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citizens of the reject Nation we are here to watch Fallout episode three been loving this series thus far it’s so good did you change yeah you did I did we just watched episode to well I just I own a lot of Fallout shirts I’ve been waiting for this

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g2a is your essential gateway to Adventure and Savings in the digital world all right Michael ready to do this you we’re going to have a great time and it’s going to be Vault tastic the beginning okay cool he’s got a real uh Rick Dalton thing about got him

I love it so much sir please please it’s funny he was the villain in Tomb Raider means he was ugly strong had dignity well joee I’ll give you two out of three on that front he that line right on the nose Wakka Waka sorry cut do I really

have to kill him Cuts Hollywood actor I’m the sheriff right why can’t I just arrest a guy like I normally do that’s what I do the audience cool that’s a former Hollywood actor that’s brilliant you know a that’s not what I do I mean is Bob Bob around

here anywhere Bob’s been fired C what studio fired him oh Bob which Bob Bob’s a bit of a communist what a shame he’s such a great writer one of the best and a Pinko that’s why it would be really great if you could just shoot ining head cuz

out here it’s just you your gun and your personal code that’s how he met his wife you to save any of that grap tappy for the rest of it it’s lavender well if you like the taste of lavender why don’t I just drink a bottle of perfume it’s

subtle FL tation tastes like someone touching you for the first time oh oh oh man touch you for the first time o um worse that’s horrible um oh ask your mother please Mommy sure sweetheart oh it’s not the first time they met they were just flirting that’s really

love sorry lipstick I’ll take it think that lavender thing’s going to come back mm hey what is this a bit of a costume change for you Mr Howard oh look at that she seems nervous okay Janie let’s go what’s wrong with that outfit and we’re back oh yeah

that’s what we were doing what Incarnation he’s really believable as both versions yeah right wonder how long the makeup and Prosthetics takes for that 30 minutes that open nose exposure thing is so disturbing come on let’s go find a restant poor dog meat it’s a classic Western shot

absolutely love it and the classic La donut shop like how there’s a different uh title each time I agree I like that it’s simple too oh my God why not even put in the bag you think of me when you are all oh Lordy in the first episode

they said it was custody so I imagine him and the wife must have divorced right still caught up in that don’t make a fire at night oo double EGS still good jeez o Pete what is so special about you don’t make a fire oh that’s why he put

that in there okay okay smart fella secret sir she’s handling this very well what a wonderful prop I hope she you have to keep it the I appreciate that she’s gotten like subtly dirtier each episode is very subtle that night really was something huh wonder who he was

oh god oh you got to you got to confront something this close is night Titus this is petty officer short sight you missed your check-in we were attacked by an Abomination my Squire he fell in battle he died with honor and Glory copy that I’ll get you replacement

Squire no I’m okay all good here it’s not a problem we got plenty of Squire yeah all right Han Solo we’re all fine here now thank you how are you oh perfect I hope that he has to go on like a four episode Arc of finding random spare

parts fix his armor I can fix it cost you five caps could she do it for four I like her voice the same time I’m like a this poor actress’s voice wasn’t able to be heard by yikes extra that’s so messed up oh oh no there was a

little dumb maneuver step away kick this out a oh come on man yeah you’ve gotten your butt kicked so many times you got this love how there’s zero finesse to what he’s doing right now Lord there goes the rest of the teeth come on come on dude oh

you are a soldier come on man yeah the music really tells its story in itself nice throw back to the pilot that man knows his way around a toilet bowl Maximus oh perfect just where he wants to be gross it really might just be Game of Thrones the

time when the CGI becomes noticeable was primarily just in like the gore stuff it’s kind of interesting CU everything’s so practical but there like the gore stuff they get a little more it’s a shame they can’t just yeah just get like Tom seved in hearing go all out

okay get in the armor dude are you sure that’s your a Verte bird I still like the gore though new Squire I’m not sure if that’s a Brotherhood of Steel it’s a squire right oh it is yeah yeah he had the bag and everything thought you know Fallout

there’s other factions that use Verte Birds Greg you fire just embody the role embody the role Maximus oh that’s funny now I has to pretend to be Maximus or Titus she use the f word a lot night Titus I’m thus and I’m honored to be in your charge

