this is going to be really cool the religious element feels even a tad bit more false because of the setting in which they do all this ouch ouch

nice ah I thought it’d be worse okay our mission comes ah the Verte birds in the Commonwealth It is believed that a denisen of the unclay has escaped unclay is real yeah it’s real and that he has with him an object of profound potential I’ll keep this information

a the outfit approximation of the target for your lord all right companion you dis missed asper he gets to have a smile on his face little bit of power I feel like we might have a new Game of Thrones on our hands here I was just thinking that

this is feeling like Game of Thrones to me in terms of like the map the different characters the amount of like you got to really pay attentions the factions and we’ve only got two so far we we haven’t even scratched the surface and the fact they’re introducing the

Commonwealth on Cay you don’t even know what that means correct I was like all right I’ll just try to Comm in that’s memory and we’re in California which opens up a whole other can of worms I’m so freaking excited Joy whoa my goodness gracious did he deserve that

I don’t know it’s grave well slam we look through the thresh oh a grave rabbit huh fun Don Pedro has our friend dug up once AED Cuts pieces off and puts him right back in the ground all right sweet Bingo oh oh my God what’s this guy’s name

he’s great actor you’re telling me this supreme badass we’re looking for is a god forsaken mutant hell some respect oh they resurrect him wson goggin or bringing him out pop work with him once you’re pop how long’s this been mouldering in the ground how do we know he’s

not feral that is why we brought a feral goo can’t Abide a chicken that’s so funny he go for we kill him this is a strong plan ghouls can live for extremely long periods of time but there reaches a certain point where they become feral like zombies I

think the show explained that pretty well well I just was trying to make myself useful Greg Bush the chicken then after all this time would you have your Humanity well well well why this an Amish production of the count of mon Christo or just the weirdest circle jerk

I’ve ever been invited to welcome back I’m huno now you don’t even know us no I do not oh boy I mean he might just be hungry I mean it’s probably been a minute we got a proposition for you a bounty came down a huge one enough to

be up now somebody made a run that’s the same guy ah I gotcha it ain’t where they running from I figured you’d be interested in it’s where they running to Dead witch mold in California that’s where you from ain’t it originally I mean he want to go visit

that past they doing one last job that usually means your heart’s not in it probably never was I do this for the Love of the Game oh lasso boom Oh this is phenomenal you right friend about one thing this right here was your last job that paycheck wasn’t

quite what you expected well you know what they say those cow Poes oh we take it as it comes so he played a cowboy now he a real Gunslinger xmarine they let the chicken live is that an Easter egg Skyrim Easter egg there also there’s a couple chickens

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like to really talk for a significant period of time but we got eight of these episodes that they dropped all at once and I’m sure by the time we’re reviewing this time reach this point video you’ve already watched like the whole show or something like that so uh

yeah we’ll talk for a little bit to give the first impressions there’s no need to really hyper theorize about where the was going to go down well reer I don’t know this world Michael knows the games very well so um Michael as a fan of the games what

did you think my friend of the pilot for Fallout you know uh I came into this absolutely terrified I think they knocked it out of the park uh they captured the spirit of the games I mean the setup felt like the setup of every great Fallout game uh

the the texture the feeling the dialogue uh every part of it from start to finish was just it was Fallout and uh they did not shy away from the violence they did not shy away from the sex they captured the music the tone the costume design the prop

design the the the acting the script I mean just like top to bottom and they did it in a way to where it felt so authentic to Fallout and it feels it’s part of the universe while it also feels wholly original which I know is the goal going

in um and I think that’s something really neat like there is uh the intent here was that it’s not a a retelling of any particular Fallout game as much as it is its own story just within the extended Fallout Universe uh and I think that was such a

smart move and you know I’ve been saying for a long time especially like since the last of us came out like if you give video game producers the ability to be a active participant in the creative process they’re very good you know and I think historically big film

studios and and and Television Studios have shied away from that and because of that you get these like really horrific adaptations uh but between the last of us and now Fallout like I think this has the opportunity to become like we said earlier during the reaction like like

a Game of Thrones scale series uh especially like knowing the extent of the lore and where it can go and the way in which it is exploring this Exposition through these like extremely personal and compelling characters um I mean like I’m so interested in in your opinion Greg

uh just from like somebody that has zero exposure no pun intended uh to Fallout um I also like maybe it’s because of the state of the world um but like the opening sequence was just so horrifically jarring in a way that like as as hard as it is

to like play The Fallout games and just be like ah the apocalypse that’s so scary uh like the way that things are right now it is kind of like a friendly reminder of how fragile things are um and like we’re in LA and to see La like go

up like that I was like oh boy oh boy um but yeah and I just like retrofuturism is a hard thing to capture and make it feel realistic you know like Fallout is inherently unrealistic right like like it takes place in the future but it feels like it’s

the 1950s and you have these characters that are like kind of caricatures you know ridiculous you know and you have these like crazy jux depositions of of genres and I mean you have something like the Brotherhood of Steel like this like odd religious cult uh that is like

militaristic and you have you know the vaults themselves which are just wild and to make that all work and somehow feel believable is just like an extraordinary feat of Storytelling so I don’t know I just had an absolute blast uh what did you think re I thought it