I’m about to protect and serve you whoever you deem fit uh probably going to drip some blood on him I do not know what I’ve done to a fend but I beg for emergency please don’t kill him man make him your buddy please there’s the smile Arise My

square and clean this we’re not the only ones in search of this Remnant from the old world the Elder cleric says whoever gets the target well control the Wasteland he puts all the power in the suit and he’s not needs to find that power within you know need’s

to find his own strength I can’t just be the armor if you’re nothing without the AR what’s the iron manart you don’t deserve the suit at all why is that a good Robert dowy juness what’s that damn where I live dear innocence uh that animal’s about to die

a horrendous I was going to say there is a lot of awful things in the water and fall out yeah there’s definitely a m Rod way it’s just shot there’s any number of awful Fallout creatures woo she really needs to find another weapon oh no oh no literally

one job oh that’s so unfortunate oh and it’s Radioactive It’s like a real video game level yeah bad timing hello again oh where is it the head it’s in the water you guys got to work together I lost it oh he knows what creature is Goa got it

huh we meet again don’t know where oh we’re back I’m being reassigned the whole opening the vault door for Lucy thing didn’t sit too well with the council so it’s not a big deal where I know this guy from you and Chad put your sister in incredible danger

by helping her out that vault door you could have gotten us all killed what are we going to do with you punish me with a demotion I guess you got spunk kid you’re getting a raise are you aware that at every job you’ve been assigned to your performance

review has been lack enthusiasm no but that sounds accurate it’s a predicament isn’t it how do you demote someone who equally dislikes every Cho he’s ever work I’m just glad to hear that we punish people down here for breaking the rules is that just for Vault dwellers or

for people who come down here and murder Vault dwellers now that I think of it there’s a passion of you kid we’ve got a job for you after all they have prisoners somewh taking alive and you’re welcome there is a utens e your heart feel like that opening

is way too big I agree up it’s kind of a great deal for a Raider Three Square meals I don’t see any apples sir climb fire I think uh it’s dead all my honor sir I will find you oh God U I got have some some rations if

you’re hungry I’m not hungry anymore okay whatever you want we should repair your radio so we can ask the Brotherhood to send reinforcement I will retrieve it myself understood I never doubt have your ability to do so dude don’t let the power go to your head or the

power armor go to your head I love that they’re kind of like glorified golf caddies if we find the ghoul we find the target great idea sir all wastelanders leave radiation Trails but all and the ghoul to live you’ve made it possible to trace the whereabouts of the

of the target he didn’t even think about that yes right I know that well done sir this way where you wait new favorite char character unlocked I love how tenacious he is think this was him tell think we should uh bring the body back with us no if

they left the body it must be worthless okay so I think that the cool probably should be uh follow the path yeah that way definely definely that way those tracks I like how you can really feel the distance in these things the traveling that is the game like

the lot of walking the toll that you could feel my dad he he’s an overseer he he got taken by Raiders and I need that head to get him back if you help me find him he’ll do whatever you want he just he’s really broken stop torture is

wrong one particular study came out and it said that torturing person don’t do when you pair up these two together in a scene it’s so great they’re so opposite I’m using you as bait that was really obvious perhaps not to her she’s a little naive wow that is

scary woo not a fan wow to see that in the PO that is terrifying waa oh holy sick awesome oh God G so freaking actually looks really great yeah it sure doese for CGI whoa so gross aoll our supplies no doggy we just got you back oh no

oh oh I’m sorry I should have just let you use me as bait and a poison River uhoh she’s turning you can’t treat people like this yeah why is that because of the golden rule do unto others as You’ have done unto you she so Pete okie dokie

what about the head I need the head to get my Dad yeah well the Wasteland has got its own gold in Le now sh gets sidetracked by every goddamn time what about the dog he ain’t he’s going to get the headb back he is he’s going to get

the headb your uh former Squire how did he die you knew him yeah I I did say something about him he was a good guy say something negative about him to be honest me and the other guys used to be pretty hard on them people at the base

they used to beat the out of me bully be gets bully I just wish he lived long enough to find someone else to beat up you know only seems fair I realize that uh people die all the time it’s the law of the Wasteland so who cares right

I feel bad don’t feel bad it’s like you said it’s the law of the Wasteland not going to lie I forgot that’s what he did that R your character you don’t remember him from the base it makes sense why he delighting even more in the power given our

recently dwindled numbers the most ethical solution would be to rehabilitate the prisoners and then integrate them into our vault oh my God no based on what I saw this morning it may take years but there is nothing we can’t do when we set our minds to it uh

that is awful I’d be happy to teach them introductory calculus is there something you’d like to say Norm wow that really stood out I don’t know I don’t think it’s our job to help these people they’re murderers the hard truth is we can’t just let them go so

what do you propose we do we can do what they would have done to us wow it’s cting a real divide murdering these prisoners of ours is not under serious consideration I’m glad that we came back to the Vault yeah for a while I was thinking it was

slowing down the pacing but this is getting good may I may I speak with you for a moment it’s about the water chip go ahead it’s the type of thing overseer mlan would have preferred to discuss uh privately well he’s not here now is he says why we

have overseers the water chip is destroyed the vault only has enough water to keep our population alive for 2 months that’s fine that’s that’s enough uh poor guy maybe there’s a prisoner who can fix it if your father were here he he’d do the right thing but how

would he kill them he could put some poison in the food it’s probably the easiest humane way to do it not that I would do that that way you’re were fast at that wait a minute what this um no just occurred to me we’re definitely picking up an

abomination of some kind or another no Squire I’m not sure we’re tracking the Abomination they’re going to find the head you idiot it was my mistake if you let me lead the charge a he literally is repeating history I am a knight at the Brotherhood of Steel no

yeah get back to shore but sir go my man this is maximus’s episode dude waste all your bullets ready oh wow dude oh no no no no no oh it’s repeating I’ve got you Victor and the head popped out oh that is miraculous oh a toaster toast G

he saved me he saved me first that was nice line nice exchange oh that was her shoe a dog meat damn this dog’s just going to find own owner oh no he found his original owner is a remarkable bit of happen stance the head the head yes oh

this is wonderful see the trailer is a non-fall up player like the the power armor just look like stoic suit oh yeah realize all the emoting yeah yeah it’s refreshing it’s very different Studio tourus oh he’s back home he back to the set the beginning now let’s go

to spawn Ranch a he might get his lavender sir please I need water he’s so cold just love how ruthless he is oh that’s the statue from the studio earlier bringing back memories water water everywhere and not a drop from drink ain’t much stays clean up here vaulty

is that what happened you radiation being completely stripped down physically transforming as well I can’t wait to see what she’s going to be like by the last episode oh you what an but he was there at that party that day when he could have gone into the Vault

shelter and wasn’t let in well that’s not the vaults that’s just a personal fallout shelter but it was still like a resembling oh he did ad campaigns for them oh that makes even more sense that was the outfit she wanted him to put on and that’s why he

didn’t want to do the thumbs up oh man voltech calling on behalf of the whole voltech family we wanted to say how delighted we are that barb could use her connections to get to you you know I’ve never done an advertisement before in my life that’s why I

shot the billboard that makes way more sense than what I thought thank you thank you oh this thank you suit is this thing really block radiation absolutely you all are doing U God’s work here on behalf of every decent American I just want to say thank you oh

that must taunt him now he’s got to see that symbol everywhere I I have an idea what if uh what if I were to do like a thumbs up yep wow irony genius genius genius genius this really makes me want to play the game dude You’ love the

games like it’s this just a really good show that’s a wonderful show I don’t I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything and I’ve never and every game gives you just a different part of the world where it’s just you could enter from any point and it’s

it’s it’s that’s what I love about it my first game was Fallout 3 and you know I think that’s what I love about it like just super accessible super fun Moes Aras he seems so familiar was he like a Nickelodeon show or something is Aras the name is

familiar um damn yeah damn that’s really engrossing dude I’m it’s really engrossing I’m having the time of my life I’m like super bummed that uh there’s only one season out and yeah I I’m just like I just want to watch this forever Walton Goggins is killing it yeah

yeah oh absolutely like you can see how they’re the same guy but he kills both timelines well I I think that’s such a um very Jonathan Nolan skill set too as a director to be able to they did something like that in a West West yeah I mean

that that was to me what like lured me into season one like all those reveals but yeah just the the juxa position between the two and like and they’re not giving in at all like which I think would be like an easy thing to want to to like

have his character have like even a little bit of a heart uh at any point God I love how freaking ruthless he is I love it oh there’s just nothing there like he’s so ugly he’s so nasty yeah and it’s just the Heartbreak and the pain and the