was a fantastic first episode I I really really thought that maybe we were just walking something that was going to be more world buildy I had faith in it because Jonathan Nolan and I’m a big fan of the Westworld show yeah so I I even liked a lot

of Westworld that a lot of people don’t like so I’m like I’m I’m inclined to the voice of Jonathan Nolan overall I would say and I love how its book ended with the ghoul character really showing the before and after with him uh specifically even giving you a

chance at Hope of you you watched him as the ghoul at the end you see like what a lethal badass he is and and I love how people were there men talking down to him at the beginning of this and he kind of just took it and then

here and then all here in the way far future as he’s morphed completely into this world he is officially the Gunslinger not just playing a cowboy men talking down to him and he whoops their asses you know like it’s such a great change of trajectory and that’s just

one little example of why I think this show works so well is they focus so much on the intimacy and the emotionality of the characters and they allow that to be the World building that there’s so much of the time where I’m like okay I don’t fully get

like the entire inss and outs but I never felt lost at the same time like you need to as an audience member who’s being introduced to this I was like I just need to latch onto what I need to latch onto right now and then I’ll further understand

it as it develops but I was never confused if that makes sense there was never a scene where I was like I really have no idea what they’re talking about you know and if I ever had a question I was always like intrigued and trusted the show will

take me to a place where I would eventually understand what’s happening yeah uh and like the way how Jonathan Nolan directs I think is so smart even right from the prologue of of when you first see like a robot in the living room which is kind of off

in the corner so that way you’re just staying lived in with the humanity of it instead of just going flashy with the futuristic stuff and they do that right out of the Vault too with things that reflect like the hydrogen bomb dropping and you see like the the

corpses outside and then you go to the big scale shots like it was smart to constantly go intimate then big scale versus big scale show budget yeah H but more importantly like as a story I was hooked so much into the emotion of the characters Lucy if there’s

there’s one little M minor complaint for a pilot but it’s just a pilot and like I said the show they released it all at once so was meant to be binged yeah and that’s why I don’t want to like spend too much time harping on a point like

this is that not every story here is as equally interesting as some of the like like the the Maximus one I’m like that’s interesting uh but it’s really easy for me to be like but the Lucy one I’m way more gravitated toward so it’s really just a preference

at that point sure and it’s not and those are going to converge though yeah you know they’re going to converge and it’s mainly about like where the heart impact interest is at the moment and uh there was just one obstacle the show’s kind of up against when you’re

hopping around because at times you think the episode’s over that it’s not always admire a show with multiple povs like I feel like it’s a hard thing to pull off and when it is pulled off successfully I think it makes for like my favorite television absolutely because in

essence you’re getting like five great shows yeah uh and that’s what I mean I think the melding of genres they’re they’re excellently pulling off and the Practical effects are wonderful and I uh the it’s smart like they have a bit of that JJ Abrams esque Touch where okay

there’s a mystery about her mom she’s going to go rescue her bad but she’s got to uncover answers along the way about the truth so I think it’s it’s just a really smart pilot like for a first episode it’s it’s very very intriguing and that it’s grounded for

something that’s so large uh I was surprised by um because you know like I’ve I’ve seen like other shows that are adaptations I think Last of Us did it really well for the most part but that it’s essentially retelling um I wasn’t great that’s a great point I

wasn’t a huge fan of Avatar the live action wasn’t a huge fan of that I like some of it there was overall I was like this is like the opposite to what Avatar was doing know we just like information overload you know so I yeah and I like

the visuals and the violence and the irony that is constantly happening too yeah it’s cool no Exposition is a dangerous thing uh and I feel like they’ve they’ found a perfect balance here uh and again I I and I’ve said it you know in other videos that we’ve

done like the best way to experience great exposition is through like profound personal Journeys and I feel like they’ve they’ve set us up with such wonderful characters uh I do think there was one giant mistake that was made where the heck is Ron Pearlman um every Fallout should

begin with war war never changes like that’s just like an essential and I don’t understand why it’s not there that’s not a hard call of Ron Pearlman and see on strike what’s going on uh you know but other than that like I’m super jazzed um oh and the

acting is amazing yeah the acting is is is Top Notch every actor here is incredible yeah and uh and yeah I mean honestly I’m like kind of don’t want to talk anymore CU I want to watch the next one should watch the next one let’s watch the next

one guys little closes up Michael you do it yeah uh listen uh I hope that everybody has taken their iodine tablets uh and that you have a guer counter or a pit boy handy because it is getting radioactive up in here we’ll see you on episode two thank

you for joining and uh don’t forget to leave a like and uh what was your favorite part of the pilot leave your comments below we’ll see you in the next one Michael B omn media got to shout this guy out because I’m going to assume that right now

he is also covering the Fallout series and if I know this guy he is delivering yall fantastic amazing reactions so please go ahead check out his channel omn media and uh support him on all fronts because he’s seriously one of the best reaction channels out there right now

he’s a guy who provides a lot of insight a lot of knowledge and he’s just a whole lot of fun to hang out with as well he’s actually going to be coming out here for like 12 hours uh at some point this month so hopefully I can touch

base with him but he’s going to be like an hour away do I really want to drive that far to go see you I like you I love you but do I like you that much maybe I’m a busy guy and it’s like three hours out of my

day but go watch his channel subscribe hit the notifications

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