suffering is just like it’s so palpable and uh and of course he’s met with this character that is just like the epitome of this like of of like the childlike wonder encapsulated of the American dream it’s just like the craziest funny thing in the world um and it

just gets me really excited like I I know I’m I love a character trajectory I love a character Arc and yeah I what’s exciting about what they’re doing with Lucy is not only will she change internally but you could see like a physical transformation happening like she’s literally

being put through all kinds of Trials yeah and she’s going to completely Evol that’s like my prediction uh an obvious one that the show is even telegraphing for you like on episode two like yeah she’s going to change yeah well she has to she has she has to

and she’s going to have to make choices and I think that’s my favorite like I said in our last reaction like one of the best parts of Fallout is that it’s a role playing game and you have to make these critical choices is and you have to choose

you know down to like what kind of moral Arc are you going to keep what sort of decisions are are you going to make what factions are you going to back and ultimately what long lasting impacts are you going to have on the Wasteland and I think for

her where she started and where she’s ending like it always begins with this personal Journey But ultimately that personal Journey for whatever reason always has this profound impact on the larger world and uh and I’m just excited for her because I feel like I don’t know I after

the things that she’s experienced and seen who knows which way she’s going to go and and obviously she’s under a lot of like duress and influence and um and you’ve got all these like really compelling characters uh but they’ve just like really captured the magic of the world

uh I I don’t want to get like too excited about the future um but part of me is like one wondering I mean I’d be shocked if we don’t get a season two uh depends on how well this doesn’t do it better do well better do well watch

the show and watch it over again because I really want a season two but I hope that we don’t come back to these characters and almost like just go to another like unique story uh if they were to continue this each season because that would be interesting um

because I I I feel like it’s just such a big world um and this is you know the first time in a long time that we’ve been on the west coast in the Fallout Universe uh and I’ve really loved it so far and I think like the crazy

thing is like uh there’s like some big parts of the West Coast narrative story-wise that like we haven’t even been introduced to yet that I’m super jazzed about uh and I think the fact that they haven’t even scratched that surface yet and they’ve already like given us so

much just bodess so well for the rest of the season and and like speak so well to the writing there’s a lot of things they could have like easily G into in the writer room from just like the lore that they’re playing around with but instead they’ve like

they’ve stayed focused they’ve stayed character driven uh and I feel like for for new fans like yourself like what a wonderful entry point yeah I’m not at all um even the only time I like thought of the game was when when she lost ah head and they were

trying to like retrieve it for for a brief second is the only time I thought of the game of like oh I could see how this is kind of like a video game level but most of the time um you know you could you could watch a lot

of those like movie adaptations that that have happened yeah and you’re like I’d rather just play the game because even if I don’t really know the game I could tell this is a game I’d just rather play the game and and and so watching this I never get

an inkling of that uh it make it so that’s what it’s only when you go to the credits at the end that I go oh you know it would be cool to step into this world uh but I do love the way they’re doing the storytelling uh overall

like with Maximus as well he’s out of like the three he was the one who I didn’t quite feel like his character portrayal was quite at the same level sure as um Lucy and the ghoul but this episode brought it up to there where now I’m like okay

now I’m like equally invested in his story as well I think adding adding his Squire was a really smart choice and is also putting him into like a weird power dynamic sort of situation and obviously he has to get caught at some point uh got take that mask

off at some and and that Reckoning is going to be really interesting and tough for him um uh but yeah it’s it’s a fun it’s a fun Dynamic and I think ultimately like for him it’s like he wants to be this thing and if you’re nothing without the

suit you shouldn’t have the suit at all is the quote I just got yeah good job no but that’s exactly it the IR uh and and you know he’s he’s on his way you know he’s Peter Parker and uh and we we think he can get there so

yeah I I’m so curious uh I mean obviously like in our little Silo you and I love this I’m so curious how the rest of the world is reacting to this well there’s a couple of other things though I want to mention yeah please uh the Vault storyline

oh yeah wow sorry we totally glazed over that um because without like I I didn’t when we were first cting back to it yeah my first reaction to it was like huh I think this show is finally doing something I’m not all that interested in watching develop I

wasn’t that I wasn’t that interested and then once they started introducing like reforming the prisoners and you see how the rest of the World Views Vault Society what’s it called Vault Vault dwellers Vault dwellers yeah use Vault dwellers and how it’s like this utop of sorts sure sure

and then you introduce this element into them yeah yeah they like oh they’re going to get a taste of like the emotions in the real world and like the Divide happens there when there’s so much like rules and um everything is uh there’s order you know and and

they don’t there’s no or and now things are going to get out of hand and I love I love that of how the chaos is like seeped in there into well and I I don’t want to get like too into it and I don’t think that they’re really

exploring it’s not really the the show to explore it as much as like Fallout in general but every vault is a social experiment uh in that there is a particular like vault tech as a company when they built each of them there was a like yeah what if

the these are all like controlled experiment areas where they have a prolonged period of time where they contest people these three being together is clearly that controlled setting of like oh can we have these like three that can form in essence a mini society and how can they

interact trade and work together as a really fascinating kind of like uplifting one some of them were like really really messed up throughout the games of like like all different sorts of like torture and gaslighting and all different sorts of things uh and what’s interesting is this Vault

was clearly not set up for this sort of like messed up experience uh and it it’s fun to watch this sort of like ethical dilemma where these people have genuinely lived like the ideal vault tech dream that was marketed and promised yeah uh and and and it’s interesting

because like you had all these characters that I think prior to the the pilot and being attacked like I I don’t think you know the the woman that that lost her eye and her husband would have called for like the murder of prisoners yeah um but now they’re

faced with like a Water Crisis and uh like and that’s such an interesting uh to create like a a fascinating moral dilemma uh I I also think it’s it’s like it’s the funny little things that they do so for instance um like they have a really fun mobile

game called fallout shelter where you’re basically uh a uh an overseer and you get to like have characters and you assign them to different things in the vault and you have to like make sure there’s enough water food and power and then you have to like defend against

Raiders and send people out and make babies and keep the whole ecosystem alive and it’s like a really fun like I’ve spent way too much time and admittedly a little too much money on this stupid little mobile game uh and it’s kind of fun because like you’re kind

of posed with some of those like ethical dilemmas in the game itself and so it’s like so funny to just like see it put into this context um and then it’s just like the little details throughout the show too of like like uh when it regurgitated the head

seeing like the toaster and all those like random items that like when you’re like checking the loot on the body and you’re like why is there a to poster on this creature you know like why is there you know um that creature by the way excellent work oh

man I mean but that’s that’s like Fallout well number one it was so well done um that is the one and I’m sure it was like a deliberate Choice uh cuz if you play The Fallout games like it’s like hard to go like 10 feet without running into

something that is just like abysmal and terrifying um I think in a show experience you want to reserve that so it has impact yeah yeah and I I think they’ve been very like uh wisely conservative with it and it’s been impactful I and I I’ve got a gut

feeling that we’ll probably see a lot of it towards the end um particularly like some of the well I’m not going to say anything more than that um well it feels very I think like it’s just a very thoughtful show yeah and it ruminates and I like I

I love the uh I love the character actions you know watching watching what Maximus is doing and getting confused here with the power and like Lucy and the ghoul interacting is so compelling like those two in a scene together is like a fantastic what they represent is so

yeah especially because he was in so many ways what she aspires for the world to be I want to look who plays Lucy she is so good she’s phenomenal I got to look her up she is like freaking amazing yeah I second that far you guys I want

to keep saying like Lucy actor without like saying what her actual name is Ella Pernell what oh that name is so familiar what has she been in she’s London UK she’s in Miss pigin Home for Peculiar Children that’s Tim buron movie I mean I’ve never seen that movie

then she’s in Kickass 2 which I don’t remember at all and that was congrats to her many years break yeah yeah so this is like their first really big um oh she’s an army of the Dead who’s she in Army of the dead I don’t remember that oh

yeah yeah yeah Kate I think she’s the daughter of Dave Bautista and that that’s all I remember whatever oh she’s the voice of jinx and Arcane have you seen Arcane I oh brilliant show brilliant I’ve heard good things brilliant good things anyway I love her she’s her I’m

very excited for it’s always nice when you like you see somebody real like oh your career just got a much deserved booster yeah she’s fantastic um anyway we got uh how many eight five or it say to watch that’s it that’s sad yeah I want more I’m not

going to lie guys whenever before we’re about to film like all right another hour let’s do it and then when we’re watching I’m like this is really good like like I don’t even want to like talk no that’s exactly it watch really enjoying this no it’s it’s honestly

one of the hardest parts of reacting is like I want this for me no but we want to share it with all you just want to binge it like everyone else and just like be quiet and watch it all yeah yeah no I really but it is kind

of cool to have a show like this that is such a experience for a fan of the IP and then for myself to be a newcomer and to come from cuz I’m just like I’m just pure storytelling right here and I’m like this is damn this is really

good storytelling no it’s a and I think that’s the fact that they have achieved both says everything you need to know about the series well I think it’s so where you’re telling me the fact that it’s not based on it’s not a retelling of any story just takes

place within the same world and it’s following that trajector like this could be a video game installment essentially from you’re telling me and I think that was the smartest decision they could have made because if they were doing a retelling it would I think that’s the problem that

happens with with the most adaptations and and I think I think that was an idea of Todd Howard’s who gets like so much hate and so much love uh Todd Howard is the creator of like the new generation of Fallout he’s the boss man over at Bethesda got

it um and like his involvement in this series and I think his partnership with Jonathan Nolan has really been like the secret sauce to pulling this off yeah um because he’s just like like has played a role in making some of the greatest RPGs of of our time

and uh and I don’t know I just I I think that approach to like respect the creatives and and give them the breathing room to create something original um and I think the respect goes both ways right like Jonathan Nolan clearly respects the Fallout IP and I think

you know Todd Howard and the Fallout team clearly respect Jonathan Nolan and the creative team in the writer room that they’ve put together um and and frankly the The Ensemble of directors uh and and the whole crew I mean top to bottom has been really phenomenal what but

he’s not the creator of the show right was he like nothing he directed these episodes but is he like a imagine like an executive producer of the show I think he’s an EP yeah yeah he’s gotta be like an EP yeah definitely got to be a producer as

a guy who just like direct something it’d have to at least be a producer yeah cuz like the ones who are credited on writing all the time are Geneva and Graham Wagner at least on the episodes that we watched well Geneva and Graham well done yeah way to

go why don’t make what else have they done giv all the credit to Jonathan noan we’re like we should also like credit like the people who keep coming up on the ridden by yeah no that’s a very good point um Geneva Captain Marvel and Tomb Raider that’s funny

pting because Tomb Raider also had Walton goggin in it well that’s how this goes right yeah you find another video game adaptation Graham Wagner silic Portland Silicon Valley great series damn those are two very different backgrounds that they but you know what that’s such a great Silicon Valley

is such a interestingly perfect comp in that like weird drama comedy like I see it it’s the genre bending yeah um that’s fascinating anyway I had a great time man yeah want to close this out buddy yeah uh listen to those who have joined us in the journey

so far we are just getting started we are leveling leveling up we’ve got plenty more episodes to go so do us a favor don’t forget to subscribe wow I’m losing we have done three episodes so far and we did it really late ni so yeah don’t forget to

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waka waka bye everybody you know John Gabriel I’m constantly getting like different vibes from him you know like we were always doing these Archangel shout outs about him and I just like stop it I’m an atheist aist devout and I’m just trying to Define what his personality is

in between that like was he offended by that assuming that he’s probably like a super good-hearted guy due to him being Archangel because when I read it tonally it seemed like he was on the defense about it sure but I wasn’t exactly sure if he was on the

defense or if that was just the way I was receiving it you’re just being humble because he doesn’t want to play up the fact that he is that Pious and you know descent from on high it’s like imagine an atheist who’s like that kind and giving but has

no beliefs that’s kind of like crazy right that’s the most that’s the that’s the most purest form of an Angel you think about it that is true like there is no sense of trying to serve for any greater gain I’ve pledged no Allegiance other than that I will

do what is good and right always not to try to get to heaven not to try to satisfy some outside force or entity it is just to be good and like how you’ve been here consistently contributing your hard-earned dollars our way every single month so you’re probably better

than an angel you’re like a you’re like a super angel you’re like a super duper angel you’re like you’re like a Super Saiyan kanana Reeves you know kanana Reeves is probably an angel if we were yeah if this was City of Angels it wouldn’t be Nick Cage it

would be Kon re be Kon Reeves Megan it would be I can’t imagine based on Gabriel that’s right you are the inspiration and we thank you for that appreciate you Gabriel for despite not believing in anything that you believe in being a good person regardless thank you thank


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